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Sata London bound for the diamond Jubilee celebrations

General News Sata London bound for the diamond Jubilee celebrations

President Michael Sata

President Michael Sata is on Monday expected in London, United Kingdom to participate in the diamond Jubilee celebrations.

The Jubilee celebrations are an event marking 60 years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth the second of the United Kingdom.

Zambian high commissioner to the United Kingdom Bizwayo Nkunika has confirmed to ZNBC’s Melesiana Phiri-Chibwe in London that President Sata and First lady Christine Kaseba are expected to attend a luncheon that will be hosted for the Queen at Malboro House in London on Wednesday.

Colonel Nkunika says Mr. Sata will also give a key note address at the special Commonwealth Economic forum which is part of the diamond jubilee celebrations.

Colonel Nkunika says President Sata’s first visit to the United Kingdom as a head of state for the Queen’s jubilee confirms the continued fraternal relations of the two countries.



  1. The Litunga is already in London and so is the Ngambela. I mean, when she ascended to the throne Sir Mwanawina was there while Ukwa has hurslin Victoria Station with brooms to keep it clean for the coronation.

    • Whilst we are beginning to support you as Zambians from other provinces, wa amba nakambi ifyabupuba. Tukamilaba very soon if you continue insulting the president you wonker. You should ask people that grew up with Sata how he managed to become a police officer in the federal government when people like chiluba were just mare bus gonenas. Give the man some respect you ignorumus.

  2. @ mutima show some civility in your comments up to now u are still in a shock about Sata’s victory get some life don’t think everyone hates Sata and PF like u get some life wa Itole waumfwa!

  3. @mutima is your Litunga the president of this country, u fool don’t hate were its not necessary Sata is the head of state and respect old pipo like u respect your father!

  4. No.4 hon.shisasa ~ Wandepula imbafu ati munkombwe has bn invited ku Bamako Mali he should be careful coz kuli Captain Sanogo the Rebel

  5. Pathetic fools, mutima is just responding to your fellow tribalist @1. Tell your tribesmate to behave otherwise people like mutima are going to hit back. And he is entitled to! Besides what he has said is TRUE. It is unfortunate some facts can be very painful.

  6. Lets just wait for the gaffes in protocol. This man will shame all of us!! I wonder what happened to protocol officers!!

  7. Sata deserves to be respected as insulting him is the same as insulting the Zambian people who elected him.
    Those of you showing hatred will just shrivel and die with your hatred. Sata and PF are not going anywhere anytime soon.

  8. The Litunga is already there becausehe has nothing to do back home. Is the Litunga giving a key note speech as well.

  9. Don’t force people to like Sata. Sata can rule for the next 100 years but he won’t be liked by everyone. Get used to it. He may be presidential material to but to other people he is useless. For pete’s sake Sata is a political head of state. He is no royalty. Besides even if he were royalty he is not beyond been hated. Just look at the British anti monarchists who were protesting yesterday!

    • Except Micheal Chilufya Sata is now the republican president and he’s here to stay for at least the next 5 years however you hate him. Give him some respect you moron because he has been invited as the head of state for the republic of Zambia.

  10. the only common wealth flag i didnt see in this important celebration is the Barotseland flag

  11. Litunga seems to make people restless. Why? Ni ma jealous. That is a centuries old institution. It will keep going on. Please concentrate on your own small village chieftainships with the Stu.pid drunk chiefs who get into physical fights with their own subjects. Though you don’t like admitting it without the litunga most of you would have been Congolese and not Zambians.

  12. @15. Political philosopher. For the simple reason that its not an independent country! Avoid inbreeding my dear for it does corrode the thinking capacity.

  13. It seems from the look of things, mcs is no longer the president of Zambia but the King of the bembas. It seems his supporters only view his activities in relationship with what the litunga is doing or not doing! Lol.

    • Rodney Sata is NOT a king of any group of people.Neither is the Litunga a great Royal to be restless about.He is no much for the Queen and not even to the standards of the Lords and Ladies in our Kingdom.

    • You are a liar for we have intermarried and humped your women. Who you kidding you chap? The litunga is only important in your minds as lozis. He’s of no importance to the nkoyas, mbundas, luchazis etc let alone people from other provinces. We just tolerate your notion of amplifying his importance, for we are one people and that’s Zambians period.

  14. I hate monarchy, why celebrate a FAMILY of just human beings. Is that queen of your UK & colonized Sata’s Zambia a mother of God. She is just a mother of troubled sons.
    If I was a Zambian president, I will leave such shit to Litunga & my minister of traditional chiefs. I

  15. There is need, during this trip, to go and find out whether the toilets at Victoria station are cleaner now than they were in the early 1970s!

  16. Simple reminders when dining with royalty. Rule 1. Don’t talk with food in your mouth.2. The queen is the host so please know your place 3. Dining with royalty is not the same as dining with Mugabe, kambwili, kabimba or gbm. 3. Never ever direct a joke at the queen. 4
    better still don’t crack any joke-just zip your cakehole. 5. Don’t try to be friends with the queen. It will never work because everything she does is out of duty not that she personally gives a damn about you or your spouse. You are merely passing through. 6. If you are bearing a gift please find out what was given to her by the past presidents of Zambia if any.It is embarrasing to give her the same gift as your predecessors. South Africans got very embarassed by this!

  17. It is actually a key note speech on Ukwanomics not economics! The zimbos vigil group according to the Zimbabwean.com are going to protest against Ukwa’s unacceptable relationship with angel Gabriel Robert Mugabe!

  18. Now now now, what is this so called “key note address at the special Commonwealth Economic forum which is part of the diamond jubilee celebrations” which Sata is going to give? To begin with, there is not economy in either Zambia or KwaNabwalya to talk about especially at the Commonwealth where big real economies are also in attendence. The only thing he can do there is embarass us before the whole world. Imagine how he was kneeling before the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, what more before the Queen? We are in for the most shameful embarassment, Ukwa might undress before Liz thinking she is a Godess!

  19. To who it may concern, this time around give my beloved president a wriiten speech with the largest font our state house type writter is designed to give out! Also use some form of mild electrocution everytime he thinks the speech is bulky! Please do so for my sake. Too much fwaka in my lungs they may burst if I laugh too much!

  20. @29. Poppa why then did your relatives furiously go into overdrive deriding the litungs? Why did they bring the litunga into this? Sata is not royalty yes. But the litunga amongst his people is. Hate him or not. Mulena or king is his reference in silozi. You cannot deny that…that is why I am insisting that you have a very big problem…because you want to trash facts. He is mulena (king). The paramount chief nonsense has no equivalent in either silozi or siluyana. It is kk’s creation to fill good about himself!

    • On the contrary I have great respect for the Litunga of the Lozi people.Zambia can never be the same without the Lozi or Tonga or Ngoni or Bemba speaking people. As a person who grew up on the CB I mingle with all.To be honest I don’t feel like I belong to a particular ‘tribe’.

  21. @29. Pippa get used to the idea of lozi royalty for it does not take anything away from you. In Uganda president museveni accepts the fact that the kabaka is the king of the baganda. In Ghana presidents accept that the asantehene is the king of of the Ashanti. In south Africa presidents have accepted that Zulus have kings. Not in Zambia because you are very small minded people like your fake hero kk.

  22. If Ukwa is the best the North has to offer the country, then we are all in “maningi” trouble. I have not lived back home for 25 years now but never has tribalism been so apparent! The scourge, which Sata engendered through his wanton tribalism, is causing massive damage to the fabric of One Zambia One Nation. Nearly 90% of all cabinet ministers, PSs, Ambassadors and their staff is all Bemba. He has truly succeded in taking us back to the Stonme Age and yet some people still think what is happening in Barotseland in nothing the army cannot take care of without realising this is a wake up call of the impending demise of the unitary state if nothing is done to stop this Nwacusa lunatic from turing a civilized nation into a Central African Bembanized Bantustan.

  23. Mugabe’s home province is called north mashonaland. Welsh Ncube the mdc secretary general comes from matebelelsnd province. Jacob zuma’s home province is kwa Zulu Natal. So wasn’t it egoistic and selfish for kk to rename Barotseland as western province? Why did kk get rid of keleke ya Bulozi or church of Barotseland and replace it with the so called united Church of Zambia? This called cultural genocide my dear and it goes against the united nations charter on peoples cultural rights. When Scotland became part of the UK 300 years ago the English did not get rid of the Church of Scotland. The English have their own church I.e Anglican church. Learn to have unity in diversity!

  24. Hey guys but this will cost the country USD5million return trip to go and enjoy a royal luncheon, while the poor are starving at home, with no money in their pockets. I have no problems with Presidents enjoying themselves, that is why we elect them to enjoy on our behalf. And George Chellah, you don’t need to be apologetic about it by telling us that the President will also meet investors. Basically the trip is about attending the Queen’s luncheon, so spare us the long Michaelised words.

  25. Dear Zambians google the following words ‘sata’s clownish behaviour at sadc meeting in Angola”. You will see what your so called president has been upto. Honestly, this man is an embarrasment!

  26. A free nation’s worst fear. The picture says it all, ‘Sata hand in hand with Mugabe’. Though I’m thinking there was a good degree of spinning in this article, it’s worth reading…


  27. It is unfair to make comparisons between the Litunga and Mr Sata. Mr Sata lacks diplomacy and etiquette and the fact that his best ally and mentor is the dictator Mugabe. Reports elsewhere say that in Angola he interjected speeches by shouting Mugabe slogans like a cadre. What about his recent behavior in Botswana? Very embarrassing indeed! We keep our fingers crossed as to what he will do and say here in London. On the other hand the Litunga is a very dignified and respectable king of the Lozi people.

  28. Let Sata play too! If this was RB he could arrived in London last week with a 30 member entourage.

  29. #12 Chisundaula, you and your party did not insult RB everyday last year? I remember you because of your stinking urine.

  30. Ama comments yenu guys yansekesha mwandini! Our President is doing the same thing as every other president we have had.

  31. @12 I agree with you 100%! Sata and PF are not going anywhere and unfortunately they are taking the whole country with them!

  32. @coachez. Don’t involve yourself in the affairs of the litunga and his relationship with the mbundas and nkoyas in barotseland. You know nada about them. Honestly blame your fellow tribesmates for saying st.upi.d stuff about the litunga. You are the fo.ols who started it. Just look at the first comment. We are not going to keep quite in the face of your stup.dity. The litunga is our king. You have your chitimukulu. So buzz off!

  33. We missed a trick. Considering the Lozis are well known boat people we missed out on promoting Zed by having replica of Kuomboka barges built to take part in the festivities. It would have been a crowd pleaser, attention grabber and some free international publicity ahead of next year’s world tourism event. It could also have been inclusive of non Lozis (as a replica) and a little united front but I guess I live in my creative fictional zone where we can actually have a non political celebration for the greater good :)

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