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Police oficers wife sentenced for using abusive language on another woman.


File:Police officers' spouses dancing during the hand over of housing units to the police

A wife to a police officer in Chadiza District has been sentenced to one month community work for insulting and using abusive language on another woman.

Appearing before Chadiza Magistrate Fabian Likulunga was Precious Mwale (28) of Kamwala compound in Chadiza district charged with the
offence of insulting Brenda Zulu of the same compound.

Facts given before the court were that Mwale repeatedly insulted and called Zulu a prostitute because she had grabbed a mobile phone from Mwale’s husband for owing her K20, 000 for the beer he had drunk on credit.

And in passing judgment magistrate Likulunga said that he gets disappointed when wives of police officers exhibit bad behavior in communities just because their spouses are policemen.Mr. Likulunga said he was compelled to slap a sentence on Mwale in order give a lesson to other women who feel that they cannot be touched by the law.

He said it becomes unfortunate when a woman finds it easy to insult a fellow woman in public.In Mitigation Mwale asked for lenient adding that she was the first offender and was looking after three children who would suffer if she was jailed and that she had repented and would not commit a similar offence.

But Magistrate Likulunga sentenced Mwale to one month Community Service which includes cleaning around the court premises under close supervision for the whole period.He said Mwale would only be allowed to go and breast feed her child at lunch hour and urged the husband to take care of the children at home when ever the wife was serving her sentence.



  1. Rather judgement. Why not pass judgement without alluding to the gender of the offender and the victim? Point should be that no one person regardless of whether he or she is a man or woman should verbally abuse another person. This thing of making an example to other women etc is just so 19th century.

  2. Good judgement your honour as culture must be part of a peoples legal system to maintain our identity. Women must be as the bible describe them; of modest language and voice. Hauling insults publicly is so uncouth! Let her even slash the courtyard ‘achuuche’ so that her mouth and tongue can stop spewing insults! Fyola!

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