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Judge lashes out at possessive husband for inspecting wifes private parts

General News Judge lashes out at possessive husband for inspecting wifes private parts

Drama has continued to ensue in Lusaka local courtrooms and this time the story centred around a Lusaka wife who revealed her husband’s bizarre acts of inspecting her private parts to prove whether or not she has been having sex with other men.

This attracted the curiosity of Lusaka magistrate Lazarus Mwape who lashed out at the man, saying that was unheard-off.

In further attempts to guard his wife, William Phiri was alleged to have been forcing his wife, Hope Lungu, to wear his underwear,believing that this would detest men if they attempted to lure her to bed and forgo the thought of sleeping with her.

Lungu, 33, told the court that she felt offended with her husband’s habit of checking her private parts.This forced her to take the matter to court to end her misery in the couple’s 18-year-old matrimony.

“He (Phiri) reaches an extent of checking my private parts to confirm if I have had any sexual encounters with other men, “Lungu said.She complained that her husband had become over-possessive of her and this had caused friction in their 18-year marriage.

Magistrate Mwape said, “Your actions are unjustified and prove that indeed there is a problem in this marriage. It is unheard-of for a husband to check his wife’s private parts.”

Magistrate Mwape said inspecting Lungu’s private parts and forcing her to wear her husband’s underwear could not stop her from having sex with other men, if she wanted to.

Phiri had also gone a step further in his jealousy, and banned all his male friends from stepping their feet on or near his home, lest they were eying his wife.

“All his male relatives and friends have been banned from our house and he even suspects his own brother of having an affair with me,”Lungu said.

She said Phiri’s behaviour had taken the marriage on the verge breaking as he was even spying on his wife whenever she went to draw water from a communal tap.

“For him, any man that passes near the house is my boyfriend and he would start beating me whenever I go to draw water at the tap where there are a lot of men,” she said.

But Phiri dismissed his wife’s submissions, saying she was a highly emotional person who failed to resolve their problems in an amicable manner whenever they differed.He denied forcing his wife to wear his underwear, saying that when he once found her wearing them, he was shocked by this as he did not expect her to conduct herself in such a manner.Phiri said when asked her why she was putting on his underpants, she responded that she used to wear them often and that it was normal because the two were one since they were married.

“One time I found my wife trying to put on my underwear. This shocked me because it was illogical for a woman to put on her husband’s underwear,” he said.

He said another problem was that his in-laws had been financing the couple’s marriage and that he was not comfortable with that.

Phiri also accused his brother-in-law of having defiled his daughter,saying this had fueled tension between the couple.

“My young daughter confessed that a person used to come at night to sleep with her in the bedroom but when I told my wife she overreacted and defended her brother,” he said.He claimed that on one occasion, Lungu had beaten him and undressed him in full view of their daughter.

Phiri said he suspected that his wife was having an affair with another man because on two occasions, a man had come to their home but she did not introduce him and this raised suspicion and a subsequent banning of men visiting them.

“On two occasions a man came to our house with groceries and other commodities but when he found me at home he left without us being introduced,” he said.

Magistrate Mwape dissolved the marriage but said there was no compensation because he was financially insolvent as it was evident from the way the couple’s in-laws were feeding them.Magistrate Mwape ordered Phiri to pay monthly maintenance of K300, 000 for his four children.


  1. This Phiri guy you cant tell by looking, you can only tell she has been sleeping around if you have not slept with her for some time but her virginal muscles are relaxed or perhaps you were looking for something else called an STI

  2. The woman is 33 yrs old and have been in a marriage for 18 years. 33 minus 18 equals 15. She got married at 15? There was no defilement in those days or what? Anyway, let him go to Gwembe, Luangwa or Zimbabwe and ask for `Lukanko` magic. No nonsense stuff. No need for him to monitor the wife. Bizarre things will happen to any man that dares touch his wife. Including locking, over enlargement of manhood, shrinking of manhood etc.

  3. our friends as usual, Lungu, Phiri, Banda, Daka………………………………………………………………………

  4. I can not blame you man, some women wants to rule the world using their Y piece. It’s only a few years ago when they wanted to be confined in dogs.

  5. The truth of the matter is that where there is jealous there is real love too, mind you, jealous may be very destructive but its roots goes deep into the soil of love.
    He also need advice to control himself on how to deal such cases not in that way.

  6. @Kupix you are wrron man. U dont have to go to that extent of checking yo wife’s private parts and banning men from coming to your home ninshi ni wabwino bwanji mukazi wako mmmm nangu kulowa ba Phiri kekekekekek. Even if she was an angel there is no justification in doing that.

  7. I know of man whose wife checks his penis every time he goes home late. She does it by squeezing it for any remaining semen kekekekekeke and the man does not complain. However, what he does is wash before going home…its a losing battle so why check.

  8. She was to young to enter into this marriage, if she is 33 years old, she must have been 15 yrs old when she got married. At that age, I doubt if she had blossomed to show her true beauty. The man started to feel insecure immediately she started to blossom into a woman and unemployment compounded the problem for the man. Failing to look after your beautiful wife is the worst thing to happen to anybody, the man must have been having dillusions that someone was out to get his wife. Get a job! and avoid teenagers. 

    • wow the ka guy is insecure,elo takabomba…what else is there for him to do..thinking of sex all day.Get a job mambala!maybe you will be tired enough even to ask for sex!!

  9. You Easterners, what is the problem? Inspecting your wife like a car on the service pit! Phiri with your wife are a disgrace for whatever you do to each other! You have now disgraced yourselves in court. Even your children are now aware what goes on in your home! Hopeless Chipata chaps! In court no short cuts!!!!!!

    • get a job kamambala!All he thinks of is sex all day coz he doesnt have a job…and to the girl,go back to school even night school pliz!!!:)>-

  10. Phiri u could have been checking Panyo too, whenever a woman has sex panyo pamankhala insensitive to touching because of the contraction and expansion just happened at sex time.

  11. the soswe can give an indication of mis use by another man, too much and it can grow like a ma legen. one lady i know used to kill birds with it. she was very skillful

  12. @Damn or Dung U lekwata umucinshi! Bemba women kuipa pa maso ne misana ishakosa, men are not even interested to look @ their figures hahahaha! Bunda bwa pa kanwa zo kamba kamba ne nsele, @ least abakuchimana nkasako though they like fighting @ ekukosha icupo!

  13. Bembas trying to be holy here with there hard like fowls women. If she was Bemba he would have told that woman to keep on moving. Yeah sounding of here when your women are busy embarrassing us hiding drugs in their pom poms world wide.

  14. @movie lover

    Utumano kwati litole lyobe. The judge based his judgement on what was presented before him. The 300 pin was slapped on him in with respect to the man’s income..

  15. I was once a victim of jelous. Folks its not a good experience. It can lead you to do what my colleague did. But I used prayer to overcome such and Alleyah I am healed.

  16. Excellent post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Very useful info specially the last part :) I care for such information a lot. I was seeking this particular information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

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