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MMD dares Andeleki to appeal

General News MMD dares Andeleki to appeal

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Secretary Richard Kachingwe has said if chief Registrar Societies Clement Andeleki appeals the High Court ruling against the de-registration of MMD, it will be a clear indication that there is an interior motive behind his move.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Qfm news, Major Kachingwe said as far as the MMD is concerned, the case has ended and any issues that may arise can be dealt with administratively.

Major Kachingwe said de-registering MMD would have resulted in a constitutional crisis which he says is not good for the democracy of the country.

Chief Registrar of societies Clement Andeleki told Qfm news that he will appeal against the High Court%u2019s decision to throw out his application to de-register the MMD for non payment of annual returns amounting to K390 million.

Judge Jane Kabuka delivered judgment against the de-registration on grounds that the move was against public interest and unreasonable.



  1. Why do Zambians allow characters like this Clement Andeleki to continue wasting taxpayers money? This guy interest is money owed or deregistration?

  2. This chap needs prayers. He is possessed by evil spirits like satan. We need the opposition to make checks and balances otherwise there will be no democracy. However MMD should pay the money to clear themselves from this evil man. Kachingwe is actually prepared to saught out the matter administratively.

  3. The case has been decided in the public interest. The act of not paying your dues is still wrong and may still come home to roost.

    • They can agree on some repayment options, like K20m every month over next couple of years. Is that too hard to do?

  4. I agree, Andeleki should resign like promised (one more PF flip flop?)! 

    Only the correct term is “ulterior” motive (i.e. secret, underhanded, concealed), not interior motive (indoors, inside) – LOL. 

  5. This chap andeleki is not normal just see his face he looks wired. but we are in this situation bcoz of UKWA who piked him for this job jst to fix MMD. Those MMD branches were created by UKWA when he was National Secretary for his ulterior motive, if UKWA was responsible enough as he claims TO BE why did he not pay for those branches? so this shows that UKWA directed ANDELEKI to fix MMD bcoz he knows about those branches that he did not pay for them after creating them for his own personal benefit

  6. Andeleki, this case is over Sir, Sought out this issue administratively now. Find away in which MMD will pay what they owe you within a period that you can agree.Dont be big headed and waste our taxpayers monies. Courts are too costly.Get this money so it can help to develop this country.You already promised us that you will resign, the best is follow your principals and you loose nothing.Be a gentleman unless you have hidden agendas.THis is in the best interest our our country.

  7. Andeleki is not mentally stable. Some of you will recall that this guy once masquaraded as a qualified lawyer and went to court to try and represent clients when he was still studying law at UNZA.

    Let him resign as he said. Whose intrests is he saving?

  8. I am shocked at the way people digest the news here. It is evident why Zambia and other African countries have remained poor because of lack of paying what is due to the tax office and government in general. What Public interest is Judge Jane Kabuka talking about? A poor teacher pays tax on the little that is given to them. An ordinary poor Zambian has to pay for bus fares else will have to leg it. When it comes to a club of MMD/UPND/PF clowns that drive 4X4’s, people that bury money in the ground Liato’s MMD clowns, Konga etc it becomes problematic. MMD was in power for almost two decades and they couldn’t pay the registrar. If you get a loan from a bank, you’ve to pay it back. We don’t have monetary shares in MMD/UPND/PF. So please stop yapping about before you digest issues here.

  9. I agree with kaleza.!! let MMD pay back the money owed to the registrator. Tha constitution entails that everyone organisation fullfil the legal requirements and sort itself! failure to pay is stealing taxi payers money. Let them pay first or else make an appeal mr. Ndeleki and deregister the group MMD.

  10. This chimpanzee promised to quit if MMD was not deregistered. What’s he waiting for? This low life cockroach is just a mirror reflection of his appointing authority; his highness King Chimbwi. Zambia has indeed gone to the dogs (or is it the chimps).

  11. @Kaleza u r right about MMD paying, but at this stage I believ they r still disputing that they don’t owe. Let it be proved beyond doubt that they owe and then force them to pay using bailiffs or other administrative means not rushing to deregister MMD which even as a business decision is a huge loss to Zambia because how do u spend over 18billion just because some1 says they don’t owe you 390million???

  12. 17 Kaleza Kaleza. Read the judgement of Judge J. Kabuka. There are legal guidelines which judgement is based on such as ‘obita dicta’ issues understood by simple minds like yours. However, the judge based her conlusion on ‘ratio decendai’ which are legal complex issues not well understood by many unschooled people you being part of them. Read again ask others to explain to you and your friends to understand how the judge arrived at her judgement.

  13. @Kaleza on Zambians not being monetary invested in PF UPND or MMD u r very wrong.
    It is our taxes that were spent, actually billions! on the tripartite elections which these three parties were top contestants, apart from that they have large representation in councils and parliament so they again are chopping our taxes as salaries and emoluments, further if MMD is deregistered without concern for the public, financially us as tax payers would have wasted our time and money the first time we voted and then we will spend another 18billion on parliamentary elections alone to choose more or less the same group of individuals but probably on different tickets, what more if you add local government elections how much will the bill to tax payers be?

  14. Kaleza Kaleza,go collect a bigger amount of K14 billion from Fredrick Mumembe and current DPP,that debt is easily collecteable and meaningful.

  15. @Kaleza for me it is very irresponsible of this rude andeleki to have attempted deregistration in the first place bcoz this logic shud have been considered to begin with!
    And why couldn’t bailiffs have been used to recover that money, as of now the state is in possession of over 150 MMD motor vehicles which they claim we’re not properly cleared but ZRA has not supported those claims.
    Now just selling off 2 of those cars for market value, or auctioning say 5 would easily pay off that bill if it is proven that MMD is actually owing.
    Andeleki does not have people’s interest at heart, the September 20 elections were he most free, as much MMD was removed from power it still retained a large number of parliamentary seats and even only lost presidency by 4% so you can see that PF 

  16. U can see that PF is not majority government and the majority of people had and still have concerns with their style.
    But PF took the win simply as meaning their style is what everyone wants and it is their way or the deregistration!
    People don’t always agree but we must all follow the law and meet at a common good, now the war PF is waging against MMD where is it going really?
    Will it add enough votes to PF without drawing away too many?

  17. Andeleke is now being too personal. Its not good that way. The case is closed, let them pay the money, we move on. Is MMD the only institution that owe govt money?

  18. this thing goes both ways, judgement given was fair and unfair, the Judge should have ordered the MMD to pay the dues immediately. even if Andaleki was told to deregister MMD, he was in the right, how many societies have been deregistered and no one has talked or condemned. lets be patriotic Zambians and put the country’s interest at heart not just criticize blindly. on andaleki appealing there again he is being personal he should tell who ever is pushing him to do that, thats its wrong and unlawful. ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATIONAL

  19. In Public Interest, let MMD pay the Money. Then Let Mumembe and Nchito also Pay back the Money the K14 Billion.
    Then we shall let the sleeping Dogs lie.

  20. i think the learned judge contrasted herself in the judgement. she said the penalty was harsh and detrimental to democracy, which in short meant yes, MMD was guilty but the action by the registrar was harsh. but then again threw out the case completely. so what recourse was supposed to be taken. she should have directed MMD to pay within a certain time frame. As the judgement stands, Andeleki has the right to appeal as MMD can get away without paying therefore setting a precedent for future defaulters.

    • Well said Noel. I said the same thing yesterday. These are the kinds of judgements that ended in us losing the US$8 million chiluba and his cohorts stole. Anyway, what would you have expected from an MMD appointee. These judges are just paying back their masters. How could she say Andeleki’s action was right and within the law, then U-turn and claim that the decision was hush when NGO, Charitable Organisations, Churches etc are being de-registered for similar cases without hesitation. In other words, what she had done is set a precedence as you rightly put it for other defaulters to intentionally withhold this fees and cite this ruling as precedence. No wonder the entire judiciary needs to be overhauled.

  21. It is unfortunate that people can react like that pa Zed, issues that make sens people want to bring politics in it, let us learn to be objective when we bring comments.
    MMD is a political party that is operating in Zambia under the the Zambian laws, if it fails to meet the requirement needed what happens next? though i am not for the idea to de-register MMD, people like Andeleki should be commended for the job they are doing, and the fair judgment would have been asking the MMD to pay or face the consequence.

  22. Richard Kachingwe has said if chief Registrar Societies Clement Andeleki appeals the High Court ruling against the de-registration of MMD, it will be a clear indication that there is an interior motive behind his move.(sic)
    What is an interior motive?
    shouldn’t it have been ulterior motive ba LT?

  23. This guy(Andeleki) is too over zealous. He should not be taking Zambians for granted. Now I know why he used to push so much for allowances at NIPA. He was a jobless and unauthorised , illegal and prohibited lawyer. Shame on you Clement. You are  a disgrace to the Law proffession.

  24. ANDELEKI AND HIS PF team banyela pambali muchimbuzi, they always miss their targets, ha, ha . ha naseka ko mwe. upuba wekaweka ba PF.

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