Zambian traders at Soweto market launch retaliatory attacks on Congelese traders


Traders at Lusaka’s Soweto Market on this morning looted goods and roughed up some Congolese traders selling in the market.

The traders were reacting to the burning to death of a Zambian truck driver by Congolese at the Kasumbalesa boader post on the Congolese side on Thursday.

The traders destroyed goods worthy millions of Kwacha belonging to Congolese traders.

One of the affected traders Mary Kabaso has told ZNBC news that she is not from Congo but is a trader who buys her products from Kasumbalesa on the Copperbelt.

The traders say it is unfair that an innocent man was killed in such a manner because of an accident which was not deliberate.

And one of the Congolese gentlemen believed to be in his 30s was assaulted using a bottle and beaten in Lusaka over the truck driver incident.

On Friday, Vice President Guy Scott said government will engage the Democratic Republic of Congo to address the increase in violence along the border post area.

Meanwhile, Congolese Police have already arrested some Congolese villagers who were allegedly involved in the burning of the Zambian truck driver in that Country on Thursday.

Home Affairs minister Kennedy Sakani has confirmed that authorities in Congo have assured him that they have arrested the villagers who were involved in the mob justice.

Mr. Sakeni says Congolese authorities have assured Zambia that all the culprits who were involved in the burning of the Zambian drivers will be brought to book.

And Mr. Sakeni has appealed to Zambians not to take the law in their own hands and stop violence against innocent Congolese nationals living in Zambia.

Mr Sakeni said it is unfortunate that some elements are taking advantage of the situation to steal and attack innocent Congolese citizens instead of allowing the law to take its course.

The Minister has since directed the police to be on alert and arrest anyone who will be involved in xenophobic violence against Congolese.

He says the traders who were this morning attacked at Soweto market are innocent and should not be harassed because of one unfortunate accident which is regretted by both the Zambian and Congolese governments.



    • Its time the Government revisited the issue of our truck drivers entering Congo;
      Government must immediately introduce the System where All Congo bound cargo in delivered at Kasumbalesa border where congolese trucks can pick it,and vice versa with their cargo comming in or transiting.Other friendly neighbours can operate as usual

  1. Please, let the law take its course. Metting instant justice on innocent congolese, friends and brothers we have lived together with for generations, is not the solution. We are too good a country to start falling into the xenophobia category and rightly as one writer has said, we have zambians living in DRC owing to work-related issues as well as intermarriages. Lets be peaceful as we have been known to be for years now.

  2. Congolese are a pain in the neck, where ever they are, they cause havoc. Drunkards and thieves, in kanyama, john laing and chibolya pipo don’t sleep becoz of congolese.

  3. Should we also attack Russian citizens for the killing of Zambian students in Russia? Why didnt we also attack South Africans in Zambia?

  4. we need to start teaching each country that does bad thing to our people a lesson.christian nation word is just killing us. these congorese are foolish. VOLTRON lives in chiliz & truly kno hw wel we tak care of congorese.This time, we also want eye for an eye full stopppppppppppppppppppp!!!!

  5. Ma Congole ni wopusa manigi!! Zambian just used minimum force, them the kill and burn. Government should clean them up and deport some of them back.

  6. Blogger # 9 , You have risen a very important point , though the answer is obvious , it is because Russians are not blacks. We are Zambia , we are white worshipers , I hope i will find few who will agree with me.

    • Sorry! I am black and worship only God Almighty. I live among the whites and I am a leader to those working under me. So I really do not know what you are talking about. 

    •  white worshipers lol this is the 21st century zele and i dnt worship no white man am not ignorant so stop it 2 

  7. to bad my brother for dying in such an incidence may your soul rest in peace also to Congolese may soul rest in peace soon death will be no more.

  8. It was not mob justice ba LT naimwe it Mob misconduct. Was ther any offence for justice or it was an accident?

  9. It was a sad incident. But let us refrain from behaving like them. This is a result of having too many frustrated and jobless but energetic youths around, in both Congo and Zambia. Such issues bring an avenue to vent out their frustrations on anyone who presents themselves as an adversary.

  10. Congo guys  are stupid, u go montross  in emmasdale u find  Chris weye insulting  zambains saying they are also zambains cause they all have  green registration cards and passports. KILL  THEM  ALL GUYS.Better kill congole then leave a snack go Scot free. 

  11. Congolese are a pain in ghe a*ss….. They have taken zambians for a ride in the name of christian nation….. In congo its imposible to stay as free as some of the congolese live in zambia…. Most congolese in zambia are crookes, so why shud we spare them? They are all over kafue road stealing from pipos cars, day robery! The police should depot most of these munguamz

  12. Gentrumen and radies just be prepared for more of such incidences occurring in thr near future for as long as we have lawless neighbours this will this will continue. Somalia and congo are embarasing our entire continent look wat thosr pirates are going in kenya. let us pray that our borders are protected from these people who have no affinity with humanity.

  13. Very unfortunate for fellow AFRICANS to turn against one anotheranother. ZAMBIANS. We are a Christian nation therefore never let evil minds mislead your wellbeing.

  14. I was on my way to lubumbashi on that fateful morning.About 30km frm Kasumbalesa weigh bridge,on the right hand side of the road was a bunt truck circled by a good number of Congolese police.As they removed the remains of the driver frm the truck i wondered what kind of pipo could subject there fellow human being to such an agoniziong death.

  15. Zambians are too naive, the congolese force us to maintain the pedicle road but we allow them to use our roads for all their goods. 90% of the heavy goods traffic on our kapiri, ndola, kitwe, chingola roads are going to congo but we don’t force the congolese to repair/maintain the roads. The PF govt should address this and go further to force the congolese to us Tazara & RSZ. That will make our roads last longer!!

  16. This is what happens when government and these civil society tutembas are passive about such a sensitive issue. Thugs take control and work on the emotions of well meaning citizens. Xenophobia, racism, wars and all sought of targeted ills are a result of few individuals convincing many that the targeted are the reason for their woes. It takes enormous emotional strength and social counselling to resist punching the guy you think is happy from burning to death your country man! Government has always been too lenient and too slow in reacting to unsocial events caused by foreigners especially by those from DRC.

  17. [-( Sad as it is that we lost a brother in Congo, it doesn’t justify the beaten of innocent DRC citizens by those thieving lunatics at soweto market. we need:)>- before someone is hunged(sp) by the balls.

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