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Cosmo Mumba gives RB 48 hours to apologise over Sata’s Bush remarks

General News Cosmo Mumba gives RB 48 hours to apologise over Sata's Bush remarks

 National Revolution Party (NRP) president elect Cozmo Mumba lifted shoulder high by his supporters after winning the party presidence at a convention held in Lusaka
National Revolution Party (NRP) president elect Cozmo Mumba lifted shoulder high by his supporters after winning the party presidence at a convention held in Lusaka

New Revolution Party (NRP) president Cosmo Mumba has given former republican president Rupiah Banda a 48 hour ultimatum in which to unreservedly apologize to President Michael Sata and the Zambian people or risk the wrath of the party.
And in a turn of events, the NRP has with immediate effect removed its second vice president Charles Mwelwa for allegedly bring the name of the party and its top leadership in disrepute following his incessant attacks in the private media.

ZANIS reports that Dr. Mumba has since challenged Mr. Banda to come to terms with his electoral defeat and behave in a manner that befits the status of a former Head of State.

He wondered why the former Head of State issued an apology on behalf of Zambians to former US president George W. Bush when the later did not demand for one.

The opposition leaders urged Mr. Banda to honorably retire from active politics and enjoy his retirement benefits peacefully.

Dr. Mumba explained that his party is demanding a retraction of Mr. Banda’s apology to Mr. Bush and should instead apology to President Sata in person.

And Dr. Mumba has disclosed that his party has removed its second vice president Charles Mwelwa from the position and the National Executive Committee (NEC) for alleged gross misconduct.

Mr. Mwelwa last month contested the party presidency which he lost to Dr. Mumba and was incorporated in the party as a second vice president.

Dr. Mumba explained that the party decided to remove Mr. Mwelwa following his continued incessant attacks on the party leadership in a named tabloid.

He further explained that Mr. Mwelwa is now an ordinary member of the party and wished him well in his future political endeavours.



  1. Who is this cosmas?can’t u see even pipo who lifted him up only kaponyazi,like sata;were are we going now people zambia.any one from toilet am a president

  2. Who the hell is this? trying to make a name for himself. Please just join the PF you will do just fine CNP.

  3. The so called Dr Mumba is a disgrace in political realms in Zambia. The man should grow up to be taken seriously

  4. Chaps like these need 24 strokes for them to woke up to reality. let him find something else to do we have enough commedy already even if its free.

  5. So what will he do if Banda refuses to retract the apology??? Beat him??? Heeheheheheheheh ati “or face the wrath of the party”, which one??? Useless headless chicken, usless political boot-licking… Ati Ba Doctor ataseeeeee!!!!

  6. Why do you give coverage to scumbags like Cosmo? Why don’t you let him rot in hell? You give him the credibility he so much craves!

  7. excuse me this chap is not a DR. He is mistaken for Dr. Nevers Mumba by the press. which university did he go to and what did he study. lets leave the honourable title lone. this cahp was busy begging for money the other time and people have mistaken him to be Dr. NO NO pliz.


    Oh sorry hav just bn tiold He is Cosmo MUBWA,lol

  9. But why are you intelligent people ruled by the people you are calling *****s, kaponya…..

    Please give government chance to rule us. we gave them 5 years.

  10. “Wrath of his party” my ass!! Who does this punk represent? Just go lick the tip of Ukwa’s nob. 

  11. 4 people lift you in the air, the convention looks like a kitchen party mostly attended by old family neighbors who have spotted an opportunity for a free meal, and all of a sudden you are full of hot air and threatening a former republican president. You are a joke little Cosmo.

  12. Classic case of Zambian politics, confrontational and lacking in substance. “Dr” Cosmos Mumba, if I were you I’d be more concerned about selling my partly to the masses than fighting Ukwa’s battles. Oh well, I guess you are to Sata what Siulapwa was to RB, but please note where your friend is now.

  13. Why he is darker than his brother Dr Nevers Mumba? This family is very succesful itsfull of presidents and all have PhDs

  14. Left unchecked clowns like him are they guys who end up as our Ministers, just look at the calibre of some PF ministers ie buffoon Kambwili.

  15. Why cant this clown do something constructive with his life instead of always campaigning for crumbs from the table of whoever is in power. Eeeish.


  17. Leave Mumba alone, he is entitled to his opinion. Ataase, if it was HH, you would have called it sensible. You jealous people of the supremacy of Bembas.

  18. He’s my hero!! Never takes himself too seriously. Why waste productive hours worrying about things you cannot change? Dr. Cosmo Mumba, such a modern legend!!!

  19. another lunatic.pls cosmos start doing something else because we are fully covered in comedy with ukwa.

  20. Cosmo! You empty suit. How dare you speak on my behalf when I have not deputised you to do so? “Apologise to Zambians, for what?” 

  21. Serious people should avoid fools like this young brother to Nevers. He recently caused comotion in his family when he started attacking his elder brother in the press in pursuit of getting recognition from PF. The chap is mentaly unstable and I can not figure out what Doctorate he has because the fellow in unemployable.

  22. The Zambian media and we bloggers have something to learn. The media must learn to separate issues from events. Events that have no issues in them are not worth reporting. Most of the articles on politicians currently on this web page are not newsworthy as they have no issues in them. Such articles are expected to be found in gossip columns. We bloggers must learn not to take Zambian politicians too seriously. We all know that politicians make some of the most senseless statements and yet we give the most attention to their statements rather instead of things that matter.

  23. houston we have a problem,who lets these clowns out.any way by the looks of things he did not take his medication.

  24. Mentally challenged “opposition leader” – how many votes did you get in the previous election, if you even managed to stand

  25. who the hell is cosmo?there is no sense in what this hijo de puta is saying.u are the one who needs 2 resign from active politics bastardo.u just want employment from sata

  26. Cosmo Mumba and Edger Ngoma are the waste fake doctors, Edger was honoured with a doctorated at Findoco House by Cosmo Mumba after Edger sponsored a HIV/AIDS workshop, while Cosmo himself was honoured with a PHD by an email. Their PHDs have colours of a Zambian flag designed from a coomputer.

    Do we remember Angoni clearing & forwarding company.

  27. cosmo pliz you are not a doctor we where at school together we graduated in 2001,2 years later you are saying that you  have a doctorate when did you do your doctorate and where? this is the time you can go back to school and something and the same period after school you had a ka ntemba at simson….stop that man, bullsheet is for the birds 

  28. This Cosmos Mumba is the elder brother to Nevers Mumba… The father for these two must be proud to have two presidents …lol

  29. The beauty of democracy makes people to dream, Cosmo Muimbwa already dreams like he’s in state house as his fellow dreamer in there.

  30. @13 lekeni hh ateke, u very right.. another scumbag that shud never be given coverage is under 5 aka HH.

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