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UPND thanks Livingstone voters

Headlines UPND thanks Livingstone voters

A van with campaign stickers for opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema makes its way along Malambo road in Lusaka

United Party for National Development (UPND) has thanked the people of Livingstone Constituency for voting for Reverend Howard Sikwela as their area Member of Parliament.

In a press statement to ZANIS in Livingstone yesterday , UPND Livingstone District Information and Publicity Secretary, Neto Halwabala said his party appreciates the support its candidate received from the people including the Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD), United Liberal Party (ULP) and other interest groups.

He said by voting for Reverend Sikwele, the people of Livingstone had proved that they are principled.

He alleged that despite maneuvers by the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) to buy votes from them using materials which they distributed, the people of Livingstone remained focused by voting for the UPND candidate.

Mr. Halwabala alleged that the ruling party distributed gifts in form of chickens, mealie meal, sugar and maize in an attempt to induce people of Livingstone Constituency to vote for their candidate Mr. Joseph Akafumba.

“The ruling party resorted to extreme violence in an attempt to scare people from turning up for voting but you people turned up in large numbers, 20,000 plus and voted for candidates of your choice,” said Mr. Halwabala.

He said now that the elections were over and Livingstone Constituency had a member of parliament, people must unite and work together in order to develop the tourist capital.

Mr. Halwabala stated that Patriotic Front (PF) members were free to meet the newly elected Member of Parliament and present their problems and to advise him on how best the constituency could be developed.

And commenting on the PF’s intention to petition the election results, Mr. Halwabala said UPND was eagerly waiting for the petition.



  1. Mr. Halwabala, that is the maturity of UPND we know. Keep going guys. “Mr. Halwabala stated that Patriotic Front (PF) members were free to meet the newly elected Member of Parliament and present their problems and to advise him on how best the constituency could be developed.”

  2. UPND will still win the bye-election. U think we are so cheap to bought by your kneeling down. Ata nikukonda ma vote kapena busogoleli. Shame on you guys! PF no focus. Bali mbuli cilingalinga.

  3. Thanks Lstone voters one night i heard this fake white man guy scott that i cant wait for UPND to have a seat in northern province,i have never seen a person(white) like scott,the man has no word to describe him every time that comes he is embarrasing whites like his friend Sata

  4. number 8 you are useless,i wonder how far you have gone with your education,your comments leave much to be desired

  5. My Hope is that UPND is ready to Lead Zambia NOW. That when they come to power, they will not waste time learning how to lead but will be ready on day one. The Party of Bemba thieves was not ready as we all can clearly see. They are still in trial and error mode 9 months into their governance. Indeed they are still in Campaign mode when they are on the right side of power, this is unbelievable to me. So again, my message to UPND is that Be ready to lead on day one. VIVA HH & VIVA Mr Halwabala.

  6. UPND dont be like CHIMBWI NO PLAN TOO. what do you learn from chimbwi…prepare adquately and learn from PF ‘s try and error commedy in govenment. Reshufles in labour office everyday,employing relatives is what PF knows best…

  7. voting pattern has still not changed. UPND is still a Tonga regional party. You cannot make it with only one province. I am surprised no one is talking about the UPND violence. What about mouners who were blutallized. UPND should ride itself from the Tonga tag and fire HH for a less under5 leader. Since southern province is clear how they vote, the rest of the country will do the same not to vote for a Tonga.

  8. VIVA UPND!!!! Way to go guys.. Lets United and build our country. Politics and finger pointing must come to an end. It is time to develop and grow the economy. UPND lets go countrywide and in rural areas to sale our manufesto and prepare to take govt come 2016.

  9. So 3 parties basically united and shared the spoils of winning with 12,000 (3,000 apiece) against the PF’s 8,000 + votes. It takes two thirds of the country’s provinces to get into government. You can win all the seats in southern province, but it will just be that and ends there. As long as you are not ready to branch out and embrace the other 9 provinces, you are doomed.

  10. UPND is not only in southern.Why do u like cheating.They have Mps in western,NW,Central and southern.Whereas Pf has no MP in NW and SOuthern and have 02 in weatern.Next election they ll have nothing in western.

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