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NAREP advise MMD not to create national problems

Headlines NAREP advise MMD not to create national problems

FILE: MMD cadres
FILE: MMD cadres

The National Restoration Party (NAREP) has advised fellow opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) to avoid solving its party issues by creating A national problem.

NAREP Lusaka province spokesperson David Chikwanda says he is worried about the cost implication of holding nine by elections if Members of Parliament serving in the Patriotic Front government are expelled.

Chikwanda has therefore appealed to the MMD to serve the people of Zambia from the cost that comes with the by-elections and find a better way of resolving the issues at hand with its MPs.

Speaking to QFM, Chikwanda says it is time political parties practiced civilised politics.

He says it is sad that the MMD has decided to continue with the old kind of politics which the nation is already tired of.

Chikwanda was reacting to the threat by MMD president Nevers Mumba to expel its Parliamentarians currently serving as deputy ministers in the PF government.



  1. What national problems you goons! What is narape kanshi. Grow up man this is politics, gotta keep the hyena in check. More importantly MMD can’t have MPs campaigning for PF in bye elections like what happened in Mufumbwe council elections. Narapists, just do your think and stop telling MMD what to do you lost thief!

    • you buffooon …are you zambian and do you know what NAREP is talking about…you are such an id…i..o..t who dont even deserve to be blogging…give chance to those who can blog positively and in the interest of the nation…grow up ka kachasu iwe…..

  2. This ama little party has just become another PF vuvuzela. You have become irrelevant and the best thing for you is to join PF

  3. NAREP do you even have a councillor.to advise us. just join PF,we know the movements of your boss SUARA.

  4. Narep tu ma sweet and choclates from rio has confused you kekekekekeek……….PF VUVUZELA INDEED…………

  5. NAREP come back and advise when you leave $3billion in reserves for pf to squander or when you actually win a councillor seat.

  6. Narep there is no politician is this country who saves the people. MMD does not care how much the bye elections will cost. Remember these are thieves and plunderers. The politicians in this country are interested in their pockets.

  7. Narep, we all know you jump to defend PF at every opportunity. Your president is being groomed to take over PF. Where were you when PF expelled the MPs who took part on the consitution review? Your ka party has no direction! Go go HH…2016…YOU ARE THE ONE!!!

  8. #12 I thought it was 20HH. NAREP is more relevant for Zambia at the moment and not the under5 tribal political party that is always opposing. Has’nt the seven days altimetum HH gave on the dollar elapsed? We want to see his threats in action.

  9. but how can u advice anything in respect of mps when u’ve never even had a councillor.narep is simply p.fs youth wing en must just continue eating with this cnp govt of ukwa period

    • I,ve never owned a car, but i know how to drive and i can also teach someone, so the logic of saying because he has no councillors, blah blah is deficient in content..

  10. Well, my considered view is that it is the appointing authority (sata) that will cause the national problem..why not appoint PF mps to be ministers? we have capable people in PF why poach from other parties? This is the genesis of the problem; it is a pity Narep doesnt seem to see this.

  11. The trip to Brazil has confused NAREP. PF vuvuzelaz at work. MMD is threatening 9 MPs, PF suspended 23. NAREPISTS think with your heads before you say anything. By the way, Chipimo where is your boss Ukwa? We dont want to receive any bad news from the UK,’Zedian Presdo dropped dead in the UK’.

  12. MMD ..is the lost party without any direction……See MMD after 2 year from now, if they will be any nothing on earth as MMD……

  13. And what do you call civilised politcs? Going to rio for an expensive conference and come back empty handed? Participating in a general election and win only ZERO seats? Ba narep just stay home and watch Banja or Talent Ya Pa Zed

  14. NAREP vilibe nzelu! Surely you want to see MMD fail because that opens the way for you? So if you think their strategy of getting rid of mps who won their seats on an MMD ticket but are now serving in the govt of a party they fought against will backfire against MMD then surely that is good for NAREP? Multi-partyism does not mean that you have many parties in govt, it means that people are allowed to belong to whatever party they choose and no one faces jail for opposing the actions of the sitting govt. Jumping into bed with the ruling party for one own’s stomach undermines the principle of multi-partyism.

  15. I think i’m tired of oppostion politics. VJ, can you offer some tutions on how to retire more than once when you are not tired…….

  16. PF deregistered MMD,,,,,using Andeleki they want to cause more than 50 bye erections…who is fooling who?

  17. MMD will shrink and wimp after 2 years.We will finish it into oblivion or extinction.These MMD MPs will be come to PF come next election in 2016. I will take over as MP for one of the constituencies.

  18. mungatelo. It is that kind of shallowwwwww thinking that has put ZAMBIA where it is today..Are u ZAMBIAN or CONGOLESE?? OR NIGERIAN maybe??

  19. This is what I call “Blogging a la vulgar!” It appears people are so angry they cannot put across anything beyond an insult and a ridiculing statement. That said, David Chikwanda must not worry about the cost of by-elections because it is in the design. What he must worry about is the morality of the laws that have been made to allow MPs to jump ship with impunity. We should attack the problem at its root and not prune the leaves like this! Oops! I almost launched an insult just now; ok, I understand you bloggers!

  20. Good advise,Nevers Mumba does not know anything about politics he is just a charismatic speaker who does not mean what he says.He wants to cruise not knowingly that,when you CRUISE you CRUSH.

  21. NAREP, as a sub-branch of the PF, must wag its tail and stop barking. If NAREP was a potential oppopsition party, the bye-election would have facilitated its exposure to the Zambian electrolate. But NAREP sounds as if it has been sub-contrated to be the new Vuvuela for Sata’s mismanagement of Zambian economy and political governance. NAREP must know that there are more damaging cracks emerging in the structure of the PF and its government. Indeed the Brazil visit had impacted strongly on the NAREP President to have undergone serious transformation mutations.

  22. NAREP is a branch of PF. But even if NAREP is a branch of PF they should shut up if they have nothing to say, rather than breaking stinking wind into the face of everybody else. Why don’t they ask Sata why he expelled his MPs while he was in opposition and whether that constituted a national problem. NAREP and Chipimo losers.

  23. Ba Mumba natutendwa nemi sosele yeno, your opposition is non valuable to this nation, apo mwafililwe ukubwesha fye no lupiya mwa kongwele ku mukalamba wesu ku America! to me it makes you an opportunist to us the vaunarable. Nangu Vote yakuposa teti napalala TATA.

  24. I had faith in NAREP but look who they are 2de?? PF cadres, Zambian politics!!!!!!!!!! Fyabupubafye!!!!!!!!!

  25. It is important to analyse the reasons why PF acted in that money as compared advanced by MMD and you will find that there are fundamental differences which render MMD reasons myopic and selfish.

  26. the suprise is people who say chipimo speaks sense. being an elequent speaker and being a good leader are two defferent things. he speaks good english since he studied abroad. people said hh was under 5 then i think chipimo is still in the womb. this guy talks about zambia being an energy power but cant find solutions to simple issues like fertliser programs, foreign investment and globalisation. the rio trip was for technocrats who are on the ground not chipimo and GBM’ s wife. this vuvuzela is now becoming an irritant.

  27. The problem is the MPs appointed by PF. These guys are busy campaigning for PF. In short they are relevant and cannot belong to two camps. The best is to expell them so that PF adopt them. Its sad that Masumba the mufumbwe guy is on record of campaigning for PF. Maybe is doing so because he has fake papers and therefore soliciting for sympathy from Sata to discontinue court cases.

  28. This is a huge miscalculation on the part of the MMD if they proceed with the expulsions. First of all, it should be remembered that the MMd itself, including its current President have practised this political tool. Nevers became Vice President of Zambia on transfer from his now defunct National Christian Coalition (NCC), which he later abandoned.

    The MMD as early as 2002 started appointing oppostition MPs starting with those belonging to Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda, REv. Nyirongo and a Mr. Musonda from Kabwe. RB continued with that approach and the story of the PF rebel MPs is still very fresh in the minds of any keen political analyst.

    The MMD is at its lowest ebb and will not manage to scoop all the nine seats and risk surrendering the staus largest opposition to UPND!!!

  29. This tu NAREP, what do they want to Restore in Zambia? Just a ka PF’s NGO who pick up rubbish in Lusaka’s streets.

  30. Narep is not a finished party because it NEVER STARTED. This pf surrogate party is meant to hoodwink the dumb founded mainly found within pf echelons of power. They believe in their own hype of supremacy with just ONE victory to their name.

    We in MMD shall teach you a lesson you’ll wish you were never born. Wait and see. History is littered with evidence of myopic educated people that hail from a region predominantly filled with orators but non performers.

  31. Those who are praising NAREP are forgetting that PF wants to de-register the MMD and cause massive by-elections. MMD is just asking for loyalty from its 9 MPs. Who is more destructive here? Please be rational in your comments.

  32. come on mwndi Chipimo, you’re being groomed by king combra. you’re the next one to take over Zambia. we can’t give statehouse to pipo who are alwayz opposing, one regional party. we need national appeal.

  33. PF subsidiaries-NAREP and FDD!!! MMD doesnt need you advise just go to brazil and advise the President!!!

  34. NAREP has not a single MP in parliament & until they have at least one & know the kind of costs these parties incur to get these chaps into the house, they should just shut the f**k up! Besides, in our parliamentary democracy system of government, how could an opposition MP who is appointed cabinet minister & bound by collective responsibility be able to vote against wicked legislation such as the stinking Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Act of 2010 that replaced the ACC Act of 1996 & repealed the abuse of office clause under the old Act? No wonder people want cabinet appointed outside of parliament, the current system is contradictory, costly and just plain flawed!

  35. now i do undrstand y zambia is poor and will continue for some time,90% of the comments are here almost the same-DEFFICIENT BRAIN SYNDROM ,we have now been used to by-elections and we dont care its negative impact .surelly ,the cost for 9 by-elections a drain in the national coffers and most bloggers dont care.,in the last by-elections NEVERS MUMBA was heard to say that people shud vote for MMD to block PF FROM BEEN the majority in parliament thus providing good checks and balances to the SATA administration.but today mumba doesnot care of the PF been the majority in parliament.MMD may win 1 /2 of those seats and that means PF have gain 7.the OBAMA ADMNI appointed a republican as usa abbasondoer to china and no republicans cry foil,thats civilised politics.change the costu so that no bye

  36. Panyo  panu aChikwanda tell your Paymaster PF that it’s costly to carry out such a huge number of bye-elections. MMD are just doing what your foolish PF did a long time ago and you definitely have very short memory. You cant even remember when you last had sex with your boyfriend! You have a very small brain and you are not fit to be a leader. Maybe a leader of the most rubbish chaps somewhere on planet PF Imbwa iwe. I rest my case!

  37. The MMD embarked on the poaching when its popularity was waning. People were getting tired of MMD then. On the other hand, people’s faith in PF may increase if they start performing by next year. Making it hard for spent forces like MMD to climb back into power. PF has a long way to go before it can be booted out.

  38. So MMD stands to lose by expelling those MPs at this juncture. Timing baba. MMD you are at your lowest since you were just rejected and so don’t stab yourself yourselves in the ribs.

  39. After having seen that lubinda en kabimba wo ar next to sata ar nt bembaz,wi in the pf hav startd to gloom chipimo to take over.fo now,let him fight mmd en ka tribal headman hh

  40. NAREP is illogical. Who has created the problem. It’s PF by not consulting the MMD when it wants to recruit deputy ministers.

  41. The Muslim Brotherhood, is just jealousy that Chipimo, still in the womb, has surpassed under 5 HH. Even the bible says those who think they are first will be last and those who are last will be first. I am from the NORTH but not a Bemba and tried through several people to advise HH AGAINST his behaviour and hatred for SATA. This has not worked. I love HH as my friend and brother, but he needs to Chil and embark on a new strategy. Whether we like it or not, young Chipimo has won hearts of many Zambians and could pull a surprise. For the sake of National Unity however, I have been an advocate that since this tribal and regional generation which is 40 years and above, that HH be given a chance to rule, but will the Zambians agree? NO NO NO

  42. I cant wait for these By-elections. I’m actually waiting for some Press briefing frm His Exellency Mr Hakainde Hichilema, we want his to state his position wheather he will participate of back the Movement for Mass Distruction.

  43. National problems? What does this clown mean? It is better money is spent on by-elections than wasted on sponsoring people from only one region to go to Brazil, etc. The MMD must expel those MPs. he first one must be that Mufumbwe one with a fake acountancy certificate from NIPA. How he is still an MP and a deputy minister beats me. Anyway in Zambia anything goes!!!!!

  44. Are we not all Zambians? Learn to work together irrespective of political affiliation. I would be proud tos erve mother Zambia even if I am from across the flow. Its high time Zambian politicians grw up and accepted change.

    I am no politician mind you just a concerned citizen.

  45. Imagine a political climate with Chipimo, HH, Milupi. I think now we’d have a country on the right path, am just saying!

  46. Personally, I have lost even the little respect I had for Chipimo. What a pompus twat. Does he really think diehard PF members (Kabimba et al) will stand back and allow him to take over? Somehow I do not think so. Sata and his loyalists worked extremley hard to get where they are. (or should I say lied extremely hard). Whatever the case, Chipimo needs to get off his high horse. The man is so arrogant and full of himself it beggars belief. He believes the presidency of Zambia is his birth right, ha !

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