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Zambians living in border areas told to get correct papers when crossing into other countries

General News Zambians living in border areas told to get correct papers when...

A jukebox at a drinking spot at the Zambia Malawi border

Luapula Province Permanent Secretary, Anna Mwitwa, has called on Zambians living in international border areas to adhere to immigration requirements and procedures in order to avoid unnecessary arrests.

Ms Mwitwa made the call when she addressed villagers on Kilwa Island on and emphasised the need to follow immigration rules so that their travel between the DRC and Zambia could always be without conflict with Government authorities

She also advised the villagers to sensitise their friends from Congo on the same need to have valid legal travelling documents when entering Zambia so that they do not come into conflict with the law.

And Luapula Province Fisheries Officer, Evans Mutanuka, implored the villagers engaged in fishing activities in the area to develop a good culture of registering their fishing business and acquiring fishing licences for the government to know the numbers of fishing groups that were working in the area.

Mr Mutanuka observed that currently it was difficult to know how many fishing groups were working on the lake because there was no compiled data anywhere, making the situation difficult when some fishers go missing on the lake.

He advised that acquisition of licences would help government collect some revenue from their activities.

Mr Mutanuka also implored the fishers on Kilwa Island to adhere to the use of correct and legally approved fishing equipment and methods in order to avoid coming in conflict with the law.

He said the use of illegal fishing equipment, like mosquito nets, which were rampant in the area was responsible for the depletion of fish stocks in the river and should be stopped in order to let the fish replenish itself and restore the former glory of Luapula as a fish basket for Zambia again.

He complained that the province was now surviving on fish from lake Kariba, saying the trend needed to be reversed because Luapula still had a chance of regaining her former place for fish production for the country.




  2. Educate the people by telling them specifics on what documents they need to have before they travel instead of speaking in generalities.

  3. From the Daily Trust:
    Zambia has excluded Nigeria among the African and Commonwealth countries that do not require visa to enter the country.
    Ordinarily, Nigerians should obtain Zambian visa at the point of entry into the country but latest development indicate that Zambia authorities have changed their mind on free visa application requirements for Nigerians.
    The new law requires that even for just passing through, Nigerians should apply for transit visas from Zambian Missions abroad.

    • I agree that nigerians should obtain visa’s before they enter zambia. Mu nai ni mu nai. Bantu aba ni ma fraudster ba kababa. I went to school with some of those chaps and a number of them were taken off the course because they had falsified their personal details and qualifications. They are so bald and will do anything. I know of someone who was deprted from UK several times (more that 5 times) and each time he came back

  4. this is kwababa inn at mwami border in chipata. at this resort, international beacons are right in this bulding

  5. Ba #1 that is uncalled for…… I did not know they get fish from Kariba now…that is sad…..but I like the innovation of mosquito nets lol

  6. #3, what document do you need to travel to another country? The man has explained very well about the need for a proper document, which can be a passport, travel document or day permit. The people have to choose, he cannot force them.

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