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UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has been arrested


Hakainde Hichilema
Hakainde Hichilema

Police have arrested United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema.

This was after Mr Hichilema was questioned at the Force Headquarters in connection with his recent statement alleging that the PF Government had sent youth to Sudan to be trained as militias, a statement he refused to retract.

Mr Hichilema is also believed to have been questioned in relation to his recent visit to Evelyn Hone College.

One of his lawyers who accompanied him to the Police headquarters Sakwiba Sikota hinted to journalists that the UPND leader has been charged with treason.

Mr Hichilema has since been taken to the Magistrate court were the charges against him are expected to be read out.

Earlier Police were forced to change the room were Mr Hichilema was to be questioned from, after the UPND leader refused to be interrogated from upstairs in preference for a room on the ground floor of the building.

He cited the incident last week when he together with his cadres were tear-gassed on the second floor when he was summoned at Lusaka central Police.



    • In zambia its becoming fashonable,for one to become state president one must taste prison at least! (Check KK, FTJ, SATA, now HH) . But this country is sliding so  low….Sata ,In 1991,shouted the ” cache of guns and weapons was buried at a farm in SINDAMISALE chipata,”putting the country in an ALARMIST danger. Wasn’t that SATA ? Was he charged for treason? How about the demeaning” cabbage” commentaries he made on Mwanawasa? PF and the POST are hypocrites to the core, LIARS, truly double standards!!. Compare these two links , ZNS training up to university in Sudan incorporate military, Sudan is at war. Kabimba should not lie, since when did Zambia start a Uni exchange program with a country at war like Sudan!!

  1. HH you are the annointed one. God is preparing you for leadership. Stay forecussed and keep praying, refuse to be intimidated. It might help to read Madela’s book with all the free time you have in prison. Do not worry, God will take care of you. We are all praying for you.

  2. He asked for it.HH thinks he is untouchable and that he is above the law.If he is found guilty let him go to jail period!!

  3. The Post newspaper caused this Sudan militia in the article of 06/05/2012 by Moses Kuwema. The Post has to be exposed continuously ,they are the worst opportunists! When they had a share of govt finance and benefiting from Mwanawasa, (14billion loan DBZ ,Zambian airways ZRA tax ,airport fees wavers, taskforce benefits,and businesses), the POST editorials demonized SATA, his lies and crooked character on the MERZAF saga,Avondale and his trust fund. Now that Sata has allowed the POST to eat in govt treasury , It’s praises each day! The POST have a pure opportunistic behavior unveiling their lies, these double standards , opportunism,unethical practices of these unprincipled heartless demagogues will allow Zambians make informed decisions. The post is a total disgrace!

  4. In 1991, Who shouted the ” cache of guns and weapons was buried at a farm- SINDAMISALE” in Chadiza the country in ALARMIST danger. Wasn’t that SATA ? Was he charged for treason? How about the demeaning” cabbage” commentaries he made on Mwanawasa? PF and the POST are hypocrites to the core, LIARS, truly double standards!!. Compare these two links, ZNS training up to university does in fact incorporate military esp that Sudan is at war. Kabimba must state, since when did Zambia start a Uni exchange program with a country at war like Sudan!  

    • I don’t get it. Are you saying Sata should have arrested himself when he made the weapons statement? OR are you saying if one government neglected to follow the law, so the subsequent ones should do the same? Courts are good places to prove your point. If HH has evidence, he will emerge stronger than he is today. So this is a good thing both for the law as well as HH. Let the judge reach his or her decision.

  5. What he said is not treaonable! and it’s a waste of time, the case will be throw out unless you have not revealed the actual charge.

  6. Please mr HH defend your trueth now or appologise!!!! nokulandikisha kwine.. ukusabaila.This is a very sensetive issue for the security of our country and Sudan.

  7. Police needs urgent reforms, It’s a serious governance issue.The biggest problem in Zambia is this barbaric rotten CONSTITUTION that was crafted to save the MINORITY colonialists and elites as gods on earth ,no one else above them. In modern Zambia, it’s a serious betrayal of the liberation struggle to keep this governance structure&Constitution. In fact Moral conscious demands removing the colonial past where Police and dogs were used to suppress the majority citizens, today, this ugliness still reigns. Shame! What’s even more disheartening is that after independence, this constitution should have been completely repealed,replaced with a Zambian one crafted on the principles of RIGHTS, DIGNITY &RESPECT FOR MANKIND. And declare ,NEVER AGAIN shall police be tools of oppression!! 

    • Hope you have submitted what you are talking about. What I have noticed about Zambians is too much talk but no implementation… there is a constitution review going on. SUBMIT YOUR CONCERNS!!!

  8. Do these policemen know what treason entails and what constitutes treason,please someone with knowledge of legal jargon come to my rescue.

  9. Be strong ba HH, to be President of a country you undergo such experience. Thats how to grow into a formidable leader

  10. for me the question stands, it’s that HH wants to make a name for himself and accuse  the PF government of brutality and undemocratic attitude against persons with different points of view?

    • I don’t mind lungu and the baby elephant, but I think under estimating Mutembo Nchito is a very big mistake by anyone with a case to answer. Lets wait and see.

  11. Countrymen, our democracy at its best – the ‘psycho’ of instilling fear and control in citizens continues. Pitifull indeed. Why make a hero out of a tongue-in-the-cheek statement?

  12. It takes men of valor to say sorry but fools die hard.A simple retracting of the statement would have avoided this to happen.Mr President (HH) whatever the outcome of this debacle you should come out stronger and less arrogant.Tough luc

  13. Let him have his day in court to prove his atrocious statement. It will be interesting to see how he will display his cheap arrogance before the courts.
    The police are right to charge him following his unreasonable and stubborn refusal to retract his groundless statement
    The charge is not about settling political scores but the preservation of national security and govt has the mandate to preserve & promote peace, security etc…
    The law is clear and we are more than eager to follow the unfolding legal proceedings.
    Let it be known that stupidity will not win any party political fortunes

    • @Cacitikanalelo has already answered it better. Just because the previous government failed to follow the law and not cage Sata does not entale it’s a precedence that should be followed by every other government. This baffoon hakainde was given a leeway out by diplomatically being asked to retract his statement, but he has opted to challenge the government and I doubt it very much than he will win. Not even 200,000 tongas will help him when he’s caged, for he asked for it. Don’t play with the state especially if you are in the wrong. Ubuteko buteko. He should have shown maturity by doing the simplest of all things; retracting his statements.

  14. Running a marathon run like a 100 metres run has many side effects. You can run out of steam, you can colapse, you can be beaten by those who are taking it easy. In politics you don’t start high speed campaigns just year 1 after loosing. You give winners time to establish a legacy that you can then start criticing. You can criticize each and every day – criticize any talk, any laugh  any run, any jump and anything your opponent does, wrong or right, what do you expect in return? Its national politics not family politics. It’s abnormal to criticize for the sake of it, only tthinking that you are more brainy than others. No one is that supper brainy, we are all Mr or ms averages. we can only excel in complement with others.  High speed on the road cause accidents and kills. 

  15. Why is it that noone from the ruling party ever get arrested? it is always the opposition and the former leaders. The police are currupt too in Zambia. the cadres make things worse, I am waiting for a leader who will mobilise people to become his supporters and not cadres. Supporters give moral support and advice to their leaders while cadres fight for their leader, even when they know the person is on the wrong side.

    • and if those you insult also insult you with the same words, where to? Get positive, give respect and you get respected. Otherwise tit for tat, and see if you will be more wiser!

  16. HH knows such statements cause unnecessary suspicions on international frontier but i guess he is trying to create a Presidential caliber of himself to gain confidence amongst the electorate….but days and times have change he might just swim in deep waters for nothing….we are watching the proceeding with an eagles eye….being a leader careless statements might just discredit you further HH

  17. Why can’t Nchito and police move so quickly on Chanda Chimba’s exposures about Ukwa.Or can we conclude that Chimba was right about Ukwa after all?

  18. As Southerners we are watching. Nkumbula Baldwin died in strange circumstances. We will not allow this happen again. We are now more organised than before. Our friends from other regions are supporting us. If it means selling all our investments for this cause shall do it. PF government is full of insecurity. Today they deport a priest, tomorrow they arrest a drunk person for insulting the president. What kind of insecurity is this? We are watching.

    • Don’t start a war you can’t win. You ever heard of the red beret? Or have you ever heard an M60 fire? Don’t tempt the government because if they act, you will wish you were not born. Ask the lozis who were imprisoned and see if they ever want to play with the state again? By the way, Baldwin Nkumbula for some of us that new him was above tribal politics and so was Biggie and basically the entire nkumbula family. Don’t involve them in this cowdung battles you want to start.

  19. HH the future president of this beloved country will only get more popular and strong as a politician. trying to silence him in such a cowardice manner will not help things out. this government shud just wake up and begin to deliver on its campaign promises other than targeting individuals. this government shiud also remembre that 2016 is fast aproaching. VIVI HH…ABASH POLITICAL MASTERBURTION….

  20. they know HH is now a menace to their violent way of leading but this just clarifies more of their incapabillties to deliver on a bunch of promises they made,,,but the good thing is that the majority zambian is watching and the pf government will never evade the lethal traps they seting for themselve…hardheaded bustards…

  21. is it worth it? play this game wisely, Treason? late second president Chiluba got Capt. Solo treason sentence right not goinh to EVE college come on. even when trying to embarrass ur enermy this is well too cheap.

  22. Country men/women, the best way forward now is for MMD and UPND to formally for a Pact with HH as it’s symbolic leader and Nevers Mumba as the stand in leader. HH will be more powerful in prison as a symbol of resistance against PFs despotic rule. A similar arrangement was made in 1964 when KK was detained and Mainza Chona led UNIP in his absence. A united opposition is the best way to fight these communist dictators.

  23. too bad! remember sata the law will catch up with u. y should HH be arrested when your mouth piece kabimba through the stupid post confirmed the story on sudan. then he should also be charged together with HH. OTHERWISE the case is a flop we are going to see how it goes.HH will be acquitted. the party PAMA FI(PF) KNOWS THAT THEY ARE LOSING POPULARITY HENCE WANT TO SUPPRESS OPPOSITION(UPND)but they will never succeed. 

  24. HH will get the sympathy votes in Lusaka and the copperbelt. Just stay in that cell even for 40 days. The govt has made a mistake.

  25. Welcome under five. By the time i will be through with you. I pray that you will have matured into a disciplined young fool.

  26. Great leaders like Mandela refused to submit to a repressive regime, they were deemed to arrogant or stubborn by their oppressors. Great leaders are ready to die for a cause in which they strongly believe. HH strongly believes in freedom of expression and democracy and he is prepared to languish in prison/die than submit to a dictator. He was given a choice to admitt being guity or face a treason charge. He chose to stick to his strong belief in freedom of expresssion.

  27. Future President?! Or sorry future president with small letter p wa N’gombe shakwa? hh or yy or pp aciliko,i feel sorry for the guy and his supporters.Ishuko lyamunobe tabendelamo.He is using ama past papers yaba Sata awe tesana.

  28. Levy and rupiah never charged opposition leaders with a crime. For our friends whose mother tongue is bemba it seems to be the order of the day. Just look at kaunda, chiluba and sata! Guys start by going to school first before seeking high office. Your primitive behaviour emanates from your stinking inferiority complex.

    • Chiluba was not bemba you ingratiate. For how long much we continue teaching you social studies. Luapula Province has ushis, bisa, lunda, etc where as northern province has bembas, mambwes, namwanga etc. Go back to your books becaue even I know the difference between a tonga, ila or lenje who are found in the same province. Stupid *****.

  29. I keep telling UPND supporters that HH will never rule because he runs a regional tribal party. The same UPND supporters are attacking a large group of voters that occupy Luapula, Northern, Copperbelt and most of Lusaka. The bembas you keep calling names are also getting irritated and will never vote for HH. Eastern province is full of bemba lovers as opposed to Tonga. Learn the Math. Very simple advice to UPND go country wide and do not piss off the other tribes. Over his arrest I think HH thinks being arrested wins popularity. Those tactics worked but times and days change. Situations also differ like that of Mandela.

  30. What government should have done is to tell us who has gone to Sudan and what programme they doing that can not be done in Zambia or any country where the poor cadres lives are not grossly endangered. 


  32. Now where is war you UPND insipid suporters. Didn;t I tell you that HH has no suport in Lusaka? Where are the caders you said will riot? Be carefull guys , law ia law and no one is abo the Law of the Land. Your HH cant win suport by being a fool always. People now have lost trust in HH, only you guys who wash asses of the whites in the diaspora can suport HH. Here in Zambia HH has support from one Southern province. Be wise as to embrace all the people of Zambia if your ” only a Tonga can be President Party” were to rule Zambia. aGAIN i ASK WHERE IS THE WAR YOU PREDICTED since now HH has been formally arreste. Really you are CHIMBWIS WITH NO STRATEGY…the under 5s.

  33. Let this be a lesson to all that the tide among the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise has changed and no one should be careless let alone reckless when it comes to issues of national security and diplomatic relations.

    No one except those with mandate, proper secrecy clearance and intelligence has the right to delve into these matters carelessly. I have one problem though, DPP has now made two mistakes … first, they issued a call out with instructions for questioning “without” warn and caution.

    Under these circumstances, HH was not supposed to be arrested just questioned. If he refused to retract the statement which he did, then they should have issued a warrant of arrest signed by a judge. Then call him for the next stage of arresting him. 

    Continued …

    • Sorry my friend. In our zambian law, the police can arrest you on the basis of suspicion and later released if they find you have no case to answer. And the DPP has the powers to issue such an arrest warrant without necessarily involving the judges. This is zambian law we are talking about my friend not american. And I am surprised with your intelligence you can question the caliber of Mutembo Nchito who single handedly took on the corrupt MMD without fear. He’s no fool as some people on this fora portray him to be because he did not leave his lucrative career to come and make money he already has. His was a calling to serve the country period. You even know why RB and the MMD could not arrest him or mmembe over the DBZ issue because they are innocent. 

  34. pf is controlled by the POST..the real case here is that HH visited evelyn hone . fullstop. sending PF cardres to sudan never alarmed anyone.May be fred membe was alarmed that HH read his toilet paper about winters revelations…CURSED IS A HYPOCRIT LIKE FRED and,MUTEMBO, I dont blame police they are just used.

  35. Cont. … The other mistake here is charging him with treason, a very smart judge would let HH go scot free because the law applies differently there compared to inciting and disturbance of peace.

    I personally think treason would be harder to prove as the burden of proof is higher compared to a lesser charge. HH was dead wrong to say what he said and now DPP is dead wrong to charge him with treason and arresting him when the instructions were otherwise. 

    Having said the above DPP’s action of procedural impropriety can turn out to be even more detrimental to the process the HH’s irresponsible utterances. Should my legal theory prove to be right HH will be out on the street emerging stronger in the eyes of ignorant followers once acquitted of the treason charge. 

    • You are not privy to the interpretation of treason by zambian law as the DPP is. But you are entitled to your own opinion. Lets wait and see. And according to my understanding, a judge is simply a lawyer who has been given the priviledge to mediate over cases. It does not make them any more intelligent than the ordinary lawyers. Actually they have it easy because law clerks do most of them research and work for them where as lawyers who do the research themselves sometimes do have a better understanding of the law.

    • The level of headstrong HH has exhibited and beyond the scope of any sane human being. He’s basically taunting the government, especially the president. Lets see how he extricates himself from this. Just my opinion too.

  36. it is done HH is the next president of zambia. To president in zambia have to be arrested just like the current presido Sata. Under 5 has now graduated to a real politician…come the next election HH will be president m,ark my word.

  37. If this HH has committed a crime let him face the law fairly. HH’s arrogance will be his undoing. UPND followers please do not follow this guy blindly. The problem with UPND is that after Mazoka’s demise (MHSRIP), the Tongas were just looking for a rich Tonga to replace him and they ended up with one who has no political past and clout. HH should realise that he can never be like Sata and will never be able to mimic his tactics. He wants to provoke the state into caging him so that he cries to high heaven about oppression. Mr HH a crime is a crime no matter who are  wiil and if you have committed one you definetly pay for it and that will be the end of ka UPND.

  38. Monze,

    You must know better……Nkumbula it was beer, Andy it was these things as there were no AVRs then. Strong and honest people like Mungoni liso, na bamudala ba tulumuka amenso……at ba Daniel were never troubled.

  39. Cont. …  I learnt very long time ago that an incompetent prosecutor is the best thing to ever happen to sophisticated criminal. On this charge, HH can easily walk and even get away with murder the O J Simpson style here.

    Charging the accused with the right charges has ninety percent chance of getting them convicted, anything else leads to mistrials and nolle prosequi, unless the state has more evidence than just the reckless HH utterances, treason would be very hard to prove in this case. 

    I may be wrong, I have been wrong before but I am not afraid to state my analysis of any legal issue not as an expert but as an amateur. I am an expert in a different field but that field allows me to interact with conceptual legal issues every day, I rest my case.

    • That’s what I like about you. You say your mind whether wrong or right. But on this one mwana, you are not Mutembo Nchito because he has been practicing law longer probably than you and he’s very good at it. For him to give Hakainde a leeway, I believe was done out of goodwill so that this case does not become a circus. Not that he did not have a case against him. And now hakainde has to prove otherwise he did not intend to committee treason because between Mumba Malila and Nchito who are always consulting each other, he’s in for a big fight. Unless otherwise the president intervenes and invokes his powers as head of state.

  40. Frightened little men,stand still u little men,this is a democracy not syria if HH was on the stock market,he was going to be very profitable today,behold the beginning of the end of PF hardly 11 months in office

  41. journalists please dig deep and find out if they is any truth to what Mr Hichilema is saying bcoz ngabufi he should be dealt with without mercy

  42. We want jobs and development, why pay attention to HH? If he is a none entity as you claim then just ignore him unless otherwise.

  43. Earnestly speaking, if Mr HH has any evidence to substantiate his statement/claim, then his political life will not incure any deficit but on the other hand, his accusers will automatically detriment their reputation and the good image of Zambia. Further, Mr. HH is facing a very serious charge and I am not hinting that he must compromise his defence strategy nor give the oponents unfair edge over him. In lieu of celebrating HH’s arrest, every concerned person should critically mirror and internalise his claims without attaching his ethinicity nor his background merticracily. Explore all pertinet issues and do not be overwhelmed by emotions.HH is still innocent until proven guilty and the international community is closely following this matter. Best legal fraternity is readily available.


  45. HH is now turning to be a force,being a real politician in Zambia is not a joke and I feel his time will certainly come.But at the moment he should not push it too hard.

  46. HH is too junior in his head and he ll never read zambia . what superior is he to be heard every day ? we have so many brave heads in political parties and he has shown the world that he is empty in his head such a sensitive national issue telling who and what benefit .Court do the best of him .


  48. We are seeing soon we will grow, Leaders today will be old poeple, what can we do to them?
    Who thought kk will leave power one day? who thought Idiamin Dada will die and be barried in a foriegen country? Who thought that Sata can rule one day with all his un giuded Lauguge? Can you say you were sure Obama will be Emarica`s president?
    never let power control you. control power, the screet of great Leaders ask David, moses and Father Abraham. “We laern nothing from History”


  50. just continue killing urselves like i care.No poltician is ever gonna change ur lifestyle,bIG UP to my hustlers….

  51. Attention, please rise above tribal lines whoever the sender number 58 is in that national matters which hold true and unity should be dealt with in modes free of ethinicity, haterage, emotional reactions and uncalculated judgements designed to demean other ethinic groups in your country. We in the international community we are proud to see you Zambians celebrating your democracy in the manner that reflect tolerance of one another based on national interests and unity. Like any other tribe, the Tonga speakers still retain their right to support a person they see fit as and when such need arises. HH is a leader of a cause not for Tongas and I take it that he is a highly learnered individual considering his well constructed academic english. Please embrace yourselves collectively.

  52. For those crying and squealing your ka HH has been granted bail, guess who was there to receive him outside the courts? That Nevers Mumba chap, when are these opposition chaps going to stand up for the poor and national developmental issues.

  53. This was a simple matter – let HH show that his assertion is true or apologize if doesn’t have facts. We now have to let the courts do their job. No further comments.

  54. Sad some people think it is arrogance on HH’s part when clearly it’s a sanity check! If only Zambian people could tell the calibre of some politicians before putting them in office. Very sad we have PF in office…..

  55. Please stop subjecting the poor Tonga people to pure abuse. Your tendency towards your country men (Tongas) is a paradox which is biased against you as perpetrators and winning a lot of sympathies from highly educated experts in all academic disciplines at world class universities.

  56. They shouldn’t have even granted bail to the burglar- not until he revels were he saw the Pf cadres training. I used to think this dude had a brain under that mop, it seems it was just a mop.!!!

  57. I believe there are taking our kids for military training…. we should look into this. Donor countries should stop AID to Zambia immediate…… the country is now under DICTATORSHIP

  58. Do not die for Zambia, it is NOT worth fighting politics in Zambia let it be said. Zambia is being ruled by a dictator. Donor nations should STOP giving aid to Zambia now

    • u bunch of ignorant zambians? wat do u know about Sudan? can u compare the number of universities in Sudan and in Zambia? this jst shows how ignorant u ar, google the university rankings in africa nd see hw many Sudanese Universities ar listed. Zambians have been going to study in Sudan for the past 15 years, before the late Mwanawasa passed away, he met the students there, nothing was said then. Zambians thru the embassy not thru the government. There’s normal life in Sudan jst like everywhere.Stop aid?? wat do u kno abt sanctions? Dont accuse the PF government coz of the shallowness of ur minds. how many universities have we gt in zambia to accomdate the zambians? how many scholarships can our zambian universities offer? GET UR FACTS RYT! very dull, monga sunagwilepo na buku!

  59. HH is advocating change which is what people of that country desperately need. Only those in power are resistant to change because they percieve that what HH stands for as a catalyst to corruption free progressive society. Refrain from calling HH an inexperienced politician. Who needs experience especially if a candidate is very educated. Improve the higher education sector in Zambia just like here in SA. We want to see Zambians performing wel

  60. This is the worst government this country has ever had. Today, Zambia has all the characteristics of a failed State.
    In a failed State, the police and the judiciary serve the interests of the President and the Party in power, and not the interest of the nation. In a failed State all key institutions are run by the President`s cronies and not professionals. That is the situation in Zambia right now. Very unfortunate!

  61. Do not be intimidated by individuals who still believe in this day and age that to be a Tonga is a disability or a lesser human being or a curse. Such stereotypes serve one purpose only and they expose the psychological perspective of such simple shallow minded persons behind such rantings. Tongas are world citizens like any beings i.e. an englishman or a Zulu.

  62. It only shows how backward our country is——-where on earth can you have such a law—“Fabrication of false news with intent to cause fear and alarm to the public contrary to section 67 (1) (2) of the penal code and chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia” Is there any evidence that people were alarmed by the statement that HH made?
    In fact most people in Zambia are alarmed and are scared of the direction the country is taking.

    • The law does not state that anyone has to be alarmed, it’s about intent. Making irresponsible statements “with intent to cause fear and alarm”

  63. Bakaboke, you have failed to deal with Mailoni brothers then you want to exert your force on defenceless Zambians? Shame on Zambia Police

  64. Ah OK now the under-5 is learning. Spend some time in prison like Sata, maybe you will learn something about yourself and the world. Or maybe you will get bail because your skin is too soft for prison… And you won’t learn anything… And you will never lead Zambia. OK too bad

  65. Politics of double starndards.
    Some parliamentarian sits were nullified before of cheating.what of the Presidential one where people were cheated?
    1.consitituation will be inacted within 90 days.
    2.All youths will be employed in 90 days.
    3.Loadsheilding will finish in 90 days.
    4.Chinese will be chased in 90 days.
    5.Windfall tax will be introduced in 90 days.
    6.Reduce the cabinet in 90 days.
    7.More money in peoples pockets in 90 days.
    8.The head of state will resigh if any woman die while giving birth.

    All these promises,but what achievements in the country?

  66. That why Africa will never develop. Always politicians fighting for power while in developing countries politicians are busy bringing development. Ba HH grow up and give chance top the new government. We are fed up of all these rubbish

  67. The negative impact is the word militia and the youth. Someone define the word militia? And who is suppose to train the militias? Youths trained by goverment can be called militias or soldiers?

  68. Thank you for another magnificent post. The place else may just anyone get that kind of info in such an ideal manner of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I’m on the search for such info.

  69. Bad publicity! What negative publicity? There is nothing like bad or negative publicity!
    HH has scored positive points for the oppressed (Imaginary or genuine).
    That is why governments have PR gurus to stop certain “point scoring” activities from happening by simply giving the chap a yellow card.
    Once you give a red card, it becomes a big talking point, unlike a yellow card that we forget about easily at the office on Monday!
    #40 Octupus, Chelsea might struggle without the man Drogba. I think my Arsenal might just clip you this season, although we do not know if RVP and Song are staying or going!!
    Back to politics where we we!? Aahh no bad publicity! HH has scored on CV – Impressive!

  70. HH you are my Man in 2016. I have already informed all my relatives in Isoka. I have realized the big mistake I made to vote for CNP.

  71. how come the court process came through so fast, when we have people in our prisons for months not going to court? This is a sign that this was politically staged with the blessing of the Pseudo leader Post News paper at its centre. PF please there is need to stop this approach to ruling this country even if you hate one section of country. many examples can be cited which shows that PF is applying the law selectively and executive is controling all arms of the govt, other than Bembalizing them too. Please stop this and start creating the jobs for our youths.

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