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Andeleki seeks de-registration of MMD again

Headlines Andeleki seeks de-registration of MMD again

Chief Registrar of Societies Clement Andeleki
Chief Registrar of Societies Clement Andeleki

THE Registrar of Societies has issued a fresh 21-day notice to the MMD requesting the former ruling party to settle the outstanding K400 million owed in statutory fees or face deregistration. Chief Registrar of Societies, Clement Andeleki confirmed the issuance of the notice to the former ruling party in an interview in Lusaka yesterday.

Mr Andeleki said it was now about three months since the court threw out the de-registration of the party but no payment had been made to-date.It was proved in the court that the money was duly owed but what was opposed was the de-registration of the party suggesting that the matter be settled outside court. But MMD has not made any attempt to settle the amount, Mr Andeleki said.

He said the notice had been served on national secretary Richard Kachingwe and that the MMD secretariat acknowledged receiving it when it was delivered yesterday.He said if the party did not settle the amount within 21 days, the Chief Registrar would go ahead to terminate the party certificate according to Section 13 of the Societies Act.

Early this year, the chief registrar deregistered the former ruling party for non-payment of statutory fees amounting to more than K390 million for more than 19 years.

The Lusaka High Court in June threw out an application by the Chief Registrar of societies to de-register the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) for non payment of annual returns amounting to K390 million.Judge Jane Kabuka delivered judgment against the de-registration of the MMD on grounds that the move was against public interest and unreasonable.

Mr Andeleki has, meanwhile, commended the United Party for National Development (UPND) for settling statutory fees for its branches around the country.Mr Andeleki said UPND had issued a cheque worth K2.5 million for statutory fees for its branches across the country.Meanwhile, Mr Andeleki has travelled to Kitwe to take over the offices of the Zambia National Marketeers Association (ZANAMA) and Zambia Traders and Marketeers Association (ZATMA).He said his office would officially hand over the operations of the two deregistered association to the local authorities to start conducting the mandatory role of running the markets.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. did he mention pf here? now some 1 with his /her tribal say shit about pf. please go ahead we are tired of this MMD better take them out.

    • You should be proud of what he is doing instead of calling him a dog!The MMD has failed to run the party.I am not advocating for the end of the MMD but I strongly believe that they should be held accountable.Mr Andeleki is doing just that;holding them accountable by doing his job.
      It is terrifying to think of how much damage the MMD did to the economy if you consider the fact that they have clearly failed to run their movement.This may be one indication of how poorly the Movement managed the resources of the country not too long ago!

  2. You are quick to man handle MMD what is ZMK400million compared to ZMK14billion case of Mmembe en Nchito we need urgent action on those two

    • The issue is straight forward, it is about MMD paying what it owes .The issue of DBZ should be treated separately it has no bearing .

  3. Andeleki, stop wasting our time.The de-registration of the biggest opposition politcal party in the country is still not in the interest of the masses and it is very unreasonable.You are working with the Gov’t to take the country to one party state and in this era of democracy which logical/reasoning person would want that. The MMD has agreed to settle the outstanding statutory fees in installments of 1million per month .This is logic now even the court would agree with this proposal.

    • 400000000/1000000 = 400 Months
      400 Months = 33 Years.
      Do you mean the MMD will settle this bill in 33 years time? Is this being reasonable sure?

  4. what about fourteen billion taxpayers money in the coffers of mmembe and nchito? Andeleki who is pressurising you?

  5. Why don’t you demand a payment plan mr andeleki – stop playing with national interests! THAT is TREASONABLE…yes, knowingly desptabilising our country or what? *foon !!

  6. This rabid dog Andeleki is up to no good. You mean his party PF does not owe nothing? You can see that this man oversteps his authority in whatever he does. Is it really part of his mandate to go to kitwe to takeover the property from those MMD supporters and hand them to the councils? Where those things built using GRZ funds or it were members’ funds? I hope the beat him up to remove the demons that this man has.  

  7. Is there anyone out there who can guard against the extinguishing of our hard fought and hard earned multi-party democracy? Mr. Andeleki, please take off your Political mask and think of the many dearly departed souls who fought for our indepence, think of the both living and departed souls who were persecuted by KK’s Govt. in their pursuit of emancipating us from the jaws of the one party system of Govt. Just take a moment or so Bwana Clement, with your political mask off, to think of how wonderful it is to have civil liberties. Advantages abound. You can join any club or association of your choice without having to look over your shoulder, you can walk the streets of Zambia without hindrance, you can debate and question your leaders as to how they are applying the taxes you are paying.

    • well said my man maybe the man was a toddler that time and does not know how they risked their lives for all these freedoms we have today.

  8. To collect K18 billion from the defaulters is more prudent than chasing up that ka small money.Give them a payment plan but am sure they will settle it soon to shut your loud mouth up.

  9. chiwamina galu kuluma mbuzi,get the money from mmembe n chito then deduct that kama 400mlln and the remaining balance goes into the national coffer.but the way i know u(pf) guys will share the money among yoselves,yaba””””mo money in politicians pocket. mukaponokafye bwino atase.fisakala.

  10. Dear Mr. Andeleki,
    Prior to advent of Multi-partism, the people who were in the forefront fighting for restoration of multi-partism, fortunately including H.E. MCS, spoke about how they were scared of how posterity would judge them. Today, that posterity they feared is you and me. My personal judgement of H.E.MCS and Group is that they are heroes because they encouraged you and me to vote en masse in 1991 and kick out one party state. Enter Multi-partism, and you want to undo it. Question is: WHAT WILL POSTERITY THINK OF YOU AND ME AS WELL? I shudder to think what might have been. Please find it in your heart to dialogue with MMD. Posterity would have judged you and me fairly.

  11. this Andeleki is a fool of the pf. Andeleki, get the K14b from mumembe and nchito and deregister Nchito go out as DPP

  12. @Sakman , comment 5: Think about this
    400000000/1000000 = 400 Months
    400 Months = 33 Years.
    Do you mean the MMD will settle this bill in 33 years time? Is this being reasonable sure?

  13. MMD cries that democracy is under threat if they are deregistered, but for the past 21 years, they have completely failed to demonstrate that democracy comes with responsibilities.
    What excuse do they have for not settling the money they owe? The under 5 party has shown that it can grow into a belligerent and arrogant teenager by paying its dues.
    If taken to court MMD is guaranteed to lose this time around

    • You are correct to accuse MMD of failing to show responsibility towards meeting their statutory obligations in the last 21 years. It is within your GOD given civil liberties. But is it in our public interest to see them de-registered as a Political Party, thereby assaulting the very democracy that you are currently enjoying? Mind you, one of the tenets of democracy is free speech and freedom of assembly. These are GOD given civil liberties which we fought for in 1991. Have you forgotten? Wiping out democracy is so easy. To regain it is a mammoth task that might not happen in your lifetime. Examples abound. KK ruled with an iron hand for over 20 years after the declaration of Zambia as a One Party Participatory democracy. Few dared to challenge him, but where did they end up? Uncle Bob?

    • @psionic – do you realize that even stealing from someone is freedom of expression? That freedom however has been limited by the law because it infringes on other people’s freedoms. Similarly, the freedom to register a society is a human freedom which has been limited by law to paying statutory fees for you to exist as a society. Allowing MMD to get away with it, would be promoting a lawless society. The judge decided that it was an unreasonable decision to de-register MMD because she believed MMD were reasonable people who will obey the law. What remains to be done if they fail to be reasonable? 

    • Psionic
      Is it in public interest to break the law? MMD is under the illusion that the public will sympathise with them for knowingly and deliberately being intransigent.
      All freedoms come with responsibilities. Your freedom of speech does not give you the freedom to give hate speeches; your freedom to stage a demonstration does not give you the freedom to break property.
      Simply put, all freedoms are relative and not absolute

    • @23.2 and @23.3.
      Thankyou fellow bloggers for the education on our rights and where they end, though you both would have even done 100% better by not answering my question with questions. But all the same, very insightful and well done!
      Allow me just to add that I always feel inclined to defend democracy where I sense it being threatened. I am not in any way encouraging MMD to get away with it. Clement has to ensure that they pay every dime owed. Engage bailiffs to swing into action, not de-registering them.
      Colleagues, everyday we toil for our children so they can have a better life in future than we had. This is what motivated all those who fought the One Party Participatory Democracy. They did it for Posterity. 21 years later, that Posterity is you and me, enjoying the fruits.

  14. Let MMD just pay.Debt is Debt.This MMD is led by a pastor and Romans 13v8 tells us to owe nobody nothing except love.One can not refuse to pay cos there’s somebody who has not paid their debt no.God deals with us as individuals.If MMD is morally clean they must just pay or at least pay something.Congratulations UPND for being a good example.Pls tell us if PF is also fully paid up or what?

  15. Law is law guys. If MMD does not pay within 21 days, please quickly and fast delete it from your books. MMD is not above law. Delete it please.

  16. Please educate, didn’t Andeleki appeal to the Supreme court? If so, isn’t this subjudice? If they didn’t appeal, I rest my case.

  17. Mr. Andeliki is proving yet again the judge was correct to rule he has no brain.

    The High Court has already determined that the de-registration of MMD is unreasonable and not in the public interest, so will not be any different now. Andeleki (and his puppet masters in State House) should just get over this and stop wasting the taxpayer’s time and money on this PF fantasy of de-registering their political opponents. 

  18. If Mr. Andeleki is saying k390million in the last 19 years, i believe MMD never used to pay thinking that they will be in power forever coz they have served for 20 years now. If you look at the whole scenario, the Registrar of Society feels it is the right time to do what they are supposed to do but MMD wants to make it as if it is a setup by PF. This is very vivid even for the court to throw away the de registration was unfair. This is what keeps me believing there’s in did corruption in the Judiciary. I think i support Mr. Andeleki bravo !!!

  19. As a Newbie, I am constantly searching online for articles that can be of assistance to me. Thank you’s a Very good, very useful to me, Thank you very much post.

  20. Well ba Nevers says MMD is not broke so they should pay what they owe the Registrar of Societies or at least commit to a repayment plan. 

  21. Psionic
    Is it in public interest to break the law? MMD is under the illusion that the public will sympathise with them for knowingly and deliberately being intransigent.
    All freedoms come with responsibilities. Your freedom of speech does not give you the freedom to give hate speeches; your freedom to stage a demonstration does not give you the freedom to break property.
    Simply put, all freedoms are relative and not absolute. Hope you have learnt something

  22. Personally, I am more interested in the 18 billion Kwacha which when collected will be shared equally by UNZA, Evelyn Hone and CBU hostel renovations. I have forgiven the MMD for the 400 million because the democracy that they brought to this country and region is worth more than the 400 million kwacha. In addition, they built the Ndola stadium, lots of clinics, schools and roads. So lets now talk about the 18 billion, yafika pati nkani?

  23. All discussing K14 billion or K18 billion on this forum are ignoramuses or dunces. The MMD has contravened the law and they need to make good on this. There is no one who is allowed to subvert the law just because others have committed similar or like offences and are in the courts of law. MMD has been a party of law breakers, greed and corrupt people who had access to a lot of money and neglected to pay statutory fees. Look at an example of a party that has serious consideration for statutory obligations, UPND. They have paid up. I for one do not support UPND because I consider HH to be too arrogant and tribally inclined, but on statutory obligations he gets 10/10. This time I urge Mr. Andeleki and his lawyers to get a court order and send bailliffs after the MMD arses! Atase fyola!

    • That is the way to go, balliffs or face deregistration. Sympathy will not be an ideology society will virtuously abid by to bind it together. The law can not be subverted for the seek the MMD. The Zambian Law must be respected and such law is waht governs us, so be it. Let the Party face its irrational decisions.

  24. This man fails to pick bettles he can win, a sign he has no knowledge of what his office standards for and sadly so he has no wisdom. Andeleki, Seek God and he will grant you wisdom.

  25. When are we going to have castration week? Please Dr Reauben Kamoto Mbewe advise the nation or start tv sensitisation so that rebels against the norms of society are given proper clinical care specialist.

  26. mr kafupi( may his soul rest in peace) spent the whole of his tyme in office buying designers clothes and funny tiny shoes worth billion of kwacha and mean while there was this huge amount pending. What kind of leaders do we have?

  27. Who let him out,the door was locked .make him forget his medication for a day and we have got problem.

  28. This is not a problem of Mr Andeleki. A country must be run on principles, rules and regulations. If you are in power for 20 uears and forget to pay your registertaion fees. You must pay. However, our democracy is fragile so the powers that we have must give them time to pay to that we dont become a one party state ever again. MMD has a significant role to play in Zambia. Mr Andeleki listen to the peoples voices.

    • You have a good point but the fact still remains. The court suggested (recommended) that this matter must be dealt out of court. In other words, MMD has had more than enough time to sort out their money issues. This is not Andeleki’s problem but MMDs. He’s in a position to do his job whether we all like or not. That’s the whole point in this article. Most people are personalizing this issue. Please, let’s look things for what they are!

  29. Physical illness is easily treated.
    This chap has the mental illness.
    For him to get cure, he needs to delete all the hurts of the past, all the garbage he has collected of the past years, all child upbringing deficits, illogical analysis, etc.
    Albert Einstein said” the problems we face today can not be resolved at the same level we where when we created them”. 

  30. Andeleki now sounds like a seriously mentally sick person whom his employer the PF Govt must send to CHAINAMA HOSPITAL for an emergency observation. He needs legal advise that Courts dicisions cannot be challenged by an ordinary ex-Police Constable. It was thrilling that PF’s mismanagement of the Government has been noted in the whole southern African region. A very professional independent South African “e-News” TV news bulletin (on DSTv Channel 403) has highlighted Sata’s failure to govern democratically. This time around, Sata and his Family should consider shopping in London to avoid being ridiculed as a laughing stock in South Africa. Only Sata and Kabimba can praise Andeleki’s madness.

  31. And if MMD does not pay, DE-RGISTER the (so-called) party. It’s that simple. As much as I agree the the mmembe and nchito issue is still an “issue”, it has norhing to do with Andeleki’s notice to MMD.

    Those of you here who are misguided, should learn to stick to the topic and not confuse the two issues here. Andeleki is merely doing his job. And did someone say, why is PF not mentioned? *****s! PF doesn’t owe anything in terms of party dues. Let’s see how Kachingwe handles this second impending de-registration. Nafuti nafuti!

  32. I wish you *****s calling Mr Andeleki names should suggest what Mr Andeleki should do in the case of MMD. Should we be a Nation which upholds laws of the land or should we be a Nation of law breakers. What happens if one breaks in your house and steals and claims that the reason for his stealing was because of no employment should you look the other way. Law should be respected, it makes us to be orderly other wise the world will be an Governable. Tell you party to pay or you will be history. 

  33. Settling the matter out of court usually involves the parties concerned working out a payment plan, for instance paying by six or twelve installments. Insisting that the debtor pays the amount owed in one installment is a serious misunderstanding of the laws governing debt collection.

  34. # 35 Mundia. No sane Zambian has the capacity to de register MMD. All existing political parties in Zambia apart from UNIP owe their existence to MMD. This alone is rational for courts of law to ignore infactuations exibited by moronic Andeleki and his masters. Yes laws need to be enforced blindly, and not under vindictive politically engineered. Mundia, Zambians need their K14 billion from Nchito and Fred Mmembe unpaid from DBZ for development in the nation.

  35. Andeleki chi-color waba etallay ukubeka u r not the first registrar and u will not be the last shut your stinking beak.


  37. When you are a tenant,you pay to the landlord.When you fail ,you risk being evicted.M M D should pay or DE-registered.

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