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Mbala man jailed for having sex with a goat

Rural News Mbala man jailed for having sex with a goat

The Kasama High Court upheld the conviction of a villager who was caught having sex with a goat breaking.

The man from Mbala ended up breaking one of horns for the female goat in the process of defiling the domestic animal.

Bruce Silavwe 20, from Nsokolo village in Mbala was before High Court Judge Timothy Katanekwa. He was charged with two counts of unnatural offence and injuring an animal.

The court heard that on March 4, 2012 around 22:00 hours, Silavwe was found having carnal knowledge of the goat and attempted to run away after he was approached by members of the village.

The villagers managed to apprehended Silavwe took him to the police together with goat.

Silavwe and the goat were later taken to a veterinary officer who examined the goat and issued a report.

The incident report tendered before court by Mbala veterinary assistant Lameck Lungu said he was called to do an inspection on a goat suspected to have been involved in a sexual act with a person.

“My findings were that the goat had one broken horn, was bleeding and on close inspection suspected semen was oozing out.

“The animal in question was not on heat during the act meaning that the animal was forcefully penetrated. The black goat, looked traumatised prompting me to administer antibiotics and wound remedy on its head,” Mr Lungu said.

Silavwe in mitigation said he was a first offender: “I do not know what came into my mind to act the way I did. I am not married anyway, but I plead for leniency and I promise not to repeat what I did. It is true I had carnal knowledge of the goat and no one forced me to have sex with the goat.”

Deputy chief state advocate Patrick Mutale said Silvawe’s plea of guilty was unequivocal a fact which his legal aid counsel Japhet Zulu consented.

Mr Justice Katanekwa said the trial court was on firm ground and upheld the conviction reserving sentencing to today.

The minimum sentence for unnatural offence is 15 years in prison.

And the same court sentenced a 30-year-old peasant farmer of Mpika to 15 years imprisonment with hard labour for raping an 80-year-old paralysed woman.

Particulars of the offence were that Frederick Katondobala of Chakopo village on February 20, 2012 had raped Theresa Bwalya.

In her testimony Ms Bwalya said Katondobola was known to her but she did not allow him to do what he did because she was an old paralysed woman.

Mr Justice Katanekwa upheld the conviction of the lower court because he was satisfied the court stood on firm ground.


  1. Good am first. Breaking one horn in the process of defiling it,yabaaaa awe insekonashopa Z tashakapwe. ninshi imwe takwabakofye nangu maule ayachipa kumbala.come on ba PF, take this job there with min-wage. ichakwebafye alima ibala ilikulu bamupele impiya shimbiwafwailamo neule chapwa ukuchila mu prison.

  2. These people should be educated on self aid(masturbation) if they are unable to find a human sex partner. People are told all sorts of myth about masturbation so much they instead rape people or have sex with animals just to relieve themselves. As a young man its had to keep that edge of wanting to release sperms and one way or the other they have to come out.

  3. Why mount a poor goat or a paralysed 80 year old when Christne Kaseba Sata is there? If she mounts a Cimbwi a human being would be an upgrade! Am just saying.

    • mwana lets respect pipo and tralk sense..hve the pipo u have mentioned in the article??? try being a human being that can reason not an ass.!!!

    • You are sick. What kind of human being are you to go such extents? You may not like Micheal Sata’s leadership style, like myself, but insulting his wife in this manner is gross…Disgusting!

  4. He is sick but he is better off than human animals who stick their pipes in other male human animals’ as.ses.

    • Don’t waste time reading and replying to this Mushota comments, since besidez getting the so much needed attention, “she” may just be some man with some loose nuts in the head.

  5. Ibange! LT this bestiality = having unnatural carnal knowledge with an animal. The chap was at full tank. With semen oozing!

  6. Did the goat give evidence that it had been mounted? Did the goat complain about the afore mentioned injury? Did the goat say that it hadn’t consented to the act? Did the court ascertain that the accused was incapable of communicating with his lover goat? How did the court prove that the relationship was not consensual? Did the goat cry out for help or it just stood their and enjoyed Mr silavwe’s member? Was it a one off or was this a stable relationship going over many years? Is the goat happy or sad that its lover will be locked away?

  7. The guy was avoiding contracting HIV\AIDS from those Mbala prostitutes.You cannot blame him the tank needed some relief.

  8. No more michopo any more for me,man HIV/AIDS and prostitutes charging too much the man had to do something.hahahahaha

  9. May the Govt do more in terms of educating the society on these issues.Coz some pipo believe that such acts do not constitute a crime.

  10. Yaba but i also want to try how it feels ukuchita a goat or dog, if i can’t find any willing animal then an 80yr old paralysed woman would do iam sure its great because she never have sex, so ukumupika pipe she can cry (love bites)

  11. It is sad to her this story but it is good it is happening in Northern Province not SP otherwise we could have seen insults and demeaning remarks for the whole tonga cousins of mine even when such event are individual

  12. You see I said it first it was the puppy,then the goat,then the chicken then the goat,wait before that there was another goat.So my theory is correct about how immorality at it’s best wait a minute ” New release do not let Zambian men with your pet regardless what type Goldfish inclusive” Starring Horing Zambian men co starring domesticated animals” new release limited viewing time

  13. Ni nyele yabwaji kasi use ur hand and get ride of that shit in ur brain.You should have done it with a dog not what people eat useless

  14. Insane, you could have even gone to look for prostitutes in the bars.. You could have sold the goat and get the money and pay professional prostitute who could have given you a service you so desired….than defile the goat. shame on you…suppose the goat was on heat, you could have a had child with a goat an abomination.

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