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Why 75% of doctors would refuse chemotherapy on themselves

Health Why 75% of doctors would refuse chemotherapy on themselves

Over 75% of the oncologists polled said that if they had cancer they would never use the same chemotherapy they prescribe for their patients on themselves because of the ineffectiveness of chemotherapy and its unacceptable degree of toxicity.”
– Los Angeles Times report

The great lack of trust is evident even amongst doctors. Polls and questionnaires show that three doctors out of four (75 per cent) would refuse any chemotherapy because of its ineffectiveness against the disease and its devastating effects on the entire human organism.


This is what many doctors and scientists have to say about chemotherapy:

Chemotherapy and radiation do not make the body well. They destroy, they do not heal. The hope of the doctor is that the cancer will be destroyed without destroying the entire patient. These therapies do kill cancer cells, but they kill a lot of good cells too including the cells of the immune system, the very system that one NEEDS to get well. If a cancer patient survives the treatment with enough immune system left intact, the patient may appear to get well at least temporarily, but he will have sustained major damage to his body and his immune system. How much better it is to nourish the immune system directly by the use of natural therapies to assist it in getting you well instead of destroying it by the use of these therapies. Then the immune system itself can kill the cancer cells without any side effects and heal your body at the same time.
– Loraine Day, M.D. one of those women who cured themselves of breast cancer naturally

Doctor Ulrich Able highlights that rarely can chemotherapy improve the quality of life, and he describes it as a scientific squalor while maintaining that at least 80 per cent of chemotherapy administered in the world is worthless. Even if there is no scientific proof whatsoever that chemotherapy works, neither doctors nor patients are prepared to give it up

“The majority of the cancer patients in this country die because of chemotherapy, which does not cure breast, colon or lung cancer. This has been documented for over a decade and nevertheless doctors still utilize chemotherapy to fight these tumors.” (Allen Levin, MD, UCSF, “The Healing of Cancer”, Marcus Books, 1990).


The five year survival rates for the major cancers are: stomach – 5%, trachea, bronchus and lung – 5%, breast – 50%, oesophagus – 5%, large intestine – 22%, pancreas – 4%, liver – 2% … attacking the tumor with the slash/burn/poison version of cancer therapy, and then pronouncing “cured” after the five year survival period has elapsed, has, of course, nothing remotely to do with the successful treatment of the disease. Patients who die from the effects of chemo or radio “therapy” after more than five years have passed are counted as cured. Being dead or dying does not exclude one from the figures of the cancer industry’s creative statisticians.

– British Anti-Vivisection Association

“If I were to contract cancer, I would never turn to a certain standard for the therapy of this disease. Cancer patients who stay away from these centers have some chance to make it.” (Prof. Gorge Mathe, “Scientific Medicine Stymied”, Medicines Nouvelles, Paris, 1989)

Dr. Hardin Jones, lecturer at the University of California, after having analyzed for many decades statistics on cancer survival, has come to this conclusion: ‘… when not treated, the patients do not get worse or they even get better’. The unsettling conclusions of Dr. Jones have never been refuted”. (Walter Last, “The Ecologist”, Vol. 28, no. 2, March-April 1998)

When you are diagnosed with cancer, you are suddenly worth $300,000.00 to the cancer industry


Many oncologists recommend chemotherapy for almost any type of cancer, with a faith that is unshaken by the almost constant failures”.(Albert Braverman, MD, “Medical Oncology in the 90s”, Lancet, 1991, Vol. 337, p. 901)

Our most efficacious regimens are loaded with risks, side effects and practical problems; and after all the patients we have treated have paid the toll, only a miniscule percentage of them is paid off with an ephemeral period of tumoral regression and generally a partial one” (Edward G. Griffin “World Without Cancer”, American Media Publications, 1996)

After all, and for the overwhelming majority of the cases, there is no proof whatsoever that chemotherapy prolongs survival expectations. And this is the great lie about this therapy, that there is a correlation between the reduction of cancer and the extension of the life of the patient”. (Philip Day,“Cancer: Why we’re still dying to know the truth”, Credence Publications, 2000)

The overall contribution of curative and adjuvant cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adults was estimated to be 2.3% in Australia and 2.1% in the USA.” [Royal North Shore Hospital Clin Oncol (R Coll Radiol) 2005 Jun;17(4):294.]

The research covered data from the Cancer Registry in Australia and the Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results in the USA for the year 1998. The current 5-year relative adult survival rate for cancer in Australia is over 60%, and no less than that in the USA. By comparison, a mere 2.3% contribution of chemotherapy to cancer survival does not justify the massive expense involved and the tremendous suffering patients experience because of severe, toxic side effects resulting from this treatment. With a meager success rate of 2.3%, selling chemotherapy as a medical treatment (instead of a scam), is one of the greatest fraudulent acts ever committed. The average chemotherapy earns the medical establishment a whopping $300,000 to $1,000,000 each year, and has so far earned those who promote this pseudo-medication (poison) over 1 trillion dollars. It’s no surprise that the medical establishment tries to keep this scam alive for as long as possible.Andreas Moritz, Natural News

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/023689.html#ixzz24YGbovoN

“Several full-time scientists at the McGill Cancer Center sent to 118 doctors, all experts on lung cancer, a questionnaire to determine the level of trust they had in the therapies they were applying; they were asked to imagine that they themselves had contracted the disease and which of the six current experimental therapies they would choose. 79 doctors answered, 64 of them said that they would not consent to undergo any treatment containing cis-platinum – one of the common chemotherapy drugs they used – while 58 out of 79 believed that all the experimental therapies above were not accepted because of the ineffectiveness and the elevated level of toxicity of chemotherapy.” (Philip Day, “Cancer: Why we’re still dying to know the truth”, Credence Publications, 2000)

“Doctor Ulrich Able, a German epidemiologist of the Heidelberg Mannheim Tumor Clinic, has exhaustively analyzed and reviewed all the main studies and clinical experiments ever performed on chemotherapy …. Able discovered that the comprehensive world rate of positive outcomes because of chemotherapy was frightening, because, simply, nowhere was scientific evidence available demonstrating that chemotherapy is able to ‘prolong in any appreciable way the life of patients affected by the most common type of organ cancer.’

Able highlights that rarely can chemotherapy improve the quality of life, and he describes it as a scientific squalor while maintaining that at least 80 per cent of chemotherapy administered in the world is worthless. Even if there is no scientific proof whatsoever that chemotherapy works, neither doctors nor patients are prepared to give it up (Lancet, Aug. 10, 1991). None of the main media has ever mentioned this exhaustive study: it has been completely buried” (Tim O’Shea, “Chemotherapy – An Unproven Procedure”)

“According to medical associations, the notorious and dangerous side effects of drugs have become the fourth main cause of death after infarction, cancer, and apoplexy” ( Journal of the American Medical Association, April 15, 1998)

Source:[http://www.heartcom.org/SayNOtoChemo.htm, NaturalNews.com,


  1. This is so true.My twin sister was diagnosed with cancer last year.A month after chemotherapy she was dead.She was fine enough to walk into the hospital, she reacted to one of the medicines and I watched her body deteriorate drastically in just one week.The doctors were obviously smiling all the way to the bank,the hospital got its check and what does that leave me with? They should tell people one of the side effects of chemotherapy is death.I’m positive she would have lived longer without those drugs.

  2. I’m a doctor trained at UTH in the 1990s and I totally agree with the article.Its a personal choice ofcouse but I wouldn’t take chemotherapy myself.In my experience the success rate for Kaposis Sarcoma, Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and cervical cancer is not encouraging.

  3. There is a lot of sense in this article…no wonder i for one i have stopped taking medications for simple things like coughs and colds.I just let the immune system do the work.

  4. Just look at the people talking!! Sat in an armchair with crossed legs, maybe with a beer in the hand – NOT FACING A LIFE OR DEATH SITUATION – of course the patients that have to take it ARE IN THAT SITUATION – it is LIVE OR DIE, we are not talking candies here!!! SO IGNORANT HEADLINE GRABBERS SHOULD JUST SHRINK BACK TO THEIR EXISTENCE IN OBLIVION!!

  5. Lusaka times, what is the motivation for this article? Have you considered how many patients are going through this crisis and the repurcation this article it might have on them? Media, should at all time build the nation and not destroy. This article much as it may have the truth, the channel it has chosen to use is appaling and does not help anyone. The only people who think it is okay are those people who are fine. Please let us learn to be sensitive to other people before we go on using downloads to spread seemingly true information. This is not UPND/PF/MMD/ Chipimo/ magande etc… debate. This is life and death we are touching and as such caution must be used.If next week all the patients stop taking medication, are we going to be happy that the article has worked? Ask yourself first.

  6. This article is in bad taste. This article does nto inspire patients but takes away hope to live. The publisher is so ignorant that one thing that make patients heal is hope. This article takes away hope and death in the faces of the patients. In the interest of the people going through cancer crisis, i ask other well standing bloggers to join me that this article is withdrawn with immediate effect. if LT has evidence, let this evidence be sibmitted to the health authorities and demand that the cancer hospital should cease to do chemotherapy and use of radiation on patients and not through this channel. Abash this article and demand that it is removed with immdiate effect.

  7. #7 Remak Makai -there are better ways to get healed than taking medicines that shut down somebodies immune system.You google Steven Johnsons syndrome and tell me if thats a pretty sight.

    • Jay, my contetion with this article is not about better ways of doing or not. My issue with this article is exactly the same you are talking about downloads. There is a lot of information on internet which we need to use with caution especially when debating a life and death matter. If there is overwhelming evidence againts radiation and chemotherapy, can we use the best methods to inform tha authorities to implement what is good for all. Using the media in this manner can end up destroying a lot of people. You and me know that when ARVs where introduced very few people had faith in them and a lot of people died. Those who used them properly are still lkeaving todate. That does not mean that ARVs do not have side effects, they do. So LT should find another way of advising UTH.

  8. People should be given information for them to make right decisions.In any case true doctors give details of pro and corns of such toxic treatment so patients know what to expect cos things do go wrong sometimes and so its necessary to have such info cos most 3rd world docs do not give details to their clients.Even when patient is dying the truth should be told to the patient but developed world are good at telling their clients everything unlike third world and Zambia in particular.

  9. @ Remak, what is this Remak defeading? Remak what ever you are called, knowledge is power, wheather in a hopeless situation, a patient has the right to know especially the side effects. There must be something terribly wrong with chemo and radiation. I believe the beloved i lost, we would still have her today and for atleast many more years to come. She was perfectly in good form despite the ailment, but after diagnosis and the so called therapy, within four months she was no more. The article seeks enlightnment and further research on the part of the scientists and honest on the part of Docters. Remak face it head on, this experimentation as much as we need cure, at the moment is taking more lives than saving them.

  10. Thank you Lusaka Times for this information. It is important that information of this nature is shared by the media so that we get to make informed choices. Whether on death bed or not, we need this information

  11. I am an Assistant Director radiography in Durban SA at Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital. Cancer has become a common disease nowadays.This article does not mention any latest modalities/ breakthrough to treat cancer in the world. A lot is been done to reduce the death to cancer patients. Whether you ur life has been prolonged by 1 or 2 days that is an achieved in the medical history. Just like patients who come for X-RAYS, we do tell them the dangers of x-radiations. does it mean we have to stop x-raying patients because one day they might get cancer? What about the tablets we take every day? Do u think they all prolong our LIFE. They also have side effects. Why making lot of noise? Why attacking these guys in Radiotherapy? Do u what the dept to be closed? Think before u say something

    • the problem is not the doctor, the problem is the treatment. The article claims, at the beginning, one can cure cancer by taking natural remedies. There are many information about this out there, and more need to be discover. There is no need to take tablets or drugs and suffer side effect… natural remedies, took wisely, as it is recommended, can support immune system, strengthen the body, aid to regenerate cells, and kill virus and bacterias, whit no side effects. The body will do the job and heal itself.

      Los doctores debieran retornar a las sendas dadas por el creador, a la sanación integral y a la enseñanza de un estilo de vida natural y saludable, a ver a la naturaleza como lo que es: una fuente de regeneración mental y física que fortalece el cuerpo para superar toda…

  12. It is actually a nice and helpful piece of info. I am satisfied that you simply shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  13. thanx for the information its gud for we people to knw the side effects of each and every treatment before we agree to it,,thanx for to the media to shade more light on chemotherapy coz its now our choice wether to go for it or or not.

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