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Another statement from GBM targeted at HH


Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba
Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba

Defence Minister, Geoffrey Mwamba has released another statement attacking United party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema. According to the Statement, Mr Mwamba claims that Prof Clive Chirwa has vindicated PF’s views on HH.

Below is the full statement.


28 August 2012

Prof. Chirwa vindicates PF – GBM

The revelations by Professor Clive Chirwa that Hakainde Hichilema’s attacks on President Michael Sata are derived from bitterness and envy do not surprise, but rather vindicate us as the PF. We have stated before, and state here again, that Mr. Hichilema has no ounce of care for this country and all his criticisms and machinations to sabotage the work of the PF government are a result of anger, bitterness, hatred and shameless envy of PF’s meteoric rise.

Professor Chirwa is speaking with the full insight and knowledge of someone who has worked closely with Mr. Hichilema and his comments must be taken with the seriousness and respect they deserve because, having been inside the UPND, the Professor has watched with horror and shock, the levels Mr. Hichilema can go to, in his self-interested and envious pursuit of power.

A few days ago we stated, and we now maintain, that many some UPND MPs have expressed desire to work with the PF government. We believe the confirmation of this fact from Professor Chirwa’s revelations is very clear.

Mr. Hichilema- the chief Apostle of bitterness and tribalism- only listens to himself. Prior to the 2011 elections, Professor Chirwa advised this gentleman to accept that the UPND was a junior partner in the failed pact and that PF was capable of winning the elections on its own, a fact which materialised much to the embarrassment and anger of our fellow countryman.

It is this failure to rise above selfish interests, bitterness and envy that has helped Mr. Hichilema to tragically kill what should have been a credible opposition party had he not kidnapped the UPND into his bedroom of tribalism and greed.

In 2006 Mr. Hichilema anointed himself as leader of the opposition alliance called UDA, and heavily cost them the elections by securing a paltry 25% votes.

Two years later, this figure drastically reduced to 19.7% in 2008, and further reduced to 18% in 2011. Despite this empirical show of his declining fortunes, our troubled brother Mr. Hichilema still wants to insist that he is very popular in a very rare display of ridiculous delusions never seen among political human species.

Contrast Mr. Hichilema’s self inflicted declining fortunes with the meteoric rise of the Patriotic front, a party that has gained at every elections, and you will get a very clear explanation of where the bitterness and hatred we speak about, and now confirmed by Professor Clive Chirwa, is coming from in Mr. Hichilema.

Even the credibility of the people that the UPND is now recruiting is a serious indictment on Mr. Hichilema’s leadership and political judgment.

Mr. Hichilema is delusional if he thinks grabbing headlines for mischief is making him well-liked. Before he gets preoccupied with the issue of popularity Mr. Hichilema has a greater task of sanitizing himself from bitterness, envy and tribalism.

Issued By:
Hon. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba
Minister of Defence


  1. GBM should be told to shut up by his boss.

    He is a disgrace of a Minister. There is now too much icibwanse coming from him. Surely there are a lot of decent PF people at the grass-roots who can do the job Mwamba is supposed to be doing and is not.

    Fire the chap. He is breeding confusion in Zambia.

  2. These statements can’t be truly coming from the MINISTER OF DEFENSE………this is high school material……envy? bitterness? Is GBM trying to position himself to fill the vacuum that will be created when his rarely seen uncle kicks the bucket? He is talking too much on matters that do not concern the Defenses of mother Zambia. Go eat Vitumbuwa and shut the f up!!!

  3. Some more rubbish from the Great Bag of Manure (GBM). Where is Ukwa kansi? He must be at death’s door and the Great Bag of Manure is trying to increase his profile completely oblivious to the fact that most Zambians cant stand the overweight impotent practitioner of gender based violence.

  4. HH is likely to suffer from high BP because of his thirsty for power. HH has all along been benifiting from dead persons. Just from on set, his acquired wealth is from privatiztion where he helped himself with alot of dead people’s benefits. Thereafter, he poisoned Andy and took over UPND. It is a well known fact that on that fateful day, he had lunch with the late opposition leader of the once great opposition party. What happened afterwards nobody knew except HH himself knows very well…………………….!! Now coming to UDA, he dribbled Edith Nawakwi. Infact he also witched her but she surrendered to him. Now he came to PF for an alliance hoping Sata would not last six months for he will die. His sangomas cheated him. Upon realiing Sata was not dying as expected. he left the pact.

    • HH History aside. PF must deliver BECAUSE talking about HH all the time will not help them. remember there is no appology on 90days promise lies yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one year has gone!!!!

    • Sata dribbled the people of Zambia, especially HH and the UPND by getting into a “pact” with if Perfidious Fools. We are seeing today that confusion is abound, crime rate is high deliberately so that this country is turned into a police state and YOU! DR MPO are full of shit. I wonder where SATA the loud mouth is, cat cut his tongue?

  5. GBM stop wasting your time. We know HH more than that Clive Chirwa of yours knows him. We live with him and hear him every day and there is no way we can listen to your Chirwa who stays miles of oceans away from Zambia. Let him defect to PF if he wants. Infact we dont even know him that well. The truth of the matter is that HH makes and has made a lot of sense than all of you guys combined. For your own info, the voting pattern is now water under the bridge. If really HH means nothing to you, why are you not searching Chipimo, Milupi or Tilyenji’s Party Hqs but that of the so-called-loser of three elections. Leave our Man of the Moment alone. We love and believe in him. VIVA HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

  6. We know who is bitter and tribal between GBM and dont worry!character assasination will not help PF.May be issues, we can listen.Unfortunately we also know the agenda of the POST and fred Membe HH.We dont even read it we dont mind what they say . they have 14bn (stolen) to protect from paying and HH will not keep quite for your own information. As for you GBM….Please go back to school, its still not too late!

  7. And swiftly took over late Ken Ngóndo’s political party by storm. This is how deadly HH under5 is when it comes to power. But fortunately, presido Sata is cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ and HH’s charms cannot harm him in any way.

  8. HH ill never rule Zambia. May be another Tonga forming another political party which all people of Zambia will accept as a national party. Not UPND in its current form, NO!!! The genesis of UPND under under5 is daunted by tribalism propagandalism.

  9. This so-called Professor Clive Chirwa must shut up his ugly mouth and leave the politics to real patriotic Zambians. He ran away from UNZA without saying bye to anyone

  10. This man has no morals! such rehtoric and inuendos will not keep u in power forever. all these inuendos u are issuing a sign that u are so insecure and that u are a govt in transit. come 2016 u ill see…….

  11. GBM, you are the one who is unleashing venom and bile. Thus it proves you are filled with hatred and bitterness in spite of the fact that you are in power. As for tribalism, need you be reminded how you once said “only a Bemba can become Kasama MP”? Huge as you may be, inside you dwells a tiny insecure being; hence your hatred for those who see you for what you are and have the temerity to speak out on the bad governance of you and your PF.

  12. Vindicated, didn’t I tell you that nonsense shall start with Kambwili then GBM was just bidding his time? Constantly I reminded LT readers, sad that these two might actually be related from the same general geographic locale.

  13. @Dr Mpo……………………………u are just a rabid dog who has majored in stupidity anchored on naked tribalism en regionalism u useless maggot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Northern, copperbely, Muchinga, Lusaka and Muchinga provinces will never fall to Hakainde under5 Ichilema. As a matter of fact Pf has now penetrated Eastern, North-Western and Central Province except Western province (kwa Bulozi). Come 2016, Sata will win the elections by over 60%. HH has never done his homework properly. He has never attempted to penetrate Northern, Luapula and Copperbelt provinces since last election. And now how can he win an election in 2016??? Nevers Mumba will perform better than HH in 2016.

  15. I am failing to add things together….can some one help:
    1. HH and UPND are going nowhere
    2. ZP search UPND Hq
    3. HH and UPND  consistently making headlines in the POST 
    4. UPND MPs ready to work with PF

    Which is which

  16. I think something is happening at state house. “Though I dont what to wish anyone bad” but the lack of order in PF is worring. These useless statements from GBM (who is not even Govt spokes-person) shows there is no leadership at statehouse at the moment.

  17. How on earth does a Minister of Defense engage in cheap politicking? This guy has taken over the job of the minister of information whom I believe is responsible for such information even at party level. What an illiterate fool, he didn’t even write that, chalelanda fye mu Chibemba chena. *****

  18. Question, is Mr. Clive Chirwa Bemba? and did he say these words ( Chirwa Sheffield Event – UKZAMBIANS ) on youtube. Go to 1:30 on the video.

  19. After going through the above statement purported to be written by one GBM, you can surely decipher that the language bears the hallmark of Bwinjimfumu School of Vindictive Journalism

  20. HH’s party has no structures on the Copperbelt, Luapula, Muchinga and Northern provinces. And how is he going to win an election in these areas to become a republican presido. Yes, he can easily become a local president in his home town, Monze. But at national, kaleza kani ngámbe, akuna mataata….!!! HH WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT. Yes, may be another Tonga of mixed blood, i.e. half Bemba first, and half Tonga last. And not half Tonga first, and half bemba last, this won’t work out. The father must be Bemba and the mother, Tonga which will give this person, Bemba prominence outlook in terms of behaviour.

    • I agree with you. It was evident from the way they played dirty even in the last election when they were in opposition. I think Zambians are extremely naive to think that these buffoons who got power through lies, innuendos and threats of violence will leave power honourably and peacefully in 2016. Their tribalism shows that they dont care about the future of the country and will try their very best to leave the country in ruins if they are not able to hold on to power. That is the reason that some of us were afraid of a pf victory. 

  21. What really makes GBM think our President can’t touch him? Before he knows it he will be minister of youth and sport. Big Boss humble yourself! Your money is yours alone and we the people do not owe you anything. YOU DID NOT ESCORT ANYONE OF US INTO THE BALLOT BOX. If hard-working people like Prof Luo can be moved what makes you think MY President the King COBRA can’t touch you or Mmembe….watch this space because the people gave POWER to the president and the president wants to solve our problems. OPOMWAYAMBILA MUBWATAUKA IFYE. PLEASE LETS WORK there mouths to be fed and plenty things to be done. YOU ARE ALREADY COMFORTABLE!!!!!

  22. Gentlmen, who is this GBM now and were has he got all this guts, suddenly? A mouth of the PF Party or Boma, just were is this pomposity coming from. Just the other day, it was Chi Sakeni in the hallmark of vulgar and grandeur of speech now another orator with empty sentiments. Just when is PF going to get over their victory and get done with it to concentrate on the deliverables of the Menifesto or is it that the PF Menisfest is now expounded through lengthy press releases with all talk than work. Ba Prezido, please clean up this lead us into to give way to others with intellect than is oratory we subjected to day in day at the expense of develop. We understand the 90 days was a scam but this nay! Iwe mwandi!!


  24. Has Fred chose to support GBM to succeed our president when our president is still full of energy. Mwaloba ilya uma. It is SATA, SATA, all the way….

  25. he might be right some how HH also needs to shut up maybe when fire meets fire it might die out…just thinking

    • Shut up William Banda moved like any other leech for the sake of monetary gain. HH is too educated to take advice from William Banda or the now defunct red card father Bwalya.

  26. Am I the only one that sees that the only real credible minister in PF is Nkandu Luo? Look at all the other vegabonds lining our ministgries at the head. Really why can’t mister Sata realise that it would have been better to make the likes of GBM disrict commisioners in Kasama and not my province of Eastern; Zambia’s number 1 diverse bread basket.

  27. An entire Minister issuing such a statement in the press – Evidence that his advisors are just as dull as he is… The language is too immature..

  28. Question, is Mr. Clive Chirwa Bemba? and did he say these words ( Chirwa Sheffield Event – UKZAMBIANS ) on youtube. Go to 1:30 on the video.

    Watch this video.

  29. @pm..our problem is that GBM is saying crap..which has nothing to do with developmental issues for zambia. same old crp of bitterness with is useless to zambian. PF must change it approach and focus on national matters.the crap of bitternes and tribalism has lost value. who wants to know about UDA when proces for commodities are going up? PF is becoming slowly useless from the powerful party we voted for.

  30. Where is Sata? How come he hasn’t said anything? Can he please restore order among his unruly ministers.They are embarrassing ordinary hard working Zambians.Please move GBM to the ministry of chiefs and traditional ceremonies.Defence needs a level minded person.At least one who doesn’t write like a grade 10 pupil from Kasama boys secondary school.

  31. BEMBAs darn. Is there nothing secred two these people. 73 people groups in Zambia, but one that is always in the News for the wrong darn reasons.

    1) overseas drug dealing Bemba women, 2) Putting Zambia in a deficit after independence Bemba president 3) libralizing our economy entirely original ituri bemba chiluba 4) Stealing Kapoko, wait sorry most Bembas steal 5) Kaponyas in government……….let me end here.

  32. Clive Chirwa is just a Frustrated Professor who is tired of talking about accidents everyday in his job. he needs a new job in Zambia and it is therefore easier to attack HH to gain some sympathy from sata and maybe who knows you can be appointed for some position.

    • Clive is just another confused Bemba speaking egoistic glory seeker chap! Most of the things he claims to ahve done can not even be proved. He thought he would displace HH when he was chased from MMD.

  33. 6) Don’t forget letting street vendors trade on our capital’s streets freely, while tax paying marketeers in Soweto and Chibolya market pay taxes to have streets tarred and street lights erected. Morons don’t even know what I just stated is the truth.

  34. I think issuing useless press statements must be part of his new therapy to stop him from clobbering or sitting on  his poor wife senseless whom he almost killed to the extent that Ukwa had to go and visit her in hospital in South Africa. This man was part of the entourage to Uganda where Kaseba the husband stealer whose husband prefers others was speaking out against gender based violence!

  35. This is what happens when you have your stomach to think with rather than your brain. What an empty vessel he is!!

  36. Hon. GBM and  Hon. Sakeni can never use such language! This language is typical of Editorial comment from the The Post News Paper. Its surprising that they have failed to change there language. You don’t even need an expert to know the author. It seems the paper that digs deeper has lost market and and has now resorted to abusing the Hon. Ministers! Please Mr. President guide your Ministers. They should just use level headed Civil Servants in responding to anything which they feel needs to be responded to. This is disgrace! 

    Anyway, it wont be too late for the govt to change this strategy. 

  37. Women of his constituency you should never have voted for this man. He just took us back to the dark ages. Time of serfs, and knights and peasants. GMB and KAmbwili cannot be ministers any where else. Even Robert Mugabe has learned goons.

  38. …………………./´¯/)
    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.•´
    …………..\………….\… Atase,grade 7 drop outs insulting graduates! Let Chirwa join your Pfost & see if he brings any value.

  39. Issued by honourable…… foot! Just use that govt stationery you wasted as ass wipe! That valley between your two voluminous moons needs constant cleaning. You’re nothing but a pile of shit, Godfrey. Winning an election is not an end in itself. You were just given the opportunity to run the affairs of the country on behalf of Zambians. Unfortunately you’re just a bunch of tribalists, clueless and semi literate baboons. Whatever is happening with your relative in state house never for one moment think that you’re presidential material. You’re a pathetic excuse for a human being! Kolwe!

  40. who wrote that English for this dumb ass..?he can’t write such English..we know who is capable of using such HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  41. Is this President Sata’s Defense Minister busy scheming to ascend to Zambia Republican Presidency through drivel? If the President has an ounce of wisdom, we can only see him act to spare himself and the country from these self obliterating kitchen sink rhetoric. 

  42. Zambian has become so cheap with these tribal clowns at the helm. They are directionless and will never learn to run government. We are going down the tube at express speed.


  44. just on a serious note,no way one would live in perpetual negativity for 356day without spoting out even a single positive critism yet you are salso vying for plot 1 .Critisize to build not clearly bitterness of destroying your friend with a fake so called checks and balances such that even your fellow oppositions are condeming your useless attacks. Respect your leaders coz GOD chose them and if one continues attacking what GOD has given….sorry william…you will be embarased in public.learn to give praise were it is due so that you can too find favor in GOD

  45. Whats wrong with this guy? Does he even have an ounce of gray matter in his head. What does he want to prove with his grade 8 English and for whose benefit? I think we have mad men in power who want to cling to power even when its clear that their performance is dismal. Wasted votes and its just too far to 2016. Give HH a break. I rest my case!

  46. Statistics do change but for now the data is UPND:  26.76%,  25.32%, 19.70%,  18.17%. This downward trend is a slide from significance to insignificant, if the way you have been doing politics does not change. Otherwise you are just making noises knowing very well you are headed for defeat in 2016. Just wake up to reality, if you don’t, you will be more and more, very, very bitter! Once in that state you will make many mistakes. Win peoples hearts and minds, don’t deal on insults nor always demeaning others. Face the people, the electorate with good words to attract them. It won’t work if bitterness, aggression, insults, negative campaigns, etc become your strength. This is actually your weakness. Show the electorates that you can politically co-exist in harmony with other parties.

    • Floyd 
      Do you believe that HH is bitter and full of hate? If so what gives you that impression and I hope it is not the post statements like the one above. This statement, like the last one issued by GBM, is written by the Post Newspaper. 

    • I have been reading many articles by supporters and sympathizers of UPND. Many start with you are foolish, Chimbwi no plan, *****s, they have no brains, they have done this and that….. Most blogs of such kind affect UPND and HH negatively. Can you imagine if they take a different stance altogether, remember how Late Mazoka campaigned? He never used insults and bad language in anticipation of attracting people, so were his supporters. Not HH some supporters, they are actually making his campaign to attract more supporters really difficult. I have read many bad articles and the trend seems no stopping in any visible future, its sad!

    • Floyd, a statistic will remain a statistic!!! If we were so hell bent, reliant on them, KK would still be in Power – so stop self deception, WE LIVE FOR THE FUTURE & INTO THE FUTURE, unless you are telling you cavort with “Mystic Meg” & can read into the future!!

  47. Mad men respond to tissues and normal men to issues! Tease it out! The sad thing with Clive is that he failed to say it to the face of HH , rather he told some mentally retarded vulnerables. I guess he has sunk that low! Shame on him.

  48. GBM is speaking sense here. If I were HH I would listen and change my strategy. I’ve kept saying tribalsing the electorate only favours the Bemba because their language is spoken in half the country. If you are a clever politician run away from this tactic and present yourself as a Zambian. If Obama had continued on the black man is oppressed card he would not have won. He identified himself as an American and that worked wonders

    • If someone who happens to be your competitor keeps coming to you telling you to change your strategy, then know they are up to no good. they feel the heat! Go men Go!

    • Have you ever wished yourself so? Suppose someone wishes you so would you be happy? Life….unless me not you….Well, life is short for everyone, too short.

  49. Mr Floyd Chitalu, if HH was so insignificant why then is the PF having sleepless nights because of him? Tell me in the last two months or so one day when there has been no statement from PF about him? You do not concentrate on insignificant issues unless you are a dunderhead. The truth of the matter is that PF is worried about him otherwise they would have ignored him as they have done with Miyanda, Nawakwi etc. In actual fact HH is now more known as a result of PF actions that he was before. The increase in percentage votes for PF over the elections was because Zambians actually believed the lies from MCS but now they are regreting. MMD made the same mistake and said MCS will never rule Zambia. PF is making the same mistake, never say never. The electorate will decide and not you.

  50. How much did this obesse and wife batterer pay the person who wrote this? Is it Membe who wrote it for him? Let GBM spend the money on his weight loss instead of such rubbish.

  51. #South African, pls learn not to generalise statements. I am bemba speaking and I have a lot of bemba speaking friends here in Ndola where I live, we are all for real change and as at now it’s only UPND that has the leadership that gives hope. Have you ever heard HH saying any tribalistic word? His tribalism only “comes” from your Ukwa, it;s only pf that sees tribalism in HH, nobody else!

    • Iam just worried about these statistical figures UPND:  26.76%,  25.32%, 19.70%,  18.17%. The first was scored by late Mazoka. The rest have been scored by HH. Is he likely going to beat MMD and PF given the sliding from significant figures into insignificantly less popularity. Why has HH kept loosing voters in three elections?

  52. We are in the game of looking for reasons why some aspect is wrong not why some aspect is right. Thus, our country has fearlessly continued to rise above most nations on the continent. In fact I am constracting an understatement at this phase, the cream of the matter is that South Africa is the only African nation which is bailing out European bankrupt nations to date. The west is broke and we are not. The plausable premise for our succeful position in the competitive world is that the opposition engages the incumbent government fearlessly despite the that we can still out perform any country in producing platinum, diamonds, gold etc. for several generations to come. Despite our violent background, Zambians learn from us if you want to be players to be reckoned with. S.A. is the greatest

  53. #Wanzelu HH doesnt have to but I have seen plenty of his high ranking supporters raising the tribalism card. A good leader checks the perception his party is being saddled with and promptly corrects it.

  54. Who is Professor Chirwa?. The ISI web Science where really Professors are cited and where articles they publishe can be found has no records of him. Those are not really Professors. GBM is excited by the name Professor. Sad.

  55. We Wish, all peace loving Zambians all the luck they need in developing their undeniably mineral rich country. Might the super powerful creator bless Zambians with a sustained vision in negotiating difficult obstacles on their way to meaningful unprescribed development. Please let them take charge of their own destiny and let Mr. HH run side by side with his oppopnents in his untrivial work. MR. HH , we already stand shoulder to shoulder with you in your peaceful engagements. Even foreigners admire your partriotic efforts which you display fearlessly, keep it. viva, mayibuye Zambia to its citizens. Go all the way , that is the motto.

  56. HH is indeed been baptized in politics & i know soon he will be for man to lead Zambia. HH be strong & couragious, dont lose heart, joy comes in the morning after the dark hours are over. HH we know what you are made of , you have the potential to move Zambia forward, just press on & focus on the goal. Thanks for putting a good fight & remember you are playing number 9 & your are about to score that is why the whole alot of the defence minister has come to defend. Just focus in the goal & all the best HH.

  57. #south African, HH’s supporters like who? And when? That is the problem with people like you who believe in anything the Post newspaper writes. Sata today has got a family forest in his gov, to you that is ok and HH who has not even demonstrated the so called tribalism is bad! What is tribalism to you? To you it’s tribalism only if it is practiced by a non bemba speaking person. Shame!

  58. I salute HH for deciding to leave the pact, pf is just a heap of dull leaders, leaders who cant different btn the right & the lift hand. Pf is a failled govenment & it will go in history as the most useless, clueless, greed, dictator, hopeless, stuborn, CPN etc government ever. Whoever HH will never be president continue dreaming & one day you wake you will be shocked. Go HH go!

  59. @ #Wanzelu & # South African……. I don’t see you as contradicting each other at all.. And by the way, both of you have made profoundly sound contributions. It’s an undeniable reality that a certain section of Zambia’s population holds the belief that since Bembas are tribal then we all must be tribal. From a political stand point, this is not a proven formula for winning a presidential election as a non-Bemba. Bemba is not a tribe, but a cluster of tribes who vote as a block. Consequently, a Bemba who runs on a tribal card has a slight advantage over a non-Bemba who decides to do the same because the non-
    Bemba’s tribal base is more likely to be smaller. Solution? Let all non-Bemba politicians desist from tribalism. HH has a tribal base, unfortunately.

  60. Wanzelu I dont have to quote you the numerous times that UNDP has drawn the tribal card as that aint my job. In fact that just drags the argument elsewhere as my main aim is to advise HH to adopt a strategy that can work for him.. I think Ikandulwa #80 puts what I was propounding much better than me. If you insinuate that all Bembas are tribal then that not only conflicts but defeats your statement that you are Bemba yourself.

  61. Where is the party spokesperson for PF? And the govt spokesperson too? This is the only govt where anyone is the spokesperson. HH pls enjoy your fame for Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! They are feeling your heat.

    • UPND:  26.76%  25.32% 19.70%  18.17% 
      MMD:    28.69%  42.98%  40.09%  35.42%
      PF:            3.35%  29.37%  38.13%  41.98% 
      Don’t shoot the messenger, it is just your performance. Hope you improve.

  62. Low life,poorly dressed,self proclamed educated, rich and poligamists. What can you tell me? Get down to earth- then i will probably vote for you. Other wise- 4get. Sata does’nt react to your drama because you are an empty tin. Get a life mafela! ‘or sorry mufela’. Shaaa!

  63. Ba Up and down you need image builders. Try ‘tekere’ or ‘kadansa’ or ‘ kadobi’ or ‘bikiloni’ or ‘chernder 3 chember’

  64. GBM is this fella who failed to Run buses i wonder how he can manage a big task of the nation.It was hail to bold thoz buses

  65. If you are Tonga and yu think the only way u can be royal to yo tribe is by being a upnd member, then yu are wasting yo time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Sata cleansed by the blood of Jesus, are you sure? why can’t he love all the tribes in Zambia and treat them as equal. Sata is very baised whereas God is not. so Sata is not in any way cleansed by the blood of Jesus. he is a fake period!!!!!!!!!

  67. The fact theat PF is preoccupied with HH is evidence enough that he speaks the truth. The truth hurts!! So PF just ask politely for clues on how to manage a nation. All your rantings will not bring down unemployment. In case you have forgotten here are some unfulfilled promises

    1. FOIB – in 90 days (freedom of Information bill)

    2. Constitution in 90 days – (no need to waste money on commissions)

    3. Chinesse/investors in general to treat zambian workers decently……etc…

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