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President Michael Sata appoints Wynter Kabimba as new Justice Minister

Headlines President Michael Sata appoints Wynter Kabimba as new Justice Minister

Vice president Guy Scott, Patrotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba and Finanace Minister Alexander Chikwanda
Vice president Guy Scott, Patrotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba and Finanace Minister Alexander Chikwanda

President Michael Sata has with immediate effect nominated and appointed Lusaka lawyer and PF Secretary General Mr. Wynter Munacaambwa Kabimba as Member of Parliament and Minister of Justice respectively.

This is contained in a statement made available to the media by George Chellah, the Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations.

“This is to confirm that with immediate effect, I have nominated and appointed you as Member of Parliament and Minister of Justice. I wish you success and God’s blessings as you serve in this assignment,” read President Sata’s letter to Mr. Kabimba in part, which has also been copied to the Honourable Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini and His Honour the Vice-President Dr Guy Scott.

President Sata stated that he is confident that with his vast legal knowledge and proficiency Mr. Kabimba will perform to his expectations and that of the Zambian people in general.

Mr. Kabimba is an Advocate of the High Court and Supreme Court of Zambia, as well as a member of the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ).

He has solid experience from local government and has provided legal advice not only to local communities and private clients but also to national authorities such as the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) and International Agencies like the World Bank, Irish Aid and WWF among others.

Mr. Kabimba who once served as Town Clerk and Chief Executive Officer for Lusaka and Kitwe City Councils is also chairman of the Senior Chief Shakumbila Cultural Association and legal counsel on land and wildlife matters.


    • It’s not the end of Zambia are you God don’t curse our great nation.if any one lacks wisdom let him ask from above.The same guys were calling for the appointment of HON Winter so that he does not misuse TAX Payers money.He deserves the appointment.

    • wonderful, first on the agenda

      2) Embark on social-economic development-Fulfil the promises and PF manifesto.
      Viva Action man, viva collective Actions, viva!!

  1. Hahahahaha this is a joke right? I mean why are you trying to inflate the guy’s CV when his incompetence is widely known.He has no record to show that Wynter has ever had a field day in court.But chapwalala,anyway congrats Munacaambwa!

    • Think before you write cvs are no longer relevant it’s productivity and having the skill that count.Doctors Engineers are packing in supermarkets in the USA and UK.We had the so called graduates appointed by Chiluba did they add any value not at all.We have the worst graduates in Zambia.My work an apprentice , but designs good stuff soon he is in the process  of launching a soft ware to be used by you useless gratuates.Continue calling calling our leaders names but in the end it’s you to lose God may use any one.I have respect for any individual.

  2. he deserves it, he toiled hard for this govnment to come to power but never complained when he was left out of govt. We should not be suprised . Congrats honourable mwanacaambwa , 

  3. Whats wrong with this appointment? I genuinely want to know what the naysayers have against this appointment. I like to make informed judgements and I have nothing against this guy. Is he not qualified enough? What is more interesting is the ensuing battle of the titans (vying for the role of successor to HEMCS) Justice Minister Vs Minister of Defence who has openly declared his ambitions. I just pray that when this fight goes down the grass doesnt suffer.

    • He is qualified it’s just Zambian politics it seems majority of bloggers are more educated than anyone taking a position in Government. I think he’ll do a grand job!

    • @Lady
      When appointing to such office the appointing authority has to consider the integrity of the office and appoint someone with full consideration of their qualifications and standing within the respective area of expertise. Those are are seasoned and respected in the legal fraternity will undoubtedly receive a warm welcome. However, the CV given above does not suggest anything above a low level lawyer who by all accounts can not demand the recognition of the proffession. It’s like appointing Nchito has DPP (with a debts and documented illegality in practice) and expect no eyebrows to rise.

  4. I hope this is not meant to fix MMD since comrade Kabimba has wished that MMD be Vanished. We wish you well in your endeavours while we look forward that you will not have the lense of PF but the State.

  5. I stand corrected but I thought the president has exhausted the number of nominations for member of parliament. If indeed that is so, then he cannot appoint this guy as a Justice Minister. 

  6. vast experience on land and wildlife matters….kikikiki.. now this is a powerful cv.

  7. it cant be , maybe hounerable seba zulu was a nominated mp, does he have a constituency???? the presido cant make such a foul guys.

  8. Congratulations Wynter. Wishing you all the best. Now lets fix those 3 judges..Please, bail out our beloved president.


  10. Congrats Mwanacaambwa! Now chill my man. You are there to serve the country, not PF. Learn some diplomacy, you are no longer a senior kaponya as they commonly refer to you. Above all deliver to the expectations of the Zambians. Wezu Mwanacaambwa from chief Shakumbila. I hope the HOS has head the cry of the people not to bembalise appointments.

  11. This is a demotion for Kabimba. Remember, he was said to be number three in government now he has taken up a government position far from number 3 – possibly number 5 or 6 now in the hierarchy. Since SG is a full time position, MCS will appoint another one to be number three! Watch the space.

  12. From now on Iam a PF supporter. VIVA PF VIVA. In the boat we shall all sail just like Noahs ark. Long Live Mr. President and forward we go with democracy and development. All Zambian we must learn to support our leaders if we have to develop. I will personally hunt down this one testacled William Tekere Kambuzi Banda and bring him to state house in person.

  13. Akabemba, Mr. Sebstian Zulus appointment as nominated MP was revoked when he was relieved of his duties, so it is still within his eight. I am happy for Wynter Kabimba and also hope those who only think on tribal lines will realise Wynter is from Chief Shakumbila’s area in Central Province and very much a muntu mutatwe, oo!!! But I thought he had indicated that he would remain outside Government to re-organise the Party. My hope is that he now realises he is below the Veep and does not undemrine his Cabinet colleagues by behaving superior, bring on the tribunal and get the constitution going, Hon. Minister!!

  14. Sata has defined the race for his successor and by implication Kabimba is not his choice. He has effectively been demoted from Minister without Portfolio and he will no longer be above Hon Chikwanda and Defence Minister in government protocol. Besides he will be busy in office and parliament other than campaigning all the time while running the party full-time.

    The race has been made open for Chikwanda to go unopposed within cabinet should anything happen, which I think is a better choice than GBM and good for PF as well.

  15. iyeee..what a waste of resources and portfolios..this govt has no sober people..am scared and worried for my beloved country Zambia!!

  16. Congrats AKabimba, you deserve it you have been cadring so much even without reasoning just for the sake of your master, you have been rewarded, now deliver please.

  17. @Zero Boys, Guy Scot is going no where, he is a strong founder member of the PF and the links he has with the President are stronger than most people think! He is also a balanced and focused person, who doesnt really care who acts when the President is out, otherwise it is him who could have resgned, he can not and will not be fired!!

  18. No more campaigns Mr winter sir , time to study volumes of legal documents .the cobra has dumped your strategies for presidential campaigns . JUST leave some room to cross over to other parties when your position becomes thin. contrats !

  19. @17 you are partly right that the President had exhausted the required numbers for nomination to Parliament but note that he revorked that of Sebestian Zulu who was a nominated MP, hence the replacement. Thanks

    • There’z need to state clearly here that unlike elected MPz, the nominated onez are at the mercy of the President who can replace them at a whim. A fired elected MP ratainz the parliamentary seat while the nominated one doez’t becauze there iz no physical constituency per say.

  20. Zambians now brace for a confused constitution now! Forget about an inclusive constitution. Kabimba is now going to stifle all opposition voices.

    Sata didn’t fire Zulu for a good reason but to create a dictatorial constitution of the one party communist like Kabimba.

    What a shame!

    Shu Shu Shu!

    I remember what Luwewe on radio used to say when Zambia National team was under pressure from North Africans teams.

    We are under pressure fellow countrymen!

  21. Ya ya ya ! Musalu ali pesamba nomba ali pa mulu.I feel like laughing for a reason i don`t know.Congrats ba Winter…nomba munashekofye ama cheeky.

  22. Is this the change you Zambians voted for? Each Zambian that put the destiny of in such a mess simply for the sake of change is responsible for the destruction of our country. Warnings were sounded strongly both in the characteristics of PF and people that had Zambia at heart but the voters were like on some chemical influence. Every PF voter should hold themselves responsible for the rot that now begins in earnest.

    • @Balanced View – it would be great if you can point out the reasons why you think Wynter is not qualified to be Justice Minister…rather than making such a sweeping statement!!! PF will do something good for Zambia – I think they wont be as reckless as the MMD – thanks to PF’s dedication, free media and to a strong opposition that are providing checks and balances. 

  23. I miss Senior Citizen.You have a bunch of Fanatics behind the wheel. I feel sorry for zambia. By time you kick Pf out power in 4yrs the country will be on its knees

  24. congrats kabimba let the upnd babose more.thanx mr president for showing these fools that you are not a tribalist.vice musungu,finance min bemba,foreign affairs min bangladesh/lozi,defence min bemba,agriculture min tonga,mines min tonga,justice min lenje,house of chiefs min lozi.information min aushi,tourism min soli,home affairs min ngoni,education min senga,labour min lenje,commerce min tumbuka, surely zambians were is nepotism or tribalism here that ka hh preaches.lets give the president credits cause this cabinet represents every tribe,colour and region.thanx you H.E.

  25. Right appointment for a change from Prisdent Sata. This portifolio suits Winter Kabimba, the man is a hard worker and will cleanse the Ministry of Justice. Congratulations Winter you deserve it!!

  26. Those who are against this appointment who in your own opinion deserves to be minister of justice?if the president cant pick from hos basket who’s basket should he pick from?
    These are politics & brace yourselfs for more of such appointments because if you belong to pf & you are qualified then the position is yours,congrats honorable Kabimba

  27. Congrats! WMK is a proficient and effective administrator who has undoubtedly managed pf in the most professional manner. He deserves it and was long over due.

  28. First task, look at the rooting of our companies during privatization. Call Hakainde to give an incite of he knows.

  29. What exactly does Sata want to achieve through his cabinet ministers?
    I suspect that Seb Zulu was fired for two reasons:
    1. The commission of inquiry whose findings Sata did not like.
    Wynter’s was so much liked and acted upon and leading to his honouring with Order of distinguished service and appointment to the Zamtel board.
    2. Sending Judge Chikopa back to Nyasaland. Seb Zulu never defended the continued holiday of this judge in Zambia.
    For all his short comings, Zulu is an independent mind. Sata cannot like this.

  30. Honourable Secretary General Wynter Kabimba, this is truely God’s Grace and Blessing. Our Country will greatly benefit from selfless commitment to improving the lives of our people. God Bless You.

  31. MMD and UPND brace yourselves for fire, wapya munzi, ati nanga wayaka bwa? Wynter mataki cheecky Mr. know it all Munacaambwa Kabimba in the house. How about a round of applause! 

  32. He has not exhausted the nominations! remember Zulu was a nominated MP so Wynter is just a direct fit! Remove one put back one!

  33. @
    kanyankula says,get out is a ministry of chiefs a Ministry.That old woman wina just doesnt have what to do.she just wants to feel her stomach.She will never get even 50 votes in nalolo.sha is crazy.

  34. @ # 17 Bee you are dull. don’t you know that He fired Sebastian and since he was nominated, he alslo ceased to be MP. so Kabimba has just replaced the former.

    • Please read my post, I said “I stand to be corrected”. You do not even understand courtesy in English hence your comment. Look at what the  other guys said to my comment, I even thanked them for the enlightenment. Unlike you illiterate   nincompoop.  

  35. Congratulations! You deserve that job! You had to reduce yourself to a nobody during the campaigns! There is no sweet without sweat! Thanks to his excellency for this appointment!

  36. The president bisa
    VIce president white man
    foreign affairs coloured/lozi
    house of chiefs lozi
    finance minister bemba
    defence minister bemba
    works minster bemba
    sports minister aushi
    information min aushi
    labour minister lenje
    justice minister lenje
    mines minister tonga
    agriculture min tonga
    commerce min tumbuka
    tourism minster soli
    education minister ngoni
    home affairs min ngoni
    so were is tribalism in this hierach bakiloni.dont just hate like the way ka Hate Hate(HH) is.

    • U are a lire commerce minister bob sichinga is a namwanga or Bemba don’t fool us please aushis are bembas it’s like saying ilas or Ba wee in tonga or tokaleya u didn’t mention about the Bemba forest tree as deputy and permanent secretaries

  37. CONGRATULATIONS WINTER MUNACAAMBWA KABIMBA! You are a very well accomplished administrator, bring some sanity to the Ministry of Justice! # 62 Chitulika Villager, do you have an inkling of how the 3 arms of government, the executive (to which Kabimba now belongs), the national Assembly and the judiciary work? This kind of ignorance and hatred mongering will lead some of you to hell!

  38. Same empty vessels making noise. The man is a lawyer and has a CV to talk about. Some of you making noise here have nothing. All you know is blame UNIP, MMD and now PF for your failures. Just work hard. No one, not even GOD will work for you. You live in dreams that will not be achieved by merely insulting others. Use your heads, legs and hands to leave a mark on this earth, Kabimba has just done it. Congrats young Kabimba, the sky should be your limit, not these dander heads insulting you here. They fail even to manage their simple homes

  39. Well done Mr. President. This is what we were waiting for. With Honorable S.Zulu, he has all the education but he found it hard to apply it in politics. Mr Kabimba has all the answers close to Mr. Lubinda. I have seen that it was shake in the PF govt in Legal terms. Wishing you the best Mr. Kabimba.

  40. #40 I totally agree with you…. but please dont be blinded…..we knew Wynter will be Justice/M and we know Guy Scott is a good man all am saying is watch this space……#45 insults iyo nishani….Good example was S. Zulu everyone was saying among bloggers ati he an ideal person for presidency not MC i said he will not serve his full term someone again insulted me yaba but today he is histoy after acting as President while Guy Scott remained as VP…..all am saying is watch this space


  42. Shame on you all those that are against Wynther’s appointment. Congratulations man, you deserve it. No sweet without sweat..

  43. #70 kanyankula – thanks for sharing that information. People blindly shout tribalism without looking at facts as though they have not been to school. I recently looked at a spreadsheet with all nominations and it was obvious that bembas are under represented if we have to go by current national statistics where bembas are censored at about 50% of the zambian population

  44. there is tribalism in sata ,some bloggers have listed ministerial positions in trying to stress their points,but look at it from a broader angle,most of the diplomats are from northen,most of parastal directors are bembas,eg zesco,zamtel,dec,and most of the board of directors are bemba.there are alot of TONGAS,CHEWA,CHIKUNDAS,LAMBAS,GOBAS,KAONDE,LUVALES,LUNDAS,KACHOKWES,NSENGA,who are qualified for /and supports pf but none is a boss in any public company or has a diplomatic mission.so sata practises bembalism and he is knocking out the power east,but come 2016 ,we the easterners we not support him.

  45. Its long over due.He should have been appointed from the word go.He worked hard to bring PF to its current position.Congratulations.Pls serve he government not the party.

  46. An appointment should not be a mere ‘gesture’. Even when the person is your friend, there should be some merit in the appointment. As far as I am concerned Kabimba ceased to be a lawyer a long time ago. He became a cadre with very warped ideas. Most of his actions are ‘knee jerk’ and he is the type that carries himself around with pretentious idiocy. There are more eminent legal men and women out there who merit this position a thousand times more than Kabimba.

  47. The Snake is a strategist eh, he really wants to clear the way for sack of mealie meal to easily replace him. Oh man, Lubinda is screwed now!

  48. @ Kanyakula, Wina is no longer Chiefs Min. It is Prof Luo. Wina ia Min Gender. And Agric Min. Chenda is Lenje from Katuba. I am beginning to wonder why the lenjes have have occupied a lot of positions. Mind you speaker is also lenje. Could it be that the 1st lady has some connnections to lenjes or is it Manacaambwa`s influence?

    • @Kanyengambeta – that is the difficult of reading everything with a tribal lense. It used to be a BEMBA issue now a question is being raised on WHY Lenjes – you know what will happen…a number of Tongas will be appointed to positions in the 3rd year of PF and people will say, he wants to appease Tongas for the elections. We need to see things beyond tribe – especially those of us who are educated. We went to school for a reason – we should desist from destroying the country by segmenting people into tribes.

  49. lets change the popular voting system and introduce the electoral college becoz a country cannot be ruled based on region population based system but we need a well balanced system ,were those in less populated areas s decison is also taken inti account.ii will write an article on ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTING SYSTEM VS THE POPULAR VOTING SYSTEM the coins in and out.in the current scenario zambia president is been dictatored by ,lusaka,copperbelt.

  50. #85,emmanuel chenda is not lenje from katuba as u claimed.he is from chiawa,a GOBA he has no connection to lenje.dont go by the last names and then you conclude,get intouch with some relatives and them produce your facts.

  51. Can’t say I didn’t see this coming, immediately I learnt Sebastain Zulu was fired I knew who would replace him. I don’t see anything wrong with this. My only question is, does he continue sitting on the various boards he was appointed to or is there a conflict there? 

  52. He is a noble person from Chief Shakumbila, a stubborn Sala!!! Probably and I mean probably he may deliver!!! Give him a chance.

  53. This is the new trademark for Zambia, appointments day in and day out. On the other hand, no meaningful development whatsoever. Total emphasis is placed on marathon appointments and what is the output of political appointees? Answer, nothing. It is a new bargaining tool used by the PF regime to persuade poor misled Zambians in believing that if they maintain their confidence in the regime they will enjoy development through chosen political angels. The above equation does not balance because the input does not produce the much awaited output which is ‘development’. The input is the endless syndrome of appointing. The output we see from our comfort zones is the perpetual harassment of comrade HH and all sorts of falsehoods i.e. PF embarrassing abortive plot & the whole world watched

  54. Congratulation on this appointment Ba Wynter, you are most qualified for this job and your impressive CV speaks for itself. 

  55. You cannot fool the world, our world is a global village e.g. I can eat my breakfast in Cape Town, my lunch in Sandton (JHB) and my supper in Mauritius. The following day, I will be in Perth (Australia). The rationale behind this statement is that whatever happens in Zambia affects a lot of people outside its borders. The international community is tired of denials of tribalism on the part of the PF regime and falsehoods involving manipulations and attempts to cook up cases. Yet on one hand, you are claiming that you want to free your society of corruption. Look PF people, age, tribe, sex, gender, origin have nothing to do with separating facts from lies. You are gradually isolating themselves, like Mugabe and his disciples. Outsiders can take you seriously, once you respect yourselves

  56. The battle for Plot One has just started. It is not gonna be a pretty sight, but ultimately it may actually benefit Zambians.

  57. i dont know if winter will deliver or not…..but what is not right is appointing a personal friend as justice minister..winter himself said he is a disciple of sata….can a disciple be objective?can winter say no to satas orders if those order are not just…..That is where the problem really is…I foresee oppression of people….there wont be any justice at all brought in by winter………he is a bootlicker and boolickers dnt knw the meaning of justice

  58. The president bisa from malama village;
    VIce president white man originary Babarian/Shelv ethinic ;
    foreign affairs half Coloured/Kalwena;
    house of chiefs lozi;
    finance minister bemba;
    defence minister bemba;
    works minster Lunda from kwa Mwata Kazembe ku valley;
    sports minister Mwina Kabende from kwa Yamba;
    information min Mwina Chishingá;
    labour minister lenje
    justice minister lenje
    mines minister tonga from the valley;
    agriculture min full tonga;
    commerce min Yao;
    tourism minster soli;
    education minister Nsenga;
    home affairs min Chewa half Zambia/Malawi

    • It’s only us from North Western province who don’t have a minister.Why not up grade Jean Kapata to a full minister?After all,she is very had working.Take my suggestion seriously because I am PF for life.

  59. At the rate the fosil in plot one is moving there will be a world record number of appointments,cabinet reshuffles,firings,revocations and commissions of inquiry all to be seen to be working hard when in reality he is just standing in one still. Kabimba’s appointment is the fuse that will make the PF rocket misfire at the launchpad.

  60. The president bisa from malama village;
    VIce president white man originary Babarian/Shelv ethinic ;
    foreign affairs half Coloured/Kalwena;
    house of chiefs lozi;
    finance minister bemba;
    defence minister bemba;
    works minster Lunda from kwa Mwata Kazembe ku valley;
    sports minister Mwina Kabende from kwa Yamba;
    information min Mu Unga from Chilubi Island;
    labour minister Lamba/Aushi;
    justice minister Kaonde-Ila;
    mines minister partial Tonga from the Valley;
    agriculture min full Tonga from the plateau;
    commerce min partial Umu Nyika/Tanzania;
    tourism minster Lenje/Soli;
    education minister half Nsenga/Mozambique;
    home affairs min Yao half Zambia/Malawi

  61. I like winter very much bcoz he is a straight forward & braveman ,besides he is qualified for the job & am pretty certain he will deliver more than to his expectations,he is mature & call a spade a spade,congratulation my guy the job suits u very well…please help Mr. Sata to buid Zambia as he is eagar to shape our country

  62. Improve your education sector, especially the higher education. Find out more about research theses at post graduate level at your universities e.g. UNZA, Mulungushi. Oh no, it helps to say the least, it is very disappointing. In 2010, I went to your medical school a tiny rundown campus situated next to a dirty hospital. I requested to see a senior specialist in obstetrics and gynecology dept so that I could get a better insight about their research projects. Oh no please, the gentleman could not even explain anything related to what, here we call research projects in areas of human infectious diseases. Immediately, I ended my curiosity and I did not want to precede to ask him about his research top at that stage. Instead of cheering your leaders for unworthy tasks and castigating Mr.HH

  63. So they are only two Bembas in the PF government? I am reliably informed that Ba Chikwanda also in not full Bemba. His father came from eastern Congo village Luankole and married a lady niece of Chief ba Chikwanda called Robina Chikwanda.


  65. Man you worked for it. You have been with PF in hard times now enjoy the fruits. Just be hard working as you have been always. Work for the good of all Zambians in the Judiciary. Congrats man. God bless always.

  66. Hon Kabimba is the right man to fight corruption among the learned Judges. They are holding the country at ransom. Congratulations His Excellency MCS for the well deserved appointment. Zambia is on the right path now.


  68. I think Wynter Kabimba has been pulling the strings in State House and acting as Sata’s legal counsel all along….let him have a crack at the job; I hope he steps down as SG for PF as the ministry requires a focused individual. 

  69. Some of you may be too young to know or remember; Does anyone remember President Sata’s time as Health minister and Lusaka urban district governor under MMD and UNIP? He is basically doing the same things he did when in Health, only difference is he has more power now and answers to nobody; including Parliament! By the way @Kanyakula, ‘coloured’ is a racist term used by certain British people to refer to non-white people(especially black people), apartheid-era South African mindsets and North American racists. Have you bought into that racist-tribal ideology by using that term? You seem well informed…don’t let yourself down by exposing your prejudices.
    It seems these appointments are political musical chairs while the real business of governing is neglected. Eliminate poverty!!!

  70. Congrats winter, can we get tribunals moving now and Judge Chikopa doing his job as we also address corruption cases in an expeditious manner. On the constitution, it is my hope that you will now divorce your personal views, especially on the runningmate and let the process run its own course!!!!

  71. He really deserves it, he has really worked hard for PF party and atleast he has some legal knowledge as a lawyer. For some of you who are doubting his appointment as MP, Winter now replaces Mr Zulu as MP, because Mr Zulu was just appointed also, he did have a constituency just like Winter.

  72. I have come across so Zambians in different parts of world working at top world class universities e.g. Yale, Stanford, Harvard, University of Cape Town, Oxford, Cambridge etc. When I inquired from those internationally respected academics who received the highest education money can buy on earth as to why they do not want to improve the education system back home, most of them told me that tribalism is a determinant factor. A majority of them come from the Southern province in Zambia and they made mention of unheard of strange villages. These people are employable for life and work for several employers at the same time. They earn tens of thousands of dollars(US) for their numerous valuable advanced research projects. Zambia is experiencing a serious brain drainage, yet others gain

    • Boza; truth is no single person can fund education in Zambia. If it was tribalism, why couldnt they work with CBU that had, at somepoint, a lot of managers from southern part of Zambia. In fact the more you generalise the more wrong you become; you are thinking like one Austin Mbozi; Zambia is a country with many tribes; and over the years lazy people have always felt like you. In Chiluba era, everyone suffered, including his own people my friend.

  73. This is the PF we voted for.Mwapya baisa ba criminal mwakakwa.HH now be careful o else u end up in mukobeko like Dean Mungomba,Winter understands Law very well.

  74. Ba shushus bapaka pa Lsk times lelo!! I can see a lot of “strange/unfamiliar” bloggers, all supporting Kabimba appointment – boys you can’t fool the masses, time will catch with you 

  75. Winter is not only a qualified person to hold the office of justice minister, he is also a very hard working and level-headed guy. I believe he will handle the challenges of the ministry quite well.
    My only worry is how he will be able to juggle the two senior positions, one in govt and the other as Sec. Gen. of PF.
    Congrats and all the best.

  76. I have come across a lot of Zambians and on several occasions, I was under the impression that I was conversing with wealthy educated Americans or British nationals little did I know that those strangers are Zambians from rural villages in Southern province. My supposedly Americans/British nationals were treated like kings or queens compared to us South Africans and I resented that act. The point is those Zambians are very educated and constantly work on advanced science projects for several high-tech companies and universities i.e. Yale, Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, UCT etc. They all complained of tribalism back home as a determinant element if one wants success. Those people are employable anywhere on earth and are on extremely high demand for their unique rare qualifications.

  77. This is gud news! Congrats Hon. Kabimba, may God guide you in your new capacity to serve Zambia diligently, faithfully and in a honourable manner so that we move foward as a nation. Pay no attention to distractors, if they can’t appreciate you now, probably their children will be able do so in the near future. They will say around such and such a time Winter Kabimba was minister of justice and under him these were the achievements. I hope some one with passion for PF replaces you at the helm of the party so as to continue organising it if at all your appointment entails stepping down as the party GS.

  78. Shut… up…!!! BBC1 infact you are the one advocating for strange/unfamiliar bloggers,what did you know about winter’s appointment, actually you are the one who is attempting to fool the masses by try to persude them by your polluted mind

  79. It is official Kabimba is now bemba… joking… it appears what ever Sata does ..folks who look for faults will find some.. if it is not trivial tribal issues, it is personal hatred for pipo being appointed. I dont know this guy that much but he has worked for PF and deserves to contribute to GRZ. Most guys on this blog are faceless and nameless cyber contributors whose opnion mean NOTHING to an average zambian

  80. Mr. HH, please take up the issue of tertiary education in your country, especially research itself in different specializations/disciplines at Zambia’s main university (UNZA). Your govt. is not doing anything to address the mess. Thus the rating of the university is at the bottom compared to other universities around the world or even in Africa. Any university is rated according to published research work not undergraduate qualifications. The formulation and implementation of workable economic policies for Zambians and by Zambians should be the work of your universities, but it is not so because your current leadership sees no relevance of research work. Most academics produced by UNZA are not recognised as academics with proper potential and this is how things are.

  81. OK if Sata can be president then Kabimba can be justice minister- I guess.I’m waiting for Father Bwalya’s appointment now -as minister of Home Affairs to replace that guy deporting everyone.Isn’t this what the Zambian youth voted for?Enjoy your leadership ….you deserve the government you voted for.

  82. We also welcome the State house/post newspaper staff that have been actively blogging today so that it appears Zambians love Wynter Kabimba and think he is hard working….continue deceiving yourselves.

  83. last time i checked Winter was Zambian and I think he desrves it!He toiled for PF just like Guy.
    What surpises me is that Tongas ARE DISCRIMINATING AGAINST THEMSELVES”vALLEY tONGA AND Plateau Tonga what the hell!they are all Tonga!

  84. Ba Bee No 17, you are so silly that you do not know how these things are done. The former Minister of Justice Mr Zulu was a nominated member of Parliament and the President has withdrawn his nomination, therefore he the President under the Constitution should nominate some one in place of Mr Zulu.
    Mr Zulu is no longer Minister nor member of Parliament. The choice of Mr Kabimba as MP and Minister of Justice is an excellent move and the right choice. Congratulation Mr Kabimba you deserve it. My only appeal to PF is to find a credible Secretary General of the Party who can much Mr Kabimba, am offering my services, I may have been an outsider but I can take the Party further. Contact me on this number 00267-74281529.  

  85. #1/55 – The Engineer (Australia), writing from South Africa, you’re an embarrassment to our profession. How do you think like that – in constant bitterness and self pity? If you’re truly an engineer then education has not taken away the village from your head. Perhaps Australia is a dumping ground for useless Zambian engineers, lol?!


  87. Congrats honorable Kabimba! This a well deserved position and I hope he will help to bring out a credible constitution for Zambia. He is a hard working man he he deserves the support of every right thinking Zambia! Bravo 

  88. When the late state council may HSRIP was picked by the late president DR Chiluba pipo thought he brought the worst person in leadership, now look at the wonders and the legacy which he left. so same to winter pipo u ll speak no sense about him. wait and see the sanity he ll bring for our mother zambia . winter u deserve it GOD help u in ur endeavorer amen. 

  89. Congrats Kabimba. Remember what it takes to be Justice Minister. We shall judge you harshly by the same law now under your wings should things go wrong!

  90. Didn’t see this disaster coming lol. Talk about funny; am I the only one that thinks PF is now only Northern Focused, I mean really.

  91. Guess this one came totally from left field… All I hear is the sound of collective jaw dropping with a few attempted slow recoveries. Stellar chess move. The dark Knight is on the move. A chance for either the retired Bishop or the drama King to make some noise up in here tomorrow :)

  92. If the PF’s 5-year term were a soccer match you would end up with a totally new team by the 90th minute, with all substitute goalkeepers also having been featured!!! Imagine, in less than 12 months some ministers have already held 3 portfolios, what a circus!!

  93. What makes Sata tribal is because all the top four positions in govt are held by Northerners ie presisdent, defence minister and finance minister( mind you Guy Scott is also originally from Mpika). In all previous govt the top positions were distributed amongst differnt tribes. Differentiating between Bisa, Ushi or whatever is just deception. Remember that when you say lozis you include mbundas, nkoyas etc; by tongas you include gobas, tokas, salas, ilas, lenjes etc; by ngonis you include sengas, tumbukas, chewas etc. When you look at appointments in top parastatles, civil service and diplomatic missions you see clear tribal based appointments. That is the problem. Even Nevers and Mmembe condemned it so not need to pick on HH.

  94. Bakateka apa pena mwabomba sana, Kabimba deserve this job, he is hard working very protective for the party, what mess, happening, he is there to defend it. Good move for this one. we are very happy about it

  95. Looking at this appointment from a political spectrum leaves one to wonder the meaning behind.Remember how FTJ managed to scoop the presidency of MMD.He took up the position of mobilisation and national cordinator.A position that availsone to the general masses.Similarly,Kabimba has become the face of PF through his position as Secretary General.Next in line to take over from Sata.This appointment might derail his chances of succeding Sata.His focus now will be on the day to day running of legal affairs instead of party mobilization.There is political machinations going on behind the scenes on who takes over the reigns of PF.

  96. mr kabimba i don’t know weather to congratulate you or sympathize with you on your appointment,if the president thought you were capable of the job,he would not have waited to fire mr zulu in order to appoint you,its sad what is happening in Zambia,,it does not mean that,you have to agree with the president at all times,i always thought mr kabimba as party secretary general would give guidance to the party without being thrown into government,remember if you mess our judicial system ,you are temper with our only voice,and our childrens children hope for a better Zambia.Mr sata smell the coffee quickly.

  97. Is this the same lawyer that wanted to bar RB from contesting in the last general election because his parents were from southern rhodesia? if he is we are in for more legal circus in zambia!

  98. Job well done Mr President. Let them talk when they need you they will knocking on your door or maybe give you a call.

  99. 1 John 4:7 Dear friends, let us continue to love one another, for love comes from God. Anyone who loves is a child of God and knows God. James 1:19 Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.

  100. The last time I saw this massive blogging was when President Sata was campaigning. This massive blogging tells how heavy Winter is, certainly heavier than HH who only attracts about 70 bloggers with most bloggers from the South.

    Good morning.

  101. This is encouraging arse kicking at the highest level. I need, money, food a decent job and for my small family to prosper. whose arse should I start kissing to get what i wan’t? maybe……………bafkala

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