“Tongas under Oath” is a Government scheme to arrest HH-Kakoma

FILE: UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and MMD leader Nevers Mumba talks to journalists after Hichilema’s court appearance

The opposition UPND says reports linking it to a clandestine group calling itself Tonga’s under Oath are part of a grand government scheme to arrest its leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Reports in pro government newspapers have alleged that a grouping known as Tongas under Oath has threatened to continue killing Bembas if government does not rescind its decision to take Chirundu district to Lusaka Province.

But UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma said in an interview this afternoon that government is desperate to arrest Mr. Hichilema and has since resorted to concocting false stories to implicate him and other opposition leaders.

Mr. Kakoma charged that the UPND has not information on the existence of such a grouping and wondered why government officials have been so quick to accuse the UPND.

[pullquote]“This is nothing new, we saw this during the Chiluba era when the Zero option was in full effect and we remember some of the key architects of such moves and they are still serving in this government,” Mr. Kakoma said.[/pullquote]

He said the party is not however surprised adding that the PF government merely wants to prepare the people’s minds to the anticipated arrest of opposition leaders.

“This is nothing new, we saw this during the Chiluba era when the Zero option was in full effect and we remember some of the key architects of such moves and they are still serving in this government,” Mr. Kakoma said.

Mr. Kakoma has since challenged law enforcement agencies to arrest individuals and organisations that appear to have so much information about the Tongas under Oath.

“Some appear to be well informed on this issue but why hasn’t the police arrested them to help them with investigations?”

He said the UPND is not aware of the existence of the Tongas under Oath and that it would fully condemn such activities if they existed.

Some senior government and PF officials have moved to quickly link the groupings to the UPND.


  1. What ameery goround in zambia

    The political parties in all are exhibiting disgrace behaviour

    I am glad I am in scotland


    • PF is the group behind these schemes. These conspiracy theories of PF’s “Tonga on oath” have no place in Zambia’s modern democracy. PF knows these are the same tricks&people behind Chiluba’s Zero Option &the Black Maamba to silence opposition.PF be progressive, u can’t develop a country with threats,It’s too old fashioned! Hard work, Action & more Action is what electorates want…
      During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. Taking action becomes a positive transformation of society and posterity!! It’s foolishness to break promises Eccl 5v 4-7, then Ezekiel 37:26. It’s not time for stories and excuses, its time for laying a marshal plan for Zambia’s economic development and give a clear development road map of Zambia 2030. 

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    • I have laid a statement and you’re clearly averting the answers that would expose you. If you do not respond to such statements, you will have to visit a psychiatrist because you’d be assuming the character of someone else and not yourself. The fact that you can still write in English may indicate that it is not too late for you, you may have not crossed over to the other side.

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    These are wages that some of you would only dream about, and for a black woman, I have made it.
    Just another example to show that education pays!
    For someone who lives in UK , and for a minority like me, this is unprecedented
    In Zambian not even ministers would get this

    • Stop bragging, i know someone who has not even lived in UK but got a job and he is very young and younger than you mushota and he got 80 000 Pounds annual salary. so please keep your bragging if you dont know what you are talking about to yourself. and by the way he turned down the offer because that money was too little to what another African company offered him

    • Oh no that is only ZMK21 MILLION. I get ZMK30.4 million a month at my job and do private consultancy. By the way, i got my PhD from Montreal two years ago at 27 years. I won a house and hey now buying more land. I am only 29 years. I wonder why you brag girl. Get a life

    • I make an after tax profit of ZMK 70 million equiiv alent to about US$14,000.00 from a very simple business right here in Zambia and that’s in addition to my monthly salary of US$7,000.00. I feel sorry for you Mushota. I am not a minister.

    • Stop dreaming mushota, i work for a south african company in zambia and getting $3,800 per month. so stop ukuyumfwa and come back to zambia and help develop this great nation!
      by the way, your english isnt good, as though u are not in scotland.

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    • MUSHOTA  is a child, at 27 she thinks like a 13 year old. Chilemoneka kwati wali chulile sana mu life nomba naipasa,kuula! Take advantage of where you are to improve on your english, ule tusebanya.

    • Ala iwe taumfwa. But you enjoy reading and commenting on the goings on back in Zed. you love Zed. We take Mushota out of Zambia to Scotland but we can not take Zambia out of Mushota

    • This nothing I get $24,000.00 per Month with my MCITP Enterprise Administration in IT. Your Education Level gives you that much too.

    • Iwe, stop commenting on Zambian issues since you hate Zambia. You are there everyday blogging on a nation that you treat with impunity. Just go back to your broom and start sweeping the road.

    • aya eh malabishi tulandapo, am currently in Zambia and truly Zambian and I get $12000 a month without allowances.full stop.

    • All of you guys answering Mushota have been played. Mushota here is a very funny guy. He deliberately puts out false data like that to pluck out some involuntary data from unsuspecting bloggers. Why do you think his avatar looks like Dorica Ndaifulila? This guy is a good comedian.
      And he is not in Scotland!!!

    • Mushota. I work for an International Organisation in Lusaka and I get more than that. My monthly salary under the Climate change Unit at COMESA is $8000 and its tax free. I did have to go to Scotland to get good pay.

    • Please I refused a  £70,000 pounds job in the UK to stay in Africa and earn upwards of $150k + bonuses, Stop being such a cunt and a show off for nothing, you probably just earn half that and its plating hair

  3. This is indeed a government of FOOLS & people who have no heart for the Zambian people. Its is now very clear that PF will use any means even people’s lives to remain in power. By the time Zambians realises PF would have brought anact & havocal in the the country. PF government is any agent of distruction & will soon mess up the piece Zambians have enjoyed since independence. My advice to pf government is if your leadership means well for all the Zambians deal with the cuprits individuals like Captain Solo was dealt with during the MMD regime.


  5. This is Sata’s plan, he was the architect of zero option during Chiluba. This man will never change his behaviour. Dont forget that Sata is the biggest liar. When he joined MMD from UNIP at an opening meeting in Kabwata Market opposite Police station he accused KK of hiding Iraq’s Saddam Hussan’s family at State Lodge. He lies and continues his lies even in sleep as per KK’s observations. All those promises before he took office were lies. Dont forget he smokes a lot.

  6. This story has PF written over it… I seriously regret voting for PF, im learning the hard way. I’m slowly starting to miss the freedom and peace we had under Levy and Bwezani. I’m Bemba and my wife is Tonga, i dont believe there is such a Tonga group, this group was created by senior people in PF, Sampa, Sakeni, Kambwili and GBM must have a hand in this.  

  7. ba mushota please please …….i get more than that here in zambia and am sure it will increase once i finish my phd , which i am doing here in zambia and being supervised by zambian professors ….its zambians like you who make people think that zambians are poor and cant achieve anything in our home country …shame on you !! …please dont come back to zambia we are better off without you 

  8. Pipo HH is a non issue for PF. UPND should’nt make a hero out of a loser like HH whose bitterness, tribalism and jealousy is slowly driving him to madness. Why should he be supporting clandestine moves of killing other tribes just because he pulled out of the pact because of being short sightedness and warped thinking. HH’s hate speech not leadership material and the earlier UPND realised their leader is headed for doom the better.He only criticises without explaining his so called magical formula for the nation.Pipo need to take him to task and ask him what his party’s programme is for the country.

    • Do u have proof HH supports ‘tongas under orth” give the police evidence so that he can be arrested.. HH has been consistent and only a those who hate the ‘tribe’ Tonga hate him too. My advise to you is that ‘there in no appology for being tonga’

    • i couldnt agree more with u Ketty.ure ryt. therez no proof the HH or UPND is linked to this grup called Tonga’s under Oath. dont just yap ba Prof.aah 

  9. Some people really you so much pumped with hate, you always talk bad things about Mr. Sata what really is in your heads. Its high time you talked real issues not ifyabupuba all the time.

  10. These are not issues to waste time on. Move on…… the opposition need to ignore such useless diversions & bring out real issues. Time is ticking for the opposition & PF will continue to rule if they cannot convince the masses why they also want to govern this country.

  11. My question is, why would pf allow such a story to be publicised in the newspaper before carrying out an investigation? Shame on all the ministers that surround Sata, especially GBM & Sekenihe these are agents of destruction! These are ideed politics of greedness & such should not be toraleted in our pieceful country. Sata should despline GBM otherwise this man is a threat to piece & will bring division in the country soon. I call on all Bembas & Tongas to remain united as ever & denounce every move by selfish & illitrate so- called politicians to cause hatred btn the two tribes. I know such fools will not succed at they plot bco Zambia is made up of 73 tribes. Viva One Zambia, One Nation.

  12. @ # 3 Mushota, so what if your getting that iwe ccchhhiinnyyoo chobe. have you seen anyone bragging here, wat you’re bringing is totally out of wat we’re talking abt. By the way there are too many Zambians getting above that. kabiyefye ba..ku..nye..nge abasungu. am sure thats wat you gave them for them to increase your salary ……………………………………………………………………………..

  13. # 3 Mushota, so what if your getting that iwe ccchhhiinnyyoo chobe. have you seen anyone bragging here, wat you’re bringing is totally out of wat we’re talking abt. By the way there are too many Zambians getting above that. kabiyefye ba..ku..nye..nge abasungu. am sure thats wat you gave them for them to increase your salary ……………………………………………………………………………..

  14. @Mushota. My dear young girl, congratulations on your achievement. Now think of coming back home to contribute to building of the nation or even better remit the savings to add to the diaspora remittances. And this one my dear little one and make no mistake. Things have changed for the better. Although there are not many, yet a couple of your compatriots earn in excess of US$10 000 per month and that is good value in a low cost economy like this one save for the pillaging one stands due to the extended family. I end with this my dear girl; intelligence is not a function of location. There are perhaps more brilliant children less your age and with outstanding opportunities in a nation where they are not a minority. Think about it.

    • It is a shame that you have been duped to believe a claimer possesses such money and qualification.
      As long there is no evidence, she is unqualified and unemployed until proven otherwise!

  15. The president just said tongas are a peaceful pipo and the story was engineered in Lusaka.In as much as you hate him,he doesn’t hate you coz he is a president bfor all zambians.

  16. so wat iwe # 3 Mushota?? who cares wat you get?? am sure you openned your leggs for a white man to give you that salary increament. for your own info they are so many Zambians getting above that. get a life and stop openning your legs any how for the white man

  17. ba mushota mwashala muchakale despite a few hardship pipo pa ZED are living well with big mansions. I’m sure you stay in a flat with that kind of money you are showing off.

  18. Why lie? I have no reason to like and I am getting in excess of £2500 after tax now

    In Africa a company paying these wages would be crippled. I know a lot of my friends, and families these figures I earn are CEO level, I am not trying to undermine anyone here, and I know there is a way you would earn this through business etc, I am talking about a salary

    Stop lying and give credit where it is due. High earners in Zambia are around K15m-K25m before tax and these are rare and are working for multinational organisations of which as well, the wages are non-pensionable, temporary and face a bleak
    All I am saying I am earning this I am young and can only get better


    • Mushota you are very wrong and i just hope other people in the diaspora are not suffering like that. come back home. Artisans at Kansanshi mine earn more than what you are getting.

    • You are out of touch with current occurrences in Zambia. A CEO earns equivalent to $17,000 or 7,500 pounds. The wages you are earning are equivalent to a junior manager’s pay in a big four audit firm.
      It is abhorrent that you assume to have so much qualification and yet what you earn is so modest in the Zambian set up.
      You need to draw a line and realize that age 27 is not a young age. I am 22 years old and I earn $3,500. It’s sad that when you hear of people like me, you wish you could dream in retrospect. I am a skeptic when it comes to your purported qualifications as we have no tangible evidence such as qualification attached or a pay- slip.
      Rev up the facts, I am waiting for you.

    • You can take Mushota out of Zambia to Scotland but you can not take Zambia out of Mushota. tafimonekamoneka mayo ikatisheni. You never expected that one day it can be like that in your life. Take the most out of what Scotland can offer sister. Otherwise……..


  19. Let me start with Mushota!! MUSHOTA, u think $3000 is alot of money kaaaa???If u are really in Scotland then you are just suffering getting that much per month and am doubting.If it was per week, somehow i was going to say NOT BAD.I tell you pipo get a lot of money pa Zed and wat you claim u are getting (Which i doubt) is just a weekend allowance for some pipo.

    Getting back,Where has this bemba/Tonga ,triblal thing come from?its really hating me to hear all these. Let us not talk abt these issues of trouble pipo.

  20. SATA PLZ CHANGE! PF is the group behind these schemes. These conspiracy theories of PF’s “Tonga on oath” have no place in Zambia’s modern democracy. PF knows these are the same tricks&people behind Chiluba’s Zero Option &the Black Maamba to silence opposition.PF be progressive, u can’t develop a country with threats,It’s too old fashioned! Hard work, Action & more Action is what electorates want..During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. Taking action becomes a positive transformation of society and posterity!! It’s foolishness to break promises Eccl 5v 4-7, then Ezekiel 37:26. I’s not time for stories and excuses, its time for laying a marshal plan for Zambia’s economic development and give a clear development road map of Zambia 2030




  22. The PF govt would not waste time scheming such against a nonentity, a political nondescript like HH. PF remains focused on delivering on its promises.
    Though he is tonga, he has no horns to burrow into PF skin. If anything HH with his dwindling political standing, is desperate to try and make himself relevant to the political discourse in the country and continue to cling on to UPND leadership.
    His desperation and thoughtlessness caused him to recruit William Banda as “special advisor” for the sole purpose of fomenting violence, cause mayhem, despondency and disrupt normal lives of people?
    Its not possible for ordinary tonga people in the villages to agitate for that without HH showing his brazen and proven tribal card to cause anxiety.

  23. No 3 Mushota ,there is money in Zed, wht is K24m per month. dont just brag about other countries’ economies , grow your own. i am a proud 28 years old Zambian male earning K14m per day clean money.

  24. # 10 zed multi-millionaire nice one,this mushota fool thinks when you in zed then you can’t make a living,my upstairs house is about to make a face…shut up and contribute to the affairs of where you are.leave us fight on our own….

  25. This will not end well I tell you. In Zambia at the moment most families are mixed up due to intermarriages, mine included. we have been co-existing for long without any problems. Now all of a sudden there are tensions based on tribe, now tell me, where has this come from? PF does not have the best interest of the nation at heart, shown by the way they have handled this scam assuming it is true.



  28. PF family forest in dispora, please cool down. if you think HH is a nonentity in the Zambian politics continue dreaming. Its high time start delivery on their unrealistic promisec. The more time you spend insulting HH the more clear it becomes to the forward minded Zambians that PF has no clue on how to tranformation of Zambias disgraced economy. So pf start working & prove to the Zambian people that you mean well for our time otherwise , one day you wake up & you will just discover that you PF is not a match to HH.

  29. This is a tribal govt of retards. Don’t expect anything positive from this govt. All genocides around the world have started with stup.id rumours like this one the idio.ts at the so called state media are spreading.

    Sata is now walking back the rubbish and exonerating the UPND. This is only after the diplomatic corp led by the US ambassador have told him in no uncertain terms that he will be held personally responsible for what happens as a result of his state media spreading FALSE rumours about tribal killings that have not been substantiated with concrete evidence!

  30. @Snoopy doggy doggy Dont insult iwe!!!!! or else we will not see the difference between you and this mushota.. why do you like insulting imwe bafikala kanshii????????? yabaaa!!!! awe ndeloleshafyeee nemubemba.

  31. My advise to GBM, Sakeni and PF in general is to leave HH and UPND alone. These are on a steady path of self-destruction and they are looking for someone to blame. HH, is a political blunder, a blind person leading those with eyes and they are happily following him into the ditch simply because of his wealth and tribe. And typical of all failed politicians, he wants to ride on ethnicity to justify his failures. With the current leadership, I can assure you, UPND is not going anywhere. If elections were to be called today and we combine MMD and UPND’s votes they can not beat PF. Concentrate on national development and so far so good. Let the HH’s and his UPND rest in eternal peace.

  32. That is the problem of putting a man with a forged grade 12 certificate for a defence minister, GBM is really desperate of succeding Sata & his is using all the means to fight his political opponents. Time will tell what the trueth is about this mess pf is bringing to the Zambian people. This issue is not about Bembas or Tongas but Zambian piece. GBM posted the letter in Mazabuka when he featured on radio Mazabuka & Sata has cleared the Tonga people saying the person who wrote that letter is in Lusaka. So Zambians be patient the trueth will come out soon.

  33. Mushota, until you provide the following, you are a cheat:

    a) A copy of your ACCA and CIMA certificates,
    b)A copy of your passport,
    c) A Facebook profile to confirm that you are in Scotland,
    d) A copy of your payslip.

    To me you are cheap talk.

    • Do not take this personal man.
      No one will show their certificates here, not even you (or can you?)
      Mushota is just being funny. He has been getting a kick out of this for some time now. I am sure he has become an addict already.

    • I do not take anything personal on site. The bottom line is that the person with gut enough to claim qualification must provide proof. Mushota must own up and provide proof. Do not lobby for individuals who speak without cause.

      You are taking this blogging business too seriously. I can tell you Mushota is not.
      Why are you asking Mushota to give you his details when you are blogging here as THE DARK LORD?
      Start by telling us your actual name and show us your birth certificate etc. before your ask this Mushota.
      Believe me or don’t, Mushota is just doing this for the fun of it.

  34. I am sure who ever was behind the so-called Zero Option has over rated its effectiveness and keeps suggesting the same strategy uselessly. Times have changed bane, let us embrace dialogue. Thats the problem of recycling people who should have been in retirement by now.

  35. this ka mushota chap really thinks Zambia is bush. what is k25 million in Scotland? even in zambia its not big money. please people keep on contributing on the stories not letting yourselves to be detracted by a chap who is just bragging. she dizzy from oral sex and anal sex

  36. Fellow tongas and other Zambians,lets not involve Sata in this nosense. I for one never voted for sata but i think he has shown some matyurity on this issue by distanting himself and appreciating tongas as the most peaceful clan.. I expect brother HH to appreciate this also,then people will know for sure that Tongas are peaceful indeed.

    The problem we have is GBM and sakeni…HH had advised SATA to fire these chaps before he gets more imbalanced…Once he does that i can assure you the following; this
    BEMBAS /TONGA cold war will end. Zambians will listen when HH advises govnment. SATA will torerate divergent views.

  37. GBM & Sekeni should be fired & caged bcoz becoz they are digging a grave for pf through there greed & selfish ambitions at the expense of the innocent Tongas & Bemba people.

  38. Some brain-washed diaspora-based academic is proposing strange changes to the national flag, to the coat of arms, and so on. He really has lost it. His proposals do not represent a manifestation of wisdom, and should be disdainfully ignored by the constitution-making process.

  39. This has psychological warfare written all over it.

    And who other than the MMD and UPND engaged an international lawyer who specializes in rallying international opinion against governments which step out of line with the mines and their trillionair banker owners?

    Read all about him here, and google: opposition petition donors maravi

  40. Why ain’t we surprised by such a daft response; the chap fails short of even criticising the vile clandestine tribalistic group that is up to no good!

  41. President Michael Chilufya Sata has already dismissed this letter as false and torn it in public, he has also stated that it was manufactured in Lusaka. He has praised the Tonga people as peaceful, what more do people want!!! All that despite the insults that people have been piling on him, He is an objective leadeer and a true nationalist who wants peace in the country!!!

  42. Mushota taumfwa. But you enjoy reading and commenting on the goings on back in Zed. you love Zed. We take Mushota out of Zambia to Scotland but we can not take Zambia out of Mushota

  43. Before spouting off or starting to suspect Tongas or Bembas, read this!

    Globalist Page: Robert Amsterdam
    A lesson in intellectual dishonesty and international meddling.
    by Tony Cartalucci

    Quote: ” The story of Robert Amsterdam sheds light on yet another cog in the “globocrat” machine, one rarely noticed or reported upon because, like the US funded NGOs, its role is one meant to *feed back into localized unrest fomented by the globalists from afar.* Amsterdam’s job is to rehabilitate failed color revolutions, failed puppets, fallen thorns from the sides of the globalists’ enemies, and to ensure that no matter how deep and dark the hole is a foreign country puts the globalists’ operatives, they remain a burden and concern upon them indefinitely. “

  44. HE Micheal Chilufya Sata has treated the letter with the contempt it deserves. This will psych the authors of this garbage, making them easy to nab. This nonsense of saying Bembas living in Southern province will be killed by Tongas is ulter rubbish and will not happen because we also have Tongas living in Northern province. This country belongs to all the 73 tribes of Zambia. If HH wants to be hero by getting arrested he should try something else as this one will simply not work.
    Ka Mushota is demented AND DEMON POSSED with self importance! Mushota stop distracting us from discussing our Zambian issues, you bored little fool!

  45. It appears PF has embarked on a strategy to see to it that all opposition politics are completely eliminated form this country. Then what is the meaning of democracy. Thye want a one team game with themselves being competitors and referee at the same time.This is proper dictorship in modern age. We know how MMD came up with ZERO OPTION up today it still remains a mystry. Arresting opposition leaders on trumped up charges will just make those opposed to the way PF is running public affairs more polorised.Lets face facts as Zambians and allow divergent views. Its health for democracy.

  46. It is clear that Zambia needs a total transformation of its national intelligence body. This is embarrassing for a nation like Zambia not have measures in place that can be used to critically evaluate every available piece of information at its disposal. There is no co-ordination of information or transaction of activities between agents and their handlers 24 hours per week. Government structures do not operate by using rumours or the media because what the media feed the audience is not always true. The intelligence has a task to infiltrate any entity so as to gather information pertaining to national security. The information is used to neutralise a group which pose threats to national security and also to avoid any occurance of violence or destruction of property. PF is ill prepared.

  47. Desperate act for real, am glad most intelligent Zambians are able to see through this bullshit propaganda by PF. Let PF just deliver to the people what you promised and stop fearing their own shadows and making HH popular, such retarded tricks won help in any way :d

  48. We are now the audience of a social construct called a ‘constant’. This constant is socially constructed in Zambia which is only interupted with epsodes of brief silence of PF regime. One can safely argue that their short epsodes of silence are indicative of on going planning of concoctions to be used as schemes to suppress their well known victim (UNPD or comrade HH). We critically evaluate the whole picture by using science e.g. different schools of thoughts, theories, case studies, are applied and it is follows that arguments of analogy are also used as well as the domestic laws of Zambia. Upon the reflection of our unbiased analysis, results are always consistent and vindicate UNPD. Viva HH,and long live a just people’s struggle and peace, education and development to all Zambians.

  49. If Mushota is educated as she always claims then she must bea lunatic. What is K24,000,000 per month in Zambia these days?

  50. Comrade HH contact me so that I can help you where necessary, I am not looking for any remunerations in exchange for my professional knowledge. I am already comforatble and educated. I admire your courage and the impetus which is ever propelling you forward. Transform the youths of Zambia across the entire country. Improve the education sector in that country both the basic and tertiary education especially the post gradual level. Wish you good luck. Peace, education and development to all Zambians. Away with propaganda.

  51. All PF cadres are selling themselves that they all fear HH, if he was the under five that you call him, you would just ignore his so called tantrums. Unfortunately you all know that he is intelligent and most of you cannot compare with him this is why the PF hate him and above all you cannot afford to buy him with money like the past and your government has been doing to people with opposing views.

  52. Mushota with your ACCA and CIMA, I think £3,000/month is not enough. £4,000 could have been fair in my view. Please look for jobs which can offer you around £60,000 to £80,000. I would not stay in Scotland for £3,000/month myself.

  53. ba Mushota: – High earners in Zambia are paid monthly around K60m – K180m before tax; I include the Bank Governor in this bracket. Business people are the highest earners with self paid income in excess of US$2 million per year. In fact some lawyers make US$5 million gross per year!!!

  54. Mushota: Stop wasting time in Europe, you will never sit in a boardroom since you are black and have an accent not to mention an attitude. If you are worth your salt, come back home and take your place amongst the successful ladies like Ms Kankasa at BOZ (Deputy Governor), Mizinga to Stanchart (MD), AuditorGeneral Annie Chifungula, Top Cop, Stella Libongani; Mbololwa who is PS at Justice etc etc. Come and earn big money in ZED. you are getting slave african migrat wages in scotland, cold scotland where you are always gazed upon and ridiculed for being black. Eeeiiisssshhhhhhhhh..


  56. Bo HH , you are so bitter man. You cant even condemn these Tonga killers but you still continue antagonizing government, what is the problem with you. Is it true that you wrote that letter so that you can be arrested in order to have sympathy from Zambians? Dull strategy man. Just be a man and bring all Zambians in you camp so that they vote for you in 2016. From the look of things even in 2016 you will be number 3. I cant see any strength in UPND but weakness. And its you HH who has destroyed UPND by making willy Banda the thug/killer your special advisor. Man HH cool down and take it easy…there are still 4 years to go.  

  57. The more we are in the limelight for the wrong reasons, the more potential votes we lose. Please lets be civil and behave ourselves. When are we going to politics the Mazoka way of shadow cabinet, budget policy direction. 

  58. Treason is being committed to our nation by those that have been given the power by us.Should we continue folding our hands…keeping quite we will reap war and whirlwinds of confusion.Let all true loving Zambians stand the against demagogs who are up to sowing seeds of disunite with hope of reaping big cash for themselves.President Sata knows that it his greedy financial backers who are doing this without his blessings.Its a personal scheme in route to succeed him yet done in a very immoral way.

  59. charles those MMD cadres who wanted to amputate your legs, should ve finished you off. Why would anyone scheme to arrest this scumbag hh? He ll ve himself arrested.

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