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UPND apologizes for Kalusa’s rape utterances


United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema
United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema

United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema says he will respond to the demands by the women movement for him to retract and apologize to FDD leader Edith Nawakwi over his sexist statement when he returns from western province.

The Non Governmental Organization Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has demanded that UPND leaders Hakainde Hichilema retracts his recent statement and apologize to Ms. Nawakwi and the nation at large for his sexist attacks of the female gender.

But in a telephone interview with QFM news, Mr. Hichilema, who is currently in Western Province says he is currently not in a position to respond to the demands by the women movement but will be able to do so only when he returns.

Meanwhile, UPND deputy spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo has apologized on behalf of the party, to the women movement over the remarks attributed to their former national youth chairman Joe Kalusa, who has threatened to organize party youths on the copperbelt to gang-rape FDD leader Edith Nawakwi.

Lifwekelo says the remarks attributed to Kalusa are unfortunate.

Speaking to QFM, Lifwekelo says Kalusa himself should also take responsibility and apologize for his utterances.



    • The Sea Eagle,what is your education background? you must be a dull person and uneducated a Kaponya.

      You do not know that threatening to rape or beat up or kill someone can land you in the cells? You will see what will happen to Joe Kalusa.


  1. As for me and my female friends. HH wawa! nonsense! In this era we cannot allow leaders who are openly sexist to lead us, they are obviously backward in their thinking as such they cannot be future leaders. If i was not sure about my position before with HH, apapena i know. Wrong chap all together, u can rest assured that HH will never get my vote. Aiyilasha!!!!

    • You can keep your votes its your right. Other pipo will vote for him. African culture is sexist my friend, so get over yourself. Surprising that you are silent on Nawakwi who provocated HH, lets be objective.

    • @Manone just because Nawakwi provokes HH does not mean HH should respond in a stupid manner as he did. If he were made president he would have more people provoking him on a daily basis. HH is clearly telling the Zambian electorate WHAT TO EXPECT FROM HIM WHEN IN POWER, Perharps one of the many reasons “most” Zambians seem to be rejecting him!

    • people why are you so one sided, whats sexiest about HH’s comments. Women in Zambia belong to the Kitchen that’s a fact no matter how educated they may be.Am a man and honestly why should a maid cook when my wife is there? keep on wasting your vote.who are you going to Give your Vote to Wife Battering GBM.

    • HH needs not to apologise Sata uttered more sexist statement when he was I opposition and by the way nawakwi was the one that provoked HH. HH gave nawakwi her right dose of medicine.
      N way who would want to rape such an elasticated organ

    • Concerned citizen, anyone with half a brain can see that HH’s remarks were sexist. Your comments are very contemptuous towards women and I feel sorry for your wife if you are married or whoever unfortunate woman you will marry. You exhibit a total lack of respect for women and its attitudes like yours that make Zambian men so unattractive as an option.

  2. Does it require an arrest in order for you to apologize why not make an apologize as soon as the S.T.U.P.I.D statement was made 

  3. Awe, why apologising?nawakwi needs to be gang raped. where were you people when this bed hopper was giving mrs hambulo sleepless nights. she is a very mischivious woman.raping her is the only solution


  5. HH’s statement was contextually directed at Nawakwi and not other women.What’s wrong with a woman going to the market and being in the kitchen cooking a sumptuos dish.It like us men being in the bush and hunt for buffalos and them and feeding the family.Personally,i think Nawakwi has no respect for men,he calls HH a young man and that he came from poverty really. thought Nawakwi also came from poverty and Sata said,she used to wear kilimpulini dresses as a junior government officer.

  6. Nawakwi should also apologise, she has no respect and this is not the forst time she is threatened to be gang raped. HH don’t waste time on such issues, actually do not comment at all, continue with your good work and ignore fallen shameless politicians.

  7. @ NICE you are on your my dear……..we the women of zambia have respect for HH and will vote for him. Nawakwi started the whole trashing of HH and HH was simply responding back.

  8. Guys, when you insult any woman the way brother HH did to sister Edith, expect a dressing down, which is what brother HH got. A good hand deserves another. If we respect other people, we can expect them to respect us in return. Those who live in glass houses should learn never to throw stones at others.

  9. It will be travesty for Hakainde to apologize for his remarks. We have too many serious issues in Zambia for women to want to pick up quarrels over trivial issues and to continue pretending that personal differences between a man and a woman always arise because the man is in the wrong.
    If I were HH, I would categorically reject the call and trash it to the trash where it belongs.


  11. HH should not appologies. These women organisations are becoming a problem. It seems they are the ones encouraging our women to misbehave. 

  12. Nawakwi is a disgraceful Woman who is not fit to be a wife or mother. I don’t understand why the FDD choose her to be their President.

  13. I do not understand u people! R u stupid or not? Know u that hh is a moneyman, not a real politician? U want his money and let him speak anything. My God, wake up and open your eyes that u learn to rebuke or correct him instead of being fearing him and keep silent because of his holy money. Remember this, u will regret when upnd party will soon be destroyed by his money and his dragonmouth.

  14. bloggers supporting HH dont seem to understand how society operates. Right or wrong when you degrade a woman in public its you the man who gets the backlash because society naturaly views them as feminine and needing of protection. When a man and woman are fighting, people move in to protect the woman and the next thing is, they laugh at the man for fighting her. Its as simple as that and as long as HH and UPND dont realise basic things like these they will never rule zambia. By the way women(marketeers) are the largest voters and HH better start thinking seriously about the implications of his statements come 2016.

    • And those majority women (marketeers) don’t read newspapers or listen to news.Some can’t even read nor write.Sata quarreled with almost everyone including Nawakwi when still in opposition,but he is Republican President today.He was the worst sexist,but there he is.Having a good time in State House.So if you think HH will never rule Zambia, my friend,you are cheating yourself.HH is gaining grounds every day,including ku koppala.

  15. why do you involve other respectable women.he refered to political prostituting woman nawakwi.let her not involve good women who know men can not be insulted as they are fathers.let nawakwi find a boyfriend who she can be attacking like that.She is following HH too much.she seeks his attention but she has failled because HH is a principled and visionary leader.

  16. Do not divert our views onto less important impart-less discussions about Nawakwi.
    We want real issues table, HH congratulations for putting into consideration the requests of NGOCC no matter how biased, And now HOW about the President Sata apologizing to the Nation for lying about 90 days and the rest.

  17. I wonder,7 guns and more women is a real life achievement.Kalusa is MMD and this vibrant party will not allow a situation where novices tarnish it’s name.By the way,you borrow money without priority and one need to rejoice after successfully finish paying the loan back.Ma road are in bad shape and PF need to pull up their socks before they drown into a stench of failures…………………Kwamana

  18. Am tired of this women movement nonsense
    HH needs not to apologise Sata uttered more sexist statement when he was I opposition and by the way nawakwi was the one that provoked HH. HH gave nawakwi her right dose of medicine.N way who would want to rape such an elasticated organ

  19. Blind followers of HH who do not want him corrected or advised, even when he insults women voters are actually not helping him. They are helping him dig his own political grave, as if it has not been dug already.

    The apology by a junior Party functionary like Edwin Lifwekelo, a disgraced one at that does not help matters. He needs to swallow his pride, apologise to all women and apologise to Nawakwi herself.

    In addition, he needs to advise his followers that they are helping him with his political extinction with their insults!!! Please sober up and show some political maturity!!

    • i like your comment it is very true and also true to the matter is that Our Government should also mature up then i can promise you HH wont have any choice but to mature as well.when you playing with a child you have to think like a child in this case PF are the culprits expriencing first hand there medcine they formulated in Mfuwe Jungle.

    • @concerned citizen:

      HH insulted Nawakwi who is FDD party president and happens to be a woman! So where dose PF come in in this matter? I guess everything has to be linked to PF, no matter what, ka! But such arguments loses credibility from the start.

  20. What do you expect from a party whose special advisers are Wiiliam Banda the thug, Mumbi the broke man and Lufwenkelo the big mouthed person. They planed through Kalusa to gang rape Nawakwi but its Kalusa who is suffering now. What a dull man is UPND kalusa. 

  21. HH should show good leadership by getting rid of people who are obviously denting his party. How do you embrace people like William ‘Strangler’ Banda? Or Joe ‘Rapist’ Kalusa? Such people are liabilities to your party. If you do not get rid of them then siciety has the right to conclude that you share their violent and rapist thinking.

  22. Kalusa does not have any position in UPND,we don’t even know whether he even a member! When he let to join MMD, he announced publicly but we have not heard a similar announcement of him rejoining UPND! So iwe ka Lifwekelo,who told you to apologise? Kawalala na RB wako iwe!

  23. gigantic big bag of maize should apologise for beating wife.ukwa should apologise for insulting maureen,nawaneka should apologise for insulting mutinta’s husband and joe should also apologise for insulting nawa neka.pls tell these NGOs organise alangise to educate nawa neka on how to behave with other poeple’s husbands

  24. @ Sammy – well said – SENSE !!!! I totally agree with your comment – HH is a political; ***** – a man who aspires for presidency, how on earth can he say such a thing. Why did his wife allow him to utter such nonsense – but then again, Mutinta is probably hand-cuffed to the stove in the kitchen and HH has taped her her mouth with cellotape. The only time she leaves the kitchen is when HH allows her to go to the market. She is probably an abused woman and we should send our soldiers to go and rescue her

  25. when pigs insults hyenas the whole forest become wild and when it is vice vesa there is serenity in the forest why?i think the house fly is the one which started this noise when it landed on the human dropping becoz it land crashed and the other flies scampered for satety wailling the whole forest

  26. Even when a woman gets pregnant instead of arresting both and charging them, only a man is charged even the encounter was started by the woman. Most of the rape cases are not even rape in the first place but women know all the NGO are on their side. Nawakwi started all this but why should HH apologies instead of both. Everything is about girl child what about boy child? This is descrimination!

    • I can’t believe you just trivialized rape! Supposing a close relative of yours (God forbid) were to become a victim of rape? Would you say the same thing?

    • I sometimes wonder if some of guys supporting this RAPE NONSENSE are not products of rape yourselves. It is really quite disgusting to read this garbage!!!!!!!!!

  27. Why can’t he apologise now has the cat got his tongue? A true leader is one who leads from the front not one who cowardly lets feeble minded chaps like that social network drivelling menace like Edwin Lifwekelo to apologise for him. He didn’t make a statement about the William Banda saga but cowardly hid behind his vice. the chap is can not lead at all!

    • @Maxwell  Read that statement and understand then open your month or type. The apology is not for what HH said which I believe he should stand by unless Nawakwi apologises. We cannot have women insulting men just because they have NGO’s with women that have failed to manage a marriage backing them

    • Nansense; I’ve read the statement and under5 can not be bothered to apologise at the moment as he is presumably busy [another grave mistake in strategy]. If a chap like him cannot debate with a woman solely on political views as an equal then he is better off keeping mute or leaving politics all together as there are a whole lot of them in the political arena.

  28. I fail to understand certain things when actually they are real.Advise me on this one are Kitchen Parties sexist and if not why does NGOCC not stop them 

  29. HH insulted all women when he demeaned Nawakwi as a girl, reducing her to the kitchen and insinuating that she was making advances on him when he reffered to the wife that she is enough for me.

    Now when Nawakwi replied with facts reminding him that the so called girl is a former Minister of Agriculture, Energy and Finance wheras him is yet to hold a councilor position in Gwembe, his henceman Kalusa, hoping to win back favours went ballistic threatening to organise UPND rapists on Nawakwi!!

    Which woman is going to vote for HH who thinks of all women as minors, girls who job is only in kitchen. And which women will risk being gang raped by UPND cadres for voting for HH, in any election???
    When you get less than 20% of total votes cast, you complain, please grow up politically.

    • HH should not apologise to Nawakwi.He’ll get more votes in 2016.That includes my vote.Most of you seem to have forgotten the wrongs which Sata did while in opposition;that includes the statements he used to make against women.He once told women(Women’s Lobby) that ‘you women talk too much because you are not married.And you are not married because you talk too much.Mwebaupwa mwalaya ponokwa kumayanda by your husbands’.Anyway, chiwamila galu……….!!!!!!

    • Yeah, @Don Corleone, HH will get your vote and a few others from the “usual suspects”, and will lose again. You can count on that!

  30. As an aspiring presidential candidate you cannot afford to antagonise women. This is dangerous for HH. These women groups are powerful, mark my words, this altercation with mama Edith shall be used against him in 2016. Wliiam , Lifwekelo and Kalusa are actually a minus to him. Look at ALABI when he embraced late FTJ and this same William Tekekele, he actaully undid himself wait and see. HH does not have the luxury of falling out of favour with the women espacially that he has no credible numbers on the C/B, in Northern, Luapula, Lusaka and even Eastern. He cant hope to beat PF with Southern, Western, Nortghwestern and Central voters only.


  31. I am a woman but Edith I would not side with she is too rude, she just got a taste of her own medicine, I for one do not feel insulted, NGOCC should read Mr. Chengala advice to them and fight for the vulnerable not for the good for nothing rich women.

  32. Perhaps something we are not prevy to happened between these two…think about it. This is like a continuation of an old saga…why did echi echi say….”…my wife is enough…”?

  33. This is an interesting case. so, Nawakwi is allowed to insult men, but men should not insult her back? Both HH and Nawakwi said some nasty things to/about each other, why is it that ony HH is condemned and should apologise? So, according to the women’s movement, a woman has to be defended, even if she is wrong, but a man has to be attacked even if he is only responding to attacks from the woman? So these women see nothing wrong in what Nawakwi said about HH? Do they consider that to be perhaps tough talking? Well, chiwamila galu kuluma mbuzi, not mbuzi kuluma galu… If the women’s movement really and truly supports Nawakwi, how come her performance has been so poor despite women being in the majority? Where did they go when Nawakwi needed their votes?

  34. @Zebb Mpinganjira, I get your point, but there is something you need to know – that the so-called women’s movement consists of a small clique who like having meetings and workshops in hotels and lodges, while the majority of women remain poor. If these women have the clout, how come female presidential candidates, including Nawakwi, have performed poorly in elections? The point is that the votes of the small women’s movement amount to nothing, really, because the majority of women do not care much about this women’s rights thing or feminist ideas, so they still vote for men…! Do you think the poor village woman out there even knows what is in the papers?

  35. Nawakwi attacked HH on her failure to work with him in UDA alliance becoz of his personality & his politics of criticizing every GRZ move. In retaliation HH attacked Nawakwi based on her gender WRONG! Ergo HH is “Male Chauvinist Pig” is not an insult ignorant Bloggers, Joe Kalusa and Mr. Chengala. 
    Male Chauvinist Pig means:
    -Cambridge Dictionary: A man who believes that women are naturally less important, intelligent or able than men, and so does not treat men and women equally
    -Urban Dictionary: A male person who thinks women are merely objects to be used for pleasure, esthetic value or labour. Male who patronizes, disparages, or otherwise denigrates females in the belief that they are inferior to males and thus deserving of less than equal treatment or benefit

  36. UPND!!!! you guys have lost it! I wonder where you brains are located_ I do not think you are a bunch of normal people with brains in tyour heads. Kalusa and Hichilema’s remarks on our female- our nation bulders are inhuman _ only people with stale brains can insult our women.

    No votes for you UPND come 2016___ am on a mission to de-campagn you, am thankful that you are helping in de_campaigning yourself.

  37. @ mwenzo – you are a total disgrace to women. How can you defend HH’s statement – supposing your own daughter heard what HH said, she would lose confidence and think she belongs in the kitchen. Or your son heard this, he would start thinking women only belong in the kitchen. What HH did is political idiocy – for someone who wants to get into state house, you can’t say such things. If this were another country, the women would have demonstrated on the streets, HH would have been forced to resign his position in UPND

  38. There appears to be convenient collective amnesia on the part of political mercenaries. These believe that a woman can behave like a loose canon and say anything against a man and the womenfolk fall all over each other demanding an apology. Well, I am not surprised we are where we are. The so called women’s movement in Zambia would do well to learn to shut up and get to tackle real issues of poverty, street kids and ignorance. To make issues out of non-issues is really disgraceful

  39. #Mona Lisa, did you even read HH’s statement? Or you are basing your feeble argument on what you were told by the Post? So all you women are now denying that a kitchen is not your place any more? Look yourselves in a mirror and see if what HH said was not true! If I were him I would not waste my breath to apologise for stating a fact, if it means losing a woman’s vote for stating a fact so be it!!

  40. @ Wanzelu -not denying the kitchen is not our place -in fact I love cooking. But is you were told to shut up and go and hunt for animals/plough the fields does it mean the field is no longer your place??? The problem with african men is when challenged by a woman, you resort to insults (the usual prostitute, immoral, lonely woman nonsense). You are too sexist and chauvinistic. Yes – Nawakwi attacked HH’s CHARACTER (not gender) – so why did HH respond by attacking Nawakwi’s gender??? It shows that HH is a fool who can’t hold an objective discussion without doing what typical african men do when challenged by a woman – attack her femininity!!!

  41. The problem with HH and his blind followers is that they consider women as low class who can only be worthy a cow or cows. Do you think with such a position that HH has can be president of Zambia? Yes he can be president of his up and down party but not Zambia where women are considered with dignity. 

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