Roberto is a Zambian singer/songwriter/producer and the youngest of a musical family, so it was only fathomable that he would follow in the footsteps of his parents and older sibling, very well-known Zambian singer/songwriter/producer Ozzy. Roberto entered the music scene as a rapper, and later turned singer after being inspired by Usher’s hit song “My Way”; Roberto later encountered a career turning experience after traveling to and living in South Africa for a period of time. Whilst in South Africa Roberto wrote songs for and worked with well-known South African artists, such as Boom Shaka, Thebe and Buso, just to name a few. This propelled Roberto’s confidence and career to the next level and led him to joining forces with Explosive, whom at the time had regular features on Channel ‘O’ and gave him the opportunity to write and produce his first track titled “Chest to Chest” which paved the way for Roberto in the African Music scene.

On his return to Zambia Roberto released his debut self-titled album in his native tongue, which produced hits such as Operator, Mtima Wako, Inkama Shandi and Ulimbe Ft Ozzy.

Later in 2008 he released his sophomore album titled “Akasuba”, the album had shown new light to the Zambian R&B music scene with songs like Don’t Say You Do, These Words, Nikutasha, Save our Love, Bengi and 2009 award winning song of the year Akasuba titled after the album.

In 2010 Roberto entered into collaboration with Ugandan artist Toniks and together they formed a group called UZ47. Since the joint venture, UZ47 have since been anticipated as one of the finest duos to come out of Africa. With songs like Swag Meter and Be With You already under their belts and music videos to boot, that have been received with rave reviews reflected by their view count, it is evident that they have set a new standard for the African music industry and are only just getting warmed up.

Roberto recently released his latest album “My Name Is…”  His first single from the album is titled “Osanisiya So” which was released early this year.

“Osanisiya So” is a funky edgy forbidden-love song, sung in English with a splash of Nyanja (Zambian language). With this single, Roberto offers listeners a different taste to Afro-R&B whilst experimenting with heavy base drums that you cannot help but bop your head to as the chorus lets you get lost in the mood of the song.

The follow up single to “Osanisiya So” titled “Good Woman” reflects Roberto’s love for R&B and will be the first of Roberto’s more commercial sounding tracks that carries the listeners on to where the first single left off.

With a lot more surprises to unravel, some major collaborations, and a creatively experimental album. Roberto has something in store for everyone, and is sure not to disappoint his fans old and new, who have been eagerly anticipating his latest material. Already being titled Southern Africa’s answer to 2Face, all that can be added is for audiences to take a seat and enjoy the Roberto plane as it takes you into a whole new era of Afro-R&B.

The Music

Good woman

Osanisiya So ft Young Riko

Salaula ft Enepal


Save our love

Swag meter

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    • Oh yes i remember that story too, weird how no one published the fact that it was framed and all that, abena Zed you love to attack but when the truth is out you just go Zee, Mwaiche your music Ni zee, we are in support


  1. Proud of my brother man , Roberto . I wish all the best in his career . May God be with u n everything u lay ur hands on. With love, Ruddie


  2. Iwe Roberto we are going to be pissed with you if you dont bring awards to Zambia, where is the Good woman Video and why is Hot Fm not placing it pa Top 10 CountDown why kalidjo ba Zach kanshi we want it pa Number 1 not vama XYZ olo Peterson



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