“Remarkable Voice with an Amazing Look” “A True Talent”
These are some of the things that others in the industry are saying about Zambian born, London raised singer / songwriter Katongo. With musical influences such as Miriam Makeba, Brenda Fassie, Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey, it’s no wonder this very talented young lady, effortlessly blends Afropop and R&B in her own musical compositions.

With fan favourites such as “Tonight”, “So Good” and “Something Bout the Way” it’s understandable why this up and coming artist has been nominated for the UK Zambians Singer/Songwriter of the year award and why she continues to garner online media attention and African radio airplay. With her recent invitation to be a guest performer on Sky TV 182’s ‘Sporah Show’, we see no evidence of Katongo’s popularity slowing down.

Kapa187: What made you decide to take up music seriously?

Katongo: I always wanted to sing, but I didn’t know how I could break into the industry. When I got to university I met several other musicians/songwriters.  I started doing session work for producers, which developed into me recording my own material and gaining recognition from music managers/agents and independent music labels.  I then realised I could take music on as a career and not just a hobby.

Kapa187: Describe your style in 3 words

Katongo: Afropop meets R&B

Kapa187: Your EP “My way” was well received, I especially liked the song “Something bout the Way”    For those who have not heard the EP yet, tell us about it and where can they get a copy.

Katongo: Thank you I am glad you like it. Well my EP is a reflection of my life at the time that I wrote it.  It centre’s around my experiences as a young woman.  It is a contemporary fusion of pop, Afrobeat and R&B.  Over its 6 track duration I take the listener on a journey starting with fast paced tracks like ‘So good,’ and the slowing it down with tracks like Cactus Agony featured ‘Something bout the way’.  

The EP is available on ITunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and many more and it can be downloaded from my website www.KatongoMusic.com

Kapa187: Songs like “move your body” ,”so good” and “Tonight” have a nice dance ,fist-pumping, club feel to them. What inspires your music?

Katongo: I am inspired by so many things. But mainly I aim to write honestly so whatever i am experiencing in my life I try to convey in my music.  When I was writing my EP I was heavily inspired by dance music and afrobeats whilst emotionally, I was inspired by love. So when you listen to the EP a lot of that comes across.

Kapa187: Your video for “Tonight” has over 20 000 views on YouTube which is a great achievement.  How was the experience of making the video, what was the concept behind it.

Katongo: I still can’t believe that so many people were/are interested in watching my video.  I am so grateful for the love. The concept was quite simple; we wanted something that literally depicted the lyrics of the song.  So at one point you see me reminiscing the love I had with my ex boyfriend, and at another you see me moving on, happy and enjoying life with my friends.

 Kapa187:  Will you be releasing a full length album in the near future?

Katongo: Yes, without a shadow of doubt.  I am already in the studio working on new material and I am very excited to release it soon.

Kapa187: What do you think about the current state of Zambian music, Which Zambian artists would you like to work with in the future?

Katongo: I am a huge fan of Zambian Music, and I am very proud of the fact that Zambian musicians are successfully competing with major label Nigerian, Kenyan and South African artists. The music production quality in Zambia is great.

With regards to who my favourites are, well, I am a huge fan of Cactus Agony, not only because he features on my EP but because he has such an amazing voice! And I am also a big fan of JK and Exile.

Kapa187: Do you have any plans of touring in Zambia?

Katongo: I would love to tour Zambia, and Africa as a whole one day soon.  I’m sure that i will do so in the near future.

Kapa187:  Apart from music you also do charity work .Tell us about your work with “Africans United Against Child Abuse” (AFRUCA).

Katongo: I have been a supporter of the charity for over 2 years.  I am in awe of the difference they make in children’s lives in the UK and in Africa.  I have always wanted to be a part of organisations that protect children and when i heard about them i was quick to support their work. Once I affiliated with the charity I was granted the opportunity to speak at the Houses of parliament and I have been keen to get involved in more ever since. One day I hope to have my own children’s charity.

Kapa187:  What has been the best moment in your music career?

Katongo: There have been several amazing moments and i have met some amazing people thus far in my career.  I really can’t choose one moment.  But to be honest with you, it hasn’t been meeting famous people, working with famous people or doing video shoots and photo shoots that have made me happiest, it has been the time spent in the studio creating and then presenting my music to the world.  So I guess the best moment for me was working on my EP and completing it over a 10 week period.

Kapa187: Is there anything your fans will be surprised to know about you?

Katongo: This is a hard question, well I think people would be surprised to know that I have a Bachelor of Science degree in International relations and that I was the only female and lead vocalist of a band called Dynasty, we considered ourselves the younger ‘black eyed peas’.

Kapa187: Any last words for your fans

Katongo: Thank you for your love and support; I am humbled by your messages and words of encouragement.

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Something bout the way ft Cactus Agony


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    • Why do you have to be a hater though. Did you not read that she already has a bachelor of science degree in international relations. Clearly she has already done the school thing and excelled. Now she has found something she’s passionate in and would like to work on. She’d be more successful doing something she absolutely loves and is good at than something she did for the sake of an education and being comfortable. This mentality of the only way to make it is going to school to get a 9-5 that you don’t enjoy has to end. It surely isn’t the only way to make it in life so let her be. She’s got talent and excelling in her field. Just show her support ala 


    • Sometimes why we do not progress so much is that we do not embrace the place of small beginnings. This girl is doing extremely well with her small beginnings in the music industry. It is such a compettitive industry and yet she has an amazing voice and sound in her music .Wanting to see her leap-fron seasoned musicians in a second is not being realistic. Look at a cup as half full rather than half empty!


  1. Yes Mushota you are “educated” and ugly at the same time. When are you going to give us a braek with your weird posts. You seem to have nothing else to do.

    The girl has chosen music and that’s it.


  2. Am so particular about music; but hey the ka “tonight” song is great groove. Weldone young lady. Just that am a kalindula man!! But hey its nice, jelasi down, i can buy it.


  3. What a voice! The music is still copycat though. Here is a chance to get a Zambian beat on the World market and we arent grasping it!


  4.  Mushota
    What do you mean you don’t understand this girl? She has gone up to BA. She may not what to do a professional qualification like yourself.

    How are you resolving your issue that you had asked people to help you on last time? I mean the issue about the baby or something.


  5. Forgot Like the comet that shows up every 75 years, a beautiful bemba shows up every so often. Cause beautiful easterners, southerners and westerners are born every day.


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