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New video by Maureen Lilanda

Headlines New video by Maureen Lilanda

Maureen Lilanda released a new video for the song “Mwana Wanga

Mwana Wanga is performed by legendary Maureen Lilanda for the Develop Zambia 10101 music compilation,an initiative of the Zambian Institute for Sustainable Development(ZISD) to raise funds and awareness for its Breaking the Chains of Poverty in Zambia scholarship program. It is undoubtly the biggest Zambian charity music compilation with artists such as Exile, Maureen Lilanda, JOB, Winston Moyo singing songs on HOPE.A staff funded Zambian initiative for Zambians. It is our way of expressing our love for country. 

By Kapa187

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  1. Beautiful, this woman is ever amazing, these songs come from her heart to put the word across. That’s why she has hit after hit. I only hope and pray the young ones can learn from her, she’s never just singing to make money but to teach and change a generation. Great piece madam

  2. Wow, what a touching piece of song! I was almost crying considering that I left my kids back home in Zambia and I do not know what kind of life style they are adopting from their friends in my absence. Keep it up Moreen and its inspirational especially to this generation.

  3. Not amaluimbo ya aka ni kambama. This a song with meaning not chi imbeimbe like the young ones are doing. Choose to sing like this woman is doing. God bless you Maureen.

  4. Maureen my sister!! I”ve listened to this wonderful, touching song with tears in my eyes!! Well done girl…..go go go!!! You never seize to amaze me! Hope to see you when I come to visit Zambia!

  5. Wao!! The song takes away all the pain I feel each time I sacrifice for the litle ones at home. Its worth it to have a heart kansi!! Where to we send donations?

    • Hi Kibinda,

      Its great to know that you are enjoying our Mwana Wanga song by Maureen Lilanda on the Develop Zambia 10101 (Ten ten one) music project.

      This is an initiative of the Zambian Institute for Sustainable Development, an ngo that sponsors brilliant underprivileged students.

      Please contact me on [email protected] or +260-977610065 amd advise your email address so i can advise how to send donations.


      Peter Lungu
      Executive Director
      Zambian Institute for Sustainable Development

  6. Very organised well produced music without the stereotypes we are hearing from the kids. Kids! listen get something from the example. Listen to especially the production and stop repeating that hopeless drum loop you have in all your hip hop copies of songs! Then do what you think is hip from Lilanda’s example.


  8. Auto-tune!!! Why not sing using your natural voice? Use of auto tune removes the little natural talent she might have. Try again Maureen, this time no auto tune please!!!

  9. Inspirational indeed, I have just sent it to my children and hope it gets down to their thick heads! Our Children take life for granted, always on the lookout for short cuts and good life. Our Children have more pocket money than us parents who have to toil hard for wages. Too fast and no brains at all. As my friend once put it, she is working hard and serving enough for a decent pension so that she can die in peace, she gave up on her children long time ago! Very sad ideed !

  10. Beautiful tune Maureen. The picture composition and lighting textures are right on. Haven’t seen you for 12 years or so. If you read this at some point i will send a message to ZISD for you to contact me and we can talk music. You’ll know who it is if ZISD pass on the message! You once got a Korg keyboard off me many years ago.

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