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Chief thanks Government for sending a mobile Hospital to his area

Health Chief thanks Government for sending a mobile Hospital to his area

Medical staff attending to patients at a Mobile Hospital
File: Medical staff attending to patients at a Mobile Hospital : Picture Courtesy of ZANIS

Chief Mukonchi of the Swaka people in Kapiri Mposhi district has commended government for sending a Mobile Hospital to his area to attend to various health ailments faced by his subjects.

Chief Mukonchi said the Mobile Hospital, which will be stationed in his area for five days, will greatly afford his people access to quality health care.

The traditional leader noted that his subjects cover long distances to health centres in order to access medical care.

He said the coming of the Mobile Hospital in the area will bring health care on their door steps during the few days it will be in his area.

Chief Mukonchi urged his subjects to take advantage of the presence of the Mobile Hospital to have their various health ailments attended to.

The Mobile Hospital has opened service to Mukonchi chiefdom today and expected to wind up over the weekend.

And Government has reiterated its resolve to work extremely hard in providing care and quality health services to the people especially in the rural parts of the country.

Minister of Community Development, Mother and Child Health Joseph Katema said with the growing population in Zambia, a lot of citizens require access to good health services at health institutions.

Dr. Katema was speaking in an interview with ZANIS shortly after touring Chongwe District Hospital and Chongwe District Health Centre yesterday.

He said palliative care and quality health service delivery to all Zambia was government’s priority.

Dr. Katema has since thanked all stakeholders that have been in the forefront to supplement government’s efforts in providing quality health services to all citizens countrywide.

Meanwhile, Chongwe District Director of Health Charles Msiska said taking quality health services as close to the people as possible was cardinal in ensuring improved health care services in Zambia.

Dr. Msiska said the district was one of the areas where people have been receiving quality health services.



    • FOOLISH!!!

  1. The model of using these mibile hospitals is not sustainable. You may recall that these trucks cost c.$50million. The renovation of UTH and Ndola will cost less than that. Once the trucks have been driven around for 2 years, they will start to encounter mechanical problems, and that is when the reality of what a costly mistake this experiment is, will start to sink in. I would rather the money was spend to creating settlements of c.1000 homesteads which can then be provided with the necessary infrastructure. Chiefs can have a pivotal role to play in allocating land and encouraging their subjects to move to such developmental hubs. At the moment, we are too sparsely populated to achieve meaningful development; hence concentration of efforts to urban and peri-urban areas.

  2. No. 3, you are based in the UK and cannot understand the pain people in the rural areas feel. Where I am here, there are mobile hospitals and no one condemns them.

    • I actually understand what people in rural and remote areas experience; that is why I think that this is a short term measure, which will not be sustained. I visit my village on a regular basis (when I am back home) and believe me, my opinion is not borne out of ignorance of the rural conditions, rather it is built on understanding the long term picture.

  3. I totally agree with No.6. I did not appreciate the mobile hospitals as much as I do now after relocating to a rural area. They are really helping people especially that rural health centres are poorly manned and have inadequate medical facilities and provisions. One may argue to say they are not sustainable but they have saved many lives during the period they have been in operation. Let us not gloss over this simple fact.

  4. #3 UMWAUME – The UJAMA model of collectivisation without state ownership as a method of development, was tried in Tanzania. It failed and Mwalimu resigned when confronted with the prospect of having to dismantle the villages. Please ask Chama Cha Mapinduzi. A clever man learns from his mistakes but a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.

    • I am not advocating the Ujamaa, even though a small component is similar to the principles underpinning Ujamaa. Indeed you have only looked at a very small component of Ujamaa. Parts of it were actually successful- infant mortality dropped, life expectancy increased and access to education also increased. This is partly attributable to the mobilisation of communities; which made service and developmental delivery easier. This is all I am advocating; I am not advocating the creation of communes per se rather, I am giving a roadmap of how service delivery canbe improved.

  5. Reliable sources have really confirmed that
    madam Luo is frustrated due to her
    demotion that has led to her being in
    charge of witch doctors, makishi/nyau &
    denying her international trips because it is
    almost impossible for her to go out for
    tours or accompany the president.

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