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K1.3 billion CDF for 2010 and 2011 still idle in the Bank in Kapiri Mposhi District

General News K1.3 billion CDF for 2010 and 2011 still idle in the Bank...

Kapiri Mposhi Township

Kapiri Mposhi District Council has not received its 2012 Constituency Development Fund-CDF- because it has failed to account for the One point three billion received in the last two years.

This came to light during the Third Full Council Extraordinary meeting when it was reported that the local authority had failed to spend and retire over 1.3 billion Kwacha CDF that it received for various projects in 2010 and 2011.

The funds are still lying idle in the Council’s account and the Central government has ordered that the Council utilizes and retires the carry-over funds.

Incoming Council Secretary Hamwende Mpande disclosed that the council has failed to utilize the funds because of procurement requirements for some projects.

Mr. Mpande says most of the funds were budgeted for the procurement of a Grader, Community Radio Station Equipment and several on-going projects.

But Kapiri Mposhi Member of Parliament Lawrence Zimba wonders why the council has failed to utilize the money which were disbursed in the first quarter of 2011.


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  1. we need the councils to wake. How can a council fail to spend money for development with all the problems that the district must be facing. what will happen when power is fully devolved to the local authorities. this is what gives the government excuses for not going ahead with decentralization. 

  2. This is utter rubbish! What kind of MPs and councillors has Kapiri Mposhi elected in the past? Was one of the attributes of being a councillor or MP in this area stupidity? What procurement regulations were so complicated for these bufoons to have left peoples’ money lying around at the bank? The bank has made money from this money, while the people of Kapiri are going to have impassable roads with the on set of rains, have no community radio station for their childrens aducation & inspiration as someone was sitting on their hands with money in the bank! I am simply flabbergasted! The people of Kapiri deserve better, they deserve leadership that views procurement procedures as work guidelines and not as hinderance to thieving! Spend this money for the benefit of the people! ATASE!

  3. Am sure someone within the council wanted a big kick back hence subotage the tender process after failing to push for selfish bids.How honestly can tender process be hindrance to utilizing the funds.??


  4. Simply
    a).Determine the specs & Road map
    b)Advertise as the case may be./
    c)Open bids & Evaluate
    d)Contract Awarded /contract signing done
    e)Monitor works thereby stage certifcates ar issued for payments
    f)Handover & utilisation.


  5. The evidence is clear that most council workers and including many GRZ civil servants have no capacity to develop Zambia. Once such sums of money starts lying idle, some smart ass with think of ways to stealing it. Ask Kapoko how he stole for many years and only got caught after a jilted girl-friend snitched on him. If that girl had not done this, Kapoko would have been milking the nation up to now un-noticed because of our poor auditing and accounting standards.

  6. # 5 Cety, how eloquent! Very clear for these uneducated embarrasing council officials in Kapiri! Mimba @ #8, some of these council workers should be put on ealry retirement to allow the hiring of more competent staff. I am still fuming over this matter!

  7. This is one reason I can never work as a civil servant as you are rewarding for spending all the monies…where as an entrepreneur on the other hand is rewarded for turning whatever monies of his company into profit.

  8. That is what happens when you have ba PF running affairs.No plan and no proper human resources to effect skillful programme of implementation.Just illiterate PF party cadres rewarded with positions they have no skill for.

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