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Kitwe Central Baby swap case: Minister castigates management and orders immediate DNA test

Health Kitwe Central Baby swap case: Minister castigates management and orders immediate DNA...

Kitwe Central Hospital
Kitwe Central Hospital

Copperbelt Province Minister Mwenya Musenge has taken a swipe at Kitwe Central Hospital management over the negligence that resulted in a suspected baby swapping case at the institution.

Mr Musenge who yesterday, visited the parents of the baby suspected to have been swapped with another a month ago at Kitwe Central Hospital after delivery said it was unacceptable for such cases to occur when deliveries are conducted by well trained personnel.

He urged medical professionals to be extra-careful when dealing with such maternal cases.

The minister has since directed the hospital Medical Superintendent John Mwewa to ensure that DNA test is immediately conducted to clear the suspicion that the parents could have over the parentage of the baby.

Mr Musenge also donated assorted baby clothing and groceries for the baby.

The Copperbelt minister further assured the family that government will ensure that the baby’s father who has been suspended for work because of the baby case is called back by his employer , Kitwe United Football Team.

And Kitwe Central Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr Mwewa said the hospital management is making arrangements for the DNA test to be conducted so that the parentage of the child is determined.

Dr Mwewa said the child and the parents will on Thursday this week be sent to the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka where their blood samples will be taken and sealed in their presence and then sent to South Africa for testing.

Meanwhile the couple that has accused some Kitwe Central Hospital medical staff of swapping its baby has insisted that the baby they are keeping is not theirs.

The couple is also resisting to take the baby for a minor operation needed to treat some medical condition on the baby’s navel.

Last month a couple from Kitwe’s Buchi-Kamitondo township accused Kitwe Central Hospital staff of having swapped their baby boy with a baby girl after delivery.

The Mother of the child Anna Mwanza narrated that when she delivered at Bush Clinic, she was shown a baby boy but after being referred to Kitwe Central Hospital, she was given a baby girl.

And Dr Mwewa , the Kitwe Central Hospital Medical Superintendent said there was no baby swapping but the baby could have just been mistaken for a baby boy due to a growth she had on the genitals.



  1. This is too serious pls be in a hurry to sort out this confusion who wants to attend to a baby you are not sure is yours for even three weeks ?

  2. Very awkward especially that Zambia cannot perform its own DNA and yet planning to have a national airline and new stadiums

  3. Others have already articulated their views on a national airline. The mind boggles, when anyone who follows world news knows what problems a national airline brings even to well established economies. Recently, Air Qantas, a large airline has been haemorrhaging funds badly. What more with a new player on the scene? Having a national carrier may create national pride, but if the economics don’t make sense, don’t venture into that space. Ask M’membe and Mutembo how Zambian Airways went belly up! This airline will just serve the travel plans of the politicians, period.

    • 3 u r very much rit…
      We av failed 2 maintain d rail system wic z far less cheaper hw abt national airline ..
      Let’s wait nd c hw d reposed railsystem nd revamping of it w
      ill take us 

  4. So this is how 48yrs of Independence has spent. Cry my beloved Country. PF please cleanse this country as soon as possible.

  5. Kanjimano @4 has a very valid point as a result find it out of sorts for Yambayamba @5 to want tmake a joke of it please let’s look at these issues with the seriouness they deserve

  6. i thot zambian doctor based in south africa had set a lab in lusaka which costed him more than 10billion kwacha at that time.the said even DNA testing would be done.if not mistaken it should be more than 3yrs ago now.

  7. Mr Minister many a silent voices have been dismissed from work for attending to serious family problems by own local companies and some so called investors.When you report to the department of labour or the human rights commission not much help comes from them.Please let your Government strengthen the existing weak labour laws to protect the majority of underpaid and suffering workers.Some companies refuse to even allow some one take a week’s leave to attend to pertinent issues.If its so called investors they will tell you to sort out your issues on your off day and normally off days are Sundays. Where can you find government offices or banks opened on Sunday in Zambia? Please these organisations that are there to help the citizenry do their tasks that they are mandated to do.

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