Sliced ear victim asks for K50 million compensation

Douglous Mwila 24, had his ear sliced by his supervisor
Douglous Mwila 24, had his ear sliced by his supervisor

A worker at China Jiagxi, whose ear was sliced allegedly by a Chinese national last Friday, has asked for compensation of K50 million.

Douglas Mwila, 24, had his ear sliced using a metal object allegedly by Guo Haisheng while on duty.

When the case came up before Principal Magistrate Aridah Chulu yesterday, Mr Mwila said he was ready to withdraw the case on condition that Guo gives him K50 million for his medical expenses.

Guo 45, a bricklayer of Chinese Centre, Mass Media area was arrested on Friday after he allegedly assaulted Mr Mwila at the Twin Palm Zambia Air Force (ZAF) base where they had been engaged to construct houses.

Guo has been charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm, a charge has denied.

It is alleged that on October 19, this year in Lusaka, Guo did assault Mr Mwila thereby occasioning him bodily harm.

When he was called to plea yesterday, Guo who is represented by Lusaka lawyer, Gilbert Phiri denied having assaulted Mwila.

The court granted the accused K2 million bail in his own recognisance, with two Zambian working surities in the like sum and that he surrenders his passport to the senior clerk of the court.

Mr Mwila informed the court that he wanted Guo to take care of his medical expenses through compensation as he wanted to withdraw the assault case.

When asked by the court how much he was demanding, Mwila said: “I want K50 million from him.”

But Ms Chulu said the K50 million he was demanding was outrageous.

“The K50 million you are demanding is definitely outrageous before we even start talking about it. We will adjourn this matter for trial to November 12, 2012 but in between, you can meet and negotiate on the reasonable amount,” the magistrate said.

Guo who was released by police on Friday after negotiations with Mr Mwila but was re-arrested over the weekend after Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Solomon Jere intervened in the matter.

Mr Mwila had agreed to a compensation package of K500, 000 and granted a two week leave from work as part of the agreement.

On Friday, Zambian workers at China Jiangxi protested at Longacres police post accusing police officers of getting a bribe from Guo, to have him released.


  1. Let this man go to jail and pay $100million dollars and be deported back to China. We need to teach investors that we are a country of laws. This is disgusting.

    • I agree he needs to get deported, its really sad that he can slice a Zambians ear and accept K500,000, infact the K50m is not enough

  2. That fellow must be jailed or pay the 50 Million. We need to make serious examples of would be offenders. We must not take life so lightly, the chap could have killed him looking at the part of the body he had injured him. Then some prick is even saying 50 millions outrageous, come on you people give us a break. let these foreigners be taught a lesson, they need to know that we are humans and not wild animals! Do you want the whole country to rise up against these Chinese people?   

  3. Do not accept the bribe of 50mil make this Chinese abuser go to jail and then be deported.
    Until they see stiffer penalties they will keep treating Zambians as slaves.

    Make this Bricklayer(how did he get a visa for low class job) pay for his anger.

    The judge should not even be asking for the case to be dropped.
    Make a government arrest and get 100mil from him before he is sent home for breaking Zambian labour laws.

  4. The pf govt love the chinese so dearly so that this story will end nowhere. This chinaman will go scot free. The zambian illiterate will remain nursing a painful ear with not even a pin in his pocket. Watch the space.

  5. Poverty is something that erodes ones dignity. In some countries that I cannot mention here some people go to the extent of selling part of their bodies to have money! This young man has almost done the same. It is good to forgive without attaching any condition.

    • You are a total tool to think that he’s selling his body. He has been damaged for good.Asking for damages does not mean one hasn’t forgiven.He wants his medical expenses covered and the pain and suffering and disfigurement and trauma compensated.Period.

  6. “Mr Mwila had agreed to a compensation package of K500, 000” WTF?? CAGE THAT BRICKLAYER PLEASE.ASSAULT IS A SERIOUS CASE

  7. 50m outrageous nosense. what if he had killed him? dont accept that 500pin stick to 50m or just let justice prevail.

  8. K50million is outrageous and the all know it even Mwila himself,stop getting wrong advise,that assault case is by far not an opportunity for business capital,if you insist on going to court the guy will be fined and you are back on the streets.

  9. Lesson learnt by the youths,for as long as you aspire to work for somebody,you shall surely be abused,find something of your own and Zambian employers still abuse.Wafya walemana.

  10. Wow – he should be asking for more than 50 billion!  50 million – my foot he is deformed for LIFE!  Hacking off an ear, it could have been the whole head.  I can’t imagine the pain. 

    • Imagine Roots zoona,how many bricklayers are in our streets today?Imigration where are you?Uyu musebanya weka weka….How did you give this man a permit…..This is why poor Zambians are dying of BP,ni ifi ifyabupuba akamuntu naukacila ama qualications but kalekushupa whilst holding your position.

  11. It is this kind of behaviour by foreigners that stoke zenophobic sentiments. A Zambian can not hurt a chinese national in China and get away lightly. The Chinesse authorities would mete out the worse punishment. This chinaman broke the law and law enforcement agents should not be lenient or selective in its application.


  13. Ms. Chulu must have her head examined, calling K50 Million outrageous, which world does she live in? to chinese that amount is nothing let alone K 500,000. In fact she is the one who should even be intervening for the young man but bu muzungu wanga naku ma chinese sure? It’s these kind of Zambians who are busy selling there own. If the offender refuses to pay K 5O Million just let his ass locked up because K 500,000 will not take you any where besides you are deformed for ever. Other charges that should be added is causing trauma because this will affect you forever too.

  14. Ms Chulu……………elayangala sana……..ngalilyamo ayii cindike.Let that Chines get a loan from his bosses this will prevent him from doing the same in future cause if he pays K500,000 he he will not stop harrassing fellow employees.Alipile nagu amubwekeshe efyo ali,if it was an accident I would have agreed for K500,000 nomba uku kutumpa and Ms Chulu ukutwi kulakalipa bad news plus the impact of the of the bar on the head alipile fye 50million infact naicepa talapola elyo ambile treetment.K500,000 ni x-ray fye ninshi yapwa….Doughlous wisumina twakupapata ukalacula fye…………….pa last.They are just cheating you that you will continue working for them but when your contract ends that will be the end or before it ends they can manupilate you have you fired for a simple issue.:o

  15. Let’s do an experiment. Get a zambian in china to clobber and slice a chinaman’ ear, let’s see what will happen thereafter.

  16. Ulefwaya ukuwinina pakutwi! Go to school so that you don’t end up fighting for the same job as a Chinese jail bird brick layer. Ba Zambia nabo is this the expertraite man power you need a BRICK LAYER?

  17. Noti na ka mu Chinkano, one karate chop and the ear was almost off. Ama Zambian ubunangani limbi alinwamo na chibuku! A maigiri kick would have chopped off something else kekekeke!!!!

  18. A judge thinks K50million is too much? If it was me I would demand a Chinese woman in compensation, and especially Guo’s sister for a wife.

  19. Why is it that our government does not punish the Chinise once they commit cases, be it criminal or civil. Do not come and blame the people of Zambia if they take the law in their hands meaning judging on behalf of the government by applying Sharia law.

  20. Ok lets be honest 50million its too much just let pay for medicals and na 20million pamwamba at least not 50 ni business iyo manje.or else let the man go jail period.

  21. The reason why people these days in Zambia have resorted to instant justice is because the courts of law in our beloved country are not offering people justice. Take for instance this case why should a judge think at K50 million is outrageous. Guo must pay the amount NOT K500,000 that’s a joke. That guys ear will have to be reconstructed by a spealised  doctor i guess at the Italian hospital in Lusaka and thats about the amount they will require. The company they work for should also be fines at least to be reasonable USD$200,000 it will stop such behaviour

  22. Only K50,000,000? You are maimed for life. Somebody advise the man so that he gets a much, much better compensation. A billion kwacha would be barest minimum.

  23. and the asssult occured at the ZAF base. the china man had even no fear of the military presence. chimbwi pakunya ichisushi ninshi pali uko ashintilile. the chinese know how much influence their government has over our own, thats why they can act with impunity.

  24. nosense that chinaman if he does not want to pay the 50m.lock him up in the cage like an animal coz he behaved like one

  25. Operation must be done immediately.. Round trip ticket to South Africa for his wife to accompany him like Chiluba used to. Cruelity is punishable.. slavery is over.. Pay him the amount he asked for + medical expenses ..

  26. Imwe bantu first chinalengesa ni chani. What happened? What led to theincident and why is our boy so quick to withdraw and avoid questions in court. Immediately medical care should be given then we need the facts, not another lotto winner.

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