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Ruff Kid wins BEFFTA Award


Ruff Kid won an awrard at last nights BEFFTA awards ,he won Best International Act beating out other African music heavy weights such as  Zahara, Camp Mulla, Cover Driver, D’banji and Grace Galazy .

This is great news for Zambian music as a whole .


By Kapa187


  1. Congratulations. People said negative things about his nomination. Just like his “marriage plans”. May be his year.

  2. Is this one of those fake ‘awards’ put out by that con woman Justina Mutale in UK?

    • no Zambian was behind this you ignoramous cunts Bishop and Jimmy we know who you really are using fake ass names, trying to taint peoples names for no reason because you have failed to manage your own life shame on you.

  3. for what its worth Ruff Kid congrats…however I took time to google BEFFTA Awards and they are far from anything special or an honor! like many I mistook BEFFTA (Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts) a far cry from the famous BAFTA British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

  4. LMAO now I know these BEFFTA awards are just joke call it PHD (Pull Him Down) if you like but they really nothing special…please research youtube, google, shame they not even on Wikipedi.

    • I feel for the bitter taste in your mouth that you hold as you are a nobody either so by default as little or of no significant as the awards might appear you and the bunch of jealous people that expect the talentless salmas of this world to be recognised because they sleep with the right people. Then you will be waiting till armagedon but the more you mention beffta the more popular they get. So not so small in the near future for  the beffta awards thanks to you: 

  5. If he performed at the ‘awards’ ba Justina Mutale will not be paying him anything and he will only be coming back to Zed with that piece of glass in his hand.

  6. Firstly it is not a Zambian award. It is also not a BAFTA which is solely film and television. Neither is it MOBO which is music of black origin. What it is covers several disciplines and is an international recognition of those black entertainment, film, fashion, music exploits and attended by many recognizable industry figures. Well done Ruff kid. The entrepreneurial efforts of the team behind this will in time to come have a larger market share and gain recognition for making what BET are good at in the US, part of UK awards.

    • Looking at the winner’s list on their site it is a pretty international mix. Notable that Sean Paul only won for his region (carribbean) while Ruff Kid made the overall international category. Each of the winners has an online presence where one can see what they have achieved in their lives. The western based obsession with placing colour into these organisations speaks volumes about the lack of mainstream acknowledgement of talents but nonetheless someone is trying. Commendable. We need to consider home growing an innovative award to attract an international culture base and promoting ourselves at the same time.

  7. Do you realised these BEFFTA awards are not an internationally recognised awards to even think Ruff Kid is a huge international act. Anyone cab win these awards and the reality behind it all it just a money spinner for few individuals. Ask this same Ruff Kid, apart from that piece of glass he’s holding, what else was he given since he’s such a big international act….. USELESS!!!!!

    • Dont be so bitter cause they didnt invite you as it was an invite only event and no one had to pay to attend: a mars bar is waiting for those sour grapes of yours lol

  8. Most awards start small and this one has the potential to grow and attract media attention. Congratulations Ruff Kid.

  9. Man U’ve made us proud as Zambian Africans and most of all  X. Y . Z Big up to the KING

    Man we had your BAck 

  10. Who is Ruff Kidd internationally. This is fake.  Ruff Kid does not sale music in South Africa, United Kingdom and he does not have any Video on MTV. What nonsense is this.  Dbanj has graced major events including MNET functions all over Africa.  But this midget has not even performed at the Big Brother show in Randburg.  Maybe this part of the Donchi Kubeba awards pre arranged by the powers that be..

  11. Zambians nama Jays awe! Ruff Kid won, just because his Zambian ati these awards are useless. Just because the only time the world gets to hear about you is when you write your rubbish on Lusaka Times doesnt mean you should have kalijo for your friends that are known. We know Ruff kid, can any of you bloggers above tell us who are you and what you do?? i dont think so! All ya’ll commenting up there you are nothing but loosers who are looking for fame that you cant get, whether small or not, there was competition in his category with internationally known artists, and the boy beat them fair and square. And yes his Zambian, you foreign whoshiping i.diots! All you want is to hear about other nations doing good and when its one of your own you do some serious PHD! Wake you f00ls! Congrats Kid!

  12. Comment # 4 is really unpalatable and I don’t think it was rightful to publish it! People be mindful of the language that is used in this electronic tabloid, character assassination, use of vulgar language is unZambian. In fact even the very comment doesn’t even have any connection with the topic at hand!!!

  13. I cant remember any song done by RUFF Kid, all i know is hez MC wantwenu’s adopted son. Surely wat were they looking at, lets be realistic here. Mayb if it was Slap D or Flava boy the Kopala Swag i would hav understood but Ruff kid Imwe sure??? Awe nachepa ine. Conagrats to Man utd not ati RRRKk ????

  14. Did Zahara, Camp Mulla and D Banj attend the awards? Firstly what is the criteria used to pick nominees? This is an insult to true Zambian international artists that are fighting for Zambias moment of recognition, artists like Pompi, Ozzy, JK and others. Google Ethel Gondwe, she is Ruff kid Manager, last year she was managing Zone Fam, they too were nominated, they just did not win for they sackedd her as manager days before the awards night. All in all, Congratulations Ruff Kid. 

    • Are you a bitter member of zone fam becaue no zambian artist can afford a manager for them to be in a position to sack anyone, ethel has done a lot for zambian artists including you zone fam, you behave like this nd you wonder why she dropped you, now you want to say you saked her boza mwati. Just say chamubabani, after she is the one that took you to big brother, made sure that more people on the international scene know you, manje ruff wins and its a hard pill to swallow that more people voted for him than you hahaha grow up. He won the award what are you going to do about it? If jealousy is your life path i, sure it will make you rich and more famius one day.

    • Sir Trevor McDonald who was knighted by the Queen was in attendance and rreceived a llifetime achievement award, he is more important than camp mula attending. You can google hi, since you are all just discovering google even the BBC recognise the BEFFTA awards. And the other ***** Steel saying that they are not even on wikipedia anyone can write an entry in wikipedia being on there does not prove any worth of an element or organisation. Dont try and act educated when youre just a bafoon that has been let loose on a computer. Leran to support busy acting as though your rants will take the award away from ruff kid. He has it so what will you do about it? Go kill yourselves if it hurts you that much

  15. Iye imwe, Just seen this post, ba editor naimwe mwa chita believe ask yourself a question, what did Ruff Kid offer the world to get that win? 

  16. Congrats mwaiche!! If you have not yet sold your soul for firm like most Zambian artists have done, do not do it. Hell awaits!!!

  17. Kwena jelousy izamipaya especially No.4 , No.5 and No. 10 i think all of you who are aganist this awards are his fellow up coming musicians. THUMP UP FOR THE KID all starts small am all patriotic Zambians are proud and behind your success!

  18. Any awards that recognise Ruff Kid ahead of Zahara are not worth the trouble and have serious credibility issues. I like other people Googled the BEFFTA and even went to the founders twitter page. If you have to award Ruff Kid, please just do that without saying he beat serious musicians like Zahara. Who in their right mind would put the chanting, noisy sounds that pass for Ruff Kids music ahead of true musicians who read music and play instruments?

  19. #33 Zahara may be popular but the kind of music she plays is not original. Its some carbon copy of Tracy Chapman peppered with Zulu lyrics. Africa is still waiting for an original artist able to rock the world

  20. Zambians and your jealousy, monga banamulobani people voted for ruff kid and he got the most votes end of. Zone Fam were dropped by ruff kids manager, she took them to big brother and helped push them to were they are; so if they lost it was their own doing or not their time: just appreciate: no matter how much you complain or google the beffta awards the bitter taste in your mouthes will always be there waiting to pounce on the next person doing well: and you wonder why zambia is still behind you behave like neandarthals: thats why I am ashamed to admit I am zambian muntu awinner ati fake fake; muntu doesnt get nominated ati ma zambians why are we not nominated? Mwe fipuba fye you dont know whether youre coming or going. TThe boy got the award zondaa uzalema hahahahahahaha

  21. congrats to ruff kid.sorry for those pulling him down u never be proud of your self being who u are,who where voting pipo organiser shut your mouths

  22. Eeeesh ruff its nt easy, u ar the man anyway u v made us proud! Keep it up..we gat yo back…kangono i c yaah! I salute u.

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