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RB heads to Tanzania

General News RB heads to Tanzania

Former President Rupiah Banda
Former President Rupiah Banda

Former Republican President, Rupiah Banda, says he is hopeful that Africa leaders will strive to provide sustainable solutions to the many challenges facing the youths in the continent.

Mr Banda revealed that from his interactions with students at Boston University, its affiliate institutions and from the University of Ghana, it came to his attention that African youths are faced with common problems which were not insurmountable if the leaders committed themselves to finding workable solutions.

This is contained in a press release issued by the office of the Fourth Republican President Administrative Assistant, Mikatazo Wakumelo, and made available to ZANIS in Lusaka.

“From the various universities I have been to, the concerns of the African youths are about their future; whether their leadership will be able to provide them with a good health delivery system, education, jobs. Their hope is that the economies of their countries can grow to address their concerns,” President Banda said.

MeanwhileMr Banda is tomorrow expected to continue with his African tour of duty as he heads to Tanzania.

While in Tanzania, Mr Banda is expected to lecture on good governmence and democracy at Mwalimu Nyerere’s Mlimani campus on Thursday afternoon.

His lecture will be attended by staff and graduate students from the University Development Studies and political science.

The Tanzanian trip is part of the Boston University African President Centre where Mr Banda is the current President in Residence.

Mr Banda was recently in Ghana where he shared his experience with staff and students from the University of Ghana, the oldest in that country.

While there he also had an opportunity to meet former Ghanaian President, Jerry Rawlings.



  1. Ba Alabee naimwe fyabufi fye fyo. This is when you are seeing the problems of the youth. You had all that time as head of state, did you care about the future of the youth in Zambia. This is just mere talk and a waste of time.

    In addition this man loves flying around. Just some two weeks ago, I was on the same plane with him from Joburg to Lusaka. Anyway good that you(RB) greeted me with a good smile on the plane. I appreciate that.

  2. #6, BILLY, Napapa sana! RB was given three years to solve Zambia’s problems. Do you think Michael Sata will solve our nation’s problems in three years? RB left a thriving agriculture sector and a growing economy (6.8% of GDP per year) and the world recognised hisr contribution. We hope that this will continue under Sata. Ultimately it is a growing economy that solves problems when the right priorities are addressed. As for RB, you did your best. Zambians wanted to see others try, no harm in that. You have a new assignment. Do it well. You bring honour to Zambia. To those who want to see you suffering, they are a pitiful lot. Just pray for them.

  3. Ala ubuchushi bupa amano, today he can think straight because he is outta the white house, RB it would have been nice to have fed your children before you went feeding other people`s children, dont you feel guilty? i for one would, it`s not too late though, you can still feed your children they still need that food you are busy distributing elsewhere.

  4. LT is now toilet Pan Flies(PF) infested. Honestly such hatred has a deeper diabolical satanic reason. PF evil mentality is frightening! Insults. Unreasonableness. False accusations. Using own pens to vote. Awe sure. Enemies of progress. Mufisanji amambala?

  5. If RB died today what would be his lagecy? These poor African countries have no one better to invite to lecture. What is wrong with us, have already forgotten how bad governance President Banda had. His sons mistook public treasury for treasure. One is still i hiding in South Africa. We are still talking good things about President Levy’s lagecy of fighting corruption. With President Chiluba, i can’t say much. RB made corruption, nepotism, stealing and laziness fashionable. Just ask Dora in private. We need to think seriously about removing Banda’s immunity.

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