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New twist in Choma Council: Now UPND expels Choma Mayor from the party

Rural News New twist in Choma Council: Now UPND expels Choma Mayor from...

Choma Location in Souther Province
Choma Location in Souther Province

Choma Mayor Geoffrey Makwamba has been expelled from the opposition United Party for National Development(UPND) with immediate effect, further deepening wrangles at the trouble torn Choma Municipal Council.

This is according to a letter of expulsion signed by UPND District Chairman Gamela Sikaleya and made available to ZANIS in Choma yesterday.

The letter says the District Executive Committee meeting held today has resolved that Mayor Makwamba be expelled from the party for his conduct which has brought the name of the UPND into disrepute and ridicule.

The UPND says the conduct of the mayor has been inimical to the interest of the party.

Mr Makwamba becomes the second mayor to be expelled from the UPND while serving in office. His predecessor, Masson Chaboya was also expelled in a similar fashion.

When contacted for a comment, Mr Makwamba said he could not immediately comment on the matter but confirmed receiving his expulsion letter.

Today, the office of the Town Clerk in Choma was locked by irate patriotic front (PF) youths after newly appointed Town Clerk Mwiya Mwiya attempted to take over the office.

This was when PF youths led by district political secretary Bernadette Hamweemba raided the civic centre as UPND Mayor Geoffrey Makwamba was facilitating handovers between the outgoing and incoming town clerks.

Riot police have been deployed at the civic centre following disturbances there.

The PF officials have been opposed to the transfer of incumbent town clerk Oliver Muuka.

Business came to standstill at the civic centre as the Mayor and other Council Officers hide in council offices to avoid being lynched by the mob of angry cadres.

The PF youths trooped to the civic centre at about 09.00 hours after word went round that Mr Mwiya had arrived for the third time in an attempt to take over office from current town clerk Oliver Muuka.



  1. let’s cage these political morons for sanity’s sake. We can’t allow cadres to harrass technocrat like the police doesn’t exist. Solomon, handle them!

  2. Its good Some Tongas are civilised. Tongas should learn to support any president in power regardless of tribe because the one God we serve has no tribe.

    God is neither Tonga nor Bemba thus we need to support each other especially president SATA

    • They support policies foooool!!!!!! Why can’t you hold back your hate for Tongas? CNP has no policies, hence the refusal of most tongas to dangle behind your blind UKWA…

  3. Strange occurance here. seems those pF youths are UPND chaps in PF skin. for once i thot this was a pf fight. awe bwafya

  4. @ichilema, when has your own supported anyone else ….. You brought Sata back just because of Mwanawasa and RB. Your own are the worst tribalist and yes you are bemba!

  5. its sad development. we need total piece in Zambia. we wish all of them the best of luck in 2016.congrats to Obama.

  6. Grow up!!!! Stop this stupid fighting and develop Choma. Even you, you useless cadres the people sending you to behave like idoits are already rich and don’t give a rat’s ass if killed or injured.

    • ya it’s hard for you to believe that a tonga is against a fellow tonga because your support is on tribal lines. Keep it up and see if a tonga will ever be president. As long as the rest of Zambia is treated to the tribalism that most Tongas display everywhere they are they will never usher a tonga to plot one. What you believe is your strength (Tribalism) is what is working against you but you are too tribalistic to see it as a problem. Mark my words, as long as tongas keep up with this rotten attitude, you will wait for eternity for a tonga president.

  7. Are the Police Force not making arrests to maintain peace and order? It seems to me that the actions of the PF cardres is likely to cause disorder or does that not matter since we are dealing with cadres supporting the ruling party?

  8. What really is happening with our Choma council? yesterday PF cadres almost lynched the DC for taking side with the UPND then in another development UPND expels the mayor.for bringing the name of the party into ridicule , who is betraying who? who really is a bad man here.

  9. Mr Makwamba become overzealous in the past one week. He even went to the extent of over ruling the minister of local govrnment. I feel pity for him he was just been used by somebody who is far away. The questions toask are (1) Why did he agree to be used ? (2) Why is the local govt Commision silent on the AUDIT REPORT (3) Why did the Mayor insisted that Mwiya Mwiya take over despite been told to hold on ?

  10. trust is built on not imposed, weather it is tribalism or not the Govt should try to address the level of poverty to win trust in southern province.These voting blocks are real and the Govt is tasked to create an environment that makes every body feel part of govt by appointing from all over zambia encourage intermarages for unification one zed one nation.Choma lets join the development path.

  11. but some pipo are bitter any topic that comes out on this fora, its an opportunity to insult the PF and its president even when the topic does not involve the PF, I really pity such emberciles because their so called presidents will never rule this country with the current approach to politics, hence these emberciles will continue hurting and let be so..:d

    • You are one of the emberciles. It is people like you who make blogging boring because you have no substance to bring up for sharing. Anyway, we need better laws and procedures for suspending and expelling councils and MPs. Every expulsion is a cost to the country as we have to hold another election. Can we have a proper way of doing things Ba President HH, President Mumba, and President Sata. We cannot go on like this. Money to build roads, medicine in hospitals, support school programs is hard to get but that for bye elections is readily available. It just makes me sick!

  12. Sorry for detracting everyone from the issue at hand here, but I can’t help but mention the silly presidential poll in the “Zambian nkoloko wuwu” site (Z/W?D). I was following that poll and what used to happen in the past few days is, if you tried to vote or see results, it will just go “Loading” and it will not display any results until this afternoon. They are a bunch of jokers and it’s just interesting to see how small brains reason… I wonder who they think they’re fooling!

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