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Zambia’s plans for national airline intensify

Headlines Zambia’s plans for national airline intensify

Boeing 747 MSN 19746 leased to Zambia Airways and delivered on 29 Sep 1988 with registration number N603FF. Details http://www.planesregister.com/aircraft/b747-19746.htm

Zambia has intensified its push to re-establish a national airline to help boost the tourism industry in line with the new government’s plan to re-align tourism as one of the frontline economic sectors.

And London has opened discussions with prospecting investors who are proposing to lease out aircraft to Zambia for the establishment of a national carrier.

Deputy Minister of Tourism and Arts, David Phiri, who is leading the Zambian delegation at the 2012 World Tourism Market (WTM) in London, says it has become evidently clear that the country’s tourism sector will not get to its desired position without a national airline.

This is contained in a media statement issued by the Press Secretary to the Zambian High Commission in London, Amos Chanda.

“The question of connectivity is a central factor in the development of Zambia’s tourism sector. This can only come about where there is a viable national airline.

“There is consensus in both government and industry that Zambia needs a viable national airline and I know that President Sata is keen on this,’ Mr Phiri said.

The Deputy Minister said the PF administration has allocated unprecedented amounts of money to the tourism industry and provided generous tax incentives for the next five years for Zambians wishing to develop tourism infrastructure in national parks.

“What the new government has done is unprecedented in the history of our country and we are determined as a ministry not to fail the President in his bold and broad vision to rejuvenate this important sector of the economy,” he said.

Mr Phiri noted that the efforts to rejuvenate the tourism industry will bear much fruit once the problem of connectivity is resolved through the establishment of a national carrier.

The minister’s delegation includes the Permanet Secretary, Charity Mwansa, Zambia Tourism Board Managing Director, Felix Chaila and senior staff from the ministry.

The deputy minister was expected later this afternoon to host cocktail for tour operators and leading media outlets in London at the Zambia Stand at Excel Centre, UK premier exhibition arena.

The World Travel Market is a global networking exhibition staged annually in London as the leading Global Event for the travel industry providing a vibrant business event with a diverse range of destinations and industry sector to the UK and international travel professionals.



    • my comment is,we are tired of this venture. each new president wants a national airline which with time is closed or comes to a stop once the next president comes. twanaka. explain to me how a national airline will improve the many lives of the zambians apart from the bail outs the tax payers will be forced to pay from the losses.

    • However, building a world class airport(the biggest airpprt in Africa) which will hub all this major airlines is a better idea. 
      1. The central location of zambia will beat johannesburg ,whuch is cirrently serving as the hub for Africa.
      2. It will create more jobs for the zambian people compared to running an airline.
      3. It will make zambia the numbe destine in Africa.

  1. Oh, please drop this idea and move on. This nostalgic idea has no legs at all in this age.

    Running an Airline is a very expensive venture and it create little jobs. Ask the South African government which has South African airlines and how they have repeatedly bailed out that airline year in year out. It is very costly and Zambia has a better place to use money for.

    Instead why not just build a world class airport the size the one in Singapore andcreate a Hub for all airlines in Southern & Central Africa. Most of these airlines would move their HQ to a central location and in the process create thousands of jobs for Zambians.

    Please drop this old national airline nonsense. We are past that please.

    • MMD Chief Bootlicker,

      I agree with you 100%. If this government has excess money let them use it to upgrade the airport. Our so called KK Airport looks like a complete museum.

    • The cost of running the airline may be high, but the indirect benefits far outweigh what the cost of running it. Why do you think the South African government always bails out SAA ? The same SAA is carrying tourists and investors who are pumping in billions into the SA economy. Before jumping to that conclusion Mr. bootlicker, I think we need to carefully evaluate how much “invisible” money the airline will be able to carry.

    • MMD was in power you never advised them on this yet u can foolishly comment on PF’s stop your nonsense Bro all you are trying to do is to oppose and oppose with bitterness. Shame on you    

    • didn’t scrap the plan to build but the contract to construct its believed to have been corrupt. under a lease to the Turks for some years.

    • Very good argument Licker; Robby Bobby 4.7: You cannot lease a facility for 50 years; that was very stupid of MMD and RB; you mean they could foresee revenue for 50 years to sign off an important facility to private investors? Where in the world have you ever heard of PFI for 50years? Typical Lazo mentality, no national pride or interest!!

    • I suggest we do both, but of course we have to priorities. Do the one that would bring more benefits first, then move to the other. In this case, airport first, airline last!

    • Spot on MMD Chief Bootlicker. These people dont understand what it means to run a national airline. The critical mass of capital required for it to be (mildly) profitable is so high. The government would run into bankruptcy.  SAA has had $1bn capital injection in the last 5years. That’s more than the value of the famous Eurobond and its from a relatively high base. Where would the money come from to start and sustain an airline from scratch? Developing the airport would cost less and would give a better return. So would developing infrastructure leading to  and in our tourist attractions!!!

    • @ MMD Chief Booklicker, I 150% agree with you. We build the Airport, then later we can have our Airline which will be serviced very well by the facility.

    • Very shortsighted view about airports.Its the volume of business in a country and the extent of its integration into the international economies that makes a big airport neccesary and not the other way round.If your stupid idea was sensible then why have Chad,Mali or central african republic not built huge world class airports? Its sad to note how many foolish zambians have cheered your very dumb idea.

  2. The tourism vs national airline link is not set in stone.With the right policies you can have a viable industry in either of the one without the other.Ethiopia doesn’t have tourism but has an airline,Italy has plenty tourism but has a decrepit airline,S.A has tourism and a loss making airline and luckilly kenya has a double fisted grip on both industries.

  3. it is a good plan indeed and if it works it will realise Zambia’s dreams of turning its tourist destinations such as the world class Victoria Falls into a house hold name across the world.The Zambian govt. must also realise that tourist destinations such as Siavonga or internationally known as the ‘Nice of Africa’ are not even marketed by the authorities instead they are of the view that foreigners/tourists are interested in areas like Lusaka and this is a fallacy. There is nothing in those areas a tourist would want to see and if a tourist wanted to sleep in a nice hotel he/she can do that in his/her home country. Notice that I am not suggesting that there is something wrong with building nice hotels in Zambia. But market all destinations especiall those that pull tourists.

    • @BOOM ..Zambia has enough private airlines and i don’t see it fit to for the government to venture into it……. “And London has opened discussions with prospecting investors who are proposing to lease out aircraft to Zambia for the establishment of a national carrier.
      Kindly digest it before you open your mouth…check what MMD Chief Booklicker has put across and end this type of cadre thinking.
      How do you get to Zambia or travel abroad at the moment? are the companies providing such a service exploiting us or they are giving us a good service? what will Zambia airways offer in terms of employment? who will use those planes and leave the Emirates and other excellent service providing airlines? these are some of the questions one should ask before making comments…

  4. 1. MONEY DRAIN of limited Govt coffers.
    2. MORE FREE TICKETS FOR SHOPPING IN LONDON, RSA. 3. More Kulibonesha (Boasting) of Zambia Airways employees in Avondale. 4. Half empty planes. ETC. This is a bad move

    • @marie-anne, that attitude must change. no free flights. If it comes into being it has to be run on commercial basis. th culture of ni va boma is long gone. That time we had a wrong perspective of how the economy works. I however also agree with guys hinting at a big airport

    • @Chandakwanda…
      Wishing and hoping for attitudes to change in relation to abuse of Govt resources does not warrant the such investment. Today the wife of the President uses the presidential plane for personal ends and what makes you believe that with a national airline, all MPs, wives, GBM and crew will not engage free shopping trips and the like? I do think Marie-Ann is absolutely right and so is the MMD bootlicker above. 

  5. I urge caution. There are thousands of Lessors of aircraft who will cut throat your national bank accounts without blinking.

    Whatever former national airlines employees could have done wrong, this one time, Zambia please consult them before you jump headlong into the pool deepend.

  6. No communication network, no development. Discipline is needed to reach national development. Shame no airline for Zambia, only country in SADC

    • Shame on you…ifyakukopakopa….even though Zambia has no national airline…tell us, which of the airlines in the SADC region are making profits and benefiting its citizens?…guys…analyse issues before you show your ignorance..

  7. Bootlicker has said it all. It is more important to turn the airport into a regional hub. There are already several international airlines that comes to Zambia. There is no way that Zambia at this stage can run an airline better than BA, KLM or Emirates. The fact that these airlines come shows that there is demand here. The bottleneck is the size of the airport, it can’t accomodate much more traffic than it currently has. However if it was to be expanded, many more airlines would surely come and that would raise the profile of Zambia as a destination. Zambia is the natural choice for a regional hub. A bigger airport has more positive benefits than an airline. Better to spend your time attracting more airlines than planning one of your own!

    • Yeah Buttlicker has said it all and the best you can do rephraise what he has already put across. Thanks but no thanks…..

    • Bad idea and bad economics.Building a bigger airport when the smaller business and economics of zed don’t make its costs viable is dumb.Whats the sense of building a big airport yet only be using half of it? That idea is like zesco building its headquater office in mufumbwe where it has minimum business or zanaco building an 80 floor headquaters when its not a financially viable project.Its just dumb,dumb,dumb…..

  8. ..Zambia has enough private airlines and i don’t see it fit to for the government to venture into it……. “And London has opened discussions with prospecting investors who are proposing to lease out aircraft to Zambia for the establishment of a national carrier.
    Kindly digest it before you open your mouth…check what MMD Chief Booklicker has put across and end this type of cadre thinking.
    How do you get to Zambia or travel abroad at the moment? are the companies providing such a service exploiting us or they are giving us a good service? what will Zambia airways offer in terms of employment? who will use those planes and leave the Emirates and other excellent service providing airlines? these are some of the questions one should ask before making comments…

  9. What we we gonna do at this juncture?they say copper is a wasting asset and very soon mine will close.They also say that agriculture can only produce a small percentage of work force.They go on 2 say that airline business is an impossible business venture.So in yo own opinion what should goverment do in this situation?jst sit back and watch without being industrious. is that the way to go?

  10. About f***** time some pride is restored, not just with a national airline, but with an international class airport hub that will rival any in the world. But when one immediately steps out of the airport, the contrast will be too big to bear, and it will become a case of misplaced priorities. So,ditch the idea of that airport for now. Let’s start one plane at a time.

  11. # 4 MMD Chief Bootlicker,

    I agree with you 100%. If this government has excess money let them use it to upgrade the airport. Our so called KK Airport looks like a complete museum.

  12. The only problem will be too many staff travelling for free and government not paying in time when they fly. If we were to succeed on this, the people who will be incharge should ensure no free travelling by relatives, GVT and staff (controled rebates).

  13. Absolutely dangerous move please STOP this move before its too late, airline businesses are risky capital venture….I echo #4 SAA is failing even some famous American Airline have failed…please don’t

  14. i can see the connection, first a travel agency was created at cabinet now an airline on the way. this is a recipe for disaster, just a waste of money as the airline will just be used by the PF party, isn’t the presidential plane enough for trotting around running state house errands. PF why not concentrate on recovering the money Fred Mmembe incurred in running Zambia Airways?

  15. Just to add on what has ben said,a world class airport the biggest in Africa. All call it the hub of Africa.
    1 central location better than johannesberg.
    2. More jobs in construction and mainatinance of the airport than running
    an airline.
    3.Zambia could be the number one destine in Africa because of this facility therefore boosting tourism.

    • Paddy go build a big hotel in Chibombo (its centrally located in zambia so it must be better than Lusaka) 2.You create more jobs in construction and maintenance (even the though Chibombo has few hotel customers so it means the big hotel in chibombo was a bad idea) 3.lastly assume tourists come just because of the hotel so Chibombo will be the #1 destination in zed . A very dumb business plan indeed.

    •  @Mu sungwana  You make a closed minded assumption; obviously your analogy is flawed because you bring up a point , if it can be called one at all, that is not related to the point being made by several here; that having a flag carrier – such as BA, which might I add is privately owned (take a gander at their LSE profile or google it) – is has far less economic value and benefit when compared to an improved airport that can operate at many times the current airports capacity. British Airways whose controlling shares are owned by IAG operates as a national flag carrier (meaning It may be a state-run, state-owned or private but state-designated company or organization).  They (BAA) own Heathrow however many services within are managed privately. 

  16. classic Zambians, we over analyse and in the process lose out! higher returns call for higher risks my friends, to avoid risk of loss, then dont invest or dont be industrious at all. i personaly feel the move is good. so is the link zambia 8000 project. lets offer support, where support is due and lets criticize where criticism is in order.If you are going to base the economic viability of a project based on other failed projects, atleast study the reasons they have failed, then look at other similar projects which are doing fine, find out why they are doing well, analyse their business model and overall strategy, do a sensitivity analysis to investigate the impact of changes in various aspects of the project , to the overal profitability of the project. not ati bcoz so n so failed.

    • sound like one advertising consultancy services on Lusaka Times. anyway good analysis Consultant. I think a PPP with the private Airlines like Zambezi would do if we want to have a national airline. 

    • why not invest in rail way system as it is cheaper to run. these are just experiments which will lead us into more debts we know their incompetency levels.

  17. While this is noble, I have to agree with #4 MMD Boot Licker. GRZ can not run businesses in the same manner the private sector does. One would think the demise of Zambia Airways many years ago would have opened our eyes, but we have this boma mentality in Zambia which has made us believe that only GRZ can run business better when the opposite is true. Bring in Private investors in the airline industry and let GRZ own a small stake in that national airline and a seat on the Board of Directors of the company that will be set-up. That way, GRZ will have an influence in terms of promoting the tourism industry and policies in Zambia. This approach that the Govt is pursuing is bound to fail.

  18. though i agree with no. 21, it may not be necessary to carry out all the plans at once, am assuming the link zambia 8000 is already on going. in this case the airplane venture may be put on hold, as it will just increase expenditure.

  19. number 23, that is forward thinking..we do need national airline regardless of who manges it, ..anything that will boost the tourism industry

    • No one is denying that #25. What we need to ask is whether a GRZ-owned airline will be profitable in an industry where state-owned airlines have continued to make losses e.g South African Airways etc. Setting-up a national airline is a great idea & long overdue but why not allow investors with money & know how to do that then own a stake in that. Zambia needs to prioritise that which can be owned or managed by GRZ. e.g Public Healthcare, education (at all levels) public infrastructure e.g building of roads. Minimal GRZ participation in running business is a recipe for success.

  20. Running an airline is not a ka ntemba business it require huge capital investments, something GRZ has failed to do for many years. One only has to look at entities like ZNBC, Times of Zambia, Daily Mail, Zambia Railways etc and how they have been mismanaged & continue to drain tax-payers money to see the dismal track record of Govt at running business. Government shouldn’t be involved in the business of managing enterprises.

  21. Okay a beon 747 cost not less than US$ 300,000 you borrows 750,000 from euro bond, that money will only buy 2 planes FOB. those machine are massive, they take in about 100,000 lts of fuel to NY, ………………….

    • You’re just as messed up as the US economy. How can a boeing 747 cost the same as a simple car like AMG S Class at around 300,000 USD. or Massarati and cheaper than a Lambo? The average cost of a Boeing 747-400 is around 350,000,000 Million USD.

  22. It’s a good idea to have a national airline but very bad idea for the govt to run it. They almost always fail to manage business entities successfully. We have numerous examples to be able to learn never to attempt to do what does’t work. 

  23. If SA failed to run their Airline doesn’t mean ZED will fail, too! Let’s not be pessimistic(sp?) Personally, I can see light at the end of tunnel under the PF Govt. Very shortly, in ten yrs time, we will see a transformed Zambia. Zambia will soon be a very vibrant economy, a force to reckon!! Wait and see!!!

    • I will strongly disagree with your foresight as all I see is doom at the end of that tunnel. Doom because this Govt is relying on failed UNIP/socialist policies. Govts can’t run enterprises period. It doesn’t work the world over and it won’t work for this Govt. examples in Zambia are everywhere to be seen and adding an airline to the list will not help the little coffers we have. Leave private enterprise to private businesses.

  24. It`s about time! honestly where is our national pride? Harry up and give our pipo jobs as well in that field, napwisha.

  25. Geez,i can’t believe what i’m reading.GRZ per se does not make the airline fail or succeed but rather our airlines have failed due to the poor zambian psyche or work ethic.Afterall Ethiopian is wholly govt owned and it does great.

  26. There is no proven connection between National Airline and tourism growth so this is a complete waste of money. Just a toy for government ministers and senior cadres to ride first class whenever they are going abroad

  27. I see a lot of comments here about how this move will create less jobs for Zambians and it will put our government more in debt, and so and so fourth. The last time I checked, airlines have things called hangers. Just that employs so many technical and skilled workers and even drives secondary grads to choose another field that isn’t accounting. Can ZCAS not be a primary destination for once please. This creates so much employment because an airport will follow, no question.
    It is so pivotal for a country to establish an internationally recognised brand because that attracts people which is what tourism is all about. Look at Kenya. That didn’t happen by fluke and they have a great airline. Please, lets give out government some credit and support.

  28. what has HH got to do with you ..?its just the duty of every govt to do a reasonable thing but they will make it collapse as govt due to unnecessary trips..watch the space..

  29. Zambians have not yet graduated from ‘free things syndrom’ and i can assure you the airline will just be a debt pit conduit.Just learn lessons how government parastatals are operating-instead of contributing to the national coffers,they are just drain conduits.

  30. @MMD Boot Licker… I agree with you totally on creating a hub through a new airport. This will not only be the platform on which we can then think of owning a National Carrier but it will also create opportunities for jobs and businesses…I have been to Jomo Kenyatta Airport countless times and I have seen so many Kenyans that are running businesses e.g. guest houses or lodges, hotels, car hire, clearing agents all because their airport has a lot of traffic…it is a HUB to Europe.This is should be the first priority; not coming up with an airline…that is for later! Let us first develop our infrastructure…that is the bedrock for developement.

    • Kantemba/salaula business mentality and business model.If zambians think like you then i see why zambians have never run a successful and indegenous homegrown multinational.

  31. Fellow Zambians, lets now comfort ourselves by waffling. Just name one GRZ owned business that is still under government control today that is profitable. The answer is that there is none. We had an airline that failed not because people where not flying. We didn’t have a self-sustained business model. A few countries have succeeded in running Govt owned airlines. We need to learn that GRZ has shown again and again that it doesn’t know how to run enterprises. Let those with expertise at running a profitable airline business do that & GRZ should own a stake in that airline. Starting a new airline is like re-inventing the wheel.

  32. The aviation industry is suffering,most of the airlines across the world are making losses so govt should just work with the private sector willing to take up on that kind of investment and negotiate so that the airline they create becomes a national airline carrying the flag of Zambia not that they should spend any money on such a venture,there are more serious matters the govt needs to concentrate on,reviving Zambia AirwayS,UBZ etc should be the least of priorities,the private sector can handle such investments when the govt gives conducive environments and incentives.

  33. Airline companies are struggling world over and then zambia as broke as it is wants to run a venture which does not make money. Good luck CNP.

  34. First off we never had a Boeing 747 in the fleet (believe me, I worked there!). Secondly, it is the usual African “Gangnam style” or first killing something and then starting from scratch at a cost far higher than would have been if we had struggled to keep the liquidated entity alive. Anyway, it accorded some of us an opportunity to get out of the country and explore more profitable ventures!  But the casualties of that was extremely high!!! Think about that as you start from scratch…

  35. Zambia is not capable but, yes, lease the Airport out to Turkey or other and see it bloom. Remember, Zambian Airways???

  36. @ Consultant. I couldn’t agree with you more! How many times do BA/Emirates/Ethiopian/SAA fly to Lusaka every week? There clearly is a business need here. Last time I was in Zambia an area had been set aside for the expansion of KK International and as I recall the only issue was the duration of the lease. 50 years is too long. Clearly someone was planning to set them selves up for life! In fact I see no reason why we can not do both in partnership with the private sector.

  37. Those calling for the KK Airport to become a Hub are very right in one sense. However, you cannot have a HUB in your country without a National Flag Carrier at your Airport. Imagine Heathrow without BA, Schipol in Amsterdam without KLM, Singapore without Singapore Airlines etc, it makes no sense. We need a National Flag carrier if KK Airport is to be the HUB for Southern Africa.

  38. these peace meal ideals for Kaunda will not take us anywhere. First it was national service and now the airline. For any that understands policy and government will know that the president’s word is policy. Going by that, Government policy is not to support tourism. Unless people have forgotten, the president is on record as having said He does not support tourism and that was said, first of all in livingstone which is supposed to be the tourist capital. Secondly the president made this statement during the signing ceremony for the joint hosting of the World Tourism Council meeting. He even said that is why he is not promoting tourism in chitulika. So what tourism is this airline coming to support?

  39. As. Former QZ employer ( Zambia airways) I deem it fit for me to enlighten some bloggers who have little knowledge about what transpired at QZ. It was a political issue by the late Zoresident Chiluba. He had to please and pay back what he owed to people who campaigned for him during the 1991 elections. Chiluba appointed a certain man from Ndola called Mr Peter kspma as MD for QZ soon after he won the elections . This man donated money to MMs, however this man had no clue about running the aviation industry , he had no sense of belonging, no sense of pride, basically he had no passion or interest to run QZ. He was an appeasement appointee. The president was advised to appoint Captain Mulundika, a brilliant first pilot in Zambia, a renowned world class . Captain Mulundika was sidelined.

  40. when Dc 10 was finally grounded in London it had more than half passengers on free or rebated tickets very unhealthy for business,sentiments are clear Govt should give incentives to private investors to set up a national carrier and hold few shares then concentrate on the airport expansion,options are clear.Govt listen….

  41. In my humble view, I think that at this stage operating an airline may not be the best catalyst to boosting the tourism sector particularly taking cognizance of the operating costs thereof. Zambia needs improved infrastructure to get the tourists to their desired destinations. Branding Zambia in all our missions abroad as a destination offering unique experience to tourists, improvement of airport facilities, road network, telecommunications, and investment in world-class hospitality facilities in our tourist destinations etc., might just about jump-start the industry.

  42. On the airline itself, businesses general fail if not well-timed. The best time to get into an industry is when it is expanding and that is not the situation in the airline business. Airlines the world over are going into mergers and acquisition just to survive. I do think introducing one right now is such a good idea. then there is the aspect of inefficiencies that come with an government business venture. This airline will just be a waste of government resources for which priorities are countless

  43. QZ collapsed without proper leadership and management  , the new MD Mr Kaoma was overwhelmed, could not run such a company. QZ collapsed , was liquidated, Chiluba didn’t care, ndeke house became a ghost house, QZ staff become jobless over night. The national carrier was our pride, the staff were exceptional, helped train our neighbours cabin crew. We could compete with big air lines. We flew to the big apple, Bombay , Rome, Lon , to mention a few. In the southern African we were the best, my eyes are tearing right now. Please bring back the Nkwazi, chilubas was indeed a mad man to let it go! Or cabin crew were professional and hot !

    • Former QZ employer, while I understand your nostalgic feelings about the loss of ourline, you need to acknowledge that you guys elected to burry your heads in the sand in the midst of the rot that was going on. How do you honestly explain the reputation Nkwazi earned as carrier for ten-percent-ticket-value holders? Despite all the high-sounding achievements you listed (and you are right), you were deliberately and directly responsible for driving the national pride into the ground! By the way, if you were an employer, you surely must have been an integral part of management to which you are attributing the collapse of QZ. Think again!

    • How can you honestly boast about flying to NYC, Bombay and Rome when 3/4 of the passengers were QZ employees and their families on free tickets. 

    • Ati “in southern africa we were the best”…… but yet you became a failed airline?Does that sound to you like a nonsensical conflicting statement?

  44. Tourism and aviation go hand in hand, I can’t fly Kenya airways to go and see the Victoria falls. , a national carrier says a lot about a country, you can’t invite a guest in your home and make them eat from borrowed plates and pans.

  45. Talk about sustainability of re establishing a national carrier , QZ was in partnership with other air lines, that’s the norm with other fliers as well. Please let me clarify that QZ staff were entitled to rebate tickets as incentives , the salaries were not brilliant , so  could be given seats only when the plane was not full, during non peak times.That did not bring down the airline please. Members of staff could conduct their personal business , nothing wrong. What brought down QZ was politics, it was so top bottom. QZ had all the ingredients to make a great carrier but the political atmosphere was crap. Lusaka can be the hub of Africa again

    • It was at the peak of QZ flights to London that Britain introduced visa requirement for Zambians travelling to the UK. That says a lot about the diminished reputation the airline acquired as a conduit for peddling dubious passengers. We should openly acknowledge that the incentives while well intentioned were grossly abused to the detriment of the airline.

  46. The problem with government run entities in Zed is that board members, managing directors etc are political appointments. So in four years time when GBM takes over, rest assured he is putting his own people in these positions. In most cases these individuals are clueless about the industry. Lets just support the Zambezi airlines and Proflights that we already have.

  47. #51 and few others, you’re the people who can develop Zambia and not not these nay Sayers. Zambia would have developed more if QZ was not destroyed. The nay Sayers are telling us that SA has failed and et we depend on SA to transport us from Joburg to Ndola, Lusaka andLivingstone. Let PF bring QZ fast and I will buy some shares for myself.

  48. If you lwease an aircraft for seven years you will pay enough money to buy your own aircraft. Think about it before you leap.

  49. We dont need a national airline. These airline businesses just drain our hard earned taxes. Tourism doesnt rely on a national airline to prosper. Zambia Airways never helped in improving tourism. It just created corrupt employees who smuggled everything from drugs through Lusaka to SA to perfumes from Europe to Lusaka

  50. Good intentions like this one need our support across political and any other divisions.Of cause its costly to run a national carrier but it can be done.Dont be afriad to open a shop because of would be thieves.This new air line must be in existence for the next 200 years and beyond.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  51. Most of those who were involved in the killing of QZ will be against its resurrection but we should not fear when others are now going to the moon. We have learn’t our lessons and this time QZ will succeed. Do all divorcees stop marrying because of past failed marriages?

  52. PLEASE STOP this NONSENSE…how can this guys even contemplate this lunacy in this day and age; anybody can be leased an aircraft its big business it like hiring a rental car on 6 months contract but it is very costly and its the very reason most airline star-ups fold- up in the first 6 months. 
    This gov’t still has ZR to sort out and they are day-dreaming about an airline..omg; we are doing the same things over again; tackling the same issues with the same mindset. Please shelf this idea and concentrate on policy and infrastructural development. Gov’t has no business [ I repeat] no business in running an airline.

  53. 1. stop this crap
    2. This is not sata’s idea
    3. if it is true, mmembe and the nchitos are behind this.
    4. pf gov has no brains to run this venture let them be cool and study this industry first. i have done aviation studies and i know what it takes to run an airline. already our challenger is being abused by the first family. what more????

  54. That is what has killed Zambia. FEAR. I fly on private airlines within and the traffic is ever increasing. What on earth can stop us? We had Zambia Airways for many years and we can do it with the right people managing the firm. Lets Go for it and we will surely manage.

  55. the idea of a national airline is good but its all about pride nothing more to it if anything politicans would just abuse the service with mindless trips . But the other suggestion of building a modern hub of an airport especially in livingstone can be the best option – the tourist capital. The chinese would enjoy working on such a massive project. Anyone with business elsewhere in the country can still use connecting flights.

  56. Thats good move. Just implement it and also think of how you can build a biggest air port in central Africa.

    Peace and prosperity to Mother Zambia

  57. This is a dangerous move for an economy that is already in the intensive care unit requiring alot of external help to keep it alive.Paradoxically, in this age of competition, people are going for the cheapest which can offer offer better service.Zambia Airways is not going to start flying and offer it’s customers cheap tickets because it will need to service itself to keep flying.Aviation costs don’t come cheap.I think there are alot of problems that GRZ has to sort out than going into this loss making busissnes.

  58. Please let u leave business related activities to the private sector. Government dosent have management capacity nor fisical discipline to run such an expensive and demanding venture. Let government facilitate, give incentives but lease stay out of it

  59. The debate to re-establish a national airline should start with lessons from a comprehensive report and analysis as to why Zambia Airways was liquidated in the first place. If it was done willy nilly as some people are suggesting here, then appropriate sanctions should be considered against the culprits. Public affairs must be managed with seriousness. In the meantime, I agree that it is now too late to establish a national airline.

  60. Zambians stay away from the airline industry you’re too daft.You can’t run LCC,you failed to run zamtel and failed to run ZR.The only thing zambians can run is minibus business and kantembas.

  61. Dream on…. ZA failed, AERO Z failed, Zambian Airways failed and the fate is similar to struggling Zambezi Air. Smaller shuttle services monga Kululula.com out performs and can survive better in the Air passenger Industry.

    Aim should be a competitive Airline dedicated to the nation who can utilise its services domestically and Internationally. Not just in retrospect of Tourism to Zed.

  62. Oh my! What routes do you plan on undertaking and make a profit?

    The only major routes (Lusaka-Joburg, Ndola-Joburg, Lusaka-London, Lusaka-Dubai) are already serviced by more established airlines. As for the Joburg routes, SAA is heavily subsidised by the South African government to the tune of several millions of US$. 11 of the 12 South African airlines initiated in the last decade have shut down because of these subsidies to SAA. Do you want to join the list?

    Do we have the luxury to start pouring money into such a venture when UTH is in shambles? Use any money you have to fund hospitals, schools, housing and sanitation projects. Yaba!

  63. Good initiative from the old man. But please no abuse of the airline and no nepotism when employing workers for our national airline.

  64. Is this the best use of Tax payers money by GRZ going into the business of running an airline?? What are the priorities of GRZ?? Is there a shortage of airlines coming into Zambia?? Will this alleviate poverty of the millions of Zambians??

    Why cant GRZ use that cash to open up rural areas i.e. more road /rail infrastructure so that Zambians can easily transport their soya beans; sunflower etc so that it is easily exported. More people will be employed that way. This planned airline will just be for GRZ bureaucrats to command where to go just like QZ was being abused.

  65. To start and run an airline is one thing. To close it is quite another.
    Who on earth decided to do that around the busiest time of year – when all other airlines are fully booked. All passengers stuck with little or no alternative at Xmas.
    To get something achieved in Zambia or Zimbabwe was always a nightmare. Huge amounts of staff, except the one we needed. Secretaries never knew where their bosses were, or if and when they would be back that day to solve problems caused by themselves.
    Unlike at the home base, we never had any issues with the European offices in Rome, Amsterdam and London. Small, very efficient, with a few loyal, multitasking and multilingual staff, each dealing with a large number of countries.
    With a similar set-up everywhere else closing could have been avoided!

Comments are closed.

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