It’s unfortunate that juniors in PF are attacking Senior party officials in the media-GBM

DEFENCE Minister, Geoffrey Mwamba, addresses people at this year’s independence celebrations held at David Kaunda stadium in Chipata
DEFENCE Minister, Geoffrey Mwamba, addresses people at this year’s independence celebrations held at David Kaunda stadium in Chipata

Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba has said that it is very unfortunate that junior PF party members are attacking senior party officials in the media.

Mr. Mwamba, who is also Kasama Central Member of Parliament, was reacting to PF Lusaka province chairman Geoffrey Chumbwe who was recently quoted in the Post newspapers saying he has no wisdom to be president of Zambia.

Mr. Mwamba says he has nothing much to say about the remarks attributed to Mr. Chumbwe stating that the Lusaka province PF chairperson is entitled to his own opinion.

Speaking to QFM News in a telephone interview, Mr. Mwamba said it is just unfortunate that Mr. Chumbwe has chosen to be used by some selfish party officials.

And when asked to name the party officials, Mr. Mwamba said he was better off not mentioning any names.

Mr Mwamba and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba have recently been involved in a war of words, which has also drawn in their supporters with the PF.



    • Ba Tripoli….at least give him credit for what he is doing for our country….you seat and expect who to be President? Come on dear get a life

    • tripoli, the body does not matter. Anybody can be president, even you included. Try to use your brains when either analysing issues or commenting on issues.

    • Body size is not a pre-requisite for one to be President. So i stand to be corrected but you are just a cadre who supports and talks without thinking just to please your masters

    • Tripoli I totally agree with you, some of our bloggers don’t know that physiognomy is one characteristic we look for when employing leaders. Those of us who have been exposed know very well that the way a leader looks either inspires follwers, or discourages them from even listening to what he is saying. When did you last see a FAT American President? This is because they have to be a certain size and a certain height to qualify. Anyway what is the Hon. Minister going to do about it?

    • Tripoli
      You are right, fat people are a liability!! I do not know if most Zambians understand what liability means. 
      Fat  presidents are more likely to suffer from hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes. And you are the one who will foot the bill, your tax payers money. 
      Just like somebody said in developed countries they to not elect fat people unless the person becomes fat while they already in power other wise all Health issues are pu into consideration. 

  1. Its indeed very unfortunate for junior members to be so shalow on matters that need deep healing….as a young man Mr.Chumbwe should analyze issue with an open mind…..its not about who contributed what to the President’s victory…..I am not against Kabimba but am just not a fun of his ideals…..I know Mwamba’s attitude is bad at times that is the more reason he has fallen short of the Post’s favour…HH has the same attitude and see where it has gotten him with the Post……Mr.Chumbwe should be a real man and defend the President’s ideals not individuals!

    • You seem to suggest that if you fall out with the post then you are at fault. No, the post has fallen out with a lot of people because of Fred. Mmembe is a dangerous criminal who is so cunning that he has managed to misled a lot of people before they know his motive. He is nothing but a tin pot dictator who is after Govt contracts and yet wants others not get govt contracts. Still wonder what sort of a devil is this. But i know that the devil reads the bible in order to deceive Gods people.

  2. The sad thing is that both these guys (GBM) Great Bag of Maize and (Winter Maize) are not presidential material. These guys are drunk with power, and they feel they have arrived. I would rather have Lubinda as President than any of these two jorkers.

  3. Anyway, none of these crooks (Summer Kabimba and GBM) will ever rule Zambia. Who can even vote for you anyway/ We the Zambia people can ot be fooled.

  4. @Barbed Wire, I trully agree with you. Given Lubinda is a more sane and noble person who can make a good president, as compared to these two moro.n.s.
    Kabimba and GBM rate themselves so highly, eeeh? Owee, shame on you two. You will be shocked. If PF ever makes a mistake of floating Summer Kabimba or GBM, that will mark the end of PF in power.

  5. Summer shivering and Great Bag of Maize are doomed in their quest for plot one, their over ambitions and greedy natures disqualifies them for a position that is supposed to exemplify selfless service

  6. According to the PFOST GBM is not a senior party official as he has no position in the party.So those attacks are coming from his peers!

  7. I have just been reminded that those attacks are coming from his senior party officials because they are more senior in party hierachy than he is since he is just a party cadre.

  8. why do you have to go to the media if you know he can not be presdent. If he can run biger bussineses than yours what can stop him. Any way as GBM said you are entitled to your oppinion

  9. Its a contitutional right for any zambian to aspire for any political post but we have a capable and hardworking president whom we can’t afford to loose now.Those attacking Mwamba and Kabinda in the press,i feel itsa bit unfair.I have never interacted with Mwamba but i have interacted with Kabimba as PF SG.He is quite a good man and tells the truth if its worthy it. since the dual have made it clear that they don’t mean to fight our president let us move this issue out of the press now and focus on building the party.if we continue we will be giving the strength to the opposition.let issues be handled by relevant authorities within the party system than throwing it in the public domain.

    • Hey they are fighting each other over issues that concern our tax. Why should we forget

  10. Lubinda can make a good president of zambia. Anyway, its not time to be talking about who to be the president because this time we have man capable of ruling this country and bringing about development. Politics is all about working together by sharing ideas, be responsible, ready to implement govt policies and unity. Come and lets work together as concerned Zambian citizens.

  11. GBM, money is not = leadership qualities. Even fools have money by hard work, just lucky that they do the right thing at the ,time or, as it is mostly the case in Zambia, some crude means including fraud or shear stealing. You GBM can not be a president. You are not even fit to be where you are in the govt. It was just a favour or was it some form of pay back because of the funding you did to the party. Learn to weigh yourselves. Your reasoning, vocabulary, personality and family life are all in minus. Take this as a candid and friendly advice.

    • Also Winter Maize kabimaba is not presidential material although he behaves as such. He is just in the line of the lates Tetamashimba, George kunda etc. – people that are arrogant and think they will be in power forever. He should seriously think about George and what happened to him after losing power.

    • ABC is just 20 years or so from being 100 years old! and will definately die in office…are you completely mad!!! You really like funerals you Zambians yeah? anyway I hear the nshima at funerals is like no other!

  12. I will keep my fingers from writing anything about these two chaps. let me just laugh and laugh because of some of the above comments describing these two…


  14. Cant we have some decency from these two “”gentlemen”” please. We cant two ministers who hold very senior ministerial port folios quarrelling in the media like babies 

  15. That’s PF material … he actually looks better that the current. Zambians have settled for mediocrity so live with mediocrity. No one will take this non-sense away but you …  at the ballot.

  16. Yes, let there be order in the the party, other wise those making wild public out bursts are actually enermies the party and the president

  17. Barely 400 dayz in government, some PF memberz are pre-occupied with the prezidency even when the incumbent haz a democratic right to seek re-election, what a shame!

  18. We do not want to be hearing, this drivel. They don’t chose who the president of this country is.

    You are in all honest paying for having leaders who egoistic unworthy of being permanent secretary let alone Ministers, and this puking is what you have fed them all this time, unwarranted confidence that they are deserving of the position they occupy
    Would love to see your president sack them both
    But he wont because your country is corrupt to the core and so are its subjects
    This is all drivel that should be condemned with profound rejection from both the media and you its subordinates but you are sucking up to the tunes
    Thank goodness I will never return to Zambia and be part of these unwashed masses


    • Mushota! Zambia is the best place ever! Am glad am contributing positively to this country. One day, all these corrupt practices will come to an end, I believe. People like u have fled for a reason I don’t know into other countries that the owners have cleaned. There’s no place like home. From your comments, I can see that u wish u was in Zambia. You were born here and grew up here. So don’t speak negatively about this nation. Rather contribute positively. You boast of your academic achievement but they don’t mean anything if u cant apply them. Get wisdom!

    • mushota you use a a name that is synonmous with filling a brief case with K240 MILLION that in itself is a shade character stop the comments about Zambia whats your interest I promise i am going to check your IP address and then submit the details to the Zambian govt so that Kent house is aware of your entry into Zmabia or revoke any documents that you have partening to zambia stop been so unpatriotic

    • Mushota is an intellectual, if only…and only all kolwes could think like her. This cursed country called Zambia would have moved a little forward. But alas! kolwes will always remain kolwes…..very nauseating.

      Luna ki Barotse feela

    • Its so sad that so many Zambians abroad (and at home) can be so unpatriotic. You NEVER talk ill of a country you’re from (regardless) same goes for speaking ill of your own family. The saddest part is that instead of coming home and making meaningful contribution to mother Zambia, you would rather sit on the side lines in the diaspora and condemn us back home. Well Good Luck to you and go well……

  19. Neither can that sala/lenje Winter chap be a president. Let him just enjoy that portfolio as he travels for campaigns with his long time girlfriend Sylvia. He should infact be worrying more about the oil scandal he has found himself in. Chairman of Commission of Inquiry on oil who made sure it was for personal gain by swinging contracts and getting kbs. It is sickening!

  20. @Mushota#23 Tell me please, which is the real story that I must take as the truth? Intially you indicated that you and Nick will be in Zambia this December, 2012. And presently you are indicating that you will never come back to Zambia. Please be reliabe so that your credibility will remain intact. Mushota, please come back to Zambia as soon as possible hopefully this December because I want to give you a ride in my godizllar Nissan GTR 2011 sporty version. I want you to feel the real power or the real horse powers which are equivallent to Bugatti Veyron. I will take 2 days driving from Cape Town to Lusaka except that those officials take a long time to do the paper work at Kazungula border post. Otherwise I fly all the way between Cape Town & Joburg along N1 and also between Joburg & Bost

    • I meant to live in Zambia
      I don’t know what you want BOOM
      I shall be in Zambia in Dec for 6 days
      But please, you are throwing too much information at me, and I think you can find better women than me who deserves that
      I am happy as I am 


  21. I salute honorable G. Lubinda. He is far much better than the GBM in terms of leadership qualities.Given the chance Hon Lubinda can rule this country in the future.On Winter Kabimba, comments reserved.AMEN

  22. @Mushota#23
    Lets put the machine to the test and burn the damn tyres. The Godzilla can take the hard hammering and it is lighter than other sporty cars in its class.It reaches from zero to 100 km/h in about 3 seconds. It firmly handles sharp corners even when it travels at 200km/h. It has a power steering which is highly responsive and this machine shoots as if it is powered by a rocket engine. Sometimes it performs better than its rival the Bugatti Veyron if it is tuned. Mushota just come down to Zambia in fact you will make it easy for me to show you the better part of African men and we are not the same. I am not an opportunist but I like putting smiles on lovely women’s faces.

    • Iye ba Boom telling Mushota indirectly what sort of ride he has, ever watched that true story movie TAL HOT BLOND? a lonely fat ugly house wife signed herself on one of the dating sights and put up fotos of her hot daughter in the end two guys( workmates) fell in love, an older lunatic guy and a young guy, who was later killed by the old lunatic guy and later met the real hot tal blond, ugly fat thing, you know how ugly white women can be when they are fat! so be careful mushota might be something else, or she may be hot and nice you never know.

  23. Given yes he is ok but that is if he is 100% zambian and secondly if PF will impress with their deeds otherwise he risks going down with the party if they keep on behaving as if they are still in the opposition, still promising instead of just acting.


  25. I have more respect for Geoffrey Chumbwe than Geoffrey Mwamba because Chumbwe had nothing to hide and named Mwamba as having no wisdom. Mwamba on the other hand has no guts to name ‘the selfish party officials’ whom he claims are using Chumbwe. In fact Geoffrey Mwamba is the most selfish individual in the PF government.

  26. i feel bad for ba Sata,my advice please releave these gentle men of thier dutie ,i think they can do beter as commoner,please!

  27. Pomposity, personal-aggrandizement, self-appraisal, etc; these are terrible traits. Nobody with such and similar traits can make a good leader, let alone a president of Zambia.

  28. @Mushota#35
    Thanks a million my dream woman you have at least received my simple message. Lets make this interaction a reality we can reminisce in the future. Yeh, how is it going to be like, seeing that we first bumped into each other on internet or stepped on each other’s toes on the net and then we meet face to face in Lusaka and walaaa. Yeh babie, that will be absolutely mind blowing. Note that I have no interest to be in Lusaka other than seeing you. Look after yourself and avoid rubbing your body against that ‘stuff ‘ and keep your youthfulness looking young for those who appreciates African beauty.

  29. Sata is put in an bad position, Dr. Kaseba, GBM, Wynter etc. ALL giving him too much to think. This may make him drop dead

    • Actually it is surprising that Mr Sakeni has not issued a statement to clarify the whereabouts of the ‘first lady’. Shall we then conclude that it is true?

  30. The post has fallen out with a lot of people because of Fred. Mmembe is a dangerous criminal who is so cunning that he has managed to misled a lot of people before they know his motive. He is nothing but a tin pot dictator who is after Govt contracts and yet wants others not get govt contracts. Still wonder what sort of a devil is this. But i know that the devil reads the bible in order to deceive Gods people.The fight between winter and GBM begins and ends at Mmembe. Ever thot of why Mmembe changed his stance on Sata a man he called a criminal in 2006? In 2006 Mmembe warned Zambians not to vote for criminals like Sata.

  31. @Mushota#35
    Please sweetie, do me a favour and remember this will serve as a strong link between you and I. Would you please kindly give provide me with a fixed address in Lusaka or an alternative address where I can meet you. Please sweetie, just make it a trouble free arrangement by even suggesting any person you know and trust so as to realise my future dream of meeting you. I just want you nothing else, yeh. Keep me posted and I like ebony and ivory. Come and enjoy blue skies along our warm golden crispy beaches.

  32. “Never” is the word I have chosen not to use. Only God knows all things…Lets have respect for all human beings regardless of the opinion we may have about them today…Only Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever…we all change.

  33. @Investor#47
    Hey homie, feeling a little bit jealousy. Its’ our business and it is not a sin anyway. Who cares anyway? The lady is fundamentally intelligent and not an *****. On top of that its my money which will be spent and I will use my own ride. Make money through education and play hard it is that easy, period.

  34. For sure, Mushota writes sensible stuff excerpt the un waranted boasting. I think Mushota is intelligent despite the vissible scars of rejection and abuse, probably from a former husband, boy friend or blood father. That said, I have decided not to trash all that she says. By the way Mushota, Zambia is fast changing, it is not the Zambia you left in the Kaunda days so take it easy. A pig may have all the fat, but it will never be an elephant!

  35. VimaZambians navena kupwalala? Makamaka vibabemba, no education but they want powe through vokamba kamba awe mawtisebanya, imwe shatapu iwe Kabwamba, naiwe chi green borer to he hell with stinking money.. styopeti

  36. Mushota, there’s no doubt you’re an ill-bred brat with insufficient knowledge. Unfortunately, you’re not even pretty – as those without brains can at times use their looks to attract attention, lol!

  37. The retirement home Sata has asked for has sent the two ministers literally on frenzy like two dogs that are on heat. Even if Sata has privately hinted of retiring just after one term in office, there is no gurantee that he will actually do so. KK after trying to step down over tribalism, was forced to continue in office. There are a lot of beneficiaries who will not rest until they force Sata to go for the second term. The two ministers jostling for power should sober up otherwise its too premature to engage in such opportunism.

  38. Zambians should learn to take heart. Give chance to the ruling party; it is their time. Comment positively, sensibly and give praise for the good things the current party has done and still doing for the Zambian people. Contribute to build and not to destroy the good efforts President Sata and his team are making. We should always remember that in every dark cloud, there is a silver lining.

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