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President Sata announces the construction of 35 secondary schools in 2013


New School built in Sinazeze area

President Michael Sata  has announced that his administration has undertaken to construct and complete secondary schools in all the ten (10) provinces of Zambia in order to enhance access to quality education for all.

During the period 2011 to 2012, a total of 83 schools have been under construction countrywide. Out of the 83 schools; 44 are almost finished and are scheduled for commissioning in January 2013.

A further 35 secondary schools have been earmarked for construction countrywide in the period 2012 to 2013.

The number of secondary schools earmarked for construction in the period 2012 to 2013 Province by Province is as follows: Three (3) of the schools are in Central Province, Copperbelt (4), Western Province (3), Lusaka (3) and Luapula Province (5).

The rest are Eastern Province (3), Northern Province (4), Muchinga (4) North Western (3) and Southern Province (3).

The Head of State revealed that for the year 2013, the Government has further earmarked the construction on four (4) colleges to specifically train teachers in Mathematics and Sciences.

The four colleges will be located in Kabompo, Nchelenge, Senanga and Katete.

“Our aspiration is to put together a well-organized, valuable and reliable public education system through substantial investments in educational infrastructure. As Government we have an obligation to structure and shape the future of our general populace, particularly the younger citizens, who constitute a greater part of our population,” President Sata said.

“This Government will not leave out any part of the country in distributing development and will work towards unifying our people even in the share of resources, and this is but only the beginning of tremendous efforts directed at rebuilding Zambia as a prosperous and inclusive nation, whose people will work hard together in unity across their diverse backgrounds.”

Meanwhile, President Sata has transferred Lusaka Province minister Hon. Colonel Gerry Chanda to Northern Province in the same capacity. Hon. Col. Chanda has swapped with Hon. Freedom Sikazwe, who is now the new Lusaka Province minister.

And President Sata has also swapped Eastern province minister Hon. Charles Banda with his Muchinga Province counterpart Hon. Malozo Sichone.

The changes are with immediate effect.


  1. That’s the President the people of Zambia wanted and voted for. The cake being shared to all the 10 provinces. That’s the way to go PF Gov’t. Next allow as much as you can those Investors with plans to put up Companies like, FIAT in Livingstone, Bicycle assembly in Chipata, Pineapple in Mwiniluga, Timber Processing in Mulobezi and many more in other Provinces pliz. Sooner than later Zambia shall be back to where it used to be before the Colonial masters left.

  2. In Tanzania every Ward, yes every Ward, has a secondary school and every village has at least one primary school. Refering specifically to Zambia, if for example Mpulungu district has thirteen Wards, Mpulungu district would have thirteen secondary schools, and so on and so forth…

    • Narrant or whatever you call yourself you are lying.we have been to TZ we have never seen such kind of a thing.all what we see is educated people failing to speak english.

  3. Northern, Luapula, and Muchinga seem to have the lion’s share of the schools. Every other province gets 3 while the Bemba provinces get 4 or 5. And this tribalist at state house wants to masquerade as a nationalist……..what a stinking primitive loser!

  4. Well just my observation Nothern,luapula and Muchinga are 4,4,5 and the rest are 3s. Considering these provinces are mostly occupied by Bembas. They should be some tribalism going on here???

    • That is the reason why God will change things in future. And then you will hear how loud the same people can cry of marginalisation.

  5. From the figures above for the number of secondary schools earmarked for construction in the period 2012 to 2013 it is clear that Sata is allocating more resources to Muchinga(4), Northern(4), Luapula(5) and C/B(4) where his tribesmates are predominant. This buffon Sata is a terrible tribalist who will create unnecessary tensions in the country. Does he really think Zambians are too naive not to notice what is going on in this PF govt. Tribalism is bad and it is a danger to a country’s peace.

  6. I don’t see any tribalism here some of you always look for bad things wherever you want to. There is no tribalism here. This is a very good move by the president, Continue with the good works your Excellency. 

  7. Do some invetigations b4 you contribute blindly! yopu know that luapula and northern provinces have few secondary skuls compared to other provinces?stop using yo tribes to think,there is poor quality education in these provinces bcoz of lack of high skuls!

  8. Opposition MMD and UPND MPs perform poorly on CDFBy the end of October 2012, many constituencies had their Constituency Development Fund (CDF) withheld for failing to submit expenditure returns for 2011. As it were, majority of these constituencies are held by the opposition MMD and UPND. The MPs in these constituencies should, therefore, take full responsibility, and not blame government for any delay or failure of development projects in their areas.

    Majority of the constituencies that had not been able to receive the CDF (by end of October) due to non-submission of returns were held by the opposition MMD and UPND during the period for which the expenditure returns had not been submitted, which is 2011, and most of them are still held by the two opposition parties.

  9. Number 6 fu, if you studied Geography you wouldn’t be saying that because you would have known about the most densely populated areas in Zambia, fu. You always dwell on negatives fuus.

  10. Easier said than done. Sata has achieved more development in Zambia in words than any other leader. The bar set by KK to the development of our nation is too high for a colosal of empty promises made so far. A good starting point is to admit MMD plans and projects started in construction of schools and health centres was/is an effective way of national development than PF announcement of piece meal development of region by region heavily leaning to one region.

  11. I strongly feel that construction of secondary schools in all the provinces is a good move by the PF government but the problem is the concerntrantion of more schools where the president comes from. Tuleloleshafye. One day it will never be the same.There is always atime some provinces are called dull but also there is time we shall work up and react. just wait bane

  12. Zambians there so many factors one has to consider so there is nothing wrong for Northern Province to have 4 Secondary Schools.You look at loyalty,populality,needy,population …in the UK the Heart Unit ,at one of the Leading Hospitals in Leicester, will be shifted to Birmingham reason…

  13. Build all these schools in western because that is the most neglected province.The pics we saw a few weeks ago of Inonge Wina inspecting some poor shacks was appaling.That way the Lozis won’t feel like seceding and we achieve some uniformity.

  14. Eishh,that photo there of that school is built to the low standard of a cow shelter here in the states.Pa zed our standards are very low even for human shelters.

    • size and population? Size of what? Give us the data! Your Sata is simply a Bemba tribal warlord looking after Bemba speakers interest in Northern and Luapula provinces. Sata is a tribalist. It is simple as that!

  15. Good work but why more schools in northen & Luapula than elsewhere? PF should learn to alocate equal number to all provinces especially those which are not on the line of rail where there are no many schools. Luapula and Muchinga used to be one province. what the the justification for them being allocated more schools when resources are coming from other provinces? two universities are also being built there.

  16. Please lets share the national cake equally.Some provinces cannot get a bigger share than others as if some people are more zambian than others.Its a national shame.

    • I disagree that equal division of schools among provinces is the best way to go. Surely, the nation’s resources should be divided on a per capita basis…. ideally taking into account population growth and presence of existing schools. 

      I have no idea how the different provinces stack-up in that regard (….and have my doubts Mr. Sata and his cohorts did anything like this), but a needs-based approach would be a far more sensible way to plan education investments than simply to say that this administrative region should get an equal number of schools to that administrative region. 

  17. Two factors that have transformed the West and Asia is the fact that almost every town and city is self-contained. They have educational systems from kindergarten right up to university. What Sata is trying to do is in the right direction. I know how difficult it is for bloggers like paddy to haul themselves from the 17th Century to at least the 19th (we are currently in the 21st) but I would urge them to re-look even at the Century they are holding on to; development has thrived around building education and catering to populations proportionately!


  19. Sata is merely the Governor of Bembaland. He represents and promotes the interests of Bembas. This maggot is not a nationalist but a rabid Bemba tribalist and regionalist. Zambia deserves better. We need a Republican president not a Bemba president of Bembas for Bembas. Abash Sata the tribalist!

  20. Its not just about building schools, it about the architecture, Quality and how these schools will be maintained in the long run, I hope the government have planned that far.

  21. viva mr president most of these upnd maggots will never appreciate what the pf govt is doing in southern province.all they like is kubosabosa like ka echi echi.stupid tonga tribalist everything is tribalism.surely can you compare nothern province to southern province .even if you are blind northern province is bigger than some of these provinces no wander it has received a big ratio compared to others so there is nothing like sata like has given more schools to bembas.

  22. THIS WAS THE IDEA OF HIS EXCELLENCE RB,sata HAS JUST CONTINUED WITH THE PROJECT.why give credit to someone who is not the original initiater imwe ba chimbwi.

  23. The president should explain or someone from Government why the allocation pattern, if not clear bloggers will bring in the nonsense of tribal politics.democraphy, size, number of existing schools determined the allocation,Identify what your province lucks and thru MP lobby for the allocation,Bloggers lets research b positive when we write.

  24. LUSAKA, Thursday, November 15, 2012 – His Excellency Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata, President of the Republic of Zambia, has appointed Professor Clive Chirwa as Zambia Railways Limited Chief Executive Officer.Prof. Chirwa replaces Mr. Knox Karima, who has been retired in national interest.“I have deemed it appropriate and opportune to appoint you Chief Executive Officer of Zambia Railways Limited. Your appointment is with immediate effect for a period of five (5) years,” read President Sata’s letter to Prof. Chirwa in part.The Head of State stated that the rail line has deteriorated beyond description during the concession to Railway Systems of Zambia, which the Government recently terminated.“Millions of tonnes of both our imports and exports.

  25. ch.i.k.ala sata is building more schools in the bemba land. Who can he fool. share the wealth fairly or it will bring soon or later. Uneducated person can be very dangerous. NWP must be divided into two provinces for administrative purposes, then the two resulting provinces must have 4 secondary schools built in each. Stop cheating you impotent leader.  

  26. SATA is SmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrT check northern province will have 8 shools in total, muchinga is actually northern its like dividing southern province into two. wako ni wako, this guy is a tribalist, western province needed more schools than any other province

  27. Give the western province half of this cake since we have always neglected that forsaken province naimwe.A nation is judged by how it treats the least amongst them.

  28. Always ranting ranting diasporans. I think you work too much distributing papers and washing dishes. We know that you will never agree with Sata. What ever Sata does is bad and wrong.
    What kind of people are you. Please Sata ignore these bitter and frustrated people. Concetrate on delivering and 2016 is yours.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

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