Police charge 66 year old UPND Lusaka Province chairperson with murder of a PF cadre in Rufunsa

Lusaka Province Commissioner of Police, Joyce Kasosa
Lusaka Province Commissioner of Police, Joyce Kasosa

Police have charged UPND Lusaka Province chairperson, Adrian Bauleni and four others with the murder of Patriotic Front member, Crispin Menyani Zulu.

Lusaka Province Commissioner of Police, Joyce Kasosa and Mr Bauleni’s lawyer Martha Mushipe confirmed the development in Lusaka yesterday.

Ms Kasosa named those charged with Mr Bauleni, as Charles Mumena, Kelvin Ngulube, Francis Washeni and Isaac Zulu.

She said the four were charged on Friday while Isaac Zulu was arrested and charged yesterday. They are charged with one count of murder.

Ms Kasosa said police were still doing paper work and that the five would appear in court soon.

“Yes we have charged five suspects with the murder of Mr Zulu in Rufunsa and among them is Ambassador Bauleni. We had earlier apprehended seven people but as we said, we are still carrying out investigations,” she said.

Mumena, Ngulube, Washeni and Zulu (Isaac) are all Rufunsa residents.

She said some of the suspects who were earlier apprehended including two women had since been released.

When contacted for a comment, Ms Mushipe confirmed that her client had been charged with murder.

Ms Mushipe, however, said she could not say much because police opted to slap her client with a charge of murder in her absence.

“Yes I have been informed that they have charged my client with murder but I cannot say much because they did so in my absence. One wonders why police decided to charge my client in my absence when they were getting a statement from him in my presence” she said.

Bauleni, 66, of Ibex Hill area was detained at Lusaka Central Police Station while police also searched UPND offices for clues.

Mr Zulu who left behind a day-old baby, died on November 8, this year after being attacked by suspected UPND and MMD party cadres during a by-election in Rufunsa, Ward three.

He was buried at Old Leopards Hill Cemetery in Lusaka.


  1. Jail the *****s,politics is abt service not killing pipo.self proclaimed Damn obama,use yo money to set free yo small dogs,we see if u can!

  2. This is witch hunt pure and simple.How come they never charge PF youths for violence whenever its the opposition supporters on the receiving end? Lets stops this B.S of selective prosecution just because papa Sata said so.Zambia is not his dictatorship.

    • you murderers will be put behind bars. listen to your self . which pf cadre killed a upnd cadre? your party is the worst. one wonders what will happen the time you will be in power. nowonder no Zambian will vote for you. boooo.

  3. Mukakeni aliyipaya, politics of poverty, hatred and violence leads to cases like this, murder ndeti mukakeni aliyipaya.




    • So you condon this murdur aswell by quetioning the deceased’s right of movement to be at any place any time. Should we kill anyone who belongs to a rival party. This is the thinking of terrorists, blaming others, including victims, of their (terrorists) crimes. I say PF should not accept any responsibility in this, only the murderer should.

  5. Yes, all murderers must be jailed!!! Why killing your friend over these useless politics? Please jail all who will be found wanting. These guys are devils of death, please investigate thoroughly and jail all who were involved period. 

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  6. Give good treatment to those *****s. They think they can easily terminate some one’s life just like a chicken. Some political parties are known for violence, no wonder they will never rule Zambia! Those fools have pushed the children and the wife of the deceased into suffering so they deserve punishment befitting their deeds.

  7. zambia is a police state. MMD never treated PF like this. why not charging the people who took menyani to rufunsa as well. this arrest is only made to punish the opposition. PF fools, your days are numbered. come 2016 you will be made to account for all this destruction of democracy through the police, the same police you are using today will turn against you after 2016.

  8. It is for the courts to determine whether these five people committed murder or not, murder is a very serious offence and police can not charge someone with it, without circumstantial evidence, infact evidence has to be beyong reasonable doubt. The questions we should be asking is why has it come to this, the politics of hatred which is being preached, the bitterness and anger has numbed our feelings for the other people. Whoever killed Menyani Zulu did not look at him as a person, to them he was merely a PF cadre who had to be killed!!! The solution is in abandoning politics of hatred, the hate speech being propagated on some media and practice politics of civility!!

  9. Sata should be summoned as the chief witness. The press reported it as death resulting from PF cadres fighting over money. Sata then came up with his foolish accusation that it was UPND cadres to blame. A normal Head of State would have not inserted himself in a police investigation. We are dealing with a very serious case of murder in this instance. And it is very id.iotic of anyone no matter his station in life to politicise the issue. Leaders should have morals. Murderers should never be protected for political expediency. My hope is that the dubiously accused will have a fair trial. The question still remains: why did Sata insert himself in this case and accuse UPND when the media reported that it was PF cadres fighting over money. Murder means death sentence!

    • The chap was a Lusaka resident and yet he accepted to be used in Rufunsa as a hired gun. Political parties must stop hiring thugs from other areas during bye elections

  10. Why charge Ambassador Bauleni when he was at a Hospital at the time of the murder. The old man had been assaulted by the PF Cadres. Demcracy in multiparty state requires rule of law and persecuting political opponents as President and Sylvia Masebo are doing. Let them and arrest PF members who killed their friend fighting for money gien by PF.

  11. This is pure full persecution at its best coupled with selective justice. This accused fella is guilty of being at a wrong place and wrong time not of the charge he has been intentionally and falsely charged of. Under the these trivialised and personalised criminal laws, it is within the interests of the powers that may be to serve their traditional belief of grinding the seemingly hegemonic opposing voices and label them as anarchists. This ingrained tendency of cringing to power at the expense of sacrificing innocent grown ups such as this latest victim of state victimisation, will haunt this PF regime in many years to come. Viva the son of the soil. All the freedom fighters are with you through thick and thin

  12. Why do Poor Fools always mention the MMD even if it was not MMD. Because here the is the PF themsevelves fighting over money for lusaka beer, and then the president says it is UPND but again you mention MMD who is not even near to the issue. The think people will forever be dull that they can not see and think for themselves? Atase mwe fipuba mwe. fizende.

  13. UPND is really a party with people with empathy, your friend was murdered and you pipo are calling it political persecution and abuse of the police. if you can kill while in opposition, what if ,and i mean if you were voted into power, would we have a say with the arrogance being exhibited now when you are in opposition? the other problem is you take everything the  UPND watchdog writes to you. znbc had reported that suspected upnd and mmd had killed someone but the upnd watchdog reported that pf cadres killed each other. who is being locked up now? change your way and repent.

  14. You people not supporting the arrest of the suspects are really crazy or ….? You mean I can’t. Go to campaign because I will be killed for my party. Should you sane people ask what he was doing in rufunsa? Don’t you go for work? Do you get killed for doing your job. Officially some people posting on this forum are foolish. Imagine if a doctor went for work and was killed by the members of the deceased patient killed the said doctor can you come and ask ati what was he doing there? Oh please get real.

  15. Suppoze we remove the PARTY tags from this whole issue and just deal with the case az criminal? I don’t imagine that the deceazed lived hiz life az a PF carder, or indeed that the murder suspects are just MMD and UPND memberz by profession, so to speak. What iz being potrayed by the reports here iz that the ruling and oppozition partiez are at each other’z throats big time.

  16. Sata should be put in the dock because he’s an interested party to this case.He commented and therefore has had undue influence on this case.Fairness will now be just a mirage.

  17. My Ecuadoran, slapped me for looking at that Police woman twice. This is sign that there are some beauty in that Zambian Police Officer. Even though my Latina is so, I still miss some Zambian meat.

  18. leaders will be individually accountable to God for their sins. the president thru his press aid has already tried and passed judgement. how else do you explain his statement where he condemed the violence and said it was UPND/MMD cadres who committed the crime. yet we all know that these guys were fighting for money among themselves. shame!!!!

  19. UPND sycophants go back to ZWD! We need to have normal debates at LT. The deceased person and his family requires justice and the accused have given statements and if theyhave been charged their must be supporting evidence. This is about Menyani Zulu whose life was unfairly cut short by violence. Menyani could have been PF, but he really deserves justice and if the accused had abything to do with the loss of his life, they should be held accountable! This has nothing to do with ‘man of the soil’, by the way all Zambians are sons & daughters of this soil. Who is this ‘man of the soil’ being proclaimed in defence of murderers? I really pity him! The tribalistic approach to the governance issues of this country, including the judiciary and law enforcement agents is sickening.

  20. We should start asking these UPND murderers to go back to their hate, bitter and depressing site ZWD. We love our streight headedness here. How can any sane person support the murder of another person? This should also save as a lerson to cadres Sata did not resurect his dead cadre and HH will not be there while these arrested 5 rot in jail. In this country you can get away with a lot of things but murder.

  21. Yayayayaya, yabija makani. But let the law take its course here people and not jump to conclusions.

    This should send a strong message to any political thugs in ALL parties…including the infamous William Banda.

  22. Take chi Sata to the ICC. It is lunacy for a Head of State to concort murder charges against innocent citizens. Chella should also be summoned as a witness. This id.iot issued a press statement on behalf of Sata accusing UPND cadres of murder. This is in direct contradiction to the statement issued by Dr Jere which put the blame on fellow PF cadres for killing their friend over money. Sata should be very careful with the foolish games he is playing. These are the issued that tend to have carthartic dynamics capable of bringing down any id.iotic leader. You do not charge someone with murder for political reasons. It is not only Stu.pid but immoral. Bauleni is a political prisoner not a murder accused.

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