First Lady launches a new cancer screening centre in Kitwe

First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba
First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba

First Lady Christine Kaseba has yesterday launched a new cancer screening centre in Kitwe.

The cancer screening centre which is part of the Mopani Copper Mine’s Wusakile Hospital has been named as Dr Christine Kaseba Cancer Screening Centre in honor of the first lady’s significant contribution to the fight against cervical cancer in Zambia.

The screening services will also be offered at the Mopani Copper mine owned Malcolm Hospital in Mufulira district.

And speaking during the launch, Dr Kaseba commended Mopani Copper Mine for setting up the centre which she said will help increase the number of women accessing cancer care and also save the nation millions of kwacha which could have been used to send patients abroad for treatment.

She said the opening of the centre will also enhance early detection of Cervical Cancer which will in turn greatly reduce mortalities associated with Cervical Cancer as it will be possible to prevent and treat the disease.

She observed that currently many women were dying from Cervical cancer because they had no access to cancer care and treatment and were also seeking medical care when the disease had already reached very advanced levels.

The first lady urged the women on the Copperbelt to fully utilize the centre to ensure early detection of the cancer for successive treatment.

Dr Kaseba however observed that there was still need to expand the provision of Cancer care services to districts.

And speaking earlier, Mopani Copper Mine Plc Chief Executive Officer Danny Callow said Mopani decided to set up the Cancer screening centre due to its recognition of the high Cervical Cancer prevalence in Zambia.

Mr Callow said according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), it is estimated that approximately 500,000 women globally develop Cervical cancer every year and almost half of the cases result in deaths.

He added that Zambia has also been cited as having the second largest rate of cervical cancer in the world with 1,900 cases recorded annually and that 68 per cent of these cases result in death.

Mr Carroll said the mining company has spent over K1.3 billion towards the project which will service over 32,000 women aged between 20 and 65 years in Kitwe and Mufulira.

He said the company decided to invest in the project because it realizes that regular screening for cervical cancer is vital in controlling the disease through early detection and treatment.

He further commended government for the efforts it is making in combating the disease but he noted that government alone could not manage to alleviate the disease but needed concerted efforts of other stakeholders.

And Kitwe Mayor Chileshe Bweupe appealed to government to consider putting up a cancer screening centre at Kitwe Central hospital to enable more women from Copperbelt and surrounding provinces access screening services nearby.

Mr Bweupe said currently more women had no access to the screening services due to lack of transport and the long distance to Lusaka.

Mr Bweupe however, commended the first lady for prioritizing the fight against cervical cancer which has affected many women in the country and the world at large.

The Kitwe Mayor further commended Mopani Copper mines for considering combating Cervical Cancer in its Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.



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  2. Ms Kaseba is working.

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  3. The First Lady is the only human being in PF – the rest are corrupt kwangalas, criminals, thieves, and absolute dunderheads.

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