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Sata creates 6 new districts, orders the building of a new Stadium and University in Western Province

Headlines Sata creates 6 new districts, orders the building of a new...

President Michael Sata
President Michael Sata

President Michael Sata has created six more districts in Western and North-western Provinces.

President Sata named the new districts as Sikongo, Nalolo, Sioma, Mitete and Luampa in Western province and Manyinga in North-western province.

The President said this when he swore in Ministry of Labour and Social Security Permanent Secretary Trevor Kaunda and Muchinga Province Commissioner of Police Lemmy Kajoba at State House today.

President Sata has urged newly appointed Labour Permanent Secretary Trevor Kaunda to be sharp in the execution of his duties as issues to do with labour were very porous in the country.

He lamented that some Italians at a company which he did not name but based in Ndola were not paying Zambian workers well.

And President Sata directed Minister of Sports Chishimba Kambwili to ensure that a stadium is constructed in Western province.

He also called for the construction of a new university at Namushakende in Western Province and proposed that this institution of higher learning should be named King Lewanika University.



  1. This man amuses me…. Truly he’s a chimbwi no plan…. These pronouncements are done without proper planning…. Instead of addressing serious issues, he’s busy creating more districts… For what? Shame on Zambia….

    • You can also create your own if at all you have any plans to do that you *****. Support the efforts the President is putting in and what He wants to achieve for the Zambian People, you *****.

    • Tamwakatashe imwe bamukukulu bamutasha fili kwisaya sometimes u should swallow your bitterness and see thing in reality   

  2. SATA is trully that thing this country had waited for!HAS he not shamed his stupid critics!Sinyinda that fool who thinks he can create confusion where are you you cheap political demogogue,VIVA SATA viva PF

  3. Just a word of caution sir, be careful in the way you make announcements?  Remember that there also other provinces which need universities, don’t take those provinces for granted sir, coz they can rise against you if you are not careful sir. The stadium in western , how is it going to be utilized? Is it not going to be a white elephant?  Build the stadium in Kitwe wher it will be well utilized. Its not just for a matter of appeasing people. Sir trade well in your pronouncements.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

    • 6.1 & 6.2.. I think its you who does not have amano.  Please read before you open your mouth. I have said that the stadium should be built in Kitwe for thats where it can be utilized well. So why ranting without reading??? Really typical of the Watch Dog blogger…shaaa.

    • Bushe ifi nalanda fyakupita? Let me put it another way: You want the stadium meant for Western Province to be in Kitwe therefore implying Mongu doesn’t need a stadium. Iam telling you that all provinces need stadia. Mongu doesn’t have a stadium and Sata wants to build one there but you want this to be transferred to Kitwe which alread has four stadia. Kitwe can wait

  4. He has been very quite on ‘district creation’, I suppose thats how he has just created 6 to make up for the lost time…………

    Did he say anything about Mealie-meal?

  5. Frankly, the people of Western Province have long been ignored. Many people go around insulting Lozi’s for wanting secession but if Presidents kept developing Western Province consistently, this would not have been an issue.

  6. This is definely madness. There is no other explanation. Are these pronouncements budgeted for in 2013? This country requires a leadership that is rational, objective and practical. Mr. President, Zambia is not your farm or house where you can carry out renovations and your whim. You are raping the constitution, the budget and the Zambian people. Please be systematic and have plans for whatever is to be done so that you are able to follow them through. Nangu nibu man of action this is not the way

    • Have you taken your ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) medication? Stop ranting senseless masturbatory verbatim.

  7. Sense at Last!
    … But i thought we needed a New Statdium in Livingstone in order to boost Local and International Tourists!

  8. What’s this fascination with stadiums and universities? People are still dying from preventable diseases and UTH is still a “chilongoma” and you focus on building monumental institutions! The day I hear that mothers are not dying of childbearing complications, that is when I will support building stadiums in far flung places. Yaba!

  9. He can as well declare a university should be built in each province or even district. But as they always say that africans can never develop their land because of either luck of planning (CNP) or just implementing projects that are not planned for (CNP). At the end of the PF rule, the tax payers will be back to servicing $7billion.

    • michopo, before I even finish telling you the number of districts we have now, another one will be pronounced, so we dont know really. thats why even ministers are asking which ministry they working for before the address. CNP

  10. This is greate may God reachly bless you this is what good leaders should do,how many people are going to get educated.

  11. Is anyone writing down promises this man makes? He needs to be reminded about his lies come 2016. how far is the construction of Universities in Luapula & Northen provinces going? Lets not be taken for a ride. Of what benefit is a stadium? What the pipo need is employment not stadia which will provide employment to Ma chinese.

    • Absolutely spot on! Unfortunately Zambia is full of gullible fools who will believe white is black as long as Sata says it. 

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAH cnp, the national budget under debate does not have budgest t=for these developments. I guess advisors are less visionary and react on impulse without thinking like the one b eing advised. Very sad for my country. We need a normal kleader who can think ahead of all his decisions. Last year, the opposition complained that governmet had not put enough money for agricultural pogrammes such as purchases of maize, today farmers are languishing, no koney and it is raiing. Can we have anormal leader please? Is hipimo still alive?

    • liar, a big liar , us who are Zambia have seen a far majority of farmers paid and have already bought the inputs. Dont just rant man.

  13. I just like progressive people this man is great he is a great achiever he deserves support from us  go go go  this is part of job creation and giving power to people in each new district jobs have been created for the local people and new infrastructure what else can a leader do

  14. Wonderful ! Nomba bane you should have improved conditions at CBU and UNZA before embarking on the university opening frenzy.If you failed to handle two how can you surely handle eight universities.Fili ukotuleya.

  15. He is about to leav the country, thats wat he does!!! Am sure its India via Manchester University in London… Stadium for wat??? Mayb a sports development centre for all sports disciplines can do, not stadium!!! Mealie meal and FRA paying farmers sir??? zzzziiiiiiiiiiii

    • You seem to be correcting yourself once too often, have you been reviewed for Dementia or Amnesia?

  16. You are a shallow minded person who thinks development should be skewed along the line of rail. Every part of zambia needs development in all aspects including sport. Those pronouncements are welcome and long overdue. However, there is need to plan well in terms of attaching budgetary allocations to such declarations.

  17. The PF Government under the experienced, inspirational leadership of His Excellency the President Mr. Michael C. Sata is on course to achieve prosperity for the people of Zambia. All Zambians who love their country and its people should rally behind the Patriotic Front and contribute to transforming this great country. Enclave leaders and visionless pastors have no programme for this country apart from promoting selfish narrow interests. Viva Sata, Viva PF

  18. Good move Mr President, actually each province requires a stadium for social activities. Youths need such facilities to keep them active. A university for N/W is very much welcome. More Districts will also enhance development in that province.

  19. How does merely naming new districts excite people? This is a true sign yet that this govt has done nothing of note. No wonder Sata’s praise singers are looking for every opportunity to say he is a ‘great’ man. Kuti?

  20. Thumbs up! Mr President.

    It is sad that for some people, the line of rail is Zambia, full stop.

    It is not President Sata’s fault, if faults are to be found, that the other institutions are in a bad state of disrepair. This should not be the reason why we should not build new facilities.

    Someone here is suggesting the building of a stadium is Kitwe, what is wrong with the one in Ndola? Do we want a stadium in every compound?

    Good decisions by the government.

  21. Mr. Presdo I wonder if those places named in western province you have been there or not. Personaly I have worked in those areas, reverse your prononouncement like for Nalolo, mitete,Luampa and Sioma. This pure madness, work on Katundu -Watopa road first and put a bridge on the zambezi river in lukulu and then create mitete as a district. Sir your pronouncements will make you fall.Update the nation on so far districts you have created what development have you created, dot just creates districts for making jobs for your friends and inlaws. Never fool a lozi persons, we dont nid a stadium, we want jobs.Mr.Presdo wake up, this is not time to play drama or jokes, think. You want to make sioma as district when you are failing to connect sioma high school on national few meters away from pilons

  22. @ 28, My thoughts exactly! The Presido has no agender! He enjoys creating and naming districts only. He creates new problems before sorting out the current ones. He is really working hey? 

  23. Kanti ona litaba za mandwani ze za University ni 6 districts kona kwena ya lekile Satani Litunga. If the Litunga accepts this, he truly deserves to be dethroned, for plain stupidity. I mean, has Sata not been part of three govts that failed to develop the Mongu Kalabo road? Was he not the one who promised to restore the BA64? And all these districts, where is the money going to come from to develop them when he can’t allocate enough to Lewanika hospital or the current Mongu Stadium which still remains unfinished? Why should he propose the name Lewanika, we have enough places named after the man for heaven’s sake, it can as well be named Mundia Nalumino or indeed Sibitwane, leave it to the people there to decide. This KK stupidity of Mulungushi name for everything must stop!

  24. I would never trust a Zambian teacher, let alone a school/University
    Here in UK, UNZA is extremely undermined, and most of the graduates 
    Have failed to make it here
    I almost cried when I never made it there but after doing my research I found out
    Great colleges with better pedigree waited here in UK, I have made it have had better 
    Education background and therefore this new University to be created is just another one 
    Who credentials and graduates will be laughed at

    • Who told you UNZA is undermined???? UNZA has produced great men and women. even CBU is has produced great men and women. You have nothing good to talk about Zambia, yet u was born here and lived in this very nation. This issue is nt about you UK universities, where graduates mop and clean toilets. You ought to be thankful that u Zambian. You brag about being there and talk shit about Zambia. You r a strange one! And a very frustrated girl. You enjoy places that the owners have developed and yet you have the gats to talk about about your nation. I pitty you!

    • Mushota you are just dull. do you research well. All UNZA graduates when they come to the UK they graduate with distinctions. 99% of them. If you couldnt make it, you are a nutcase

  25. Where is the money to fund the construction of the university and stadium coming from? Hope we are not going into further debt.Where is the money to pay the lecturers salaries going to come from seeing the lecturers in the existing universities are already poorly compensated. I think this is meant to excite the PF cadres the way the 90days promises excited PF cadres.

  26. Districts are not created like that. studies are done first by specialists. The way things are going, anyone after failing to score the whole night will wake up and create districts as a way of killing chikonko.

  27. Why not institute a project to assess the viability of such districts and then do the creation. Love of power!

  28. I am enjoying the variety of views here, it just shows how concerned Zambians are about the goings-on in their country.

  29. Is this the result of not smoking the chamba which was meant to be delivered?

    No where in the world are universities created like tuckshops….  the need to take this man for mental evaluation. The country has failed to fund two existing universities and suddenly he thinks he has the ability to just wake up and create a university..

    This is about the most useless president this country has ever produced

  30. It is just stupid to congratulate a person for announcing that he will give you food when there is scarcity of food. There is scarcity of development but lots of stealing. An announcement is certainly not development but an intention. And intentions are hardly fulfilled.
    Only Muchinga province is receiving money though not approved by parliament yet (probably I missed it). The other prouncements remain cold and forgotten.

  31. Napa sana! Where was the President when the budget was being drawn up so that the six ditricts could be included. The budget is being torn apart before it is even passed by the House.

  32. If you know what policy is then shut up.Whatever the president says is policy,its up2 to the ministries and ministers involved to advise him.About whether those things have been budgeted for or not in the national budget is not an issue coz money can even be got from a grant or corporate world.THE PROBLEM IN THIS COUNTRY IS THE CONSTITUTION coz the president has so much power.Change the CONSTITUTION AND YOU CHANGE EVERYTHING.

    • All money expended by government whether it is a grant or not must be included in the budget for accountability. That is why money is stolen at will by pipo like kapoko and given to parties like MMD and PF as insurance

  33. It seem this President is preoccipied with the creation of districts. Are these districts planned for? It seems most these developmental projects are by presidential decree. I hope we will not wake up one day to find there more districts than citizens! The recently created districts such as Chikankata, shibuyunji and Rufunsa have not received adequate funding and the man is busy creating more districts. It seems planning has been thrown out of the window. Appeasement has now taken the place of planning.

  34. Mr. Sata,

    We really dont care whether you create 10 more Districts,these new pronounced districts are ILLEGAL. You have no powers in Barotseland…Actually Barotseland joins other countries that laugh and take Northern Rhodesia for a failed state..you really dont deserve to be President…You and your Police Officers have now turned the Northern Rhodesian Statehouse into a dagga smoking area..plot 1 for this matter…ohh its circus after circus!!! Barotseland is for the Lozis and not foreigners like you..when will you come to terms with these facts? FYI we are already putting the necessary modalities in place and we shall be announcing our legitimate provinces not districts! God bless Barotseland.

    • ubupuba bweka bweka. When you say Lozis, who are you referring to? Grow up makaka. It’s useless minds like yours that have resulted in underdeveloped Western Province of Zambia.

  35. Uuh! Just wondering. Two districts across the Zambezi, road started in 1975, not yet constructed, what is this? On a serious note, let MCS,complete the construction of Mongu Kalabo road . That will easily pave way to Angola and its sea ports. Transport would have been emproved. University? Thats is fine. Infact the locals were already planning to build one with their own resources. Your Majesty, this concerns your people, please give guide lines.

    Next will be Lukona, Sihole, Nalikwanda, Nalwamba, Ushaa, hey so many. More DCs.

  36. Good work. The only fear i have is, ARE THESE PLANS GOING TO BE IMPLEMENTED? ARE THEY BUDGETED FOR? WHY DIDN’T WE GET THESE PRONOUNCEMENTS DURING THE NATIONAL BUDGET SPEECH? Surely if the PF Govt had a focus they would have outlined these issues in their budget as it would have made them more popular and more organised. But it appears only the president knows about these things. Development needs to be spread across the country and all provinces need these facilities. However, western province has been so neglected that there is nothing to talk about there. The president promised the people of western province that he would honour the BRA 64 but it turned out that it was a campaign promise. And now these pronouncements again. If they won’t be fulfiled this will be receip for anarchy.

    • In China there are roads, schools and universities build every day. Do you think the national budget should be reduced to pronouncements of projects? There is funding allocated to education and sports development – universities and stadia are in there. You really do not need the minister of finance to say “and we are going to mend 1,299,988,837,747,676,655 pot holes”, do you?

  37. The clueless lunacy is not striking a gutless level, Sata is truly mad in the head sure! Does the man need to undress in public Zangalewa style before he is impeached?

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  39. Whatever cosmetic development may be pomised to Barosteland. it is donci kubeba, aruta continua with Barosteland Independence Long Live the Litunga, we want freedom not promises of development based on strings, to hell with Pa ma Fi ya Sata

    In my opinion, you can create as many districts as you want. The question is, what are you doing with the current issues i.e, high inflation and unemployment rates, lawlessness, disease to mention a few?

    See, this is one thing I dont understand about you sir. From my observation, it seems you are good at bandaging over issues.
    We voted for you because we believed you could change the economic climate in Zambia and not pretend to be working by creating more districts. I just don’t understand your obsession with districts.
    Surely mr President, you can do better things with your time. Clearly, many of us who believed in you are starting to doubt your sanity in some of these decisions you’ve made while in office. Remember, WE ARE WATCHING YOU sir!

  41. Mushota you didn’t make simply because you are DULL.The work here is much easier than Zambia, goes to show you will be researching for this so called phd for the next decade, dunderhead!!

  42. I don’t see the need to praise HEMCS for merely pronouncing creation of district and universities. These may just be hallucinations meant to excite his supporters who are running out of what to praise him for!



  45. Sata seems to bend to hostility. Provinces should learn that if they need a university built they need to create pressure of some sort. Good citizenship seem not to yield anything. 


  47. #69 you mean because there is no water at UTH then other developments can’t ne done? When a President makes pronouncements it can even be budget for next year all we need is a good civil service that can implement the vision of the President. Some of these projects that president Sata is now commissioning were a pronouncement of President Banda and the civil service did the implementation.

  48. Kaunda was a teacher and built schools for the most part, Chiluba was a bus conductor and he removed duty on buses which resulted in increased transport, Levy was a lawyers and increased salaries for lawyers making them the best paid profession in government. Band was a diplomat, I do not know what he did for them. The current one was a district governor for a long time hence his obsession about creating districts 

  49. The creation of new districts is a good idea but i wish the local people were consulted.Sikongo and Luampa is ok.Sioma and Nalolo spliting Senanga district is just too much as shangombo was also from senanga.The University is long over due and the president should be commended as long as there is enough money to construct it.

    • You’re very ignorant. Sioma is 100km from Senanga. Shangombo is 85km from Sioma. Western Province is the largest province in Zambia. It is 126 416 square kilometres. Sioma may have been part of Senanga but the distance is very long. Honestly how do you expect Sioma people to be administered from a hundred kilometres away in Senanga? Shangombo is also across the Zambezi , right in the southwest on the cuando river border with Angola. Ndate these areas are all 80 km + from each other. Western Province needs these districts. It is quite surprising that a presumably a local guy like yourself doesn’t even know the distances in your home area!

  50. iN Chongwe we are still waiting fpr Boreholes and Electricity promised during Masebo’s by- election by The President

  51. Well, since there are so many complaints about district naming, he should try cities. Make Mongu and Mansa a city. Its long over due.

  52. Yeeeeeeeeesy!there we go again,7 guns of all things..why are we making more new universities when the existing ones are an eyesore and almost to be white elephants.water is still a problem.Visit some councils….ooh goosh they look like an ancient building without proper dimensions.Can somebody tell the president that halt pronouncements and try to deliver on one atleast one of their promises please

  53. Those that are opposing Sata are people who were comfortable with non-performing presidents. These are people who believe in having perpetual workshops and ‘capacity building seminars’ without any tangible products. I think Sata has confounded the minds of the simple non-performers. Zambia has a lot of money – most of it was being stolen. No we have a man would will use the money for development. Let’s support him.

  54. Necessary infrastructure should be built so that each of those new districts can generate much needed revenues so as to provide municiple services to residents. Creation of new districts will have no pratical benefits to anyone and their values will be confined to the documents on which they are written on. Therefore, it is a process, that is if it continues, which will end in itself not beyond thereof. Every new project of this magnitude should have a proper blueprint which clearly identifies the sources of revenues which are sustainable for proper running of essential services of residents. And the leadership should work out incentives which can attract correct industries which can better suit those particular environments.The question of how much money new districts can contribute to N

  55. Those that are against these plans have no shame at all.Sata’s plan to create districts desevers support not blind critisism just because u support the opposition.We have so many secondary schools chaining out thousands of grade twelves with two universities!We seriously need more universities and this is part of develoment.Rural areas also need to be administered by making districts accessible.Those who are insulting Sata on these issues are fools and need mental evaluation!!

  56. Sounds like there has been some horse-trading going on behind the scenes. Also an attempt to ‘buy off’ potential resistors or threats in true KK style!!

  57. Zambians let us exhibit dullness.UK gets a lot from Universities I comment HE Michael Sata well done you have shame the critics

  58. And government spending continues to rise with these Presidential directives..where is Sata going to get the funds for all these projects. Has he got plans to introduce windfall tax?? 

  59. Mushota you are a big lier, it is true you failed to make it for UNZA. Iam studying in UK at Universiy of London, here we have stuents who cannot even read and English and those who just came because they have money doing post graduate studies , they are no where near UNZA tandard. It is easier here to learn than UNZA because facilities are good one has no reason to fail as long as they have money. Mushota you usedyour’ bleeding thing betwwen your thighs’ to make it to gade 7

  60. Sata just ruling by decree without consutation on the current state of zambian finances or GRZ’s current five yr development plan.I’m sure the state bureaucrats charged with implementing current govt plans are scratching their heads as this throws their plan of action off course.

  61. Data is trying too hard to impress

    Ifyou want to know Michael chilufya sata well, ask any Zambian. They will tell you the comdian, that the man is.After a week of high emmotions, ganshing tempers and unprintable insults on the BRE and mulonga, grz once more is trying to create more rift between BRE and malozi.By redesigning barotseland through the naming of sikongo,sioma,nalolo,mitete,luampa as new districts,Right under the nose of BRE, which a day earlier recognised the Litunga’s authority over barotseland through the bnc resolutions,Sata want to bring a debate, that he intends to make malozi question their authorities in barotseland once more.Is Grz authorised to make any such moves in barotseland? Is sata so dump he is not hearing our voice. Poor silly zambians

  62. We shall continue praying for the presido, the party (pf) that the wisdom of GOD continues to guide the leadership. Bravo Mr president. Our prayer is that all your ernemies have long life to see just what the Lord will do to Zambia. Lord God bless every blogger let your mercies speak for them and your divine favour locate them all.


  63. Good evening

    The big ship is sailing on, Just hold on steady and trust the captain.

    Even Joseph in the Bible and Dr. Martin Luther King were mocked as “Dreamers” but their dreams became reality one day. 

  64. Joseph and Luther did not use state resources or money which was not their own. Thats the critical difference, this fool is gambling with tax payers money…..

  65. Those districts announced earlier have been covered under 2013 budget. These 6 may be funded from an external source or under 2014 budget…! Whichever way, know that this is not the end. More districts will be created. Finance minister Chikwanda actually mentioned this in parliament when presenting the 2013 budget. This is part of the decentralisation programme. Now, Zambia’s education sector has been pyramidal, with many primary schools, fewer secondarys and even few universities! PF…SELENI TUBOMBEKO!

  66. There goes the measly zambian budget being stretched to its limits by the costs of all the districts created by Sata.It appears Sata does things thru the “spur of the moment” without planning ahead.

  67. If at first an idea does not seem irrational then there is no hope for it (Albert einstein) , this is the president we need with ideas that sound impossible at first but which will be realised if we strive. We cant have a president who does not dare to dream and move forward, this man is a visionary, let him do his work.

  68. Will all these massive projects being directed to start all over the country have the money to support them? THere are new universities being proposed everywhere, I mean if these Universities were to be constructed Zambia would end up with more than 15 universities by 2016. We are struggling to fund UNZA and Copperbelt University, where is the money going to come from to construct and run all these big institutions being proposed. All these new districts to be upgraded, again they are all over the country. Do we have the money? Sometimes it is not that we love criticising the president, it’s just that when things stop making sense some of us can’t keep quiet. I’m sure he means well, but he should sometimes conduct feasibility studies on new projects. Anyway…

  69. people stop fighting he promised a change within 90 days he never delivered. He likes making fake promises.You would be stupid to buy it.  It sounds too good to be real, dont believe it.

  70. I will only appreciate when the foundation is laid and the building at window level,otherwise it may be another way of luring support.

  71. I am trying to figure out thought processes here that are asserting that we need to MAINTAIN UNZA and CBU before putting up more universities!!??? I believe putting up new ones will DECONGEST the existing ones because some of the woes come from the fact that the capacity in these two institutions has been outstripped many times over. The lack of sustainability is in part a result of over-enrollment and a lack of prior oversight to actually expand on this capacity. The idea of creating new institutions as opposed to putting up more buildings in one place is a brilliant one in my view. Same goes for main hospitals. We need more UTH-sized health centres for the same reason!

  72. I am looking forward to a time when kids in a town will be able to get spoilt for choice as to which university to go to. I look forward to a kid completing all his education within reasonable distance and at good cost. This must surely inspire the increasing of these facilities. I also hope the private sector comes in with support and similar institutions.  This is doable and the PF is on the right track. Congratulations guys!

  73. Whatever he says comes to being because that’s his nature.Do not compare him to some people who promised you something and they failed to fulfill.Those are those but Sata is another!MAN OF ACTION!

  74. He is trying to appease MaLozi. Unfortunately for him they are way ahead of him and they cannot fall for such silly tricks. The 90-day formula lie has made the Lozis and most Zambians wary of Sata and his PF party of kaponyas.

  75. Well done H.E. President M.C. Sata. We just need a few more districts before you officially announce the formation of the long awaited Kafue Province.

    One Zambia One Nation.

  76. Really Sata you really think like a man, after Litunga support you now you go to Develop the Western Province.
    Keep on more Support are coming from Westerns

  77. Well done Your Excellency! Luampa a District at long last, way to go. Thank you sir for bringing development and jobs to my home town. May God bless you. Civil Servants, please do not delay this very welcome development.

  78. Alot of things said both positive and negative,stadia not urgentinstead enhance communication there, university a good idea but only four should be built one in eastern ,[muchinga and northern],luapula and western not more due to cash limitations.Boss slow down on the districts though a good idea lets start with the ones we have and check our cash flow..Hope you get the cash from the mine somehow!. one who dreams has life.

  79. people who have not traveled should not be quick to judge president sata, i don’t know about the universty and stadium as for the districts he has created in the regoin they are worth it. Zambians just love criticzing everything like mad people, learn to adopt to change unlike clining to the some things from i don’t know when, these are the same places that you always complain of saying the rulling part regs elecations from, the man finds a way of dealing with it you complain, FOOLS……………!

  80. #43, Hey Mushota, have you realised how the flag by your side has exposed your location? You are not in the UK, musukwa laho sitole tuwe!

  81. I think Zambians are now fed up and tired of these knee jerk orgasmic pronunciation . A university in Muchinga . In Livingstone and kwa bu Lozi a university needs manpower accommodation for lecturers please mr president stop your drama for once just shouting and making pronouncements is not development . What a waste of time and my vote 4 years is just too long. TB Joshua plz where are you…

  82. Tanzania has eighteen(18) universities and sixteen(16) university colleges. This after fifty one years after independence in 1961. Almost all the thirty (31) one regions have a university or a university college each. Zambia has not done well in the field of higher education. The PF government is doing all that’s possible to redress this, and must be congratulated and encouraged by all well-meaning nationals. Abash doomsayers!

  83. #122 may be the population and resources in Tanzania,its however a great stride we should learn from.well contributed.The MPs should explain clearly GOVT plans for the citizens to appreciate them.

  84. Zambians are ignorant, dull and primitive. We need more universities to defeat this ubututu! We need to make sure that 75% of our pupils coming out of secondary school enter university. We need educated people, an educated generation that can compete favourably with any other in the world. THIS WILL INCREASE OUR LEVELS OF CONFIDENCE AND DEFEAT THE INFERIORITY COMPLEX of many Zambians. The new districts will bring services close to the people. See the vision? Let’s go PF.

    • I wonder whether people have been taking note of these promises. I have been reading and hearing Sata make these promises since he was I’m opposition, he keeps on making new ones even before fulfilling the old ones. I hope my fellow Zambians are not just getting too excited for nothing. We want to see real development . I can see a lot incomplete projects around the country that needs to be done or renovated and yet mr Sata is still singing politics, Shame. Does this man even consult anyone or it’s a one man show?

  85. I wonder whether people have been taking note of these promises. I have been reading and hearing Sata make these promises since he was I’m opposition, he keeps on making new ones even before fulfilling the old ones. I hope my fellow Zambians are not just getting too excited for nothing. We want to see real development . I can see a lot incomplete projects around the country that needs to be done or renovated and yet mr Sata is still singing politics, Shame. Does this man even consult anyone or it’s a one man show?

  86. What is wrong with creating more districts? You need decentralized decision making processes to speed up development at household level. Secondly, with or without more districts, development has to be delivered to all parts of the country. What the President is trying to achieve is the quick decision making processes by the people who are directly in touch with the communities. Lest support development!

  87. Zambians!zambians! Is there no hope for you. You jump at every promise cheated unto you. A new province and 6 district ha? What about the costly implications,.. Simply change of literature in schools. Shikulu ba president give some of us some credit let’s concetrate on serious developmental staff. PLAN

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