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Zambian woman wanted for scamming D.C. Medicaid out of $525 000


The American authorities are searching for Patricia Chisanga, who is wanted for defrauding hundreds of thousands of dollars from Medicaid.
The elaborate plan began in D.C. and included the 33-year-old’s boyfriend, who has already pleaded guilty.
Chisanga is now on the inspector general’s most wanted fugitive list.
Authorities say Chisanga and Ben Odunzeh opened and ran Emerald Medical Services on Georgia Avenue. Between 2008 and 2011, the two defrauded the D.C. Medicaid program and hundreds of needy clients to the tune of $525,000.

“Billing for services not rendered, cheating the patients out of supplies, cheating the taxpayers out of money,” listed Nick DiGuilio with the Office of Inspector General.

The indictment says Chisanga routinely “altered and falsified forms,” providing less expensive, motorized wheelchairs while billing Medicaid for the top-of-the-line models. Investigators say she pocketed as much as $5,000 per device.

Additionally, authorities say Chisanga delivered only partial orders for incontinence product but billed Medicaid for the entire tab.Emerald has since closed up shop.

At Topp Dogg Tattoo, the tattoo parlor next door, tattoo artist Ronald Johnston couldn’t believe it.

“Seemed like a nice person…You never know, you never know,” Johnston said.

Odunzeh was arrested at the airport trying to leave the country.Chisanga got out; she’s believed to be in Zambia.

Source [ABC 7 News]


  1. Good lady,show them how us Bembas do it here in Zambia. Please come back tukakutwala kumushi kusama where CIA nor FBI will ever see you.

    • Such comments, even in jest, are irresponsible. Such attitudes derail meaningful advancement especially when we need to step up as a country.

  2. They will get you!! Osama couldn’t hide!!! LOL!!!

    Who is that lady that wrote in UKZambians, about Zambian ladies preferring Nigerian men becoz cash is no problem???

    • Boxale, We sholud not condem anybody marrying from anywhere, I don’t believe Zambian ladies follow Nigerians just becouse of money, I am a Nigerian & my lady is Zambian, she those not troubles me for money in anyform, we manage life & we are happy, but money is important to go on with life ok

    • By the same vain, She’s Zambian,therefore would you think it justifiable to conclude “most zambians are crooks? She’s not the only Zambian that’s pulled a scam..

    • I thing this guys that said most west africans are crooks must be ignorant, he has not be out of Zambia before, most west Africans are responsible people & hardworking, he should try to educate himself by travelling to a place like Ghana, Nigerie, Liberia or Gambia to change his orientation, are you tellng me in Zambia no criminals too? There must be a Judas out of every 12, I rest my case

  3. Yesterday it was Mpundu with 800m today its Chisanga with 2.5billion tomorrow it will be Mulenga or musonda whats wrong with this tribe kanshi awe batupesha Benbas can never be trusted mwebantu lets avoid them

  4. When will Zambian women learn to avoid associating and being used by Nigerian men in crime?? Ben Odunzeh is certainly a Nigerian 499 guy and now she has tarnished our name. I recommend she be imprisoned here as well after she serves her time in USA!!! Foolish greedy woman!!!

  5. Punka ni punka but iwe Chisanga let m warn you,Lesa ni malyotola,how do you steal from cronically ill people or actually use sick people to make money,bane mwaliba bad,and now your boyfriend has paid for his sins while you are busy at Arcades,Manda Hill,Levy park and all,mmmmmmmmmmmmmwantinya chana

  6. Natola fye, even in foreign countries what a people.Zambians should never expect real development under a Bemba leadership.Fraud stealing and corruption are in their blood and they are not shamed of it. An uncultured tribe.

  7. We need a presido who will reallign norhern province to be a state of Nigeria, they seem tobe more similarities than the rest of the other tribes in zambia

  8. Leave us alone, the greatest criminals in the world are non Bemba, they come with names like the following: Sipalo, Roy Mudenda, SakalaNyongo, Never Spoiler Kapenda. Against these there is no contest.

  9. mwazi wa anyani ubwatama mthupi akasiya kutola za eni. its monkey blood running in Bemba veins. Too much witchcraft eating their fellow monkeys from the bush these homo-sapiens.

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  11. Please stop blubbering all the nonsense about Ababemba. Everyone knows that there are a lot of Congolese and West Africans who have used Zambian passports to get to Europe and the US. This woman could be a Nigerian with a Zambian name.

  12. And most of you steal by not working, you sit with your laptops at work, doing nothing. Atleast Patricia Chisanga (Bemba) was working, just like Mpundu… busy working by diverting money to wrong accounts.

  13. If she had got a white boyfriend like Nick in Scotland she would have had the Thieving Bemba genes neutralised like our one and only you know who!

  14. damn wanted to marry a bemba lady, now am going to set off our engagement, and she is a gold digger, already i send her thousands of dollars every month damn have to end this.

  15. Hey she may have slipped out but how much cash did she take with her. I would guess very little and if she didnt have plan b, all those people she used to send money to back home dont know her now…

  16. Not surprising there was a nigerian in this scam, and this dozey girl went ahead for fast money. The Americans will track her down, shame on her. What do you expect? Another Bemba thief!

  17. You can hate us bembas all you want but remember the more you hate us the more we will keep ruling you bafi kala.High time you stopped your tribal talk and respect each other as Zambians.Smh

  18. damn wanted to marry a bemba lady, now am going to set off our engagement, already i send her thousands of dollars every month damn have to end this.

  19. This is what happens with these attention seeking Zambian girls who like to date fi 9ja men; this is the price you pay for all those expensive presents. 419 hehehehe and our ZP will also join the manhunt for free; if i was her would rather get arrested by FBI in the States than ZP in Kasama as they will treat you like a car bandit.hehehehe Only Mugabe will protect her if crossed the border!!

  20. That’s real money!!!! Well done!
    Nick and I also steal but we steal small money and drive small cars. Nick will soon be ready for his enlargement operation.


  21. If Bemba speaking people are in the majority then it follows that they will be in the headlines more than say Kachokwes . If you believe that all Bembas are thieves then you are in denial because if you look around you see a lot of us who are honourable – unless you don’t mix of course.

  22. JAIL is coming to Patricia. it is just a matter of time. And she will go in for a long time. That is a grand lacerny case. She should ask Madoff how fraudsters are treated in USA. She is finished, that’s end of her life.

  23. Haha, jobb well done, young lady.i respectifully salute you. i just hope you carried al yu monies t zed :)) muntu kayiba!!

  24. Ati diaspora, diasopra, I can’t come back! I can’t come back!
    In reality, you are in crime. What a shame. The real deal Zambians in USA please help the FBI or else you will all be targets.

  25. Nothing wrong with relationships but if you go in with greedness the end result will be gravy. You better off with a not rich boyfriend as your life will be fearless and happy in poverty or in health/illness imwe!! Those fake west african men with cosmetic richness will end of the day affect your life one way or another. Take life a step at a time. Richness earned genuinely goes a long way, watch.

  26. @ no# 40 brian this is not tribal, 99% of crimes commited by Zambians is done by Bemba women, it is a factual truth.

  27. @ no# 40 brian this is not tribal, 99% of crimes commited by Zambians abroad is done by Bemba women, it is a factual truth.
    Something has to be done our Bemba cousins are beginning to embarass us.

  28. I am waiting to see her on the show “I almost got away with it”. I bet she never got to watch it in the USA hence probably reason for her to messing up. She is a disgrace to Zambia. If I see her, I will slap her.

  29. Zambia has never had a Bemba president, SATA is Bisa I think. SO Bembas stop dreaming, why do you think Sata has GBM and the other Bemba PF crony fighting. At the end of the day Sata shall either find a young person or give the presidentship to Miyanda ( safest bet ). Under a Bemba Zambia would be beat down into the stone age. hehehehehehehe.

  30. Marry, Thumbuka, Lozi, Tonga, Luvale and any other women but Bemba. Let them Marry their Nigerian men, seems Bemba land is the lost Province of the EGbo NIJA style hahahahahaha.

  31. This is terrible and shameful. I watched the news on ABC it is very disheartening to see Zambian being caught up in such dirty deals. Corruption is indeed in the life blood of Zambians.

  32. Yaba, ba Patricia mwasebana zoona. I hope you’re enjoying the little freedom you have pa Zed. Trust me, you’ll be caught before you know it. Merry christmas in advance Patricia.

  33. @49 Zambia One…don’t be fooled by all that talk. Patricia is Zambian 100%. I know her personally and her family too. See my post @ 48.

  34. @ Mwanawakwitu. Where is the evidence? If you don’t have it I suggest you learn to embrace diversity and realize that crime is perpetuated by all sorts of different people. Beyond that you are labelling yourself as a tribalist   

  35. Mere jealousy, when african do well in the US, they cook cases for them, this is what is happening here. the Zambian and Ghanian were doing well with their hospital, so now the jealousy americans have found ways of squeezzing them. probably a fellow jealosy zambian even went and cooked lies about them to the police

  36. I hurt to say this but, If you want to stay out of trouble in the diaspora stay away from the groups below!
    #1. A Nigerian
    #2. A Bemba or Northerner! Bemba, Bisa, Lunda’s (from luapula  Ushi) ……… there all the same to me!
    #3. Congolese 

  37. Ifwe tatwaba lazy, we google-earthed it, and sent a friend to check where the Patricia;s office is, truelly nika small office supplying wheel-chairs, in a dilapidated building.
    I asked Ben Kangwa to do their own investigation… He simply said “.. they don’t have P. Chisenga in their register”. So Zambian, don’t register with embassies.

  38. I have noted a “division of labor” in crime commission; the easterners are doing the lower level crimes of a sexual nature, while the northerners are busy with the white-collar ones. The Southerners are crying foul because they are too lazy to commit anything… and the rest are gas around to pick the droppings… How is that for a stereotype…

  39. Simple lesson: see a Nigerian or west African and run. Wash your hands and try not to walk down that road again.

    Any Zambian woman that marries one of those chaps should be relieved of their Zambian citizenry immediately.

    These west african are like ticks, lice, rodents and other unwanted vermin.

  40. this is part of obama’s plan…. they are after all of them.  this medi is huge scam..   and they going after all of suppliers, if your hands are dirty, its a matter tym

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