Some civil servants are frustrating the PF government’s development plans-Scott

Vice President Guy Scott
Vice President Guy Scott

Vice President Guy Scott says some civil servants have become “too cozy” are now frustrating the PF government’s development plans.

“The PF was voted on the platform of change, unfortunately some people in these ministries and government departments don’t want to change. Don’t be too surprised if a signature visits you one of these days,” Dr. Scott said.

Dr. Scott was speaking in Livingstone this morning when he officially opened the Zambia International Investment Forum on behalf of President Michael Sata under the theme value addition for wealth and job creation-a win win for all.

“Some of these officers have become too cozy in their nests like a fish in its pond. Don’t be too shocked if you get fired. We want to move this country forward,’ Dr. Scott said.

He said the PF government will not hesitate to fire civil servants that are blocking its developed plans.

Dr. Scott said some civil servants in government ministries have become too cozy and are frustrating government’s development programmes.

He said the PF was voted into government on the platform of change adding that Zambians are still expectant of real change.

Meanwhile, Dr. Scott said the PF government is interested in promoting foreign investment that will benefit the local people.

He said government is eager to work with foreign investors that will seek to improve the welfare of the people in communities where they will be operating.

Dr. Scott also bemoaned the high interest rates charged by commercial banks in Zambia saying they are prohibitive for domestic investment.

At the same meeting, Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister Bob Sichinga said his ministry is ready to drive the next phase of Zambia’s industrialization.



    • So iwe Octopus, are you insinuating that PF frustrations are eminating from Kwacha uku pena? What has this got to do with TB Joshua? The people of Zambia have a voice and they must use it wisely come 2016.

    • You are an animal and such a ***** and you are satan’s bastard. Tell TB Joshua to prophesy about the death of your father and mother and that of your under 5 hakainde stupid *****. Mafi yobe we mbwa weeeeeee!!!!!!!

  2. LET THERE BE A UNIVERSITY, LET THEIR BE A STADIUM, LET THERE BE A DISTRICT AND IT WAS, these bibilical genesis stories, wonders shall never end!! WHY MAKE SUCH ORGASMIC KNEE JERK PROMISES NOT BUDGETed for  ANY WHERE, I LOVE SATA HE KNOWS HOW TO FOOL LOZIS.. iam told there was jubilation in mongu when they heard this commedy. DOCHI UKUBEBA again

  3. We can only liberate ours selves from poverty if we all work hard and get ride off bad attitudes towards work.Yes we all know that some civil servants are too lazy to take our country forward, but the role of government is to take development everywhere, come up with good working conditions to motivate these lazy civil servants,otherwise its also good to get ride off people who are not productive and disturbing government plans.

  4. Too much talking like you are still in the opposition!!! You already know the lazy workers, just fire them aha!
    “Dr. Scott also bemoaned the high interest rates charged by commercial banks in Zambia saying they are prohibitive for domestic investment” – Are you not in power, why don’t work on reducing the interest rates?

  5. Some of theses civil servants surely need to go. They have their salaries increased but still their attitude towards work is so poor They are so rude even when you just inqiring.Asking a simple question could leave you asking why you asked them. They come to work after 8 leave for lunch at 11 come back to office after 15 and leave at 16. These ministries operate as if there is no Director or PS because of the rampant free-to-do-what-we-want attitude. Why keep them employed if they don’t want to be employed.

    • Despite almost firing the whole civil service Scot is still complaining. stop pointing at the civil servants but concentrate on the other 3 fingers pointing at you.

  6. Doctor Scott
    When is it ever going to be the government’s fault? Surely the fact that the entire government can be frustrated by civil servants, a year after being in power points to inadequacies within the government establishment. Stop making excuses, get to work. Personally I had some hope in you but if you are not willing to take responsibility then you might as well admit failure to run the country and call for early elections.

  7. I don’t understand why the Veep is still complaining when he has the power to get rid of these lazy officials. Make a start by firing them all and hiring brand new staff! 
    #5 Opinion you are so right, I paid for the passport sometime in April 2012, I haven’t received it to date. I made inquiries at the high commission, the guys who answered me was rude and unhelpful. 
    Zambia will get nowhere very fast with the attitude of the officers responsible for administration of govt affairs. They are uncaring, lazy and crude. The sad part is the govt knows very well about this but all they do is moan and groan like the rest of who can’t do anything about it. What kind of nonsense is this? 

  8. Bunch of nitwits!! you’ll keep on playing the blame game and before you know it your term will be over… And then you’ll look back and say we should have concentrated on working.

  9. Good management begins from the top. If the the leadership has good management principles and applies strategic and exemplary leadership, the rest is plain sailing. The Zambian civil service is frastrated and it needs a boost. Appointing cadres in strategic positions also prominently melts down the skillbase. The VP is right, the question is are you good managers yourselves? This guy might just be admiting failure.

  10. scott is very correct, what I see in the ministries leaves a lot to be desired. But not all civil devils are evil some are angels. Please guys let us change our working culture.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

    • the truth of the matter is civil service is full of incompetent relatives whom they PF apparently cant fire. They rushed in chasing the people that knew how to run these ministries and filled them with cadres who are only good at praising without reason and laziness.

  11. Come on Scott, you fired all the competent civil servants and replaced them by your cadres. Stop complaining and get down to work, you useless muzungu. How can civil servants even they were qualified and compent plan the execution of their work when they dont know what Ukwa CNP is going to say next? Chimbwi No Plan means civil servants no action plan. You cant run a government this way. Development is about benefiting the people and not placating them…you bunch of good for nothing *****s.


  13. PF should stop using the civil servants as scape goats for their directionless incompetence.
    I beg to be reminded about who fired the entire diplomatic service and senior executives without proper reviews and channels? Who is really frustration the other? PF is on a scheme to drive attention away from their incapabilities.
    As the saying goes a bad capenter blames his tool. PF cant even manage the change they championed.

  14. you frustrating yourselves mr gayi sikoti. no policy direction, squables within your party. stop blame games. they will not help you. You are totally CNP’s

  15. Now the blame has shifted to civil servants please Gay Scot just name one plan that has been frustrated and the evidence to accompany your allegations.

  16. This so called Guy Scott should realise that civil service to us is that doctor providing treatment, that teacher teaching, that agric officer training, etc.
    There’s just no connection or sense in what he is scheming. Are you saying you Doctor are refusing to go and work.

  17. Why do we always blame civil servants. Are civil servants responsible for mealie meal, fuel shortages or floods in lsk. Guy scot, use yr braisn for once.

  18. Firstly lets ask who does Guy Scott refer to when he says CIVIL SERVANTS, isn’t he a civil servant himself. isn’t he a people’s servant. that’s where all the CONFUSION comes in he thinks his our BOSS or MASTER. You can’t expect the so called civil servants ( slaves) to do your job for you, its you guy to plan give them direction ,give them clear policies, give them motivation and am sure even the laziest civil servant will move but not the way you handling issues. you are in a circle chasing after your tale that someone is following you.

  19. PF my advise is sit down as a Government and party, say guys we are now in POWER its no longer time to oppose anything and everything and run to the media every time your stomach aches. People are now looking to you for solutions pointing fingers of blame won’t help matters.
    its time to show maturity and wisdom. when the Government talks let it be a talk of motivation, yes promises motivate but just up to a certain level then people demand results. we cant eat promises. separate government from party matters and your path shall be clear. you have the next 4 years to make history not just any history but good history. its up to you. i am no supporter of PF but i demand good conditions of living.

  20. Solution: Start introducing performance targets. That is the only thing that works. For instance, (i) it should take 3 days for one to process and get a government document such as a passport. (ii) it should take 5 working days before one gets a licence for blablabla.
    Ask each ministry and each department to set their own benchmark upon which they will be judged. There after, reduce it to ensure they can speed up. If they say 10 working days, you reduce it to 5. See how they will start performing. Failure can be detected and disciplinary measures taken. Problem ba Guy Scott, you have stopped taking our ideas from the web-site ya PF. By now, a think tank could have been estabished and ideas could have been funnelled to you.

  21. all the above comments are nonsense. Just introduce Machines such that when they report for work they put their thumbs on the machine wen they want to come out of office they put their thumbs on the same machine. This will determin how many hours one spends at work, and then pay them according to hours they have worked for. by doing this you will see how pipo will start working.

    • the issue here is incompetence, poor work culture and lack of leadership from the government.
      that thumbs machine cant monitor if someone is working or just playing can it.just contribute don’t think you are the only one with a brain and by the way that thumbs machine is a biometric.
      time logging is just part of the solution. kuyi monesha.

  22. First and foremost has Scott finished his AA classes he is no position to be talking on national issues his not even Zambian the AA in the uk are looking for him trying to help him with his drinking problem, and the pf clown crew are busy frustrating worker I don’t have to be pf to work in government you increased your salaries by 100% and you give civil servants 15% what do you expect think before you make these dull statements

    How long?
    For how long will this Pathetic Follish government continue to blame everyone else for their failures?
    First, it was MMD this, MMD that, now they have flooded all the strategic posts with members of the Amazon and still blame the humble civil servant who actually voted for them!
    Get on with work and ngati ya munyelani nchito dissolve parliament and call for elections.

  24. After voting for them, they turn on the Civil Servants.

    And for those with an analytical mind you would see through there strategy. When PF was in opposition the Civil Servants were the ones leaking information about the MMD. PF knows that the same will happen to them. And their strategy now is to malign the Civil Service so that this important institution loses its credibility in the eyes of the public. The result will be that even when the Civil Service warns the public of the errors this govt is commiting no one will believe them

  25. I know of civil servants who supported pf with their lives but are now cursing them for two reasons 1 retention allowance scrapped 2. no loans 3. no commutation of leave guy scot you are ur own evil civil servants supported you *****s

  26. guy scott, this why we advised the president to appoint only genuine pf supporters to grz positions. Problem pf has is that it embrassed all RB supporters and new comers to pf gave them jobs in the hope of winning their support. Pf has abandoned most of its loyal comreds. Grz ministries are still run by rb loyalist as directors so mr scott stop complaining.[-(

  27. The civil servants should know that the its time to work if they are not willing to work with govt,they should be fired to pave way for more citizens.Govt please stop this blame game…

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