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Lusaka football fans  had an opportunity to view the AFCON trophy and have a photo of them taken with Chipolopolo captain Christopher Katongo. Above fans take photos with Katongo at Arcades Shopping Mall in Lusaka.


Some kids pose for a picture with Chipolopolo captain Christopher Katongo and the AFCON trophy at Arcades Shopping Mall in Lusaka.


Paramilitary officers pose for a picture with Chipolopolo Captain Christopher Katongo and the AFCON cup trophy in Lusaka


Vice president Dr Guy Scott (centre) with Amatheone Agri Germany Chief Executive Officer Carl Bruhn (right) and Mumbwa Member of Parliament Dr Brian Chituwo (left) during the launch of Amatheone Agri Zambia in Mumbwa on Tuesday, November 27, 2012.


  1. Pic 6-That face doesn`t look happy.I am sure the guy is still not convinced that the girl child is his.Sad in a way…umuntu kutemwa whether boy or girl child.

  2. Compare and contrast pic 20 and 21 with the one on ZWD and you will see just how ZWD tries to portray a negative picture of Zambia. Good to see road development in Western Province (pic 22 and 23). Could this be the reason some politicians are trying to put a negative spin on anything that the Govt is doing? Just asking 

  3. Ba Shamenda … what type of colour combination is that. Mr Speaker Sir, is the honourable Mini-star in order to be dressed in all colours of this world and clown it with a tie? A white or sky-blue shirt would have been better … kwati kutina ati white ilalamba bwangu!

    • That a bridge my friend. The river has been blocked and diverted at some point. Am sure you thought that they just put an already made bridge at a desired point of crossing.

  4. 20 and 21 swimming pool is almost ready ,now check ba watchdog the pic they have put and the story awe for sure its bitterness .

  5. Pics 8 & 9 are my favourites today, that young woman and the man would rather use their hands to produce some food to eat and sell instead of tracking to Lusaka to sell sim cards, bath tabs and smelly meat along the dusty streets.
    LT, Pics 15 & 16 are about a family wedding and people are interested in seeing the pictures of the bride and groom but for some reason you chose to show Kabimba. What a miss!

  6. #4, I think ZWD and their online/bitter president are still confused with the 20th september loss. Pics 20 and 21 are totally different from what they have captured. No sympathy guys!!!!

  7. Lunashya road Iam equally curious but I suspect a long stretch of the road has to be high above ground because of the sandy and swampy situation in Western Province. You wouldn’t want to have a road that goes underwater from December to June

  8. Wow, I am impressed with the road works in Western Province. Hope to be a part of national development in the future:)

  9. Catherine Namugala would have preferred the women to match naked against GBV, thats why she is not participating, Was it her daughter who married. Winter and his willie seem to be enjoying namugala’s company.

    Nice cabbages farmer lady, very encouraging but as someone mentioned above the hairstyle is kiity like….lol

  10. Pictures 7, 8 and 9, for a change we are seeing initiative; capiatal for the fish farming was just K2m and he now gets a more than K2m per month. Some lazy bones are just crying ati Sata siad he will put more money in our pockets! You’ll cry untill you run out of tears and no one will drop money in your torn pockets. Fold up your sleeves, land is plenty!

  11. Indeed the facaz on pict.#6 indicate a gloomy situation. Doubt if there waz indeed any swarp even if the DNA rezults had indicated otherwize. BUT what doez the mid-wife on duty that day have to say sincerely????

  12. Ba Lusaka Times please keep up the good job i was almost giving up as a result of Zambian Watchdog and now i agree they are bitter with envy.Whenever they come up with a contentious issue give us the other side.Their story on the alleged state of the swimming pool especially the photos they used represents the height of gutter journalism.

  13. The Kitwe couple should accept the baby is theirs. She is a spitting image of the father. Maybe I should approach them about adopting the baby. Seems nothing will convince them about the baby’s paternity.

  14. pic # 6 the DNA dad and ‘daughter have the same nose and mouth shapes … surely there was absolutely no need to call for a DNA test!

  15. You guys no one has seen that  lady who needs money you are just busy with minor important things like guy scout’s shirt. Shame 

  16. Pics #20-21, very good. I support ZWD but they gave us false info for the pool and that is not right. Shame on them where they misled us. The road the Hinese are making I which RBI initiated is good. Well done RBI well done PF for continuing with the work. Pics 10 and 11 makes me vomit because of….

  17. Katongo, you’re doing a great job. Proud of you and team Chipolopolo. We support you today and always. Love all the pics of you posing with supporters with the cup.

    Manje, onto a disturbing image here pic #16.
    Please, can someone tell me that is not armpit hair on Cathy Mugala. Iyeeeee, awe that’s nasty mami. You mean you can’t shave that off? Sure? And to even think that, you want to match naked at state house….if you armpit hair is that thick what more of your….(ikata pa kanya iwe). I love me some Catherin Mugala but iyi ilyashi ili ko bad bane. That is sooooo wrong. Now am going to puke, thanks!

    • some of you are strange, leave namugala alone maybe he told her he liked bush, it depends what he told her hes into, how can you want her to shave when you have no idea what is in the menu for dinner? leave her alone and be flexible not same same all the time, its not cool.

    • Sana,

      awe naiwe…that’s just nasty. I am now looking at Cathy differently. If he told her that, then he’s nasty too. Can you imagine with the heat pa zed. Yuuuuukkkkk

  18. Sana,

    awe naiwe…that’s just nasty. I am now looking at Cathy differently. If he told her that, then he’s nasty too. Can you imagine with the heat pa zed. Yuuuuukkkkk

    • Umupondo, for a while is ok then hygine kuposako amano, so that she doesnt stink then shave it off not for ever, but i think its not pubic hair, i tried to check it properly its a reflection from the other table, cos dont think in that gown she would expose such long hair yalepesha, anyhow, lets hope its just seasonal food for the menu.

    • Sana, I want to agree with you but awe, can’t neva. Not even for a while…pantu fila nunka- elo nga ba bikapo na ka cheap deodorant, ukununka kwati mu UTH. Yes in that outfit, she definitely NEED not have under arm hair, period. She should know better. That is not a reflection of anything but her armpit hair. Look properly, chamisebana. I will never forgive her for this. And I know they come and read these tuma comments, that’s why am saying this.

    • Dude, how about pipo in the west ninshi tafinunkila? chemical compounds in the body also contribute and the soaps that one uses, i gather Namugala doesnt stink looking at her status, kaili she can afford good diet and nice expensive soaps, not chinkondya, elo finunka! i bet after reading this she will run home and tell the dude ati tuchinje game, shavingenii!

  19. More power to you Molly Chanda.Cancer is no joke and i hope God’s guidance,well wishers and the right antidote will all converge to your aid.Amen.

    • One of only two bloggers to notice and mention the sick lady.God will be with you too when you get sick unlike some “armpit” and “roadwork’ bloggers.

  20. Sad about the footbridge in Livingstone that was washed away by rains. I am sure it serves a large community. But how come there are no visible signs of steel re-bars (reinforcement bars) protruding from the broken pieces of the concrete to show that the bridge was built to right specification? And also, it looks as if the individual pre-cast concrete panels that made up the bridge were held together by handrails only? And kept in position by gravity only??       

  21. Are we so heartless or so callous that we only see inanimate objects like roadworks,armpits,cabbage and football and not a thought or kind word for the sick lady fighting for her life? Thanks Michaelme and Enka you’re the only humans here.

  22. Those keyboard tapping amateur clowns at watchpig website should be ashamed of themselves for uploaded old pictures of the swimming pool. HH your plan has failed you under5 chap; you chaps are just doom sayers thank god we have LT!! 

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