Kachingwe claims Nevers Mumba’s election as MMD president is invalid

National Secretary Richard Kachingwe
National Secretary Richard Kachingwe

The Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) national secretary Major Richard Kachingwe has decided to invalidate the election of Dr. Nevers Mumba as party president.

In a letter to the National executive committee of the party, and obtained by media, Major Kachingwe said that he had decided to use powers vested in him by the constitution to cancel the election of Dr. Mumba to save the party from infiltration and destruction.

Major Kachingwe said that it had come to the attention of the party that Dr. Mumba is still a bonafide president of the Reform Party which he has not renounced or dissolved and that party records are still active at the registrar of societies.

Major Kachingwe said that this was against article 4 (A) (3) of the party constitution which stated that “to be accorded membership, a person must not be a member of any other political party in Zambia.

He also stated in the letter that when bidding for presidency, Dr. Mumba did not disclose the fact that his re-admission had been rejected and believably presented to the elections committee credentials obtained fraudulently.

Major Kachingwe noted that following Dr. Mumba’s expulsion from the party in 2005, his application for re-admission in 2008 was rejected at a meeting chaired by then party president, late Patrick Mwanawasa and attended by Kabinga Pande, Ronnie Shikapwasha and Mutale Nalumango among others.

He stated that this was also against article 6 (ii) of the party constitution which stated that “A member who is expelled from the party may be considered for re-admission upon re-application to the national Executive Committee.

Kachingwe further stated in the letter that the situation had potential to put the party into a dilemma if an election was to be held today because Dr. Mumba would be disqualified on technicalities for belonging to two political parties.

Dr. Mumba has also been accused of launching an illegal campaign for 2016 in Mufumbwe and sponsoring people to hound out the secretariat on flimsy allegations.

Meanwhile, MMD youths this afternoon hounded out party national secretary Major Richard Kachingwe out of his office, accusing him of dividing the party.

The youths dragged him from his office at the party secretariat in Rhodespark to the main road where he was forced to get onto a moving car belonging to one of the party officials.

This follows the letter that Major Kachingwe wrote to the party national executive committee informing them of his decision to nullify the election of Dr. Nevers Mumba as party president.

Present at the secretariat was party vice president for administration Brian Chituwo and Kabinga Pande.

And speaking to journalists after the incident, Mr. Chituwo said that what has happened is unfortunate because there is a more proper manner in which issue of the party can be addressed.



    • Kachingwe WAS A MOLE…..Hahaha is this an army officer ,sorted by a civilian!! My foot!!…… Kachingwe,…..Kachingwe i remember your words that it would take a crane and a bull dozer to hound you out of the party. …hahahah  but looking at the pictures makes me laugh it out, its a sorry sight for the former senior army officer ,like sata would say surely its a FAKE ARMY…Kachingwe  is a seller out big time…..Divide and rule, Sata’s political engineering , planting moles to ferment divisions and subsequent extinction of political opposition parties. Kachingwe ‘s hideous trips to statehouse says it all…..they are calculated. Kachingwe is PF in sheep’s skin!!……Other opposition political parties take notice, devise strategy don’t say u were not warned!!!

  1. first and foremost ba kachingwe mulichipuba, u were in the fore front campaign for nevers mumba,we told u choose mutati, u never wanted to listen now u see,one mistake MMD made was to accept his nomination paper which kachingwe endorsed himself, wat has gone wrong this time. FOOLISH KACHINGWE

  2. Ba MMD under the leadership on Nevers Mumba is slowly going into Oblivion, surely the president  can support the Hooliganism  by the Die hard. PLEASE learn from the way Mr SATA when in opposition conducted organised the PF. And you think you can Outplay MCS and the PF.jokers

  3. Good riddance; let the sanctimonious pastor get stuffed. who is the next chap in line before we close this vile stinking roach infested corrupt shop!! 

  4. I sympathized with Kachingwe as I saw him being hounded out of his office. But after reading what he did I have no option but to call him naïve and tactless. It is now apparent that he has been working with other elements to get Nevers out. How can the whole chief executive of a party claim that their duly elected president is not a member of the party unless the aim is to kill their party? Does Nevers have a membership card? Who issued it to him? Wasn’t this matter addressed at the time of nominations? If indeed Nevers’ membership was not properly regularized, Kachingwe should have found a better way to do this than the tactless and unprincipled way he has done it. Anyway he had it coming. Now PF will feast on MMD and I see the party dying out.

  5. Let the vile chap go back to his fraudulent televangelist Christian faith healing ways and bilking gullible believers out of their money.

  6. :oBushe mwebantu, injipusheko, muma politics mwaliba umutuntulu? If this is what politics is all about, then proffessionals will not ever fit, too bad! too bad! too bad! Chilende Mukalamba muma politics AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ikankambe, awe sure tamwaba. bonse balipena but bambi ubushulu bunono bambi bwalibapela amano sana kwati Ukwa, nga apepamo ilya fyaka iya nseke, awe sure ninshii amano yafula kulachita declare ama new districts and nama university ni lekaleka….

  7. Rules are rules, if this is true MMD will be judged on how swiftly they resolve this issue and reorganise themselves. The pastor should concede and work in the background to strengthen the party. Zambia is showing some signs of maturity with democracy but we need to learn to move on quickly.

  8. major is right,ba nevers amacinci instead of seeking acceptance first hez busy dividing the party.You are now in for it what a down fall for a man of God shuwa.

  9. What I have seen on MUVI TV depicting the unceremonious dragging of Kachingwe out of office has never happened in the civilised world of politics. In a way the scene was reminiscent of the day a fiery gallant freedom fighter and former Zambian Vice President Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe was beaten by youth hooligans of UNIP at Kamwala. On the other hand the scene also had some semblance to the happenings of October 27, 1997 at Mass Media Complex when my former class mate Stephen Lungu was being pinned down by commandos when they apprehended him for attempting to unseat the then president Chiluba.

  10. There is more to this story than meet the eye. It’s now bembas at each other’s throat and hounding each other like has never before. It won’t be surprising to discover that the PF is the main player in all of this, what with Kachingwe’s frequenting the state house behind Mumba’s back and his unconvincing reasons for the visits. This scenario will be brutal because it’s about hunger for power and filling the belly.

  11. Zambian & Barotseland president HH informed both nations that MMD need to clean up its house… and … then.. and..then.

  12. Where is the Chairman of the Party? Let him call for a ceasefire, convene the NEC, and decide in this matter. My advice is the NEC, under the leadership of the Chairman of the Party should vote to expel both Kachingwe and Mumba.

    Get themselves sorted and move forward. We need good and capable opposition political parties.

  13. There are afew sensible politcians in MMD and a few sensible ones UPND how i wish they would put their heads togather and make a sensible opposition.. I hope zambians could learn how decent politics are done. as long as zambians continue to rely on these old politicians alone then no progress for the country. Cant zambia learn from sierra leone. the current president has changed the country from a war torn begging country to what it is now. Zambians are too selfish..why does zambia choose old presidents allt the time..cant we vote for a young president? whats wrong with us?

    • Chiluba was young, shalande ifingi, pantu balifwa. LPM was also young, we lost him to vile called death, it was a loss for Zambia, Africa and the world at large. There you go, the next young ones I see are Felix Mutati, Chipimo, the list is endless, they just have to sell themselves to the people of Zambia and have political will period.

    • Ba man , Chiluba was so young , mwanawasa also so young , so what is your problem. In fact HH has become older compared to the age Chiluba became president. Let those who are young sell themselves to people, but alas they are busy insulting those who should vote for them…sad indeed.

  14. I am not pleased with this issue,,,but am looking forward to hear from Senior Citizen and Bootleaker whatever the name may be,,,,tell us u guys the true story

  15. I forgot HH, he is another young one who has been on the political platform for a long time now. We also lost Andy.

  16. The demise of MMD started with the election of Chiluba as party president. Those who want dispute these I have answers for them > I support Sata/PF but I dont want them to have an absolute majority because this will just stagnate our progress.

  17. Nshi Sunda Chisunde Sunde Kano Fye Mu Muntu @ 24 you will also be old. Age has nothing to do with leadership. HH was offered a golden opportunity to market himself but he was too selfish to wait. Sata was once young but HH has never been old.

  18. Hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahha.


    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahha twalimwebele imwe bafeekala mu MMD. Ka party kenu kalipwilila. Elo, ba Mumba is the one whomhas really made things worse for you nomba.

    Mutati would’ve been much better than all you bafoons. Dora I want to hear your opinion baby big soft bums Siliya.

    Kekekekeke, yaba this had made my chi weekend nomba. I will drink to this great news now. Elowlwanya nomba. Ba kateka baleseka fye nomba.

  19. it is saddening to learn of a Pastor unleashing cadres to manhandle and elder from within his party in such a manner.
    and this is something they have been planning and threatening, not an accident!
    is this the type of leadership we want, is this what MMD is today?????
    is this what we are teaching our children or indeed congregations????

  20. Hahaha…elo lunya lwati na paaaa. Mmmm guys nkani yakosa. MMD is dead, MMD has fallen, fallen is MMD and this has made PF sail through the 2016 eletions.

    Please ba Senior Citizen and the Chief MMD boot licker, can you tell us what is exactly happening to MMD. Oh, people of Zambia, Children, Mothers and Fathers, let us lament for MMD. For MMD is buried live, who shall save this wreck MMD. HH and UPND are also in the same grave. What shall really happen to the Zambian opposition??? Zambians lets mourn for MMD.

    Peace and Prosperity to Moter Zambia. 

  21. LMAO as much as most agree Sata is the wrong chap to have in State House…on the Zambian political playing field Sata is “Messi & Ronaldo” rolled up into One. His political dribbling skills leaving MMD scoring own goals. As for HH/UPND Sata need not worry about them for the sake of democracy & avoiding one party state, simply because UPND under HH will not grow beyond the party comfort zone of Southern Province. Disillusionment in MMD and defections to follow favour PF meaning UPND as the remaining “Big” Opposition Party will still be out numbered at Manda Hill.

  22. If only UPND can improve its standing in other provinces it will be a credible party. The earlier UPND states its stand on Barotseland instead of just saying PF did not honour promise.

  23. I can only pray for Bro.Nevers and the MMD, that our dear Lord give them wisdom in such a predicament. To all PF Prayer warriors, tomorrow we shall be praying for the long lives of those who hate our party and its leadership. Father God, Jehovah, continue blessing Zambia. AMEN!

  24. SAD development indeed, but life continues MUTATI for president. The other question is where are the other outspoken NEC members? Bye bye MMD Rest in Peace. VIVA PF

  25.  Personality clashes and personal vendettas do not have a place in any democratic process, at party or national political level. Intellectual common sense and tolerance has failed to maintain the dignity and peace required to resolve disputes of great public importance. I do not give a damn who holds the reins, as long as official duties are efficiently well managed & conducted within the stipulated rule of law of a political organisation. Remember, an opposition party is a shadow government in waiting.  [-x

  26. What kind of Christian is Nevers Mumba, Why would a pastor encourage conflict? This is the beginning of the end of MMD.History is slowly repeating itself,we saw the same kind of wrangles in UNIP and the next thing we saw,UNIP was reduced to nothing.Shame indeed.

  27. Kachingwe did not elect Dr Mumba as MMD president, its members of MMD in Zambia who elected him and Kachingwe facilitated this process. As chief executive of the party he verified the credentials of Mumba and satisfied himself with others before campaigning for him. MMD members had cofidence in Kachingwe then, so what has changed in Kchingwe the now spineless major?. True you were serving two masters PF Sata and pretex on MMD. Cadres have shamed you and may be Sata can have you wholly to himself for him to make political gain as is his habit. Remember Mangani and Mulongoti who were darlings of PF, note their relationship today, may be they come from a wrong province and unable to say ‘Bashikulu’ at state house.

  28. Major Kachingwe exhibited gross indiscipline. How can a party secretary call the media before seeking an audience with his President? I think he knew he was about to be expelled. Shame on Him. Good riddance. Let him go to PF since he has been destabilizing the party.

  29. kachingwe is a stupid idiot.why did he accept nevers’ nomination papers in the first place.

  30. There we go again!Surely how do you appoint a leader of an opposition party to be an ambassandor to Canada?Worst still as an MMD president!!Nowander they lost the elections.As for Nevers,he simply disgusts me for his cameleon nature and half truths from his mouth.Zambians are not fools and Nevers cant take them for granted.Time will tell.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  31. ba MMD we told u that this never mumba u r bring will cause confusing in yo part bt never listened,now look at want is happen manhandling major kachingwe.shaaaaaaaaaaaaame.PF still in state house come 2016.hahahahaha

  32. If you differ with your Party President you do not run to the papers making such outrageous announcements, surely even fools will know that you are being paid by the enemy, Mr. Kachingwe could have done better than this parading his double face. Now I understand why the boys pushed him around, he deserved it. Why not advice Mumba to correct whatever is wrong than trying to please the people you are working for thinking the MMD members will not figure out the truth.

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