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Honourable Wynter Kabimba Must Resign


President Michael Sata with Agriculture and Livestock Minister Emmanuel Chenda, Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba, Defense Minister Geoffrey Mwamba and Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu after meeting with traditional leaders at State House
President Michael Sata with Agriculture and Livestock Minister Emmanuel Chenda, Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba, Defense Minister Geoffrey Mwamba and Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu after meeting with traditional leaders at State House

By Dr Charles Ngoma

What happened at the offices of the Anti Corruption Commission with respect to the scheduled interview of Hon Wynter Kabimba SC was a disgrace. The Anti Corruption Commission is an arm of the Executive and is commissioned by the President. What Honourable Kabimba did with the Patriotic Front cadres is to give a two finger salute to the President who is the appointing authority.

If the person who is the custodian of Justice in Zambia, is himself suspicious of the process of the rule of law to which he is collectively and individually party, what hope do the rest of the ordinary citizens have?

Honourable Kabimba should either apologise or resign his post. He is not fit to be in government and if he is not fired, there is something seriously wrong with the governance of the country.

Even those in opposition have never behaved in this manner at any time in the history of our country. It beggars belief that a member of government, a law maker, refuses to cooperate and abide by the very laws that he has appended his signature to.

An interview is not a charge, so why is he jittery? Further more, he wrote to the ACC to expedite the process, and now plays monkeys with it!




  2. I am greatly dissapointed with the Minister of Justice and PF Secretary General, he has now put the President in an awkward position who just has to do the right thing. He needs to be relieved of his duties to enable him cooperate with investigations properly. The President should equally ban the appearance of Party Cadres at investigative wings and courts!!!

    • I couldn’t agree with you any better. This show off is too much even for a sympathiser like myself. the president must relieve wynter kabimba of his duties, for “amena mangala too much.”

  3. Mr. Kabimba I think it will take me sometime for me to give up on PF, cause when PF was losing all those elections it’s us poor pipo who were hating the most cause most of you had to go back 2 your usual businesses and make more money, so if you’re to destroy the hope we have in Mr. Sata just leave our party, PF won not because of yo hard work its because we saw our voices come out of Mr. Sata, so don’t take us for granted. I like GBM cause he’s been honest on why he joined but you av shown that u’r the angel we don’t know and its clear that u’r guilty. SHAME!!!:(

  4. He behaved like he was still in opposition party, very disappointing and what is Sata going to ask Kabimba to do about his case with ACC?

  5. Winter a disgrace. The president should fire him. Winter has become big headed and feeling above the law. How can he insult the the Executive. HH was tear gassed when UPND cadres accompanied him at Lusaka Central Police. Why didn’t the police do the same to Kabimba? We are watching and God is also seeing. Kabimba your days are numbered and you have been found wanting.

  6. Much as it may seem weird, there is some good learnings from what Winter did. Firstly, it would have been more transparent to have the interview live on camera. It would also have meant that Winter would not have a chance to intimidate ACC. Secondly, the public will have been given an opportunity to be jury. Thirdly, the ACC should have gone ahead and interviewed him, if the interview was to be cut due to the unruly behaviour of the cadres, ACC would have gotten more credibility and Winter would have lost credibility and been fired.

  7. The problem with Kabimba is that he has failed to smell the coffee.He thinks he is indspensable when the opposite is the case.Before he knows it he will be consgned to the political dustbin and he will be attending to his ka court case alone.

  8. Mr Kabimba must, indeed, resign! Where is the rule of law here? This was a purely routine ACC interview.And he is Minister of !!! Why involve PF thugs? What is the difference from what happenned just a couple of days ago with Honourable Kachingwe and those other MMD thugs? God save Zambia. What breed of hapless politicians are these? I am waiting to see that President Sata takes the right action in this matter: FIRE KABIMBA!!! He has promised the NATION that there will be NO SACRED COWS in his fight against corruption. You remember??? Or, will he turn out to be just another TOOTHLESS BULLDOG?

  9. If it was the poor UPND cadres, they would have receieved a brutal beating from the tear gas happy zambia police officers. ACC should in future stop the useless window dressing and have a spine to ask for police deployments even if the government official and cadres involved are from the ruling party. The behaviour of Kabimba suggests this guy is above the law. Only a day before, his boss HE MCS republican president gave a moving statement about no sacred cow being spared in fight against corruption. What a mockery!

  10. Kabimba cannot be a just and honourable justice minister.His position as the brains of PF means he prejudiced beyond repair.Let this old geezer resign.

  11. Kabimba is a State Counsel. A good lawyer. Few have ever managed to be Party Secretary and Minister at the same time. I think #4 is correct, ACC is just bitter. whats important is we have good clean fuel. Thanks to PF. UPND needs more teargas! the Bible says “He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.” Proverbs 13 v 24. UPND is just being given a small little beating whicy they shall one day be thankful for. By the way Mushota, please update us on the Royal Bpregnancy. People are going crazy. How is Nick???

    • i have noticed that some people use different display names to support their wrong thinking.
      don’t use the bible to try and justify stupidity and double standards shown by you law enforcers and PF. PF have proved that they can not be trusted because of their lack of morals what they say today is the opposite of what they will do.

  12. Mr. Kabimba is ok. few have ever been Minister and Party SG. State counsel is inspiring. also, we have clean fuel thanks to his leadership. so why should ACC trouble minister????? UPND on the other hand needs to be teargaassed. the Bible says, “He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.” Proverbs 13 v 24. the Police love UPND. Mushota, any update on the Royal pregnancy? How is Nick this morning.

  13. It is unprofessional for Kabimba to behave in the manner he behaved, he understands very well that cadres bring confusion everywhere they go and the purpose of him bringing cadres with him was to destruct the interview with ACC. Looking at the manner those cadres have behaved in the past, anyone would be scared to face them as they are unpredictable. I strongly think Kabimba is a coward and those cadres will not always be there to protect him, the law which he understand quite well surely visit him some day. It is sad that within PF there are such people who are defying the law when their leader is busy preaching anti corruption and they cannot support him. Well then this all issue of fighting corruption is baseless under PF if the highest leasers cannot cooperate! Foolish Kabimba

  14. I am eagerly waiting for what my President is going to do about it. On this 1 i really expect to see Y i voted for the King Cobra, its time for him to bite now

  15. what do you expect from a sick pf zealot who over-rates his importance? Kabimba is just a simple and feeble minded former council worker who doesnt deserve a position of high standing.


  16. This is what made MMD to lose. RB protected his cabinet ministers. Kabimba is a let down. Its either the President fires him or he resigns. He is a VERY bad leader.

  17. If by chance this case is taken 2 court will all thoz cadres stand in the dock?I ask this bcz the reason the justice minister cld’nt be interrogated in privacywas that the case was in public domain.
    We the silent majority voted 4 you bcz we thot you gonna change things.
    Plz sir dont take things 4 granted and let not power go 2 yo head.

  18. Only in Africa will you find govt run by thugs. Elsewhere, public service is an honorable task. Enjoy the presidency of the cobra!

  19. Probably the worst part is how badly this reflects on the President to allow one of his ministers (the Justice Minister no less!) to treat a GRZ institution with open contempt. 

    If Mr. Sata does not take firm action (….and my guess is that he will not)  it will set a terrible precedent for the rest of his term as President and show the entire nation that no one needs to respect the ACC or any other GRZ institution including OP. Dr. Ngoma is very right to say Kabimba has given his President the two finger salute – I would only go further to say he has put his fingers in the face of the entire nation! 

    So, Mr. Sata, it seems the ball is now in your court waiting for “action”. Show us – are there sacred cows or not? 

  20. I support and respect GBM for coming in open that he joined politics to enrich himself and his family, how he gets his riches is evefrybody’s guess.But knowing our collegues the Bembas and their fast fingers, he is likely to steal and receive praises from Sata. While Winter wants to play it clean yet his fingers are more soiled than GBM, a doulble aged sword, that’s Kabemba.I wish Sata has gutts, this chap needs to be fired.It’s a shame to have Justice Minster of such calibre. Can you compare him with the late Kunda or Zulu.? Far from them.

  21. But mwandi – Wynter was rude yesterday. He probably did not realise earlier that the ACC has so much info about the deal and he is trying to buy time by finding out what questions they will ask him so he can prepare himself. Whatever the case – his action as a disgrace and like many of you, I would like to call for his resignation or the president should relieve him of his position as minister of justice and as secretary general of the party..

  22. Now this is very bad. Winter should not mistake cadres for ‘Public’ . The Public will get the statements of what transpires in the interview, through the proper channels. Winter is the Minister of justice, and you wonder what kind of justice he can dispence. We now want to see what the head of state will do, because Winter seems to be above the law, infact, he seems to be too powerful for the law.

  23. #29 Barbed Wire, cadres are a part of the Public. if you were called to ACC you are allowed to go with your string of concubines. So why cant the Hon. State Counsel go with those who sympathise with him?

  24. Very soon all these monkeys will turn against Sata, Remind me to remind you on this one. There is too much and very big corruption as at now taking place in PF.

  25. There is an array of ignorance or willfully supporting ethnic hegemony by those calling for Winter’s resignation.
    Remember gbm has not been called in for an interview for what is public knowledge that he fraudulently received tenders from ZESCO.

    Winter is a sarcrifice. 

  26. our president should fire both Mwamba and Kabimba to send a strong warning to all the PF members and MP s we voted for PF the two will have impact all . the have contributed to the low level at which the Pf have reach.


  28. Kabimba should definitely step down for disrespecting the processes of Justice which he has mandated to lead. What a disgrace!

  29. Ba Sata you were standing on every platform that Dora should resign to pave way for investigation and she did. But why didn’t your ministers first resign as well so that they pave way for investigations. You saw it fit that time and you don’t see it fit this time? Be sincere and be a God fearing person my president otherwise you will surly pay for this. Today your ministers as they are still bosses can not respect any govt institutions, they are the executives, they have yourself in their hands so what? Anyway God is alive …..

  30. hadnt it bin 4 our president’s tolerance of our justice minister and his action, he woudnt be big headed like this. I dont blame mr. Kabimba bt the president, pliz sir that man z dirtening ur cv. Rebuke hm wen he does embarassing thngs lyk ths. I xpect lawyers to act in a profesion, formal and orderly maner, how r cadres going 2 bhave if mr. Kabimba kud bhve in such a maner? Shame on mr. Kabimba N our president respectively.

  31. Kabimba faild to make a difference public meeting and investigation. Upnd was teargasd by police wats so special about pf cadres

  32. In such situations I miss the great mind and leader: Patrick Levy Mwanawasa. I am wondering if there is anything going to be said against Kabimba and worse still, if anything is going to be done to him to make realise that before the law, we are all equal, there is nothing of being a Minister. Rightly said Dr. Ngoma, Kabimba must resign on moral grounds.

  33. Those who expect the president to take punitive action against Kabimba must think again and ask themselves, ‘Did Kabimba act the way he did without the support of the president’?
    Kabimba knows where he stands and this issue is just as good as dead and buried.

  34. I’m also dissappoited with Winter.Ba president please teach winter manners.GBM has showned maturity than this winter.he is causing confusion in the party.I now believe winter can’t be a president.I’m so annoyed with Winter.What kind of a minister could do such a crazy thing?Ha ha no wonder people laugh at the so called educated people.Please Ba sata be careful with winter otherwise u’ll loose popularity in eatern and northen part of Zambia.Look at what he did to Mangani and GBM?He is really diving PF.He behaves like a child.


  36. kabimba is ok ,just take him to mulungushi int’l conference hall and interview him publicly period.We want to know the trueth publicly.

  37. Shall we then petition this Kabimba to Resign? What he did was very embarrassing for the ACC. How will they discharge their duties if they are intimidated like that? Imagine if each and every person to be questioned by ACC decides to go with the media for interrogation? Precedence has been set and all individuals should now demand the same.

  38. Could there be a war between Kabimba & Rosewin Wandi? Could one be attacking another in search of a better placement in this government? Are there politics at play with these accusations against Winter Kabimba? Really, there is something very big brewing and we may see one of the names mentioned above depart shortly!

  39. If the rat sits on a clay pot,how can you kill it beacause even the pot will be crushed– mmmm!!!!! The big man in trouble

  40. please lets not abuse these words just because someone’s job goes with a title doesn’t mean we should use it, in this situation is calling Wynter Kabimba Honourable justifiable, the guy never even won any elections in his life time,the Secretary General title as well as Minister of Justice were just handed to him by Sata.This man represents no one as he doesn’t have a constituency.

  41. Is Kabimba honourable enough to be called ‘honourable’? One day his luck will run out and he will have absolutely no sympathisers. I wonder what kind of president Sata is who can close his eyes to this kind of nonsense. Never before in the history of Zambia. But, as they say, every dog has its day.

  42. Winter has a point. Why should investigative wings advertise who they re going to interview to the public? They may as well do the interview in public. I support u Counsel!

  43. When HH appeared for interview with the Police with his cadres he was tear gassed. This is not the first time ever that security agents have announced that someone has been summoned to help with investigations. It is not the ACC that initiates events. Someone complained to the ACC that Mr Kabimba, who is being called ‘Honourable’ here I suppose simply for effect (clever writing!), is corrupt. What should ACC do other than to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Now this horse decides to turn up with donkeys! Some of these donkeys may be called to be witnesses, so how can they sit in for the interview? Bananas! Mr Ngoma is not alone in calling for this man to go. All Zambians must take to the streets and ‘HONK’ until Kabimba goes!

  44. The problem isn’t Winter, but his boss. Coz if the boss knew his job he would have been told that his Justice minister was on his way to ACC with PF cadres and reporters. He would have phoned him and told him not to do anything rush and would have phone ACC & ZP to ensure Winter gave the interview in private. In short the boss if he was competent and on top of things would have taken steps to ensure he wasn’t shamed! The question is where is the problem in Zambia, boss or with the brain dead appointtees?

  45. kabimba, why are you destroying PF of accusing your had friends like Given lubinda and given is more than you please live him alone we are tired of you…………………..
    From Jonathan-Kitwe

  46. OK zedians, I am 100% neutral in this issue as I was born Zambian but not able to come and participate in the development of Zambia due to the old recycled polititians which you 100% endorse and agree with. The future for zed lies with young polititians…. end_of! Kabimba, is 100% zedian, and very young, dynamic and knowledgeable in the 21st century politics. Kabimba speaks bemba and also loads of other zedian languages, hence more Zambian thwn the illiterate cadres (by they way, how did party members have to be cadres?- that shocks me tbh!). So the question is, do we (actually you zedians, have any young credible presidential candidates to challenge wynter before summer comes?

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