Acting As If…..


By Mazala Zulu

One of the most powerful secrets of success is something that you already know and did very well as a small child.

I remember as a child, my friends and I would pretend to be pilots, teachers, or doctors and we did it very well. Simply because at that time we were that person we wanted to be. As an adult, you can tap into your creativity by acting like the person you want to become. Acting as if you are already where you want to be sends powerful commands to your subconscious mind to find creative ways to achieve your goals.How would you act if you already had achieved your dream? What type of clothes would you be wearing? Who would you have as friends? How would you treat others? Would you have more self-confidence? Have a better attitude? Would you take more time to spend with your loved ones?

Most people I know think that if they have a lot of money, they could do the things they want to do, and then they would be much happier. In fact, the reverse is true. The outer experience of acting as if creates the inner experience – the millionaire mind-set – Have you noticed that there is a pattern with real successful people, it being here in Zambia or around the world? They exude self-confidence, they ask for what they want, and they are not shy to say what they don’t want. They think anything is possible, they take risks and celebrate their successes. They save a portion of their income and share a portion with others. You can do all of these things now, before you ever become rich and successful. By doing so, you start drawing to the people and you bond with your subconscious mind that will help you achieve your goals.[pullquote]How would you act if you already had achieved your dream?[/pullquote]
You may not be able to fill your closets with expensive Italian suits and designer clothing right now. But you could invest in one or two really great outfits, so that when you do need them, they are there. When you dress like you have already made it, you will look the part, and successful people will naturally be attracted to you and invite you to participate with them.

I recently attended a seminar, and in their programme they had an exercise called – “Come as You’ll Be going for a Party”-. Everyone socializes with other participants as if they were at a cocktail party. However, they must act as if they have already achieved all of their financial goals and have everything they want in life.After about ten minutes, we stopped and were asked about the exercise and the participants had to share how they were feeling. People reported feeling excited, passionate, positive, supportive, generous, self-confident, happy and content.We were then asked to look at our inner feelings – both emotional and physiological – were different, even though in reality our outer circumstances had not changed. We had begun to feel like millionaires simply by acting as if we were.

When acting as if…. The proper order is to first identify who you want to be when you’ve achieved your goals, create an inner state of happiness, confidence and abundance.Then do the actions that go along with being that new person. Because these actions are inspired from your inner state of success, they’ll ultimately lead you to achieving your goals and having all the things you ultimately desire.

TIP: Being successful is not a hard task, we just make it so complicated ourselves.


  1. Yes – the biggest mistake we all make is to allow ourselves to “grow up” … then we think we have become who we wanted to be when we grow up and stop growing.  Good thoughts, Mazala…

  2. It’s all about perception. You percive that which you see yourself as being and work at it. That’s really what life is all about. Eventually, you achieve that which your heart desires. Hard work and perisistance + believing in your dreams + goals = success!

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