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Oasis Forum speaks out on Kabimba,GBM and misuse of National Budget

Headlines Oasis Forum speaks out on Kabimba,GBM and misuse of National Budget

Kabimba with PF cadres at the Anti-Corruption Commision Offices
Kabimba with PF cadres at the Anti-Corruption Commision Offices

We, the Oasis Forum would like to add our voice to many people of good will that have spoken so far raising concerns in the way national resources are being used and with particular reference to allocations in the 2013 National Budget.

Office of the First Lady

The creation of the “Office of the First Lady” by the Ministry of Finance and the subsequent allocation of a budget line to it has raised genuine concerns. We are aware that First Ladies have public functions by virtue of their association with the Presidency and occasion legitimate expenses that should be borne from the National Treasury. However, it is also true that the functions of the First Ladies are not independent but auxiliary to those of the elected head of state. Therefore finances earmarked for their functions should be inherent in the budget that covers the functions of the President. As of now, the First Lady in Zambia cannot function as a controlling officer and has no mandate to authorise public expenditure. The arbitrariness demonstrated by the Ministry of Finance in determining budget lines to the extent of creating controversial expenditure lines should be checked by law. Government has to enact the Budget Act which will help to direct the Ministry of Finance in making budget priorities. We have in the past gone through the equally controversial “Presidential Discretionary Fund” during the Presidency of the late Mr FTJ Chiluba. We should thus learn from our past mistakes.

Retirement homes for former Heads of state

The budget also includes estimates for construction of houses for former heads of state. Whereas we support the need to take good care of our retired Heads of State, we feel that this should be done with due diligence, taking into account the financial situation of the country and also prudent prioritisation. We question the inclusion of the serving Head of State in the estimates for 2013 having been just over one year in office and not yet retired!, when we still have a several retired Heads of State on the waiting list. The other matter that still needs to be clearly stated through policy is the ownership status of these retirement properties, that is whether they remain property of government or they are given as gifts to the families of the retired presidents.

Media response to government critics

We also take great exception to some of the media bodies that have made it a habit of unfairly disparaging, labelling and even insulting anybody who questions governance practices. Democracy in Zambia has to date survived not because of one person or institution, but due to the collective efforts of Zambians in different measures. It does not auger well for media bodies to appoint themselves defenders of government even when government actions need to be questioned. We can only assure the public that such futile behaviour from some media bodies will not stop us from speaking the truth.

Kabimba and GBM

Finally, we would like to express our concern on the conduct of the Minister of Justice when he was invited by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) to answer questions around allegations levelled against him. His action of insisting to be interviewed publicly in the presence of PF party carders seem to have been schemed to block the ACC interrogation. This is an act of intimidation to the institution and behaviour not befitting a government minister. It is circumvention of justice and the only rational way to deal with this situation is to ask the two ministers to step down from their ministerial positions so that they are investigated without the impediments of the government positions.


  1. So this toothless clandestine body still exists. The Oasis forum is clueless or rather spineless as they fail to base their arguments on facts. As stated previously if at all they have evidence against Hon Kabimba or GBM let them please forward that information to the relevant authorities including the opposition so that they can legitimately push for a tribunal based on facts as the PF did when in opposition. secondly it does not make sense to dwell on the issue of the first lady when they can equally access that information on past and present expenditure and therefore make a factual submission. Thirdly these two faced NGOs should recall that RB started construction of his house in 2010, why didnt they voice the same concerns then rather just making noise now. Useless oasis whatever

  2. Good morning oasis forum from your long slumber?With is PF govt of Michael Sata we are in trouble.Lets brace ourselves for trouble fellow country men.Zambians thank you for your patience.

  3. Thank you Realist. Cowardice, I am fed up of it, where are the teachers unions and all those, these guys should strike for more things than just better paychecks! I am so angry with these clowns governing us right now. I think we should start using these social networks to protest against these injustices.

  4. Good Oasis Forum! Very good! B+. Real politics has now started.PF have failed to make quick gains and confidence on their honeymoon offered through the good will of the lovely people of Zambia. PF have argued and harangued every major stakeholder in our country and forgot that they were elected to work and improve our livelihood. Uko! Lets see whether PF will withstand the counter-wave which is slowly rising but surely, against the irrationality of their governance style! Instead of appointing professionals to government positions they have opted for nepotism, sycophants, girlfriends, concubines and cadres. Consequently, government machinery is slowing down due to high residue inertia. Tempers are rising in Plot 1, next intimidation, then vigilantes, then people will start disappearing..

  5. Well said #6. This government should not take the good will of its people for granted. The enormous potential that Zambia has could easily evaporate if this tide is not checked. So, Oasis Forum, a good start, and please keep the pressure and momentum up. Mother Zambia and its people deserve better.

  6. In all fairness, this country is endowed with many able citizens to steer the country on a path out of poverty and disease, but we need to have the right leadership in place to appreciate these basic precepts of development that our country needs. This leadership should not foment disunity but guard jealously the peace we have enjoyed for so many years. As a nation, we are in dire need of visionary leadership essential for keeping the nation stable and unified.

  7. Sata is a shameles adulterous liar. The state machinery have even been after me for the comments I post. I have friends in the intelligence they have warned me.

    Sata is driving zambia backwards.

    He promised heaven to Zambians during campaigns. Now that he cannot fulfil the lies, he is busy intimidating.

    How can SATA send Police to protect a LOZI King from the LOZIS the Kings subjects?????? Instead of the Subjects protecting the Kind???

    It shows King Compromised and that is the strategy of one Adulterous SATA to divide and rule.

    time for SATA and his GOONS to GO is NOW. Impindi yafika.

  8. A once vibrant organization, now descredited, and to all intents and purposes, now defunct. Maybe HH has given them some stipend to issue a sterile piece.

  9. there jst so many issue but i bet u PF will come splash money on projects 2-3yrs before elections for our vote, dont be fooled we deserve fair and just leadership from day 1.

  10. Can only listen to an organisation like this one when I hear that they’ve stopped paying themselves civil servants’ pensions as their salaries/allowances. They appear to be with the poor in words, but in reality/action neigh!!! Please do this simple thing for the good of our land, distribute equitably whatever donor resources you receive and we shall listen to you…

  11. I can only concur on the GBM/Kabimba segment. The rest is wagwash. The past 1st ladies had spent more billions you never talked. The habit may be wrong or right but at least these fellas the PF have tabled this expense in the budget. My advice to the Oasis Forum is to demand reimbursement from FTJs up to RB(am not sure about Mama Betty MHSRP) of monies spent on their wives before stopping Dr Ks budget. Other wise you are a lonely voice in the Sahara

  12. Fossils are at home in Museums of Natural History. They do not belong to State Houses. Return the Relic to its rightful place!

  13. I don’t even know what to say. Are the men of the cloth really serious that they did not know that Sata will turn this country into a serious banana republic (ok it has always been that but to worse levels I mean)?

  14. I doubt this email is from Oasis forum.

    Middle class are renowned for whining, blogging, but never voting. You will not be surprised in 2016 if PF returns to power because for the people who vote, they can see roads, schools and clinics. Thats what matters for many, not discourse. I was in george compound last week chatting to extended family, they are at peace with PF and none of them knows what blogging is.

  15. Lets impeach this fellow for failure to govern and breach of the social contract mandate handed to him on sept 23rd 2011

  16. Mushota or whatever your name is, get a freaking life. We a getting tired of this character you’ve created. Come up with a different one. Dikbead

  17. @ Mushota, for once I agree with you. The majority of african states have failed to positively progress. And the same for all large public institutions led by indiginies.

  18. I cant wait  to meet Mushota and Nick next week at the airport. its a dream come true. Will be in the parking lot by 5am. i need the best view.

  19. That is the most wise statement that we have heard now. It looks many other orgs like TIZ and FODEP have gone to sleep or its leaders are in need of govt jobs at this time that they cant speak out, leaving children from YALI as defenders of human rights. well done Oasis Forum and welcome back

  20. Are Zambians sure that they did not know sata’s character from when he was in UNIP AND MMD. I am shocked to note that most Zanbians voted for Sata with a belief that he was a democrate. Lets get serious

  21. #29 walasa chikala. its suprising that zambians are suprised at the turn of events. did you guys really expect a different turn out from what is obtaining?

  22. since pf came to power, freedom of speech has the order of the day no losers from upnd/mmd day dream that this country is on fire yet not.

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