Yes I met Sata at State House – Dora Siliya

MMD Spokesperson Dora Siliya
MMD Spokesperson Dora Siliya

MMD Spokesperson Dora Siliya has admitted having secret meetings with President Michael Sata at State House.

After months of speculations, Ms. Siliya who is also Petauke MP admitted in an interview that she met President Sata at State House for a meeting.

“I have only had one meeting with the Head of State and I don’t think I should be talking about the details of that meeting because unlike most Zambians, I have not lost the respect for confidentiality,” Ms. Siliya said.

She revealed that she met President Sata on January 24 2012.

Yes I had a meeting with the President, just the two of us in his office

“First of all, President Sata is President of Zambia and as a citizen of this country I should be free to meet him if I feel strongly that there are issues that I need addressed and the President has been on record that State House is for all Zambians,” added Ms. Siliya.

“I have only been there once since President Sata took office and I don’t think it’s an offence to have a meeting with the President and this is the way the other day you saw opposition MP’s travel to State House to see the President because he is our President too.”

“Yes I had a meeting with the President, just the two of us in his office,” Ms Siliya said


  1. Watch out Dora.Please don’t be enticed to sell out or be bought cheaply by Sata and his PF like Masebo and Namulambe did.They’re cheap and unprincipled.

  2. Im conforted SATA’s JET does not function. But was that meeting sanctioned by MMD or Nevers Mumba?

    That is the question.

    There is no confidentiality when DORA u insulted foolish SATA with Daka during campaigns.
    since it is in the publiuc domain do not be rude and arrogant by hiding under confidentiality.

    What confidentiality does SATA have. Wait, SATA will expose u the moment u talk ill of him.

  3. why am i not surprised??politicians get along in da background and portray enmity in front of da press- hypocrites who are wasting our tax payers money on useless by-elections and allowances!!

  4. Nice how she takes the opportunity to slam “most Zambians” for not respecting confidentiality….

    I would have thought Ms. Sylia is better off trying to keep as many friends as she can, so why go out of her way to make snide remarks about “most of us”. Just I respect confidentiality would have done much better. 

  5. Dr kaseba, beware of such arrangements. This chap can pull a speedy Gozales on you ka. Not only crossing the floor but also crossing the bed.

  6. Are those in opposition always right in all they say and do? Is going against Public Order Act that we all know has been what it is since independence good for opposition leaders? Why it is ever seen that those in power are ever wrong whilst opposeition ever think they are ever right? Agony.

    • Floyd,
      As people have rightly pointed out, the Public Order Act is a colonialist piece of legislation which was used to oppress the majority. It’s remained on our statute books but seldom used because it generally infringes on people’s constitutional freedoms. I do not think it has been used since the Chiluba days and yet Sata would be said to have been in breach countless times during his opposition days. But this wave of its use is simply aimed at stifling multi-party democracy in the country and is clearly being driven by the Govt. otherwise the police would not have bothered.

  7. Way to go Dora!!!, there is nothing wrong to meet the president especially if it is for the Interest of all Zambians. Being in Opposition does not mean to be Enemies. Bury the Campaign differences and work together. Hope You apologized on your dirty language as a young Girl, because that was unacceptable and against Zambian values. Anyhow, Niba Mbuya bobe, just give him a peck it will settle the differencies.

  8. MP’s for sale.
    More hunger in our stomachs.
    More By Elections.
    More police force.
    More childishness.
    More foolishness.
    More corruption..
    poor Zambian citizens

  9. Just the two of us… in his office…..whatever followed thereafter , who knows, chisusu you must behave yourself especially with other people’s husbands waumfwa sana.

  10. Yes I had a meeting with the President, just the two of us in his office,” Ms Siliya said
    The place where this sentence has been placed by the author brings about suspicion. It seems to emphases something more than just a confidential meeting. But i do trust that the meeting was of national interest. I must say i have been impressed by Dora Siliya’s response…”I have not lost the respect for confidentiality”. She has acted maturely. I am now thinking she must have acted the way she did during last campaign and during the MMD rule under pressure.

  11. haha..I think she was apologizing for her falehood against Sata. Dora Dora uli chikali ka.

    Thats why we say you opposition are a bunch of finished personality always fighting for your survival as Mulongoti told us. As at now we have no opposition in Zambia.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia. 

  12. This is lovely Dora.I am proud of you.It makes me feel proud that atleast there are still sober minded people down there.I always advice people who lose their sense of level headedness all in the name of politics that politics is just a game and there are no permanent enemies. Epashili pakuleka.

  13. Do what you have to do mama.One way to downfall is trying to impress people.You can aswell be part of his delegation like what Chipimo and Nawakwi did if you think thats the right thing to do.

  14. “……..UNLIKE MOST Zambians, I have not lost the respect for confidentiality….” Please for once respect most Zambians.Nevertheless, We are happy that you have opened up to us just like you did to Sata …..Oh sorry let me write properly in a way that is not open to misinterpretation . Thanks for your skill, Please I mean this public relations stunt. Don’t misunderstand me. Its just that every time I conceive an idea to write something good about your public act, a mischievous misinterpretation of the idea seems to manifest.Dora I think you are very cunning (like the cobra), I mean politically………! Thats why you are able to take men head on! Out of curiosity, I wonder how long the meeting took, since both of you like to talk too much!

  15. I agree that there is nothing wrong for Dora to meet the president. However, MCS is shrewd. He is targeting those MMD mps who have cases. Dora should be careful, otherwise she will be Namulambed.

  16. What ‘respect for confidentiality’ is she talking about. Isn’t she the one who revealed, at a rally, bedroom confidential details about her former?

  17. Zambia has never experienced any coups but i do not think dictator Sata and his minions will survive any coup that comes if he continues this dangerous path of taking Zambians backwards

    • Please be sensible.Don`t talk in those lines.I think thats frustration and bitterness taking a toil on you.Take a chill pill and accept reality.Sata is here to stay

    • Chi namba 31 you are sick, do you in your right mind think if there was a coup, only Sata would be affected? kwena uli tako sana, first of all, i do not wish you ill that you indirectly wish on mother Zambia, but if it was upto me, i would personally give you a test of evil upon your and yours so that you learn not to open any how, ukutumpa ******we!

  18. “Yes I had a meeting with the President, just the two of us in his office,” Ms Siliya said
    Kaseba basopo. Chenjela mukashana read between the lines hehehe

  19. All i can see is frustration and bitterness taking a toil on the Zambian internet community.Take a chill pill and accept reality.Sata is here to stay

    • Personally, I wish I could hear more of our President in meetings with renowned investors and other visionaries of other countries discussing development agendas for the country – not always simple local politicking!

  20. Count down>>>>>DORA SILIYA>>>>>JOINS PF!!! I can wait to celebrate, She is so vocal and Powerfull. Very few women are like her!!WOW!!!

    • Vocal with a her bottom power.The two of them in the office at night and discussing what.If really Dora Bokosi went to discuss development issues why did she go at night instead of the day everybody will see you.Zambia cry my beloved country no wonder most of you who are in support of PF wasting our resources at will do not even work you just roaming the streets beg from the so called politician and you employed who progressing in their lives at the expenses of developing the nation.    

  21. We know it all madam bed wetter that your court cases will be dropped and soon she will join PF .But mind you time will caught up with you one day.You might comfort with PF at the moment but it will not be forever.Dora Bokosi like the man you went to met at night the two of you used to call you then.

  22. ‘Iwe Dora, I will make all the evidence against you to go away if you work for me in MMD. You know that I can easily tell the State witnesses to change their minds in court.
    Uziniuza zonse zamene zicitika mu MMD.’

  23. Hahaha; ba Kabwa, its not an office like yours and mine; There is protocol to follow and security before someone is ushered in to see the president. Back room staff and the like; so when the President is alone; it means more than alone. Not like those to ma office you have where you screw secretaries day in and out.

    • Iwe what are you talking about.White House is by far better and does have alot of protocols than UKWA’s statehouse.What happened to Mr Clinton?

  24. I don’t know about KK and Mwanawasa…but Plot One has had some “stone cold pimps” players even to say…FTJ / RB / Sata respect.

  25. I for one dont blame you Dora, opposition or impressing pipo wont put bread on your table, wont even bail you out of jail, wont offer you an aquittal, so, if i were you, i would kiss the MCs a*********, you know what i mean. Go girl, Girl power tiye bombesha boi anso i will now support you, too much men stepping on our freedom, so we use what we are gifted with, ikatisha Dora!

  26. Have you seen the way Dora’s case is going after that meeting with UKWA?The DPP hasnt or have lost credible evidence and direction against her unlike before when Nchito declared his strong will and mighty that he was going to be part of the prosequiting team.

  27. #41 totally agree you what was open and shut case on Dora suddenly done stale, lost evidence, state witnesses no longer putting her at the scene of the crime…No wonder MMD MP’s under investigations are not calling for DPP to resign, Nchito knows how to play politics.

  28. Whilst the f**lish cadres are trading punches; their leaders are flirting with each other…Zambian politics at it best; political parties have no core values or principles everything goes..

  29. confidentiality! lol

    If here was anything discussed to benefit the country, it wouldnt have been that strictly confidential. How can things like building a road be between just 2 people?

    Iyi ni nkhani ya kanyengedwe or some corrupt deal

  30. It’s been long time coming, maybe she thinks her stolen money case will be swept under the carpet. ACC do your job for Zambians not what Cobra says. No one is above the law.
    Did she use a urine proof mattress, as she would pee when pissed

  31. Dora did the right thing. we need to make sure we finish opposition. Zambia must convert o one party state and His Excellency should be given chance to be Life President. PF has done very well bane. very very well. 

  32. And Siliya urged men in Petauke Central Constituency to admire her beauty and soft bums and not each others beards because the laws of Zambia prohibit homosexuality.
    Speaking in Nsenga, Siliya likened Sata to her ex-husband whom she said she chased because he was lazy in bed and failed to give her children.

  33. If only I was Ukwa. Those massive backside assets are a marvelous treat. Give me a chance too Dora. I’m much younger and more virile than Ukwa and could tickle you deeper and wider than the aged and limply Ukwa!

  34. Dora, we are not stupid. You and RB and his sons are accused ‘thieves, akawalala. The state has a case aganist you. Dora Siliya vs People of Zambia. And President Sata is Head of State. And you go to meet the very person who took you to court and we have no right to think suspiciously. You and President Sata think you can continue playing games with the people of Zambia, you have another thing coming. Its’s animal farm again. You, RB, Laito,Kapoko, Former Minister of Energy, RB sons and wife ‘stole’ Zambian public money and not from PF. A time for reckoning will come.

  35. State House is for all,the landlords are Zambians.Politicians are not each others enemies,they are workmates.Just like at a working place you need not be best of freinds,but you have to work with each other.Nevers Mumba even HH is welcome to visit state as long as they know how to make appointments

  36. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! The two of you chabe? What tym was it? Let me sing that song, “sikiliti ni ku bed mum…tikavala ma door”

  37. NM is in problems. Even Dora!!! Too many sellouts in MMD. To see a President is not a problem, but why do it in secret? Go there during day time and not midnights. Secrecy creates speculations. I now won’t be surprised to hear that Chituwo also has secretly been seeing Sata.

  38. The problem with the MMD is that, its full of people with no class who joined the party because they had no meaningful source of livelihood. Look at the UPND whose MPs earn their livelihood thru hardwork, the Party is intact. This is what happens when put together a group of unprincipled chaps, they crumble when faced with challenges.

    • someone trying to avoid chimbokaila! some of you say would never do this do that, wait till you are caught up in a no way out deal, then you will realise how far you would go to get out, even Sadam begged the guys who hanged him to let him go, baba, just bla bla now and laugh at Dora, life is tricky, today you boast, tomorrow you are humble!

  39. A President having a private SECRET meeting with a female MP……? too dangerful, thats how we lost old Dr. Wamtharika of Malawi, he is believed to have been shagging these female ministers of his on this day after sending his wife away on some charity work out of town. like a man of God will be foolish to counsel a woman alone. he has to be with someone, either his wife, his deacon or elder etc. take free advice ba sata. mulibamtima already ba kamba, tatulefwaya ka presidential bye election…….lol!

  40. Dora has issues with the law… she has no option but to bend over.. after that private moment with the king..Dora is no longer being followed by the police or DEC.. This is political survival.. you need to used all the skills and tools (Matako) … Seriously nothing wrong with Dora seeing the king ..any time of the day will do

  41. Leave Dora alone. She is a free person. She can see our loved president when she wishes and more especially if they are issues relating the the governance of our nation. These pipo are politicians. This is there business. So you dont know what politics are all about? What you are seeing and hearing are what politics are all about.

  42. iam a Zambia as well and wonder if i could be allowed to meet the President about my concerns after all he is our president for all Zambians

  43. You did the good thing, all your sins are forgiven my daughter and you can live in peace. But no talking, and not even on MMD issues as spoken person

  44. Ba cobra mwatumweneshamo meeting dora bokoshi just the two of u sure . what discussion did had with such a disgusting woman . awii katwishi ngana amilowa shikulu . we expected dora to be in jail, those were the real corrupt woman in the previous GMT .  

  45. dora judge for yo self; who is more mature about confidential matters between you and the zambian people?. leave the people of zambia out of your private issues. Put things right with pepole whose hearts you have broken b4 you start accusing people who put you in offices

  46. Finally, you want social and living proof that the machine actually does what it does. You want to hear good and bad things about it to get a better view on what to buy.

  47. Dora Siliya, is the last person to be advising President Sata on leadership. Zambians know who cares about them. Siliya, “You are plunderer, you insult, you are cheat, undressed your former husband at a public rally, corruption nimbwe. You have no sense of shame, you stole too much from the Zambian people. You are not fooling any one but RB and family.” MMD, RB family, Kapoko, Liato, Dora, Namulambe,Konga,and Kasonso you created the climate for the many wrongs in Zambia today. You stole too much from people living them victims of abject poverty and vulnerable, easily exploited

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