Shepolopolo Collects Zone 6 Gold

Zambia’s women’s team celebrate after beating Zimbabwe in the women’s soccer final at Nkoloma stadium.
Zambia’s women’s team celebrate after beating Zimbabwe in the women’s soccer final at Nkoloma stadium.

Zambia boys and women’s football teams have minted Silver and Gold respectively as the curtain came down on the Zone Six Youth Games at Nkoloma Stadium in Lusaka today.

In the girls event, Zambia beat defending champions Zimbabwe 2-0 to claim their first ever Zone Six Youth Games Gold medal in the event.

A Hellen Mubanga’s brace in the 11th and 16th minutes secured Zambia’s 12 Gold medal of the seven-day regional sports festival.

Meanwhile, the boy’s team squandered an opportunity to get Gold after South Africa rallied from 1-0 down to win 2-1.

Chibuye Mulilo put Zambia ahead in the 7th minute before Fagrie Lakay leveled scores after the break.

Seriba Kabelo coincidentally scored the winner in the 67th minute sealed South Africa’s 67th Gold medal of the games.


    • I love the Copper bullet-she! First time I am hearing of it; My friend,why dont you register with PACRA and FAZ as having coined the phrase

  1. :) Yeeeeeh!!!!!! a BiG wats gud to our young Shepolopolo Queens… They seriously made us proud,, GO ZAMBIA GO!!!!!!!

  2. Happy girls!!
    Hope Sata will invite you for a luncheon at that state house only visited by politicians. If it was RB he could have been in the stands to celebrate with citizens.

  3. @Nostradamus, are sure you wouldn’t have been the first person to attack Sata if he attended these games? Knowing your MO so far on these blogs, I am pretty sure you would have been the cheerleader leading the chorus on how Sata was trying to steal the “glory” off of these games. Or how Sata was politicizing the games!

    Please learn to sometimes leave the Head of State out of your petty complaints and arguments. It simply does not make sense to bring Sata’s name in nearly everything you say and think that people will take you seriously.

    Sata has a country to run! If he decided not to attend these games he may have had other important national duties to attend to. Ruphia Banda had three years to show us that his ilk was even capable of organizing such an event and he FAILED!

  4. What nonsense is this?
    Shepolopolo – stupid name, PLEASE change!
    90 Days Legacy Swimming Pool – stupid name, PLEASE change!
    Godfrey ‘Ucar’ Chitalu 107 Stadium – stupid name, PLEASE change!

  5. @ 11 and 14, them gals not guys. Can’t u c de brests and legs??? What L c do u want to c 4 u 2 biliv????
    4 mi I sey congrats, gals. Kip it ap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Haters: BBC says Katongo named 2012 BBC African Footballer of the Year! Go Zambia, go! He worked very hard. His achievements particularly when he played in Europe went unnoticed and overshadowed by “big leagues” coverage of Spanish, English or Italian football! Yet if you look at his footage in many youtube videos, you will notice that he was the unsung hero living in the shadows of great players like Drogba etc! Gob bless Zambia and thanks BBC!

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