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Wynter Kabimba now ready to cooperate with ACC to close the chapter on corruption allegations


JUSTICE Minister Wynter Kabimba
JUSTICE Minister Wynter Kabimba

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has said that he is prepared to cooperate with the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) to enable the Commission conduct smooth investigations on allegations levelled against him.

Mr Kabimba said he would cooperate with ACC to close the chapter on corruption allegations regardless of the methods the Commission would prescribe such as going to the media.

He was speaking in Livingstone yesterday when he featured on Falls FM’s Checking Point programme.

Mr Kabimba, who is Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General, was in Southern Province to meet and confer with party leaders in the districts and province to ensure that the ruling party gets stronger.

He addressed a provincial consultative meeting in Choma at the weekend and so-far only Central and Muchinga Provinces are the remaining provinces for him to round up the entire country.

“I am a strong believer of ACC and I will cooperate with them so that we close this chapter.

For instance, I have never said the investigations are political and being driven by political enemies. ACC is at liberty to investigate me and anyone in Government,” Mr Kabimba said.

Mr Kabimba said Zambia needed a strong ACC to fight corruption.

“We need to fight corruption in this country and if I am found to be corrupt, I must be subjected to the same law an ordinary citizen is subjected to,” he said.

He also said none of the people who escorted him to ACC recently harassed anyone at the Commission because they were all peaceful.

He also wondered where the Oasis Forum was when high profile personalities were allegedly abusing public resources during MMD’s rule.

“When we took Dora Siliya to the tribunal, for God’s sake where was Oasis Forum? When former President Rupiah Banda’s wife was flying around in three helicopters and where was the Oasis Forum? They left this corruption fight to PF until we dislodged the MMD.

We are committed to ensure the country is freed of corruption,” he said.

On allegations that PF was introducing a party state in the country and that the current party was behind MMD wrangles, Mr Kabimba denied the allegations.

Mr Kabimba said he had nothing to do with wrangles in the MMD and he did not feel sorry for the former ruling party.

“If we do get into a one party system in Zambia, It won’t be by design by us as PF but by default. Don’t we were in the opposition and we had our own wrangles.

In 2007, we expelled from PF 16 ‘rebel’ Members of Parliament (MPs) out of 43 MPs we had because this group went against the decision of the party,” he said.

On the appointment of opposition MPs, Mr Kabimba said the appointment was under the PF policy of inclusive Government and not to weaken the opposition.

“We have also extended an olive branch to UPND MPs to run an inclusive Government and we are waiting for them to take a step,” he said.

On allegations of presidential ambitions, Mr Kabimba said there was nobody who had told him that he or anyone in the party had presidential ambitions.

“I also hear all these allegations about these false ambitions that I would like to become a president of PF in future.

My ambition lies in any role members of PF will assign me to play,” he said.

Mr Kabimba also declined to comment on his recent letter to Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda saying he was still waiting for Mr Lubinda’s to give his side of the story.

On the Public Order Act, Mr Kabimba said it was not the Minister of Justice to enforce the Act but the police and Minister of Home Affairs.

“Under the Public Order Act, you need to notify the police and give them a seven days notice that you are going to assembly especially where the meeting is political in nature to maintain law and order.

The police must respond to you depending on whether they have enough manpower to handle the gathering,” he said.

Mr Kabimba said he had done a research on the Public Order Act and he discovered that the United Kingdom (UK) had a similar Act which had similar provisions like the ones for Zambia to prevent anarchy.

“There are a lot of emotions coming from the Oasis Forum and other sections of csociety over the Public Order Act.

I also see a lot of sentiments trying to excite and playing to the gallery over these issues. I had a meeting with American Ambassador in my office two days ago and we discussed this same matter,” he said.

Mr Kabimba said he would respect the decision taken but the Oasis Forum but to think that Oasis Forum was the only truth was not correct.

“Truth can be very relative. To think that Oasis Forum is only truth and only people with good interpretation and good judgement of what is happening is not correct. The can misinterpret the law. Let them engage Government.

We are not an arrogant Government and we are not prepared to run these debates in the press but sit down with stakeholders,” he said.



  2. Double standards from pretentious Pa Fools. Where’s the same haste and zeal Sata had when going after MMD “corruption” and cadreism?

    • The part where they quote Kabimba saying “There are a lot of emotions coming from the Oasis Forum and other sections of csociety over the Public Order Act.” Are you certain that csociety is so close in pronunciation to ‘society’ that even he (Kabimba) couldn’t notice? LT prints and publishes several articles seemingly without regard for grammar, diction and imagination. I question the capability of ALL the staff at LT and other media because of this fact that seems to be a shared ‘tradition’ of sorts amongst them. I shudder at the idea of the mediocre prints churned out daily with no retractions, corrections or tangible effort on LT’s part (other media as well) to correct this flaw. I am not asking for perfection; just that they aspire to it.

  3. after bribing ACC officials, its jst pointless for him to pretend to be a gd boy, i will campaign agaist him im the next election, winter doesnt need to lead us at all.

  4. “If we do get into a one party system in Zambia, It won’t be by design by us as PF but by default” – Wynter Kabimba
    This in itself speaks volumes! He wasn’t speaking aloof, he unconsciously revealed what is steaming in his subconscious. We are going the ZANU-PF, UNIP way

  5. No one can can close any investigation other than the ACC themselves. Hopefully, the ACC has men and not males. This issue requires men who are wiling to put the interests of a better ahead of their personal interests.

    Kabimba is just another thug positioned in a job to grease his bank accounts with Sata. They are JOTISH – Just Other Thugs In State House.

  6. Playing to the gallery?

    But, Sir that’s EXACTLY what democracy is and what politicians, civil society organizations, governments, and others do in free society every day all around the world!

    Even yourself….. in fact, what was it that PF said about free press?

  7. Mr. Kabimba says they are not an arrogant Gov. but they’ve proven to be, most recently he himself. Hopefully he does actually cooperate but like some have already said, the integrity pf the whole investigation is already compromised. Kabimba comments on the British Public Order Act but fails to acknowledge that there are some who are fighting to get section 5 stricken or changed because it essentially limits free speech. We as a country should move past draconian style governance but also be smart about how we develop policy and laws so as not to take away rights or misuse power to muzzle or hinder people whose opinions are different from yours. We are watching what happens.Don’t criminalise opposition.

  8. Dont just go there,who r u fooling?after all that intimidation from u and sata.we dont expect u to b found with a case to answer.But remember those officers are not happy they will secretly kip ur records for posterity.

  9. wen we say poa is colonial we min just that,howelse u start comparing it to the same colonialist,winter u can fool some pipo sometimes but u cant fool the pipo all the times,ur time of reckonig is surely coming.GOD IS WATCHING U SOON AND VERY SOON HE WILL INTERVEN.

  10. The chaps at ACC are oredi scared to death…..the chapter is oredi closed as u rightly put it sir! the chapter can only be reopened after 2016 after people of Zambia give Winter the boot!!!

  11. So you mean he can only be ready for ACC at his own discretion? What was he doing all this time covering loop holes?

  12. Mr.Kabwamba,soon and very soon you will be history politically ,you are too ahead of yourself.Self over rated dull politician i can’t wait for your down fall,you and your fellow thugs at statehouse.

  13. Many times i have told you pipo that Kabimba is an honourable Man. Now he has put you chaps to shame. He is a leader and should not be pushed around. indeeed he should go to ACC at his own time. again i ask the question; dont we have fuel?????? so whats the problem

  14. Kabimba, you are the most corrupt PF leader. All these allegations can not come from nothing. You will be brought to book when there is a change of GRZ, just fight and hope PF rules for your lifetime otherwise you will be harassed until you face jail.

  15. the man is ready to face ACC because he knows first the president has to sanction the ACC whether to go ahead or not, and the ACC already are full of fear because they are investigating a high ranking official

  16. Hon. Kabimba SC, MP. LLB, ASCZ. surely this is a learned person and is inspiring to many Zambians. In contrast, #23, 24,25,27 and 28 dnt even have a Junior Secondary School Leaving Examination Certficate. Question then is, who should we listen too?? If indeed Umupondo is more educated and wise thatn Wynter, then why is he not a Minister. as for Jeu just shut up

  17. # 29, you’re freaking me out man, you’re forever stalking me damn! Bwishe Kabimba bwiso bobe? Wi tampa ifya mushilu pano!

  18. When ACC needed to interview him he saw it inappropriate,but then kabimba what has changed?Its sad to have such a minister of justice who does not understand anything concerning justice in a country like Zambia.

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