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2012 has been a good year for the Anti Corruption Commission -Wandi

General News 2012 has been a good year for the Anti Corruption Commission...

ANTI-Corruption Commission (ACC) director-general Rosewin Wandi
Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) director-general Rosewin Wandi

The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has described the year 2012 as progressive in terms of corruption prevention.ACC Director General Rosewin Wandi said the commission performed well in ensuring that corruption prevention methods were enhanced as a way of reducing the scourge.

Ms. Wandi told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that prevention was vital in achieving zero tolerance on corruption.She said the commission did not only concentrate on carrying out investigations but also made sure that prevention information was disseminated countrywide.

She has since appealed to the media and other institutions to help the ACC in providing information on the dangers of engaging in corrupt activities.

Ms. Wandi disclosed that the anti corruption integrity committees have played an important role in sensitizing people on corruption within institutions.She explained that to this effect, the levels of unprofessional conduct in institutions have greatly reduced.

She further said ACC has also developed a monitoring and evaluation system which will be used to monitor the performance of integrity committees in various institutions.Integrity committees are internal institutional committees established in accordance to a government programme which is contained in the National Anti-corruption Policy where ACC draws its prevention mandate.

The committees are charged with the mandate of spearheading the prevention of corruption within their sphere of control and hence the institutionalization of corruption prevention.


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  1. Are you being serious Ms Wandi or you are just playing to the gallery. It is clear to all of us that the last quarter of the year has been characterized with political interference even if it was not really in your offices. Examples of Summer Kabimba who underrated your officers.

  2. People are not corrupt because there aren’t sensitized they are corrupt because sytems don’t work and to get something done quickly you just need to pay someone. You’re wasting time with sensitization workshops and threats etc.Ensure systems work efficiently, pay workers what they deserve,encourage creativity among workers.These chaps who take bribes know how to beat the system they have good ideas that their bosses ignore.I

  3. Wandi are you speaking from your heart or under influence of alcohol, Kabimba threatening your toothless office makes 2012 a good year my foot!!!!

  4. Has one ever wondered why single folks somehow get appointed more often than there counterparts especially in Government controlled institutisns?

  5. Is this what you are going to write in your end of year report madam? How many big fish have you successfully prosecuted and imprisoned through the courts?

  6. Yes it was good for ACC, no stress at all, just drinking tea with flitters, then zigoro with fresh Shoprite bread, then lunch pa NaMpundu restaurant with Nsima with T-bone, and add Maheu at 15 hrs.
    No work to do, Kabimba refused to be investigated… ni halleluja, what a GOOD YEAR. MERRY -Xmas.

  7. Sometime it will be good to be quite than to speak like this lady. What is it that has been good for you? Do you think Zambians are fools to forget that you have just been baptized in the PF spirit that you have to get ukwa’s permission to investigate his party officials?  In other words your commission is for the non pf’s and the opposition parties for trampled charges.
    If i was you i will keep quite-shameless woman

  8. From the PAINFUL SMILE you can tell that she LYING and shes NOT AT EASE, STRUGGLING to get her FACIAL EXPRESSIONS go along with what shes BEEN TOLD TO SAY. poor woman despite lessons from the POST PAPER and GEORGE CHELLAH it still came out wrong. Sata got his LYING DEGREE AT POST NEWSPAPER.

  9. and what about 100 million dollars swindled at ZCCM-IH? Nothing was done since 2007 !!!!

    Zambia, Mauritius move to retrieve $100m from fraudsters

    APA – Port Louis (Mauritius) Zambia and Mauritius, within the framework of the Mutual Assistance Programme are working to retrieve 100 million dollars alleged swindled from the Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM), APA learnt here.
    The Zambian government holds 87 percent of shares in the ZCCM.

    A high level delegation of the Zambian Task Force on Corruption, Tuesday arrived in Mauritius to pursue the matter.
    Rama Valayden, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice to reporters Wednesday in the capital, Port Louis, that he will hold a working session in the evening with the Zambian delegation

  10. continued
    to discuss the follow up of the case which implicates offshore companies incorporated in Mauritius.
    He said about 100 million dollars have been transferred through the Bank of Butterfield Account in London, before being invested in the banking system in Mauritius and said the suspects in the scam are known by Zambian and Mauritian authorities.

    At the beginning of the year, at the request of the Zambian government, the Mauritius Supreme Court issued an ’Attachment and Freezing Order’ to several banks here on the accounts of the suspects, Mr Bernard Mungulude, Mr Kazhi Kateke and the Laxi diamond company.

    The duty of the Zambian Task Force on Corruption now was to seek to identify the local agents and representatives of the suspects

  11. continued

    so as to be able to recover and repatriate the money.

    Hence, local banks have been assigned to submit documentary evidence to expose the criminal gang, or else the banks will face dire consequences, Valayden said.



    You know who are the crooks and thieves ! So what are you PF tools doing !!??

  12. This is a corrupt statement which must be investigated by ACC. I hope Wandi does not go for her interview at ACC with cadres.

  13. Don’t con. Just say “it has been a good year for me” because any year you survive with a job and perks is a great year. Also say that “it has been a great year for corruption”. Only people in offices of authority can be corrupted, yet none has been caught or prosecuted, even with mountains of evidence. The Dutch and British must be angry as hell, they put in so much money and you guys just f*ck it all up!

  14. You must be ashamed even to read your own rubbish you hopeless corrupt woman.Scared of thugs at state house .Criminals are having a field day in Zambia ask GBM and Kabwamba Wynter they are laughing at you right now.You explain the riches of George Chellah ,M’meembe Amos etc.How do they win tenders ,are you bothered ?Do you soundly sleep at night?Enjoy the money and the 4×4 anyway……………..

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