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Government to computerise land allocation systems to curb irregularities

General News Government to computerise land allocation systems to curb irregularities

Deputy Minister for Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Elijah Muchima
Deputy Minister for Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Elijah Muchima

Government has unveiled plans to computerize land systems in a bid to address land challenges in the country.

Deputy Minister for Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Elijah Muchima said land issues have always caused problems in Zambia hence computerizing the systems would significantly help in bringing sanity to the process.

Mr. Muchima told ZANIS in Lusaka yesterday that having a computerised system will make management of land an easy task as it will not be done manually.

He explained that this computerisation will prevent cases where people are allocated the same piece of land.

He stated that it was only through computerising the systems that the ministry would effectively carry out land audits to ascertain how much land was available in the country for customary, statutory and developmental purposes.

Mr. Muchima said a team of experts has since been sent out of the country to secure equipment to conduct the computerising exercise.

He also disclosed that after two realignments, his ministry was now embarking on a decentralising process to help administer land to all areas of the country.

The Deputy Minister said land officers have already been dispatched to some parts of the country that had a lot of land activity.

Mr. Muchima cited Ndola, Solwezi and Copperbelt as areas with a lot of land activity.



  1. Make sure you optimize your information systems. Computerization does not in itself resolve much. It is the underlying processes that must be carefully worked through.  Otherwise good move, and wish you godspeed with that!

  2. With all the qualified people at the Lands Department and the graduates from various institutions, who have used various GIS and LIS, bwana deputy minister, will sending out people add much. SIDA has been involved with the Survey Department for years even Deflt University, Holland. You dont have to go far but school of Engineering would advise and such systems will need to be optimised to include information that our current land registry systems requires. You can not get a turn-key or off the shelf solution. Zambian experts can do this and I can suggest compitent Zambians who can do this. Its always a case of “Foreign is always better.”

  3. @Lady: my take is that the current system available may only capture text information e.g. Plot number, owner, survey details (date,co-ordinates etc), Title deeds, tenure etc. What is more comprehensive is augmenting this system with graphical information and adjacent land parcels. This will then enable one to querry the data and obtain all the relavant information using SQL statments (Database Querry Language). All this can be done using a fairly affordable Land Information System or Geographic Information System. UNZA, School of Engineering has the expertise and even the Surveyor General’s Office has the know how. A funded fifth year final year project with adequate supervision can provide such a system. What may be needed is the hardware and network infrastructure to support access

  4. About time…I applaud implementation of ICT by any gov’t administration in its departments. I hope this computerisation spreads to all departments especially Home Affairs and Welfare Depts. Just imagine if Road Traffic department was computerised how much revenue would be collected efficiently. 

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