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Luwingu farmer rejects new currency, exchanges it in shops


There was drama at the National Savings and Credit Bank (NATSAVE) in Luwingu district in the Northern Province when one customer refused to receive the new rebased currency.

Musonda Bwalya of Senior Chief Shimumbi rejected the money, saying he was not conversant with the new Kwacha notes and appealed to the bank management to consider giving him the old currency.

He lamented that people in his area will not accept the new notes because the money was very little compared to the value of the old currency.

Mr Bwalya said it was surprising to note this morning that the bank had started issuing new currency without informing the community in senior Chief Shimumbi’s and other far flung areas.

The visibly annoyed Mr Bwalya said he came to withdraw money for the maize he supplied to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) last year at the value of K3,000,000 but when he received K3,000 he said the money was very little.

He said that his wife would not accept the K3,000 instead of the K3,000,000 the two budgeted for.

He said villagers in Senior Chief Shimumbi’s area are not aware about the rebasing of the currency, adding that it would be very difficult for the community to conduct business in villages as they are used to the old currency.

Mr Bwalya felt that business men and women would take advantage of the situation by stealing money from them.

Mr Bwalya, who appeared uncontrollable, appealed to the government to consider intensifying sensitization programmes before villagers are robbed of their hard-earned money.

After receiving the new currency, Mr Bwalya went round the shops, converting the new currency to the old for fear of being beaten by his wife.

The new currency started circulating this morning after the bank opened and a snap survey showed that Mr Bwalya was not alone in that predicament.

Some businessmen were also rejecting the new currency, thinking it was a fake Kwacha.



  1. Well well well… an ignorant and uneducated nation almost 50 years after independence… how do you expect to fight HIV with such monkeys.

  2. If that Copperbelt University officer who must be well informed caused commotion in Kitwe when he went to the atm on a banks/banking holiday what about a villager questioning about the value of the rebased Kwacha?It was justified,besides he feared that he will be ‘gender based violenced’ by the wife because they already agreed how they will spend the K3,000,000 KR 3000. don’t only sensitise people who are already educated in the comfort of boardrooms please reach out to our rural populace cause it’s them who truly need this service as they may be duped by brief case business men.

    • Was there no radio comments about the rebasement in 20012? However,, In every country when new currency are introduced there is uneasiness in people’s mind. I reckon when we switched from Marks to Euro (€) there were similar reaction.. Hopeful things will normalise soon 🙂

  3. Shows how poor our communications are when it comes to official policy matters and their implementation. It is no wonder that our country is ever backward nearly 50 years after independence because of having dysfunctional government operatives working in a system designed to fail the nation.

  4. # i think you should be called a monkey yourself instead of Monk. I can you fail appreciate this man’s fears? Ulichipuba.

  5. The sensitisation was only done on radio, tv and papers in English. I did not hear it in venacular whatsoever. I live in town and therefore; it would be easy for me to grasp the information than my relatives in the village. So please BOZ, you role was to go to the villages and not sleep comfortably in lodges in the urban area.

  6. Such an ignorant Zambian population !!! No wonder they voted into power such a dull, clueless PF government into power — Sata must be laughing at the level of ignorance! FTJ used to say Zambians are docile, I beg to disagree now…most Zambians are just clinically dull and too ignorant for their own safety…

  7. We can tolerate those wild shots up to the end of the parallel period. After that ignorance and intolerance will be no excuse at all. Pye Pye, yewe nobe! Si wantekunya yewe!

  8. Why the rush to call people ignorant? Just goes to show how arrogant Zambians with a little education can get especially when they go abroad. They start thinking everyone back there is not as clever. Inferiority complexes force them to identify cleverness with other races so they are in a hurry to disassociate themselves with fellow Zambians Kupusa!

  9. It’s typical of the BOZ operations, when they were busy spending our money from the national treasury in the name of sensitizing people about the new currency, i never bought it because i new some chaps from the central bank were busy pocketing the cash. These two cases are just the beginning of the new notes confusions, bankers must be careful otherwise wina azalila ku makofi.

  10. Yes. BOZ did not inform the rural people. These guys were busy sharing the money meant for sensitization. Bankers really are in trouble with the villagers, one will be beaten.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  11. ZANIS Luwingu! Always negative reports about the district, learn from Kasama ZANIS report…”Kasama residents excited with rebased currency”,

  12. One wonders what education and sensitisation the BOZ and Ministry of Info have done. May be the sensitisation of their overflowing pockets in the Dochi Kubeba more money in their pockets policy. I have spoken to many people in rural Zambia, and most are not aware of the rebasing. Wonder what the PF’s Joseph Goebbels will spin out of his unbelievable propaganda machinery!

  13. lobola ndiwe mbuzi if boz fail to sensitize the people in luwingu over their programme is that positive about your district. Mwila council watch out

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