Fourth mobile phone company coming this year

A man searching for cell phone network signal up a tree
A man searching for cell phone network signal up a tree

Government has disclosed that over five telecommunication companies have expressed interest in setting up business in Zambia.

Communication, transport, works and supply Minister Chris Yaluma could however not mention the names of the companies that have shown interest in operating in Zambia stating that he would not want to indicate to other interested companies that a decision has already been made.

Mr. Yaluma added that his ministry has made tremendous progress in clearing the way for a forth mobile operator in the country.

He said all that is remaining now is to carry out the required legal requirements needed to fully revoke the statutory instrument that was blocking the introduction of a forth mobile service provider.

Speaking in an interview, Mr. Yaluma said once the paper work is done, an inquiry will be put up for interested companies.

He has since assured the nation that the country will see the introduction of the forth mobile operator before the end of this year.



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    More competition for ZAMTEL MTN and AIRTEL. This forth company will create more jobs & will make the 3 existing mobile operator to improve on service delivery. The searching of the network up a tree or on top of a hill should be a thing of the past.

    Lastly SMS, data & call(international/local and across networks) rates should also be competitive. Why cant a Zambian make an international call for more that 40mins we have the ability to do that

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    Competition is always healthy, particularly as it bring many things including more jobs. From experience however, no matter how many ntembas one opens in the various townships, Game & Shoprite will forever remain.

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    I recently lost my job with Zamtel through non renewal of contract. We know the weaknesses of Zamtel and this will see them go under becoz, we shall work on these weaknesses to improve operations of new company. Come soon

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      You got it wrong we are not interested with you witch hunting,just learn to follow directives and keep you job!

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      Who told you that when the contract has ended then you have lost your job? Didn’t they pay you gratuity? Now you want those whose contracts are still valid to lose their company just because the company did not return you. And pray hard that the new company employs you because you sound as if it will be automatic when in fact you will compete with the entire nation.

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    Gravatar removed.You will be banned from accessing this site if you continue with such unbecoming behaviour- LT Webmaster

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    Most Zamtel scratch cards for ten pin cannot be scratched, unless you put water or saliva on them; what a shame

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    As much as we talk about this competition i feel ZICTA as a regulator should also be responsible enough by benefiting the consumers.For instacne these mobile companies,Tv stations,Radio stations etc pay billions(Kr millions) for the frequncies they use yet this money does not even go into the treasury……..For every call one makes a certain percentage of the total cost goes to them hence as consumers we should also benefit e.g by way of reduced call rates

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    Sata’s unfulfilled 10 campaign promises
    January 6, 2013 | Filed under: Special Comments | Posted by: Mumba
    File: Sata during a campaign rally
    By Francisco Slimchile Kiko

    1) I will demolish shanty towns and build better “planned houses in 90 days.(ati tafakamo na ma shower)
    2) When PF comes into power there will be no load-shedding, no abuse of the public media and we will do away with the Public Order Act because it’s a colonial law.
    3) PF will create employment for the youths( tell the youths to smoke chamba for the last time today because when PF comes into power there will no time for them to smoke.)
    4) Better sanitation for everyone, 46 years of independence Zambians can not be using pit latrines. Under PF cholera will a thing of the past.
    5) We will increase bags of…

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    These are commendable ventures whose ripple effects will help the ordinary Zambian. I feel elated this will happen in the next few months so that Mobile providers that are taking us for granted can have that extra competition. I hope the company that will be coming is high tech leaning. Someone advise me, is it really necessary for all mobile service providers to rely on masts? I think there must be a faster a and better way of ensuring we have the mobile signal – satellite! Hope the new company coming has this in mind. Otherwise kudos to the government for opening up the airwaves to a fourth provider, a thing we’ve been eagerly waiting for.

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    Stop crying for Vodacom. Our money will be benefiting outsiders.Why not encourage a local company so that the wealth remains in Zambia. Remember telecel was fully Zambian owned before it was bought by MTN. This just shows that even us Zambians can do it. Instead of advocating for a foreign Company to be the forth mobile operator,why not support our Local companies instead,regardless of who owns it as long as he or she is Zambian. We must learn to be patriotic. be proud of our selves.Challenge our self worth and capabilities instead of enriching foreigners every time. N-way am sure our Politicians will benefit despite against the right decision that is supposed to be taken.

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    I think the legal paper work was supposed to be first then companies showing interest. However, the interest does not mean tender may be they are right but technically not really.

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    The market is too small for a fourth mobile phone operator. I don’t see any reputable company wasting its money on a market of 14 million people in which Airtel and MTN have had a head start. It will is easy for these two to capture the remaining unconnected Zambians to their stables. A new company would need more than two times the resources of the established players just to play catchup. And you don’t throw big money into the deep end if you’re not assured of good returns.

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    The new mobile provider should consider providing services to senior chief shimumbi area like Isangano, Ndoki joko and many other place where the current service providers have refused saying the places were very far from lusaka town.

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    competiton is good,but the zambia market is small for a fourth network provider,am not sure of subsciber bases now since am not in the system but a certain number of required to make a profit and zambia still behind,and secondly the taxes are heavy causing high tariffs ,Telecel was not fully Zambian owned until towards the end,then serious financial problems rocked then hence the sale to MTN you.The high Recapitalisation cost is a problem with our financial set up unless with tax holidays maybe……

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    I hear Madam Charity Lumpa has been appointed MD for Airtel with effect from 1st may 21013. LOL!!!!

    We at Stanchart are delighted about this news because Muyunda Munyinda has also joined Airtel. Muyunda is on record calling Madam Lumpa and ZESCO MD Mr Chitundu as “Chancers” and that he cannot work with them.

    We are eagerly waiting to see if Muyunda will work under Madam Lumpa or resign on principal – if he has any!!

    The way I know Madam Lumpa, Muyunda must be cursing his mouth and funny teeth for being so negative about people because she will not spare him.

    As they say, “what goes round comes round”.

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