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Shikapwasha, Chanda Chimba III and others arrested and charged

Headlines Shikapwasha, Chanda Chimba III and others arrested and charged

Former Information Minister Ronnie Shikapwasha (L)
Former Information Minister Ronnie Shikapwasha (L)

Government Joint Investigations Team has today charged and arrested LT Gen Ronnie Shikapwasha former Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services and Chanda Chimba III a journalist.

LT General Ronnie Shikapwasha has been arrested on 2 counts of Abuse of Authority of Office Contrary to Section 99(1) of the Penal Code CAP 87 of the laws of Zambia. While Chanda Chimba III has been arrested for 2 counts Unlawful printing and publication Contrary to Section 5 (1)(2) of chapter161 of the Laws of Zambia, and Possession of Property suspected of being proceeds of a crime Contrary to Section 71 of the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act No 19 of 2010.

Particulars of the offence are that Rev.LT.General Ronnie Shikapwasha being a person employed in the public service as Minster in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting services arbitrarily and in disregard of defamation laws and Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) editorial policy did direct
Board and management to air the ‘Stand up for Zambia’ documentaries an act prejudicial to the rights and interest of Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation a public body.

On the 2nd count Rev.LT.General Ronnie Shikapwasha arbitrarily and in disregard to Professional Legal Advice not to broadcast “Stand up for Zambia” committed the Government to pay all liabilities and legal fees emanating from the broadcast of the said program an act prejudicial to the rights and interest of ZNBC and the Government of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that Chanda Chimba III Unlawfully did cause to be printed or published newspapers called” Stand up for Zambia” and “News of our times” Which were not registered at the office of the Director National Archives of Zambia. He was found in possession or control of an accumulated total of K611, 440,433.12 money he paid for private media and printing services to Zambia National Broadcasting Services Corporation, Muvi Television and the Daily Mail limited respectively, which is reasonably suspected to be proceeds of a crime.

Also arrested and charged are Mr. Davis Mataka former Deputy Managing Director of Zambia Daily Mail and Mr. Ngande Mwanajiti the Consultant.

They have been jointly charged for Corrupt acquisition of Public Property and Revenue Contrary to Section 33(1)(b)(2)(b)(3) of the Anti-corruption Act No 38 of 2010 of the laws of Zambia, and unlawful Printing and Publication contrary to Section 5(1)(2) of Chapter 161 of the Laws of Zambia

Particulars of the offence being that the Zambian Newspaper Limited, Mr.Davis Mataka alias “John Allan Mugwida” and Ngande Mwanajiti alias “George Banda” Jointly whilst acting together did fraudulently and unlawfully divert K195, 000,000.00 Public Media Support Fund from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting services for the unlawfull Production and Printing of a private Newspaper called “The Zambian” Without it being registered with the Director at National Archives Department.

They will all be released on bond with two working sureties and will appear in Court Soon.


  1. Yes, let Shikapwasha give us our tax money. He behaved and acted as though he is not a reverend. Shame on him. For Chanda ChimbaII , its his own folly that is eating him. He was very excited and gave a blind eye to any form of advice. Time for paying back our money has come. Again shame on shikapwasha…shaaaa.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

    • Typical retard! You dont persecute people for having a less than positive opinion about you. That’s what separates civilised people from primitive brutes. When are you people going to join the civilzed world? Stop this nonsense. It will equally be repugnant and unacceptable for the next government to persecute PF leaders and cadres for their stu.pidity during their term. Mandela was in prison for 27 years and he never came wielding machetes and pangas for sins committed against him and his comrades. Obama including his mum have been called names by the nutty opposition but he won and simply moved on. Thats what leaders do! Small men with nothing in the head are the ones who persecute people just to prove that they are powerful. Sata, Kaunda and Chiluba are small men with small minds!

    • Gonclaves, that’s a very wise opinion indeed. We should learn from civilized nations and abolish this eye for an eye mentality we have in Zambia. After all we claim to be Christians

    • Now you can say that….you guys are dull creatures really. Very bitter and frustrated. When Shikapwasha was stealing our money, why didn’t you advice him to be civilized? Guys, we Zambians we demand from Shikapwasha and Chanda Chimbwii the money they stole from us. There is no sacred cow guys, this time all those who stole must pay back. Its not my fault that you are so bitter and frustrated people who always insult . Keep your folly to yourselves please.

    • its difficult to advice you guys who believe in getting the other person, no matter what we explain, you wont get it because you believe in getting even! like ba …………! dont play God, it never works.

    • Stealing Money, Misapplication of money, misappropriation of money, misuse of money, that public money, using cover up companies, unregistered companies, for sure these are cases. Its no brainer trying to condemn those who wish to get back that money. The problem is turning a human wrong into a human right. When are we gonna account for the misappropriated funds that ever left and continue to leave villagers and town dwellers, far from getting the development they deserve? Its about what happenned and who did it. If Shikapwasha and Changa sunk these funds lets us get it back. No need for insults here. You are not that intilligent resorting to belittling and insulting, leaving out solution to the issue at hand.

    • and exactly how do you hope to get your money back? just a little curious, isnt moving forward and making sure it never happens again by implementing concrete strategies a little bit more constructive!

    • @Truth Hates
      There are some sacred cows: Kabimba, GBM, Mahtani even Sata himself and George Mpombo managed to get himself on the list just in time. Don’t be gullible my brother, this is political and you, I and everyone else knows it. If you look at the charges you will note that with the exception abuse of authority, they had to hire a legal team to comb through statutes to find something to use against Chanda Chimba. Publishing and Printing material not registered with national archives? How many of us have done that or indeed know that we should do so? Please…

    • My brother Chanda time has come for you to pay back for what you did , you wanted ba SATA to be hated by us pipo But GOD says no no no!!!! & you Ngande ure a big fool together with big black nose Ron shame on you you fake politician

    • If you call it eye for eye then we might as well abolish prisons and courts of law. If they indeed abused PUBLIC RESOURCES then they must pay for their wrongs, i dont know how difficult that is for anyone to understand. there are thousands in prison suffering for petty things like stealing a chicken, a car side mirror, a goat, name them.. what makes public figures immune from punishment? I dont think our country will ever develop, we are doomed!! Politicians will forever be there and will always influence certain things but that does not mean people must disregard the law, power shifts hands sooner than later and politics are no longer there to protect you when your time is up, integrity will always protect you…

  2. hahaha time to revenge !!!! tell fr frank bwalya also to go back to the church since sata is oredy president!!!! zambian politics sucks mwe!!!

    • In Nyanja they say- ” CHAONA MZAKO CHAPITA, MAWA CHILI PALI IWE!! Kaunda, Chiluba, Mwanawasa and Rupia all have gone. Sata will too! Tizaona.

    • Tell Mutembo Nchito and Fred Mmembe to repay our 14 Billion Kwacha plus interest money borrowed from DBZ-our tax money.When is PF going reopen the case on the 2Billion Kwacha National Assembly money that was used to fund MMD convention in 2001.The suspects are still alive mwe bantu!


  3. I knew that this would happen one day. It is bad to behave as though you will be in power forever. Serves them right.

  4. That’s the nature of African politics.

    Sata and his cohorts should also not forget that they equally will be hunted down and tried before the courts of law the minute the PF leaves power

  5. Madness pa Zambia, while people like Mmembe are allowed to print unpalatable images in his paper. Imagine if the watchdog had a print publication operating in Zed and they displayed such images? Ati I will lead based on the 10 commandments. And before PF cadres used their new learnt word on me – no I’m not BITTER just being objective.

    • what 10 commandements? mulebako serious mu Zambia! thou shall not commit adultery is one of them, and so is love thy neighbor as yourself, thou shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, but no! the president is a hypocrite!

  6. Arrest tha damn rats, they thought they woned Zambia, like it was there great grandfather’s & mother’s property… FOOLS.

    • Yes if he is stealing I would not mind him being jailed after 2016. The same with Shikapwasha…he should give back our money he gave to Chanda Chimbwii. Shikapwasha misbehaved and stole our money and as such he should be prosecuted Period.

  7. I dnt knw if i have never been to school to understand some simple english words and how to use them, i still think that most of you don’t understand the charges leveled against ronnie.continue with your debate!!


  9. This is merely a revelation that Mutembo Nchito and Edga Lungu are working tirelessly to create a diversity of imaginary charges through the manipulation of legal jargon. Sooner or later some brilliant professional lawyers will expose their evil shemes to be destined to the dust bins. The biggest loser will be HE President Sata whom all regard as having badly invested the welfare of his own children. To which Planet will Sata’s children seek refugee status after 2016? Thank God we aren not in West African or the Arab region but privilaged to be inhabitants of Southern Africa which is endowed with civilized humans who appreciate the rule of Law. God Help Us.

  10. Let it be a lesson to all politicians that they should not look at being in power as a chance to steal. If and when the PF led government leaves power and there are any politicians who are suspected to have stolen, I will expect those politicians to be taken to court. Chiluba who led the MMD had Kaunda investigated. Mwanawasa had Chiluba investigated. Sata will soon have Banda investigated. It is only right and proper that who ever takes over from Sata, should also have him investigated.

    • And Sata will be investigated by HH or Chipimo Jnr. dont let our hard earned cash go to waste. when he is investigated let him not cry foul

  11. Crime does not pay. A benchmark needs to be made so that when people are in office they don’t abuse their position. Prosecuting Shikapwasha will set a good example of how not to behavior when you hold such positions

    • The best way of setting a benchmark would be to show you have the courage to prosecute people (party members) even when they are in power. Waiting until a party is voted out only means Zambia is left to correct past wrongs (as seen according to the political view of those doing the prosecuting) and does little for the nation going forward.

  12. This is the most feared side of Sata(nic) – revenge!! Let us not abuse the political power give to us by the voters, by arresting our perceived opponents! How can you arrest Chimba III just because he produced a program that is different to Sata’s views? And you police, start acting professionally, remember politicians have a limited time in power – your time will come!!

  13. Ahuh! this bussiness is booming, i wonder how much bail this time, maybe in dollars or euros, anyone with a guess? They should just build a five star jail for the elite so that they charge the rooms, food and othe jail activities, they will make more, not bad, twatenda mwe!

  14. it reminds me of Laurence kabila.. i smell a snake being shot dead. some one might not leave there throne alive.. just saying

  15. Thanks God, those two fools made my family stop watching ZNBC even when I was paying for it. Nomba mwanya! makamaka Chanda Chibwi III

  16. It makes me shudder/wonder to think of HOW this so called ” general” with such a POOR SENSE OF JUDGEMENT rose to such a HIGH rank in the military, appointed as ZAF commander, (Gabon disaster/went into hiding in Munali hills during capt Solo’s shortlived coup) then appointed cabinet minister in several portfolios. I am sure there are still a lot like him out there! We have a BIG problem in our country! Cry my beloved country! His close associatio/schemes with the likes of Chanda Chiimba and Mwanajiti speaks volumes!

  17. Viponyeni mundende. They must be locked up foerever they thought they will rule forever. Next is lupiya bwezani, henry, and dola siliya. Same prison so they can screw her if they are still men.


  19. Zambians have short memory, that’s why the stupid and corrupt politicians take advantage of us and steal our money. How on earth can a straight thinking Zambian support this nosy Shikapwasha and that little rat Chimba. Shame to you, who today can support those who stole your money which could have developed your area. No wonder why corruption will never end in this country, because we have a lot of deadheads.

  20. Its a new year’s gift to a well meaning Zambian for the cartel to be arrested for abuse of office. Especially for Shakapusa and chimbala chimbwi.

  21. People must be answerable for the wrongs they commit, it is just a pity that only a different govt can prosecute them because they see that crimes were committed. Most people on here know the wrongs shikapwasha and company committed but you want to turn a blind eye. If people are left to go unpunished for their wrongs, people will not learn and this is why in Zed leaders can do as they wish and defy the law of the country. The law must be applied regardless of who commits it. Let us not hide in the name of christian nation to let former leaders who abused the national resources go free. Above all, we should develop our own systems and not always compare ourselves to the so called western world, they are smart devils after all!

    • Most people on here know the wrongs sata and company committed on the third term but you want to turn a blind eye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Most people on here know the wrongs Sata and company committed on the third term drama, but you want to turn a blind eye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!People are left to go unpunished for their wrongs, people will not learn and this is why in Zed leaders can do as they wish and defy the law of the country. The law must be applied regardless of who commits it. Let us not hide in the name of christian nation to let former leaders who abused the national resources go free.

    • @cleo:

      If you know the “wrongs Sata and company committed on the third term,” please by all means, draft the charges! And you have every right as a citizen of Zambia to file those charges in a court of your choosing in Zambia.

      However, if the entire govt machinery under LPM and RB (and both were not the greatest fans of the ‘Cobra’) failed to come up with any charges that would stick against Sata and company, I very much doubt your conspiracy theories holds any water.

      Nonetheless, if this time around, Sata and company loot our treasury, the next govt should go after them just as forcefully. The indictments in this piece are about stealing public funds and abuse of authority of office, nothing personal. So all you who are itching to get Sata and your made-up enemies please…

  22. Here we go again.Seems Sata and crew have nothing to do than arrest people.When are they going to be seen to be working?

    • never! they are pin pointers, always blaming others for all shortfalls and wondering why we do not have this and that! is he serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. At mothend I sit and study my payslip which is heavily taxed.I am a miner and to earn that money, I have to endure insults,threats and humiliation besides stress.I know that tax goes to the government in addition to tax from other miners.What you people to the money we give from the copper belt just makes me sad.You spend our money and money you get from mines with no tangible results.This suing has become a trend for each term of presidency .That Chanda Chimba incident was an unfair event because they were using tax money just like those who now suing them unless that was seriously budgeted for.I rest my case because I am too stressed to go on.I am nightshift earning tax for you people to worst.

  24. Guys,lets not be trivial when it comes to issues like this,many of you recall that Chanda Chimba went into hiding after Sata won the election,why did he do that if he had no case to answer? If you paid attention to Shikapwasha’s behaviour during election time,you would note that there was definitely abuse of the public media.Let the law take its course bane,its not revenge,these guys thought that they were untouchable.

  25. I’ve never seen such blesphemy,humiliation and character assination unleashed on a political opponent in my all life.Chanda Chimba nids 2 pay heavily 4 producing that programe using tax payers money and televising it on national TV.

  26. This reminds me of how Rupiah Banda was hell bent on making sure Sata did not rule dispite the calls for change from the people of Zambia. Now Shikapwasha is paying for blindly following RB!

  27. Its funny how politicians make ordinary citizens turn against each other…you people are suppose to speak as one…what do you gain by insulting each other over greedy politicians?

  28. The leadership style of Sata and his PF is really that of opposition politics and not leadership one. The y call others haters when actually they practice hatred; they call others bitter when actually they are the one who are bitter; they call others selfish when actually they are the ones who are selfish. In short they do the opposites at every moment of their actions. We have an evil leadership.

  29. Its good that zambian are able to debate in the manner u are all doing, at the end of the day we are all asnswerable to our creater who is the most high God. but may i just remind the PF to do more other wise 2016 will be really had for them. the performance is not encouleging. Opposition parties please surport the Govrnment of the day your time is coming, Winter kabimba reduce your speed the world is watching u. PF allow opposition to hold rallies this will act as measuring tape to your strenght, God help us to Know the truth.

  30. Ba Shika naba chanda. so all your dids were illagal?. now that you are not above the law, please face it. you made our hearts breeding because of your selfish mortives and your political macipations. so go to heil.

  31. Can some one on the blog mention five crimes he committed during he reign in mmd? Did he steal?Dont mention issues to do the third term debacle.

  32. Chanda Chimba should have titled his videos to “Zambia to the dogs”. What’s happening in Zambia is very sad. Sata is forgetting that he won’t be in that office life, and the same hand that is dealing the people who were in the previous govt or are opposed to his 1964 tactics, is the hand that he will be dealt with.

    This guy is too out of touch with reality, to the point where having him as the head of state is a disgrace.

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