Masebo unveils new ZAWA Board

Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo
Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo

Tourism and Arts Minister Silvia Masebo has announced the nine member new Zambia wild life Authority-ZAWA-board to be led by commercial farmer Guy Robinson.

Other board members are PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba, Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta and Timothy Mushibwe.

Others are Tourism PS Charity Mwansa, Ministry of Finance Economist Chasiya Kazembe, Anita Poleti, Chieftainess Mwape from Petauke and Yonas Mita.

Mrs. Masebo announced the new board in Lusaka this morning during a breakfast meeting organised by the Tourism Council of Zambia.

She said her Ministry is confident that the men and women in the new board will help reorganize ZAWA.

“ZAWA is an important organisation in tourism promotion but the current ZAWA needs an overhaul,” she said.
“The PF government is very concerned at the state of affairs at ZAWA. The organisation is deep in debt of over ZMK 2 trillion and cannot even pay its workers. We need to turn ZAWA around and I believe with this board, this objective can be realized,” Mrs. Masebo said.

She also bemoaned the continued externalization of revenue generated from the tourism industry by some foreign tourism players.

“You got to ZAWA and you pay US$3,000 to hunt a lion and when you sell that lion for US$ 30,000 in the US, you only declare US$ 1,000 and that is what you declare and bank in our local banks but the huge chunk of your profits are held offshore. We have to address this abnormality.”

She said foreign tourism investors should always plough back some of their profits into the communities where they are operating.

“We need genuine community investment programmes and not these PR campaigns where you donate a ZMK 20 million to a poor community or you paint a clinic in some rural community and you claim to be ploughing back to the community. That is unacceptable under this new government and even in business ethics, which is wrong.”


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    Um these guys are here to make each other rich.Young people this is the change we voted for!How many jobs does kabimba have now since pf came into power?Greed greed greed!

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      Did you see the news last night about some some illegal Chinese ivory horn dealers followed by a BBC undercover reporter posing as an ivory buyer last night on Channel 4. The Illegal Chinese dealer claimed he had about 200 ivory horns on sale. The report stated that half of these horns were from Africa. Hallo!!! These Chinese and others involved in this trade do not care what happens to the elephants only about dinyero. Most of those foreign businessmen/women in Zed have not been remitting proper taxes all these years from the time we got our independence. Its high time this trend was stoped once and for all. I may not agree with Sylvia Masebo but some of the things she is talking about are true.

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      Do not forget its not only the so called foreighners you are blaming here it starts with the blacks who poach these animals in the game parks with wildlife officers involved.these foreighners are the buyers and know where the market for these products lets not always blame others it starts with the system.

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    this prostitute and her lover are really shameless i.diots, chi kabimba how many positions do want to have kansi? u are all over the place,who gave this guy a law degree??

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    Is there a limit to the number of boards one can be co-opted to? Would be interesting to reseach on the periodicity of the board meetings and allowances given to the board members. My skeptic mind here smells a rat over the inclusion of the Justice Minister. Could it be that he has been included to cover the illegality of the dissolution of the previous board? Cover everything with accepability given Kabimba is in the new board. Ba Sylvia you can fool us some times but you can’t fool us all the time. We are the “small axe, ready to cut you down…”

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    This really is disheartening! Is this minister honestly saying this board will be better than the previous one? How many positions is Mr. Kabimba going to hold under this government? I 100% agree with Hon William Harrington for a tribunal to dig deeper into Masebo’s actions.

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    But why is a Minister on the board. If she wanted the MoJ to be represented then the either one of the P.S.’ or a nominee of the MoJ would have been better. Again, if it was the issue of having a PF cadre on board then there could have pick on any other person than a Minister. A board with a Minister only makes sense if that board reports directly to the President because then the Minister is subordinate and can be disciplined by H.E. In this case, how will one Minister discipline another if the latter errors?

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      Alalyapo pa cibale cabuci that is why she has offered him another job on a silver plate.That thing below the umbilicus can confuse minds.

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    Lions and Elephants must never be hunted anyway as they are endangered species.

    Oh dear, dear! What a massive conflict of interest? What is a cadre in Kabimba doing on a supposedly professional board anyway? Will this comedy ever end? Zambians please take your country back from these scavengers – picket them until they are forced to resign. Oh man I have run out of words.

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    We wait and see what this ZAWA will do for Zambians. We just pray that you will not doing the same thing MMD used to do. Be warned that if you do not deliver Zambians will teach you a good lesson in 2016. But alass, there is also no oposition in Zambia.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

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    The board composition is ok but 4 disgruntled wynter kabwamba,remove dat piece of junk from there

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    It is only in Sata’s government that a Cabinet Minister has ever had a seat on a Board of Directors. For these kaponyas without any iota of decency nor shame……it’s just fine! Honestly, Cant wait to see the end of these wantonly corrupt,thuggish and arrogant !diots

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    What is Kabimba doing on the board? Are Ministers allowed on boards? This looks like an attempt at muzungu wanganising by Masebo.

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      Yes! He is fair game. Why don’t you go and hunt at State House. There are a lot of animals there. You never know you might shoot yourself a trophy most Zambians can only dream only dream of!

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    Pray tell who really is the president of Zambia, coz it seem like Wynter and Sylvia are calling the shots and the big man has taken the back seat and let them do whatever satisfies them. They have also managed to turn the nation against Lubinda for their own personal reasons, such a shame, cant wait for 2016!

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    Wynter Kabimba is the most intelligent person in Zambia. That is why he is getting all these jobs. Seleni ba Wynter babombeko!!!!!!!!!!

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    I think Zambians must be preocupied with the facts that the minister is showing here rather than the usual anti Kabimba sentiments. e.g the 3 trillion indebtedness, failure to pay wages and the under declaration of export proceeds. These things are very damaging than one individual in Kabimba. Lets debate issues here and not personalities who can vanish tomorrow and leave great Zambia behind.

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      Silvia is falling over pennies while copper billions are being jettisoned through Glenco. What is $30,000? Please! And to think at one time she was a presidential candidate! mmpfh!

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      Gloria dear..the honourable minister dissolved the previous board and raised alot of hair when she did that..including the termination of ongoing tender processes…she didnt follow exact protocol..but she got a pass and her actions were sumwat justified cos she was screaming curruption,extinction of cats (including her famous zambian tigers)…well suddenly she appoints a new board..which includes her KNOWN lover…for the sake of transparency which is one of the corner stones of good governance..she shud have explained the criteria used to select these members…we need to guard against elitism..and Zambians have every right to raise their eyebrows!after we are satisfied that it was done with good intentions then we will begin to debate issues.we cannot behave like we livin in vacuum

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      Sorry Gloria. We all know that ZAWA has had these woes in the past and now. But what people are saying is that putting a Minister of Justice who has so much work to do and above all being her personal Boyfriend makes a sad reading and not part to solving the problem. There are a lot of other people who should have been considered to be on the board of ZAWA. For example you pick Guy Robinson to chair the while he equally chairs FRA, what monopoly of wisdom does he have? Surely you cannot see that things ain’t right here???

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    we must have missed the memo..kabimba is the ‘second coming’ …hes everywhere..but i see a pattern…any day now he shall fall from the position he has elevated himself to..any day now!and may he take masebo with him!

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    Do not put everything to yourself,by the way how do you divide time so to meet all
    respective job demands, this is what encourages gross inefficiency and negative pride.All duty bound positions need particular attention that which be, it’s becoming too much.Hopefully you will work strangely to the nation’s satisfaction!

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    Cry my beloved country, here comes superman “Winter Kabimba”. Konse, konse ni Kabimba ee ni Kabimba! Ku zamtel, ni Kabimba, Ku AU ni Kabimba, ku ZRL ni Kabimba, ku ZAWA konse ni Kabimba, ku corruption nako apena Kabimba eee, Kabimba! Ku ERB commisiion ni Kabimba, nomba naku Constitution, ni Kabimba awe kanshi konse, konse ni Kabimba. Avya kulolavye, ine ndeloleshafye, Lesa twafweni.

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    Ever since PF came into power,have lost the little I had for my country to get back into development!

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    90% of the comments against winter are coming from the pipo that voted for PF. This is what u wanted unless u tell me u wanted to fulfill the scripture which states that uv got eyes but u cant see? How many pipo r educated in PF gov? Less than 5 therefore 10 jobs for 1 person.

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    Someone called someone Zambia open it is a can a minister report to the Perm Sec this a circus.from the City Council to ZRP to MMD now to PF together.

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    I dont agree with the composition of this board. Let us have professional and not political boards. What corporate governance do you expect here. Hon Minister, here you have not handled the matter well. We have a lot of professionals who can do a better job. sad really.

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