Zambia National Soccer team promised a cumulative allowance of US$90, 000 per player if they retain the AFCON trophy

President Sata addresses Zambia National Team players at Protea Hotel Nelspruit in South Africa -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Sata  addresses Zambia National Team players  at Protea Hotel Nelspruit in South Africa -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Sata addresses Zambia National Team players at Protea Hotel Nelspruit in South Africa -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

President Michael Sata has called on the Zambia National Soccer team in Nelspruit, South Africa, to fully apply their energy and prowess when they step into the pitch tomorrow until the end of the tournament.

And government has announced that the players will each get a cumulative allowance of US$90, 000 (about KR478,000) should the team retain the trophy this year.

Youth and Sport minister Chishimba Kambwili announced this immediately after the President delivered his goodwill message to the players.

Sata, who was accompanied by First Lady Christine Kaseba, urged the Chipolopolo boys to utilize their youthful energy and play with vigor to retain the African football trophy which they won last year.

He said youthfulness is associated with victory noting that young people successfully fought for the independence of Zambia and other countries.

He said the Chipolopolo team has worked very hard in the past to reach the level at which they are hence the need to apply the same spirit of hard work in the ongoing AFCON tournament.

The President said this today when he addressed the boys at Protea Hotel in Nelspruit (Mbombela).

Sata told the team to win the tournament again to honour the national team which perished in Gabon about 20 years.

“You people you need to reflect. You have a debt to pay. We lost a strong team in Gabon who were young like you and you have to prove that our brothers did not die in vain in Gabon,” he said.

He said he decided to visit the team to deliver a message from the Zambia that they were confident that the team was going to retain the prestigious continental trophy.

And Minister of Youth and Sport Chishimba Kambwili has announced that the players will each get US$90,000 if they retain the cup.
Kambwili announced this immediately after the President delivered his goodwill message to the players.

He further said each player will get US$20,000 if they qualify to the finals of the 2013 AFCON tournament.

And Football Association of Zambia president Kalusha Bwalya says the success of the team has been based on the organization between his association and the Ministry of Sport.

Bwalya said the player were disciplined and determined to retain the cup.

President Sata  trying  to wear the Chipolopolo Jersey with help from   First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba as Sports minister Chishimba Kambwili looks on at Protea Hotel Nelspruit in South Africa-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Sata trying to wear the Chipolopolo Jersey with help from First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba as Sports minister Chishimba Kambwili looks on at Protea Hotel Nelspruit in South Africa-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Meanwhile, national team Coach Herve Renard, said the team was ready to kick off the tournament tomorrow because it was physically and mentally prepared.

Renard said the President’s visit to the team was a big morale booster to the team adding that it underscored the support of the Zambian people.

And team captain Christopher Katongo has thanked the President for the visit saying it was the first time in history for a President to visit the team in camp.

Zambia is playing against Ethiopia tomorrow before meeting other group C mates Nigeria and Burkina Faso later this month.

Other teams jostling for the trophy are South Africa, Cape Verde, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Ghana, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Morocco and Tunisia.

The rest are Central African Republic, Togo and Mali.

Group A teams have one point each as they all drew nil-nil yesterday. The group A teams are South Africa, Cape Verde, Angola and Morocco.



  1. thats an inspirational visit by republican president and am sure the boy will deliver to the expectation of the Zambian people .Go Zambia Go .

  2. Cash prize announcements will just put unnecessary pressure on the boys. Lower your expectations, as the whole nation did last year.

  3. I want Chipolopolo to beat the Super Birds, and let them know you are champions. Their TV commentators on ITV4 are still underestimating Zambia, as they did last year. Give them a thorough beating, and show them ‘Group C’ is not a chicken-mash to feed on, enroute to the q-finals. Best wishes!!!

    • I share your views mate.
      We should retain this tournament and show these guys we are made of steel.
      We are not blessed with umukuba for no reason.

      Zambia will teach one team at this cup i tell you.
      SA is like our second home.

  4. Priorities, Priorities, Priorities, Priorities, Priorities,Priorities, Priorities, Priorities, Priorities, Priorities, Priorities, Priorities, Priorities, Priorities, Priorities, Priorities, Priorities, Priorities…..
    We are a poor developing country but our politicians think we are developed country where on earth is he going to get $90K for 22 already well paid players + back room staff. Can he not just make a simple motivational speech without monetary promises and fly back to State House. Its these selfsame incentives that encourage the stinking corruption at Football House; if we win FAZ will pay them the bonus from the CAF winnings.
    That $90K could have been used to upgrade our colleges; that $90K could be used to pay our pensioners who have not been paid…

    • Ba jay jay naimwe wake up,with sports government have always cooperate partners who compliments government efforts to support sports like football. That’s all companies operating in a country have been assigned with cooperate responsibility to support activities like sports, that’s why u you see KCM or MTN etc always unvailing huge money to Faz and ministry of sports, also you must know that government budget to ministry of sports is very minimal in national budget, just for administrative activities, huge sports money come from cooperate partners who are companies.

    • Do you even know what is the difference between CSR and a handout? Supporting a club’s wage bill is not CSR as its not sustainable; CSR is something that a company voluntarily implements in its business model directed towards empowering & uplifting the local communities in the long term…next you will be telling that FQM sponsoring Zambia’s live AFCON games on ZNBC TV is CSR. Someone has to clearly define to you and these politicians what CSR really is… You should check what the North Sea Oil companies are doing in Scotland; supporting research and development in local Scottish Universities, sponsoring apprenticeship schemes for the unemployed local youth, supporting green energy projects, sponsoring Engineering students via grants, loans etc.

    • @Jay Jay:

      I beg to differ. Yes, if we narrowly look at it from the stand point of being a poor country, definitely your conclusion would be correct. However, the kind of international visibility and National stature a country gains from winning a tournament such as AFCON, the $90K/player is really champ change.

      These guys are doing a fantastic job selling our country to the world for very cheap. If you honestly consider how much it would cost Zambia to positively advertise ourselves to the larger the WORLD, $90K is nothing. It is not a stretch to say that today “World” knows more about our Country due to what these “BOYS” did at the AFCON last year. So, in my humble opinion, paying these guys $90K a piece is NOT MISPLACED PRIORITIES!

    • Its the football fan in you writing come next week you will be commenting about appalling filth in the streets on LT’s weekly photos. And what have we achieved that is tangible in the last 12 months since winning the AFCON 2012? Has this glory trickled down to the grass roots? Where has FAZ invested that prize money from CAF? Have we got better deals from TV rights, Kit sponsorship etc?
      Playing for the national team SHOULD be about national pride not unnecessary incentives….players should be merely proud of putting on the shirt.

    • Jay Jay, you really sound like an ***** today. Such amounts you are imaginig, as “huge”are what what stock-brokers walk-out with every weekend as bonuses. Money shouldn’t always be used to buy paint of books etc.
      I wish you proposed to pay a bonus of $90k to LT, Zambiafootball, BolaZambia who keep us entertained day & night. And nothing to the

    • I agree with you Jay, maybe people don’t understand what this means, in a time when some farmers have not even received basal dressing, road project that only have MARKINGS done, looming unnecessary by-elections, a UTH that runs out of oxygen and water, I think such a promise could be put to far greater use on NEEDS in our communities and other things, it calculates to Kr10,000,000.00 Do you understand how big that sum is? I didn’t even add the coaching staff. Get serious Zambia, we cannot afford this waste any longer.

    • @Jay Jay. I enjoy your constructive contributions but you have really got it wrong on this one. May be you are not a football fan or do not appreciate the value that beings the football kings of Africa brings as Yambayamba has put it. Balange Zambia!

  5. Get out of here…90 000 what?…for other countries I would say it’s realistic,but for Zambia?…come on!…Besides this is a very stupid way of motivating players if that’s what the president was attempting to do..In my experience more often than not people don’t win games when they are promised more money,it only gets them excited and puts pressure on them…we need the boys to perfom without any kind of pressure.I was expecting Sata’s visit to be motivation,but it will prove to be more of a bad omen than good.

    • so ba so called jay jay, you think football is played by poor nations. mind you all the rich men and women from the oil rich nations are not useless to invest their profits in european clubs like Man city and so on. we are watching and appreciating european leagues because of the huge investiment some conglomerates or oganisation have put in there. we are busy admiring what others have tirelessly invested in and yet we don’t want to spend, football my freind is serious business, some of you cannot run not even 20 meters and yet this men have chosen a career which is full of running, get bruised and at times career threatening injuries. Otherwise 90 pin USD is even small the GRZ should consider increase it even mich high after all it is more money for hard workers in their pockets. VIVA PF

  6. Priorities indeed!
    If there is such money available why not use it to improve sanitation especially in Lusaka where some families still use pit latrines in the 21st century?

  7. Hope the Doctor has given you a clean bill of health after your long awaited check up. Milpark is a good hospital. You did well to pay them a visit.

  8. There he goes again, giving away precious resources which the country can ill-afford. Why is he giving away all this money to footballers when it was not budgeted for (or was it)? Typical second republic thinking.

  9. The Ethiopian govt has promised their national team players $100,000 each if they lift the afcon trophy. Go Chipolopolo! Show them that it is about team work, determination, skill and lots of goals. After that money is not a problem.

  10. The president is willing to spend $1,980,000+ of unbudgeted tax payers money to pay a select few of individuals for political mileage… this man is completely out of touch with reality….this what happens when you have never had a press conference. Do you know how many refuse collection trucks and Specialist road sweeper trucks one can get with that amount of money? Or how many basic schools can be upgraded to for primary schools?
    The best he could have done is call on the private sector to offer such incentives…the donor countries that supplement our budget like UK or Germany would never dare use taxpayers funds as an incentive as they simply can not afford it…who are we??
    Wake up people!!

  11. Come on, Chris Katongo, stick to your day time job. It is not the first time a Zambian President has visited a team in camp; I remember being at the Independence Stadium in 1988, in a corporate capacity when Dr. Kaunda came to visit the squad and watch the training. They were then in camp and the Presidency came to boost theor moral- at their training camp as opposed to the luxary of a hotel conference room.

    • That’s not the point you moron. Its the first time in the history that a Zambian President has visited the National tean in a foreign Country during this kind of the Tournament. Think before you show your under 5 kind of bitterness on this blog. This is not Watch galuzi you *****.

    • @malabish Wopusa. You are a Chizende of a person who cannot discern facts from your rants. No wonder you have an ideal name to go along with.

  12. That is not a lot of money, myself and my hubby cumulatively we make more than that. He is a building inspector for the council AND i also have MBA CIMA ACCA Msc Bsc and soon doing my PhD


    • I’m still not convinced this charecter (Mushota) really exists. He/she sounds like some degenerate bitter sacked employee currently living in Jhb or USA.

      Please don’t allow youselves to continually get distracted by this decoy.

    • hahahaha hes JUST A BUILDING INSPECTOR my my my mushota u are full of surprises I would have thought ur significant other wud be more glamorous like a suit !lol!well well well i like u more seeing that ur ‘hubby’ and I seem to have something in common..i used to supervise building inspectors in my younger years *cough*cough*

    • Last year he was an administrator & now a council building inspector. Oh B*tch please! You need to have a degree in Building Surveying for that position & years & years of experience unless you are dating a grown ass old jock. You should stop this nonsense this stup!d boy is in the LT archives of 2009. Grow up you little silly sad prick.

    • “Mushota” is a fraud. He/she is just some disgruntled victim living in Jhb. Please don’t get distracted and start veering off the topic.

    • Which council naiwe? Iya ku copper belt? Inspector of ituntemba getting money from tu ntemba owners and go to shoprite at 18:00 hours, Ala.

    • mmm ba lone ro muli ba miponto mamamama ati inspector of!uluse ku ma inspectors ifwe ba shaka shaka tuli pee..but dont knock their hustle..ifingi fyali kwata impiya fyali kula kula ama yanda..we are almost at par

  13. Jay jay, its unfair for you to suggest that the money promised is not budgeted for and can be used on something else.This is not the first time such motivational promises have been made by governments all over the world.Spain and the US did the same at the world cup,some blogger here just mentioned Ethiopia doing the same.Just because its not reflecting in the national budget,does not mean there is no money for such.The priorities you listed have nothing to do with the Ministry of Sports.My point is,whether budgeted for or not,it is a good motivational incentive for the boys.

    • The priorities are a gov obligation, and but like Jay Jay emphatically points out, and this government feels that the price is minimal because it will give them political mileage. Have you seen the classrooms at high schools across the nation? The lack of lab equipment in labs at schools, the dirt in the streets… Amazing how gullible some are.

    • Iwe can you compare poor zambia withrich countries like the US, UK and other developed countries? We are always told Zambia has no money to pay the farmers, pensioners (by the way my father died without receiving his pension which is less than $90,000 MHSRIP). I dont understand your reasoning here. It is like comparing a child who grew up in chibolya and the one who grew up in Ibex? One in chobolya cannot boast of a better life when he cant even have three meals a day.

    • In our country ,we have a lot still thinking its the government that will do this and that. Even being employed. We have a lot of space and resources here friends. Think outside the box.


  14. Do we have to wait until we become a first world country before we can give rewards and motivations to those working hard and representing our country? Even in a poor home set up parents go out of their way to reward hard working children. That is the principle here, not that we have so much money to give out. Problem is some of us are determined to be critical even when it is not necessary

  15. You can see how misplaced his priorities are. Were he an Emperor, he would be Emperor Commodus, discredited for his endless games in the Coleseum.

    • are you saying the president is great just because he visited? no! this one is the waste! do you that the government intervened in the salary increment of the miners and said if they are given good money they will be infration? how much do his ministers get, is there infration!

  16. Mudala Chris KK used to visit Chipolopolo plenty of times. But u were not born then so we forgive your little error

    • Yes I remember KK did that but he only set a precedent for the abysmal governance we still have in Zambia were politicians be damned about the needs of the country. They can divert funds, sans a budget and ignoring more important needs just so they can please gullible people such as yourself.

  17. Nidyé kusabaila kwa MCS! But in his wisdom he KNOWS fully well Zambia cannot retain the cup so he has promised them the world!!! That is a lot of money (Kr 9.9 million REBASED or K 9.9 billion in old cuerrency if he paid all 22 players) for a poor country like us to be dishing out to footballers when the majority of our population is literally STARVING. Tizinkalako serious ba Zambia. Even you *****s who are supporting the move, be realistic.

  18. Cheap can be expensive. Dont drive a corolla when you can afford a benz. $90000 is not astronomical. 1993 team disaster was because of the same zambian mentality of playing cheap. I work hard and play/look expensive , doesnt mean i need to be super rich. Enjoy life!!!

  19. Here we go again with the unbudgeted handouts of tax payers money. It is their job to play football. Allowances should not be ridiculously high. So many people are hungry in our equipment for our hospitals,fix roads in towns other than Lusaka..dont just give money away to people for playing a game.

  20. Am completely lost here. “cummulative allowance of USD 90 000.00” How much are they getting at each stage of the tournarment? Only USD 90,000 and a USD 20 000 are recorded and does not make sense to me at all. Anyone to explain please?

  21. You guys are just jealousy of the boys’ $90 000. Let the boys get that much if they win, its them who are playing and not you. Just continue distributing newspapers and washing plates in the fake diaspora you are in, and leave the young boys to enjoy their money. Useless jealousy bitter and frustrated creatures. Shame on you all.

    For us its go go Zambia…Chipolopoloooooooooooo.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

    • @ Truth hates you’re right,It doesn’t matter when someone was in diaspora. But it seems you guys in diaspora dream alot. To me you just cowards who ran away from your own country,just continue ‘piparing utukote utusungu’ ata…….leave my president alone…

  22. where you not the same people that didnt go to work for 3 days coz u were busy getting drunk when Zambia won last year? so why are you complaining about the $90 000. you will be the same ones celebrating on the streets if the Chipolopolo boys bring back the trophy. I’d rather this money goes to these boys than into the pockets of stealing politian.

  23. We’re building fancy stadiums yet most schools are shambolic shacks,we’re rewarding U.S $90k to players yet we give zero/nothing to daring zambian innovators to motivate them to create wealth like Apple,google or Fujitsu.Misplaced priorities for zed.

    • Last year, i decided to checkout my secondary on youtube just in case someone has posted a video. The school looked like it was not in Kitwe but the village. Shame on the Govt, the need to take care of schools

  24. Abesu Abesu!!we are behind u..the entire nation is behind u!if i had the money id pay u from my own pocket…chipolopolo bullets baka’amba..epiloglamuu ni zee!!

  25. I have no problems with the incentives but what worries me is the delegation accompanying the presidio, which I suspect is too big and a waste of resources on our economy. Sata should have delivered a message of good will at state house and not flying to RSA. …why do faz change the jersey. That new outfit is horrible and I hope kalusha has heard about people’s revolt about the new outfit…..

  26. @Jay Yay, I’m with you all the way. These are some of the things are fail to understand in Zambia, players are being promised $90,000 each but in the mean time, there are more pressing issues that the country is facing. If this money is budgeted for, well and good which I doubt very much. Yesterday, I read with shock that Nursing students, males and females are sharing hostel facilities, to me this is more urgent than spendng so much money on footballers who already earn more.

  27. This works out roughly to about $2Million for the entire team. A very small price to pay in comparison to publicity and possible income generated from success. So we now know that government can afford to renovate UNZA and UTH if they want to but because it’s not election year, they choose not to.

  28. What a big waste.Zed needs to put such money into priorities like the inhuman shacks we have for schools or invest that cash into improved sanitation.No use in raising the Afcon trophy when your citizens are dying of cholera and are ill educated.

  29. I really don’t even know what all this hallaballoo is all about, first, this team ain’t going nowhere,so no money is gonna be spent, second, look at it from the bright side, we have had such a spate of bad luck since this government took over that l doubt that much that our luck is about to change all of a sudden so yeah, a promise can be made but it ain’t gonna be fulfilled. Watch the first game at this poor showing you will believe me about an early knock out of the Chipolopolo boys from this competition, nothing inspires them especially not the current crop of leaders, besides, this money is just so little it’s even a mockery compared to what other teams are being offered per game not even a win e.g. $1,000,000.00 per player in certain cases and that’s just the lower end of the…

  30. Good gesture but this should have been done in Zambia at state house just before the team left for South Africa. This looks like try too hard to win the minds of Zambians as a president. If the president was going to watch the match at the stadium too, that could have been the way to go. But if the president just came to wish our boys and then go back, some of us who read between lines could say that the president saw an opportunity to deflect what is going in the country and had to travel all the way to South Africa and then come back.

    • The President was invited. When you stay for a long time without visiting your country, you remain behind. You will be like Patrick Kaoma who lost touch even in music when he came back in 1991.

    • These guys in diaspora thinks that zambia is the same way they left it in early 90s, you are lost ladies and gentlemen the country is moving at a very fast pace. I have leaved in diaspora before and when i came back i said to my self that why should i continue staying out there. I need to see and move at the same pace my country is moving. I thought of putting my little earnings in good place, or else the whole land will be taken by others developer. Stay there at your own peril, and your own children will raise against you to ask you where you were when the whole land was being occupied by CHINESE. Mind you there is linking Zambia 8000 road network and many many things going on hear. When you come you will be suprised that going to Mwinilunga now you need not to pass through Ndola or KT

  31. “And Minister of Youth and Sport Chishimba Kambwili has announced that the players will each get US$90,000 if they retain the cup.
    Kambwili announced this immediately after the President delivered his goodwill message to the players.”

    And you people are pointing finger at Sata and you are educated enough not to read who made the announcement.

  32. Zambians are full of kak. As champions surely the guys deserve that money even more. Some of you are a worst, you went to school but your thinking is questionable. In any situation, one need to apply what is called opportunity cost. We must as well pull out of the competition if we can not pay DEFENDING CHAMPIONS better incentives. This is the time to unite an support our team.

  33. #18 Nine Chale, my most loved and respected co-blogger and compatriot! you are one of the most sensible and wise people i know. well said, lets focus on the matter at hand. Go baiche go!

  34. twatasha ba president for the good message .viva ba KAMBWILI viva pf Govt for taking sport to greatest height .mmd failed to host all africa games and failed to bring the africa cup but the great pf managed to bring the cup and also managed to host the zone six ba guy talking negative about the allowance that will be given to the boys mwaumfwa fye jeolous ku baiche mwefipubamwe.

  35. I saw this president on Al Jazeera this morning. This man speaks. Asked if he was confident Zambia would win. His answer started by say how zambia reberated the whole of Southern Africa.

    I am tired of this reberation struggle, will this ever end.

  36. Sata has every right to be proud that it is only during his reign that Chipolopolo has lifted the African trophy. Which entails that his reign and leadership has been annointed by the Almighty, God.

  37. Why exactly did the president and his wife go for the opening ceremony?They were not making speeches and their presence was not warranted there. Why didn’t they fly in yesterday or today.It doesn’t make sense…..perhaps there was a secret medical check up scheduled.I expect them to be there during the finals if this indeed was a genuine ‘lets go give our boys moral support’ trip

    • Should your suspicions be correct, then at least you can acknowledge their prudence of ‘killing two birds with one stone’
      i.e. their health and support to the Chipolopolo boys. All essential to mother Zambeziland.

  38. ZMW 450,000!! Wow,With some careers, money comes easy!!We don’t even make half of that in a year with a bachelors degree!!

    • mwana a a bachelors degree is nuthing even in zambia…even masters degrees are about to be obsolete cos now every jim and jack has one

  39. Its a situation of do it you are damn, you dont do it you are damn!! If the President attended official AFCON openning and didnt visit the players, same critics would question his seriousness with the national team and its success.

    It was not the President who announced the allowances, it was the Minister. By the way, we need to know that a businessman in Ethiopia has promised Ethiopian players 111,000 USD if they won the AFCON.

    What government is doing is to counteract that and indicate that incentives will be found if the boys perfomed well.

    It is not a direct question of forgone opportunities, it is not like Government can not attend to other important issues, once it gives these incentives to players, no, Government has capacity to mobilise resources, outside the budget and…

  40. Zambian team already lost lost …the winning mentality!!!!! money not make them to fight without wining heart. we will teach them today how brave heart plus money work on our team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You are joking my friend. Zambia is the best team in Africa at the moment. The games are on now. You have watched the other 8 teams. Judge today.

    • I kow you are coming from our sister country Ethiopa as the initials you have used suggest but we will separate briefly. WE WILL POUND YOU.

  41. We are not jealousy of the boys’s 90K promised money. It is just misplaced priorities. There’s no money for fire fighting equipment or for councils to buy garbage trucks or for pensioners but there’s money from nowhere to give 90K to the footballers who already get good pay. This whole money will just go into beer with nothing to show forth. Even developed govts don’t give such to their players.

  42. BEST OF LUCK CHIPOLOPOLO DO US PROUD AGAIN. Thank you Mr. President for visiting the team, gives them more Self -Confidence.

  43. USD 90,000 is not big money. I’m not surprised to see negative comments from UPND Cadres because most of them are TONGAS and TONGAS are naturally STINGY ( NIBA KAAASO). Ba Mambala!!!!

  44. This is the most critical game of the tournament as a team’s first win sends shivers in their next opponents and most importantly lessens the burden on them.

  45. Zambia is very rich. $90K??!!! even here in South Africa our govt cannot afford that amount of money , even half that money. Since this promise comes from the govt and not the football association we can be sure that it will be fullfilled. But what if they don’t bring the trophy home but rather silver medals?

  46. All in all they have just promised them an additional $30K.In 2012 when hey lifted the cup they got $59K mind you.ask drogba how much he get in china per week.

  47. 90 days, now US$90. Everything is 90, u want to do the guyz donchi kubeba now. If they dont bring the trophy u will be in trouble because u have gone to do donchi kubeba with your # 90 to them so that they concentrate on 90 fimofimo and fail to concentrate on playing footbal which is not politics but a game just like u dupe us on more money in our pockets in 90 days.

  48. I do not want to debate on the merit or affordablity of offering the team 90,000 US dollars each, but would just like to highlight the fact that for all other sports, the message is always ” govt. has no money “. Other sports in Zambia are atrociously neglected – be it in infrastructure, training or incentives. But money is always found for soccer.

  49. Why do these politicians think their patronage and interference will bring success? No wonder Renard seems unhappy. He is probably not getting the space he needs to do his job. Too many cooks and bandwagon jumpers.

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